Teen rough gangbang hd and s having sex bed slavemouth alexa

Teen rough gangbang hd and s having sex bed slavemouth alexa
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Walking into the bathroom I take my clothes off preparing for a shower. Reaching inside the shower I turn the water on then walk over to the sink and brush my teeth, waiting for the water to get hot enough. Spotting the steam in the mirror I step inside and start to wash my body.

Standing under the spray for a few minutes before I wash my hair and then condition it. The bathroom steams up in a huge cloud. Getting the white puff all soaping I run it up and down my arms and legs then in between my thighs. I start to rub it back and forth harder when the bathroom door suddenly opens, feeling guilty I stop and start washing my belly like I hadn't been doing what I had been doing.

Looking over my shoulder I see you sitting on the toilet, just sitting there staring through the shower door at me. I turn to wash out the sponge when you speak. "I know what you were doing." My heart starts beating harder. "Doing what". I ask, knowing full well what you're talking about. "Continue washing between your thighs like you were doing, I will sit here and watch until you are done." I knew what you meant by 'until I was done'.

Picking the puff up again a bright blush all over my body I spread my legs slightly slipping the puff between them. I meet you eyes with a shy embarrassed look before I turn my gaze down again.

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"Look at me and do not look away." Jerking my head up I look into your eyes and move my hand, my clit starting to tighten harder, the friction of the puff material making my hips buck faster. I move back one step my eyes not leaving yours, the hot water cascades down my back as I work my clit faster and harder, my legs start to get weak and then spread by their own accord as my orgasm start to reach the surface.


Watching you watching me my breath comes out in a panting moan exciting me more then the other times I had done this. I start to slow down when you stand and start to walk towards the shower but you shake your head so I keep going. You open the door not caring that your pants get wet from the shower spray and you continue to watch me, you reach out and run the tip of your finger down my neck, my eyes start to roll up as my orgasm builds and you just stand there watching.

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Feeling the release I climax and my hand falls away from me, my clit so tender and sensitive I stand there with tremors running down my legs. Feeling the back-end of my orgasm start the dissipate you reach in and turn the water off, grabbing my hand you take me out of the shower through the bathroom door and into our bedroom where you give me a gentle push making me fall down across the bed. Wet strands of my hair cling to my shoulders and face as I turn around and lay on my back.

I watch as you close the bedroom door and come back to me, kneeling down by the bed you prop my legs up making my heels catch the edge, putting both of your hands between my knees you part them like you would push a wave away if you were swimming. Feeling my skin shiver from the change of temperatures, hot and steamy in the bathroom and then cooler in the bedroom my nipples tighten painfully. Laying back as I am I can't see what you're doing, I prop up on my elbows, suddenly your big palm is there pushing down on my chest.

Getting the hint I lay back strands of wet hair framing my face. Feeling your fingers probing my lips I lift one of my legs up to the bed trying push myself away but your strong hands goes to my legs and holds me back down.

"Do not move." You say. I grit my teeth as you pull me back to my original position, legs spread open with you kneeling between them. Feeling your fingers touching me again my body tightens as you explore.

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Your fingers trace around my lips then around my clit, my legs jerk closed but your shoulders are there to hold them open. I almost jump off the bed as I feel your tongue lick my hole then slowly up to my clit. Your breath come out hot against my burning flesh making it so hard not to just jump off the bed and run out of there. The tip of your tongue dips and twists licking me and I forget the slight discomfort of my sensitive clit.

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My head goes back and forth across the bed my wet hair whipping my cheeks as you start to suck on my clit. Since having an orgasm earlier in the shower I know this is going to take awhile.

The tip of your tongue slides in and out of my hole making me scream, without conscious thought my hands go to my breasts,cupping them, my fingers pinching and pulling at my nipples making me moan and cry out.

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You keep assaulting my clit and hole your tongue going in and out, then you curl it up and hit my g-shot. I'm so slick with my juices you lap it up like a eager puppy making me try to roll around the bed.

Jerking and pumping my hips up and down feeling another orgasm trying to erupt, you circle your tongue around and around making me moan louder and louder.


I call out your name asking you 'please' and calling out to god when you suck on my clit so hard my hips come off the bed and I splinter and cum into your waiting mouth. My panting and your sucking slurping sounds are mixed and the only sounds that can be heard. Giving my clit one more lick with the flat of your tongue you clean me off and then close my legs.

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Opening my eyes I gasp seeing your face right over mine, you kiss me softly letting me smell my scent on your face, rubbing my tongue along yours I taste myself on it and smile against your lips. Getting up you leave the room with me laying on the bed. Breathing in deep my hands go down my body with a calming touch, my palms brush over my nipples and I wince, lifting my head up I look at them and see them red as fire.

I must have pulled so much in my passion I didn't realize how hard I did it. Leaning all the way up I look out the open bedroom door, you are no where in sight, sighing I go to scoot off the bed and my lips and clit brush the bedspread. Reaching down with my hand like a shot I flinch and touch myself with a hesitant finger, my clit still wet and raw from your tongue. "Just wait until tonight." You call out from somewhere in the house.

My fingers trace over my sensitive skin and I start to smile. I can't wait.