Milf and teen cant get enough cock

Milf and teen cant get enough cock
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Kitten Part I: Welcome Home Her day had been a good one, but her night would be even better. JP would be home from work soon. There were only a few things that she had left to do to be ready for his arrival.

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Today, Kitten had chosen to wear pink to welcome him home. He loved to see her in pink lace while she loved to please him. One way that she did that was to dress in tantalizing outfits that she knew would draw him right in.

Kitten tilted her head to the side surveying her outstretched leg as she rolled on her second thigh high stocking. She was also wondering what the oncoming evening would be like. She was always very excited at this time of day. It took every effort for her not to soak her clothes as she put them on. Her anticipation kept her in a constant state of simmer that usually heightened to unbelievable peaks in the late afternoon.

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With this thought, she snapped the stocking to the garter that was connected to a pink lace belt which ran around her waist.

Then she stretched her leg to see the results of her handiwork. Fabulous! She was wearing her hair down today.

Kitten knew that JP loved to tug her hair when they made love. She loved it too! The feeling was so exquisite, she could hardly stand not to cum right away when he did it. Sometimes he allowed her to cum indiscriminately. Other times, she would have to hold on and wait for permission to cum.

She was still new at many of these things and she had yet to decide which one she liked more. Either way, she got to cum. But having to hold on was so hard. JP was so sexy and he was a fantastic lover it was hard not to cum sometimes just from being near him.

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He would usually tug on her hair at just the right times, such as when she had him deep down her throat and was using every bit of concentration that was left to maintain any semblance of rhythm.

In those times, her pleasure came not only from having him in her mouth but also from the depths of pleasure that she knew that he was receiving because of her. She knew that when he arrived, her day would really begin. JP loved to walk into the house and see her in the foyer, already on her knees with a beer in hand. Today, she would surprise him with a nice cold frosted mug and a new Winter Lager to celebrate the season. It was the little things which allowed Kitten to show JP how much she truly cherished their relationship.

She had a cute little pink mat that she would place in 'her spot' about thirty minutes before JP got home. This way her knees would be almost fresh and she could follow him about the house with his cock in her mouth if he chose to walk around after he first arrived home. Once, she had held his cock in her mouth while he prepared a gourmet meal!

Oh Boy, that was an experience! He seemed to really enjoy it too. JP's favorite thing was for her to greet him with a fantastic blow job immediately upon his arrival home.

Usually, he would stand there with his nuts rubbing against her lips for a few minutes while he enjoyed his fresh, cold beer. After drinking about a quarter of the bottle he would set the beer down on the stand by the door and allow her to kiss and welcome him home properly. Kitten's favorite thing in the world was having JP's seven and a half inch cock in her mouth.

She would go-to-town on his cock, so to speak. She loved to slide her tongue up and down his cock while looking up at him. She knew that he could see how happy she was whenever he was in her mouth.

After licking on her very own lollipop, she would then slowly allow his cock to penetrate her mouth. She always kept right on going until his head touched the back of her throat. JP loved when she did that. He would always take over at this point. Either he would take one hand and hold her head still while he enjoyed his lager or he would grab a handful of her hair and start to slowly pump her face as he drank his drink.

Once he sat the drink down, JP would either take her face into his hands and begin to fuck her or he would grab a chunkful of her hair and begin pumping furiously while forcing her face onto his cock. Either way, he loved to look into her eyes while he fucked her. She loved that! She always knew that he really wanted her because that look in his eyes was unmatched by anything that she had ever seen.

She wondered what he would do tonight? She had certainly dressed to his requirements. Kitten wore a luxurious, pink, satin half-bra trimmed in the cutest white lace.

It left the tops of her breasts completely exposed. Her nipples were readily available for JP's touch anytime he desired. She had also applied rouge to her nipples so that they shone nice and red for JP. Along with this, she wore pink thigh high stockings and garter with a singular pink pinstripe running along the back of the stockings.

She wore no panties. Kitten had decided to also wear her favorite four-inch pink heels that had the cutest bow on the back of the shoes. There was a bit of height disparity between Kitten and JP.

He was six feet two while she was only five foot two-and-a-half. The heels helped to ensure that she was always at just the right height for him to enter her with ease. He certainly loved to take advantage of the opportunity and she loved to please him.

In fact, she lived to please him. Kitten knew that he would be proud to have her on his arm; especially if they were in public. JP sometimes liked to show her off to their friends. But tonight, she would be his eye-candy alone. She would strut for him in any way that he desired. This was her area of expertise.

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JP had his skills in business while Kitten focused solely on him. Everything that she did was somehow connected to this man that was the center of her life. She deigned to please him in everything that she did. He was after all, her Master. Their relationship had not started out with these roles. She was, in fact, quite new to this whole scene. But she was learning more every day.

When they had met, both of them were high powered execs at a large world renown company. Kitten had since given up her job to serve JP and to make sure that his every need was met.

When she left the work world she had a very nice nest egg that she had given to JP to manage. She knew that she would not be returning to that life any time soon. Serving and loving JP was her life now.

A year later, Kitten was very happy with the decision that she made. It had been the right choice for her. When she first stumbled upon this whole scene, it had been both exciting and scary.

She found herself getting wet at the weirdest things. For instance, while reading up on the subject, she found that situations where the female protagonist was most vulnerable, but only by choice, seemed to send her into a tailspin sexually.

The first story that she read was about a woman that had fallen into the lifestyle bit-by-bit after she allowed her new boyfriend to put her into bondage for the first time.

In that story, the couple had eventually found themselves immersed in a whole community of others who had shared their views.

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The male protagonist had turned out to be a very normal Joe, who was a sensitive Dominant that loved not only discipline & bondage but also cages and group scenes. What had struck Kitten as the most significant was how that Dom had always looked to the needs of his submissive. He put safety and her well being first always. This coupled with the extremes to which the couple had gone in their ministrations had sent Kitten into a tailspin of wetness that seemed as though it would never end!

This had only been the first in many different stories that Kitten would read as she and her then boyfriend had tentatively explored this new world. For Kitten, it was like an awakening. She had been tolerating sex for years, with a few good episodes thrown in for good measure. Finally, she was truly enjoying sex as her boyfriend of the time tapped into his Dominant side.

However, there came a point when Kitten realized that she was much more into this than he was. From there they had parted ways. They were still friends, but her vanilla life was now over.

She had committed to this new life full time with JP. In the midst of this thought JP opened the door and stepped in. Damn! Her man was fine! She always had a flutter in her stomach when he entered the room. This was partially because he was one of the few men that she had met in life who could truly surprise her. In JP, she had met her match.

She never knew what he had planned. The game of always trying to guess kept her on her toes. She loved that. JP entered the room and strode up to her. He loved how this woman had laid everything down for him. She sat there, on her knees for him, waiting with a beer in hand.

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Nice! He walked up to her and surprised her by first bending down and taking her mouth. He allowed himself to wallow in the decadence of her touch, her smell, and her taste. He tenderly caressed her cheek as a way of expressing his affection for her. Then while looking into her eyes, he began to loosen his belt. This was all the signal that Kitten needed. She knew that he had surprised her once again, but this time she would be punished for it. She was supposed to be the one that undid his belt and freed his cock.

Unfortunately for her, Kitten had been caught up in a state of rapture by his kiss. He was almost over powering for her senses. She had no control once JP touched her. She had not foreseen this one!

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Even if she had seen it coming, there was very little chance that she would have been able to avoid winding up on the receiving end of one of his well crafted punishments. She was too weak to his influence. He was too good at coming up with stuff that she would never expect. They both loved it immensely. Their relationship was built on trust and respect. She respected him above all men and she trusted him with her very life. This was evident in the way that she willingly gave all power to him and trusted that he would use it wisely.

He loved and cherished her and yet he still respected her for her quick mind and her ability to delve deeply into situations and understand nuances that might escape others. He also respected that this gorgeous creature had willingly chosen him to give her power to. Kitten immediately reached up and began to loosen his belt and release his cock with her free hand. Although she had been just a few seconds too late, she could see that he was very pleased with her.

She might just get out of this particular punishment she hoped. Kitten was enchanted with this man, if she pleased him tonight, maybe he would 'forget' her little transgression. Secretly, Kitten loved her 'punishments'.


She was definitely a masochist. Whenever JP thought of new ways to humble her and to excite her body with various levels of pain, she always came uncontrollably. When he spanked her ass there were times that she would start cumming and feel as though she couldn't stop! So far she had been spanked by JP with his bare hands, a belt, and with a cute purple multi-fringed whip. Each of these experiences had been different but exciting in their own right. Her absolute favorite was the feel of her lover's hand on her body.

This was her favorite because JP could do so many different things with his hand. He could meter the heaviness or lightness of the blows to her bottom. Thereby, he could make swats to her ass sting with short staccato slaps or he could allow the blows to be blunt and stunted where she felt a maximum of pressure in each blow. Either one worked in different situations, but she truly favored the more blunt strokes because she felt the maximum amount of jiggle in her ass! JP looked at her with the contentedness that he felt shining in his eyes.

He knew that this would give his Kitten false hope for getting out of her punishment, but that was one of the things that had drawn him to her in the first place.

She was always looking to the positive side of any situation. Hope was never far from her heart. Tonight though, hope would not be enough. He had carefully orchestrated the entire thing just so that he would be able to 'play' with his Kitten. She had no idea what was in store for her. JP was a full fledged sadist, this made him a perfect fit for His Kitten. His cock would get hard sometimes with just the thought of spanking Kitten's hot little ass.

He enjoyed administering just enough pain to send his sweet little Kitten over the edge. He also enjoyed knowing that she came with him like she had never done before with any other man. With one hand he reached for his beer while using the other hand to begin running his fingers through her hair. She was a lovely woman, and she was all his. Kitten could see JP's eyes change as desire overcame any other emotions.

She automatically parted her mouth in anticipation of getting to feel him inside her. There had been times in the past when she had actually drooled! Kitten finally got JP's cock loose. It was raging hard.

His member bobbed loose as though it had a mind of its own and had been waiting all day for this release. She began to stroke his cock very slowly at first. Enjoying the way that he felt in her hands. Knowing that she had been the reason why he was so hard was a major turn on for Kitten.

It was as though she began to purr as her own love juices began to coat her pussy. She felt a trickle of her juices leak and slide down her thigh. Kitten was not wearing any panties and she hoped that her mat caught all of her juices. When they leaked on the floor JP always made her clean up her mess. Kitten looked up into JP's eyes as she began to lick and stroke his cock with her tongue. She paid special attention to the super sensitive head of his cock.

She loved to make JP moan and she knew that planting her 'butterfly kisses' always did that. Then she made an 'O' with her mouth and placed his cock against her lips. There wasn't anything that she wouldn't do for this man. As always, she had made a special effort to ensure that her lips were extra glossy.

Pushing her mouth against his member she slowly allowed him to penetrate her mouth. She wanted it to feel just like it did when he penetrated her pussy.

As she did this, she flicked her tongue against the head of his cock while also beginning to apply suction. Kitty's tongue slid down to the shaft of JP's cock while she continued to take him into her mouth. Then she started to slowly bob her head while pumping JP's shaft with one hand.

Two could play at the game of changing up the routine, she thought.


As she pumped his shaft with one hand, she reached for his balls with the other. Then she came! It was superb! She felt as though her entire body was floating when she swallowed JP's cock.

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Pumping, sucking, and massaging, Kitten allowed herself to drift into subspace while she made sure that JP would remember this blow job for quite some time. She allowed her throat to open completely as she continued lowering her head and giving him more and more access.

JP watched as Kitten's pussy actually started to drip. This made his own hardon stretch to amazing limits as he watched her thoroughly enjoy herself on his cock. She was also sadly mistaken if she thought that she could ever be the one to change up their routine. With this thought he put down his beer and took hold of her head with both of his hands. JP then began to furiously fuck her mouth. His Kitten would have to learn the hard way, JP was always the one in charge.

Always. He allowed his cock to penetrate her throat as deeply as it would go while ensuring that he took the time to actually grind his balls on her face. She normally didn't gag, but this time he gave her no mercy. She would gag tonight. He fucked her face so hard and fast that she barely had time to breathe. He knew that she loved it when he fucked her like this, so did he. His Kitten was surely a champ though.

She kept her mouth open wide to ensure that no matter how furiously he fucked her mouth his cock did not get scraped with her teeth. JP reached down with one hand and began to flick her right nipple with his fingers.

Then he began to twist her nipple in between his fingers, pinching and squeezing as he fucked her mouth. Kitten did drool this time. It was something that she could not help as he didn't give her time to swallow anything except for his cock. Although her mouth was in heaven, Kitten's tight little pussy had received absolutely no attention since JP had arrived home.

It was screaming for attention.


Her legs were shaking with the effort of holding up her own body weight. Both sets of her lips were now swollen; one with the desire that flowed through her veins unabashedly and the other with the pounding they were receiving from JP's pelvis hitting her face as he pumped her mouth. Unfortunately, her pussy was not a part of the ritual and it would have to wait its turn. When he couldn't hold back anymore, JP pulled her face to his crotch and began to loose ribbons of cum down her throat.

His entire body seemed to light up as his semen shot out of his penis. Midway through his cum, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head off of his cock. Still holding her hair and using it to control her head, he allowed his cum to squirt on her face and bosom. While doing this, he made sure to make eye contact with his Kitten.

She would know that it was he and none other that marked her body. It would have been a shame to let those beautiful breasts go to waste. The rouge had been a perfect touch, for this he would temper his hand when she received her punishment, but he would not let her know. JP pulled her breasts loose and began to rub his still swollen cock between them finally settling on the nipples and rubbing his cum into the rouge surrounding the nipples.

Kitten dipped her head down and surrounded his cock with her mouth attempting to clean it completely. She knew that it would have been expected of her. JP groaned as she used her mouth on him with the lightest touch for his now sensitive cock. He watched her carefully as she cleaned his cock. When she finished cleaning him up she looked into his eyes once again and said, "Welcome home honey. How was your day?"