Irish gypsy gay porn first time Logan bottomed in that shoot for

Irish gypsy gay porn first time Logan bottomed in that shoot for
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Sharron live alone with her daughter she was lose her house. She fone her son up tell him mike her son seld u can move in with me I got 3 rooms mom she seld ok.


When thay hang up he went get thing sort for them to move in thay move in in a mouth ever think was going well till one nite his mom was call in to works she was a nurse mike was horny went to his moms room and look for the photo book he use to wank over coz he found it when he was 14 it was his mom naked. He cudnt find it he gave up went to his sister room knock on the door she seld cum in he walk to bed sat down he seld to his sis when wil mom be back she seld in the morning he seld ok. He seld I go get tea sorted and he left hour later he shout tea ready thay sat down and eating there meal mike drop a bit of food on floor he sis got up to clean it up Mike look down his sister was on her kness clean the floor he rember watch porn of dom and sub he was thinking if his sis was a sub he got up after he eaten and went to his room and got his pjs on about 11 30 at nite he went down stair his sister was watching tv he went to his sister seld take your top of she seld get lost u perv he got mad he seld bitch get to bed now it shock her how he spoke to her she got up went up stair now he new she a sub he lock up turn lights of went up to his sister room look at her seld tomoz u wil clean the kitchen floor she look up and seld ok I wil she look fear of him she cud feel herself get wet he cud tell she getting turn on he look at her seld bitch get over here and suck my cock.

He pull his pjs down she craw to him she cudnt belive what she doing. He look down he watch him licking up his shaft he moan yes bitch sister u good at that she pop the head in her mouth suck down his shaft tongueing the head of his cock he grab her head trush in to back.

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Of her throat he seld yes yes bitch take my cum he came in her mouth she swallow it. He seld from now on u wil be my cock sucker he seld tomoz I want u in a skirt no pantys She nod he turn round and left he wet to his bet got in bed fell to sleep the next morning he put on sum shorts went to bathroom and pee and left went down stair there was not from his mom say I'm to tired to cook wil u cook sum for self and sister see u when I get up.

He was cooking he sister walk in sat down at the table her bro put ever think on table sat down look at her seld my pet did u do what I ask she seld yes I have he seld show me she lift her skirt up show him her bare pussy thay eat when ever think was done he look at her seld now bitch befor u clean the floor I want u to suck my cock want u to finger your self when u done it u not loud to clean finger there one place for your pussy juices he pull his short down she suck him of cum down her throat she look at him seld were my cum cover finger going master he seld follow me slut thay went up stair and he stop at there moms door and open is she was sleeping on her back mike seld rub it on her lips rachel seld I can't do that what if she wake up mike whiper in her ear do it or I bend u over fuck u till she wake up and see her slutty daughter.

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She seld ok went over to the bed finger her self rub her wet finger over her moms lips when done she walk out shut the door thay went down stairs thay laugh rachel seld to mike that was hot. Mike seld if u ever say no again he won't ask again he wil just punish her she seld ok master he seld cum and suck my cock she drop to her kness pull his cock out start licking his cock head he seld god yes u so good she start to suck him deep and deeper she moan I'm cumming shot his loads in her mouth.

He seld bitch I want u help me get mom and granma to be my sluts she look up seld I do any think u ask me to do he seld I think of plan let u know he seld get in the kitchen do the floor I'm going out mom be up soon. He left and hour later sharron. Woke up lick her lips she swear she cud taste pussy she push it away she went down stairs she stop it her track her daughter on her Kness her mom cud rite up her skirt rachel look back she cud see were her mom eyes was she seld hi mom she seld what u doing I'm cleaning help mike out he dose the work she seld that nice of u were is mike he gone out be bk in couple of hours rachel did the floor and sat at table her mom was day dreaming she think I can't be get turn on by my daughter that so wrong rachel seld u ok mom she drop her cup her coffe wet ever were and she got up got sum kitchen roll wipe it of the table and got on kness clean it of the floor she look across her daughter had her legs wide open sharron stare at it she jump up put towns in bit and seld I'm pop in shower rachel was sat there think her mom was acting odd and want to know why she sneek up stair went to bathroom door and put her ear to it she hear mmmmm awwww then she cud hear her mom talk to her self say she had no knicker on.

Why haven't rachel got knicker on rachel went down stairs sat on sofa mike walk in rachel seld mom in shower she seld think she got turn on seeing my pussy she told him hole story he seld tomoz nite he wil go out say he on trip he seld try to seduce her rachel seld yes master I wil for u.

The day came mike met mom sister at the table thay was eating mike sat down by his sister he ask his mom for cup of coffe she got up when she got her back to them mike whiper to rachel ready to make mom a dirty bitch she smile he grab her hand put in his shorts she knew she can't say no she wrap her hand round his cock start to wank him of there mom turn round sat down it good the table was blocking her view.

Rachel cud tell mike was get ready to cum. Her mom got up seld that coffee go thor me she went up stairs mike seld I'm going cum rachel pick moms coffee cup up seld cum in her coffee she pull mike short down aim his cock to her cup he shot his cum in cup rachel let go of his cock got a spoon and stir the cum and coffee just in time befor her mom walk in she drank the coffee ever one went there way doing there thing It was about 6 in afternoon rachel was on sofa mom came in seld what u upto tonite she seld not much u want a girly nite mom mike won't be home till tomoz she seld ok thay went to there room and got in there niteys rachel was wear a short on and naked under it thay had there tea it was 7 thay put a film on and drink wine.

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Thay had a chat rachel thay was get a bit drunk rachel seld mom I am a lesbian she seld have u been with a women she seld yes when I was in college rachel was think mom was a dyke rachel seld how that happend her mom was drunk told her she told one nite her room mate was piss of with her bf went to sharron room grab her out of bed made her a dyke slut. Rachel ask mom did u like her dom u she lick her lips seld yes rachel think wow this easy to get truth out of her drunk her mom was very drunk by 11 rachel was so turn on and she ask when I was clean the floor did u see my pussy did it turn u on mom she seld yes it did she got up seld I shudnt seld that I'm going to bed rachel was upset coz she wasn't going get mom for mike she rember mom say she like to be dom she seld were do u think u going she seld to bed I'm drunk rachel seld no u not get here sit down now u go to bed when I say u can her mom was shock and abit turn on how her daugter cud be dom her she seld do u shave your pussy she seld no coz your dad like my hairy pussy.

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Rachel seld show me her mom pull her nitey up pull her pantys to side rachel seld that pretty mom. Rachel lift her nitey up show her pussy she look at her mom seld bet u want to lick my pussy don't u mom she nod. Rachel seld what wud u do to get it her mom seld any think rachel got up got went in kitchen and got a black bag went back in living room seld go to your room and get ever pair of your knicker in this bag u got 20 mins she went of.


Rachel got her fone text mike say mom is a sub I'm get her to get all her knicker I'm going bin them love u master speak when u back her mom walk in with bag full of knicker rachel took The bag tie it up went to bins put them in went back in house sat on sofa lift her nitey up seld here mom have your gift she got down and lick her daugters pussy rachel seld wow mom u like pussy don't u. She say mom u going be a whore u be walking around with out any pantys on all time she I'm cuming cum in her mom mouth.

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