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Free chat smart boy sex boy and fat gay sex mobile full length Nolan
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: READ THE FIRST INSTALLMENT. TWITTER: @JamesDetorini This work is purely fictional. Any similarities to real events or people may or may not be coincidental. Also, the characters are thirteen. If this somehow offends you, then this story is obviously not for you.

If you want incest, this story is not for you. If you want pain or bondage or domination, this is not for you. I don't write stuff like that, so please don't leave a comment asking for any of that. I am planning on more parts to this story that include sex toys, so feel free to suggest some stuff. The watersports part in here came from a suggestion. More should come soon. Thank you, and bye! -James DeTorini. PART THREE: INTIMACY Jen and I spent the rest of the evening playing, talking, and hanging out.

My parents came back around the expected time and didn't suspect a thing about how much more close Jen and I were. We now shared a huge bond I never thought I'd get to have, and our curiosity for our newfound pleasure was massive. At around midnight, we prepared for bed, but my parents were still up downstairs watching tv.

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Jen and I changed into our pajamas - some short capri bottoms and a blouse top. I told my parents goodnight, closed the door, turned off the light, and pulled back the sheets, getting into bed with Jen.

"My god, today has been amazing," I said breathlessly. "I know," she agreed, and I could hear the smile in her voice.


"i never thought I'd find a true love so early if at all, but, I have, and it's not where I had expected it to be. but it's so much better than I had ever dreamed." "I love you, Jen," I said, and rolled over on her, our lips immediately dancing together in harmony, so passionately, our tongues intertwining. Our arms locked in an embrace, and my hands found their way underneath her top, finding happily that she, like me, was wearing no bra.

I cupped her beautiful breasts in my hands and moved them around, up and down, side to side. As her arms hands found my breasts, her fingertips found my nipples and rubbed them heavily, making sure they were as hard as possible before doing what I was doing. She then began to unbutton my top, starting at the top and moving down, button by button.

Soon enough, it was free, and she pulled it off and out from underneath the covers. As her hands got to my breasts again, I unbuttoned her top from the bottom up, gently touching my fingers to her stomach and chest as I did so, hoping for a tingling effect.

She definitely enjoyed it. As I finished, she sat up momentarily so I could slip her top off and throw it to the floor with mine.

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The covers were up to my neck, and I couldn't really see, which led to a very intimate and sensual time. My hands moved downward to her pajama bottoms, which I slowly began to pull off, little by little, making sure she felt it slide down her little legs.

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As I went further down, I slid further underneath the covers until she bent her legs up to finally get off the last of her pajamas, leaving her dressed only in he panties. Even before then, she had begun to pull my pajamas down, too, with her feet. Her cold toes felt strange against the warmth of my smooth skin, and it was pleasing. Soon, I was also left in only panties, all our pajamas on the floor next to us.

We began to move up and down each other, arms to our sides on the mattress. Our breasts rubbed each other, stone-hard nipples grazing our skin. My panties were soon wet from my juices as I felt her lips from across out two layers in between.

And then, without warning, Jen's hands shot up and grabbed my panties, and I felt them as they were dragged down my smooth skin. Soon enough, both our panties were also on the floor. Now I could feel both pairs of our lips on one another's. My hands supported me to get to an angle in which our labia rubbed over and inside each other's. I moved side to side like that, as quietly as possible, as our clits also touched and rubbed. Then, I got right back down on her and fit her tits in my mouth as she moaned lightly in pleasure.

We had to be quiet. I sucked hard on each of her big nipples, caressing them in my mouth with my tongue. Moving around, her whole chest was soon wet. Cupping her tits in my hand again, I licked right down the middle of her chest, slowly down to her navel and then further down, almost at her pussy. But then, I flipped her over to where she was lying on her chest, breasts flat on the mattress.

Unable to see anything deeply enrichened the sense of touch, and I rubbed my wet pussy lips all over her ass cheeks, getting them wet with my juices as I breathed on and kissed the side of her neck. My pussy went flat on her ass, rubbing my clit back and forth.

My standing nipples also rubbed her shoulderblades and down the small of her back, while my fingertips gingerly traced a line down from her neck to her spine to the center of her ass. I moved down, off her and fully underneath the sheets. There, I spread her ass cheeks apart and traced around her asshole with my tits, and then my fingers.

Suddenly, I had an overwhelming desire to put my mouth on it. Should I do it? Why not? I knew it had been done, and was fairly common, but I was still slightly hesitant.

But then, I made up my mind and stuck out my tongue, right on her asshole. The taste… the taste was different from what I had expected. Sure, I'd heard people say, "God, this tastes like ass!", but it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I liked it - a lot. I can't explain it, but it let me unleash a lot of sexual energy I hadn't even known I had. I had heard Jen's surprised moan, and I continued, licking every inch of her ass crack before plunging into her within. My tongue made its way slowly into her asshole, and the taste was much stronger.

I loved it. I knew at that point ass play would be a favorite of mine. I stuck my tongue as far as it could go up inside her asshole, which wasn't that far, but it was great. The taste surrounded my tongue, sheathed inside its warmth. I began to pull it in and out rapidly, combing the sides of her colon, which I could tell she really liked.

Sucking on her asshole proved to bed fun as well, and both at the same time - heavenly for the both of us. It was better than anything I ever could have expected.

I then pulled out and scrunched her legs up to the point in which her ass was in the air, and ran my hands all over her pussy, stroking her clit and between her labia, which were hanging down. With my other hand, I split my middle and index fingers, and plunged them into her depths. She loved it. As I pulled my fingers inside and out, her shallow breathing became more and more rapid, and with her ass and pussy full and my hand massaging her clit and labia, not to mention my tongue all over her ass cheeks, she didn't last too long.

Soon, she shook violently as her pussy and ass squeezed my fingers very tightly, and collapsed flat on the bed, satisfied. But then she got up and it was her turn to please me. I lied down on my back, head resting on my pillow, and she sat, legs spread, on my chest, one of my hard nipples up inside her pussy. She moved around, and her spread labia on my tits felt exquisite. Her hard clit and my hard nipple massaged ecah other we both moaned.

She then moved up toward my head to where her pussy was right over my mouth, and my tongue reached out and entered her, feeling up every inch of her sweet twat. She then got down and lied flat on top of me, our breasts rubbing each other, our lips caught in a passionate kiss.

I felt her surprise as she tasted her own ass, but she liked it. Her hand moved down and scrunched up my legs to where my knees were up in the air, and began to ride one of my legs, rubbing her twat all up and down it. As her clit rubbed against me, my breasts bounced, something that she liked tp feel. When she was satisfied, she moved down off me, and put my knees to my chest, exposing both my pussy and my asshole.

She gently rubbed the side of her hand down my pussy, between my lips, grazing my clit. She then parted my lips and brought her tongue down. Immediately a wave of supreme pleasure rushed through me. Her tongue slid over my clit as it made its way around every nook of mine before sliding into my vagina.

From the inside I could feel it moving around, sending signals of ecstasy up my spine. But it wasn't nearly over yet. Her tongue exited me and suddenly darted down on my asshole. A loud moan escaped me; I hadn't expected it to feel so good. The wetness of her tongue felt so amazing on it. She definitely liked it, too, since her tongue made its way all over my ass, flicking back over my asshole. Finally, she brought her tongue inside my ass, slowly moving in further and further. I wasn't prepared for how good it felt.

Her tongue tickled slightly as it went in, and as it flicked around inside me, ecstasy once again roared through me. When her fingertips reached my pussy again and began to rub rapidly, I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer. And soon enough, a giant wave came over me, and I felt as if I'd explode from pure ecstasy.

My ass tightened around her tongue, and my pussy squeezed extremely tightly. As I spasmed, Jen kneeled over me, watching with, I knew, a content smile. I could hear her smack her lips. When my orgasm subsided, she lied down on me and brought her lips to mine. This kiss, I could taste my own ass. We fell asleep just like that, with her in my arms, legs intertwined in a lovers' embrace.

PART FOUR: IN THE MORNING We also woke up like that, and just let me say, it's a great thing to wake up to, being naked it your lover's arms. As I stirred, Jen did as well. I looked into her adoring eyes, and we kissed again, in heaven.


"My parents should be at work by now," I whispered in her ear. "Let me go make sure." And with a quick smooch, I got up and made for the door, not bothering to dress.

Jen sure wouldn't mind. I had never walked through my own house naked before, but it was wonderful. I felt so free and powerful. It was odd. But I made my way downstairs, feeling the passing air on my bare skin, and peeked around the corner. Nobody home. Good news. Walking back into my bedroom, I didn't bother to shut the door. Why should I? Jen was sitting up on the side of the bed, looking as beautiful as ever.

I took her hand as we tenderly kissed again before I pushed her down, so she was lying flat on the bed on her chest, legs hanging off, leaving me facing her beautiful ass. My tongue was immediately all over it, feeling her from the inside.

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Her position allowed me to run my hands down her back as I did so, feeling her beautifully smooth skin. It also left me with a great angle to both her ass and pussy, and, after spitting on her ass, I let my finger slide inside her. My tongue went in downward, mixing the slightly bitter taste of her ass on my tongue with her sweet pussy juices.

As my finger moved in and out, mixing my saliva around in her ass, my other hand went to her pussy and rubbed around. Soon, my middle finger joined my index, stretching out her petite, pink little asshole. She moaned happily as she came closer to cumming. But I wouldn't let her have it yet. I got up on the bed and she flipped over to her back.

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Crouching on either side of her head, my pussy dangled right above her lips. I hadn't been eaten out like this yet, but it was nice. She sucked on my labia, licked my clit, and did both things to my asshole. Jen was fondling her breasts as she treated me, which was great to watch.

It felt different to be sitting up straight when taking it, and quite pleasing. I got really near orgasm, but knew it still wasn't time yet. I reluctantly got up from over her and lied down on my side next to her, spreading my legs. Lying on my left side, my left leg was folded in so that my heel was by my ass, and my right leg was up in the air comfortably. I beckoned Jen to me. She knew what to do.

She simply sat on my left leg, her right ass cheek on its thigh, pussy to mine, and began to move up and down. Our labia spread on each other, rubbing against each other, and our clits were receiving good attantion, too, rubbing each other, covered in our juices. My asshole was also being rubbed by Jen's left leg, and I could feel her asshole on my left, smearing remnants of my saliva all over me.

And soon, lost in our ecstasy, we came in unison, backs arching back as we twitched in pleasure, long, ecstatic moans emanating from our chests. We were left panting, facing each other, deep smiles on our faces. "Let's go have some breakfast," I said breathlessly. ------------------------------ Who needed clothes?

Jen and I agreed that doing everyday tasks was exhilarating when nude. It felt so wonderful, and it was so sensual to feel every surface on your bare skin. I cooked some sunny-side-up eggs and served some to Jen, joining her on the couch, watching tv. She immediately dug into them - she loved my eggs furiously. She usually maintained it was the only reason she ever came over. When we were finished, I put the plates away, and we cuddled on the couch for a while.

A short while later, she looked at me and asked, "Hey, you wanna go swimming?" "Sure!" I exclaimed. "That'd be great!" I loved swimming. So we got some towels and ran outside, jumping right into the water. We had a great time out there, having contests to see who could jump the farthest, who could hold their breath the longest, et cetera, all while feeling great with the water on our bare skin.

Any normally fun thing was even better naked, and this was infinitely better. The water rushing past my body, whether on my chest, pussy, or even arms, was amazing.

Plus, Jen's ass looked great when I watched her run and jump in, and I loved to see her breasts bounce, too. When we got tired, we moved to the hot tub, soaking in the warmth. It was good to relax after everything, and it really felt just like a bath. It was just outdoors. And it had jets. The jets really massaged well. They felt great all on my back, but even better on my ass.

It was oddly sensual, a unique feeling. After some time, I turned around and they were also nice on my breasts.

Going down, it was fantastic on my pussy. The water blew my labia back and tickled my clit. I showed Jen what I was doing, and, on the other side, she tried it as well. I was positioned so that my feet were sticking up out of the tub, and my hips were level with the jet I was using, which was spraying directly onto my ass and pussy. My hands held onto the sides, and my back was parallel to the the water, my head sticking up above it.

The water's force on my clit was so strong that I was cumming right then and there. Its force on my asshole helped, too - it was insanely sensual. Jen was doing the same on the opposite side of the hot tub, and her head was right next to mine. I turned my head and we kissed passionately until we finally came, legs tensing up as ecstasy shot through our veins. We happily grabbed our towels and made our way into the house, where we planned to bathe to get the chlorinated water off our bodies.

PART FIVE: CLEANSING… AGAIN… "Hey, I have an idea," I told Jen as we rubbed the towels on our bodies, inside the house.

"I have no idea why I didn't think of it yesterday." "What is it?" she asked excitedly. "Well, why don't we use my dad's giant shower?" "I've never seen it… how big is it?" "It's almost as big as a public shower," I said. Her face lit up. "Come on, I'll show you." --------------------------- It was indeed huge. It had green tile like mine, and was completely sealed off but for a glass door.

I'd say it was around ten feet square. There was a seat like a peninsula coming out five feet from one side, three feet wide and three fet high. When we had it built, we'd chosen to have it take up part of a tandem garage space, which explained its size.

Jen looked at me and grinned. "This is great!" she exclaimed, and we opened the door and walked in. We turned the knobs, adjusting to the right temperature.

The water spilled out several different showerheads, five in all - one in the center of each wall, and one in the center of the ceiling. I got some shampoo from a small shelf and rubbed it through my hair, sitting on the seat. Getting the bottle, she did, too, and sat next to me, on the edge of the seat.

After rinsing my hair, I got up and ambushed her, pushing her down, so she was lying down on her back on the peninsula.Lowering my fingers into her vagina, I brought my head down to her pussy and flicked my tongue over her clit as she giggled.

"Hang on, Sam, I gotta piss!" she said, laughing, but I took no heed, and continued on, rubbing my hand over her pussy and watching it move, like a fluid. I continued to lick her entire pussy: her labia, clit, and the inside of her vagina. Then, I ventured a finger slowly up her asshole. As I moved it in and out, my face buried in her pussy, she said once again: "Sam, I gotta piss!

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I'm cumming!" I continued, as she was almost there. Why stop now?! As her orgasm swept over her, as her body rocked, and as she lost control: she pissed. And my face was still buried in her. It caught me completely off-guard; I had most definitely not been expecting it.

In disbelief, I moved my mouth out of the way of her shooting jets of piss, but it was too late. I already had a mouthful. I was about to spit it out in disgust, but then the taste hit me. Salty, a bit bitter, it was actually enjoyable. I swished it around and swallowed it, smiling. Jen's orgasm wore off, and she stopped pissing. "…Sam? Sorry…" "There's nothing to be sorry about," I said sexily. Apart from the good taste, there was something dirty about it that really turned me on, some kind of fetish.

I got up on the seat on which she was still lying, and stood, legs apart, over her head. Letting go, I pissed on her face right there. She giggled and opened her mouth. As I filled up her mouth, she swished it around some before swallowing, and smiled. Squatting down, I rubbed my pussy all over her tits as I pissed some more.

Careful not to run out, it simply trickled slowly out of my pussy onto her tits, making them a bit more slippery.

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I went up to her head again, squatting right over her mouth and letting my piss drip in slowly, her tongue catching it. She began to lick my pussy inside out, lips around it, almost like she was sucking my piss out. Her finger came up, filling my asshole with pleasure. Getting off her, I moved her knees to her chest and sat on her sideways, twats touching, squeezing the last bit off piss into her pussy, rubbing it in.

Lying in ecstasy, she got up and pushed me down, laying me on my back as she had. Legs spread, she rubbed her pussy all over my tits, her salty fluid trickling over my body. It felt great, and she slowly made her way to my face, where she had me eat her out. As my lips covered hers, pulling on her labia, her piss flew into my mouth, and I savored it. But as much as she was enjoying it, she got off me and flipped me over, so I was on my chest and my ass was hanging off the seat.

Squatting over me, she spread my ass cheeks apart and her piss trickled down into my asshole. It felt odd - but great. Standing behind me, she brought her tongue down to my ass and shoved it down, tasting her own piss mixed with my ass. Hungrier than ever, she was insatiable, and even spit down my asshole. As her saliva joined her piss, she brought two of her fingers and filled me up, stretching my asshole wide.

I then felt her ringfinger joining in, prying me open even more. Was it possible? I didn't know or even care - all I knew is that the stretching felt wonderful. But soon enough, she actually managed to stuff in her third one, leaving me to moan loudly and gladly at the feeling of ecstasy. She began to pull in and out, and before I knew it, I was cumming in complete ecstasy. Another anal orgasm, it began lurking in the pit of my stomach and then built up, exploding and surprising me.

Even when it subsided, I was left shaking. Jen and I embraced and shared a kiss, our piss and ass mixing all around in our mouths. My libido was worn out for the day, so I suggested, "How about some Rock Band?" She laughed and smiled. "Sounds great! But I'll kick your butt when it comes to high scores…" "Oh, it's on!" I said, playfully pushing her as we dried off and went to set up the game.