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It was another just another weekend for me, my assignments were done and there was no courses for next two days. I was staring at the screen of my television with a controller in my hand trying to lose myself in another world on the screen. Yet my heart was just not in it that day, even the video games I used to distract myself with. I blew out a long sigh and tossed the controller to my side on the empty space of my couch.

It was in that moment I had keenly felt the loneliness I was trying to escape from. I sought out my phone for comfort, opening it up to the myriad of social media and dating I had been using. I swiped through pictures of my old friends who I no longer had any real connection with, tormenting myself with the urge to reach out, but the desire was fleeting and I could never go through with it. This ache for companionship was far too familiar a sensation for me, but it had only grown worse once I had begun my studies in college.

With my family was gone as well, I had become desperate, resorting to apps on my phone to find a connection, anything to fill this void in my chest. Sure, there were forums and chat sites to be social but they could never sate a real physical connection I yearned for. Though every dating app that promised me such remained silent and I had long given up on swiping my way to a partner.

It vexed me deeply why I was being passed over and labored over my profile pics. Was I not doing enough with my short brown hair, maybe I kept it too tidy. Sure, my body was not amazing, I was no Adonis but I was still lean and tall. Could it have been the way I stared directly at the camera, could they see how desperate I was in my green eyes?

With a sigh, I gave up on the analysis of my body and had begun to browse for yet another app that might yield some results. That was the when I had come across Mal0.

It was an app with early access testing, no reviews, no rating or even the number of downloads. What had caught my eye was the small deion. 'Never settle for those awkward feelings of being alone ever again. MalO is an exciting and interactive experience that will keep you engaged and intrigued.

The anxiety of social situations can be nerve-racking, but after just a few hours of MalO, you will soon forget all about those painful emotions of disappointment.

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Be part of the new craze that is quickly becoming the next social substitute. Remember, the more you participate, the more MalO will engage you. Your experience is completely up to you. Absolutely NO ADS. Enjoy!' Like with the many chat programs I had downloaded before I was already skeptical about how a ten-megabyte program could possibly help me. Yet here I was, watching the installation bar filling up on my phone, curious to see if it could hold up to what it had promised.

Then when it finished, a tiny black icon flickered on my phone, then it was gone, the program vanished the moment it completed the install. A cursed hissed through clenched teeth when the realization had dawned on me, it must have been some kind of fucking virus.

Then it struck me how MalO could easily have meant malware, god damn it, it was right in the name! With a deep groan of exasperation, I slammed my palm into my forehead to punish my lack of foresight. I was forced to plug my phone into the laptop which was sitting idle on the coffee table in front of me. I went through the tedium of scanning my phone for malicious software with a cold indifference, it was only a small inconvenience.

Yet, one cleaning program after another found no viruses. This had me perplexed and in my curiosity, I went so far to manually browse through the files for something out of place.

Still, I had come up completely empty, Mal0 had vanished as quickly as I had downloaded it. It was really strange and it had me scratching my head over it. I even attempted to try and download it again, only to have it tell me I had already installed it. My brows furrowed, with my phone in my lap, the screen providing the only illumination the room. There was something really strange happening here but I just couldn't seem to figure it out.

It was getting late and my patience had run dry.

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I had dismissed it as either harmful or maybe just a bugged program at best. Either way, I was not about to take any chances and performed a factory reset. The last minutes of my night had been resigned to updating my phone to the most current version and reinstalling my most mandatory apps. With my phone tucked into the waistband of my boxers, I pushed myself off the couch with a grunt then snatched up my laptop.

It was then I had felt just how tired I was and shoves my fingers through the front of my short mousy brown hair.


I shuffled my way down the short hallway towards my room wearing just my boxers and a pair of slippers. One of the perks of living in a single person dorm was how I could walk around dressed as I pleased. My room was pretty sparse, the bed was neatly made with a single nightstand, a laundry bin was tucked in a corner and the tall dresser faced me across the room.

I moved to the nightstand and placed the scrubbed clean phone next to my alarm clock before tucking my laptop in the cubby under the top.

Just when I had gotten under the covers my phone vibrated with a loud rattle off the faux wood of my nightstand. It was not often I got any kind of notification and picked it up to see why it wanted my attention. Oddly enough there was a text message, this was not a common occurrence for me. The number attached to it was usually long and looked too cryptic.

Still, curiosity had gotten the better of me and I unlocked the device with a swipe of my finger. Instead of a message, it was a photo that had been sent. My brows furrowed at the picture of a dimly lit building in the middle of the night.

Yet I couldn't shake the feeling that it felt strangely familiar but I was unable to make out the details. I wanted to know more and made the attempt to text them wanting to know what this was all about. Every attempt was met with the same red texted response of 'message failed'. The number was too weird and I cursed under my breath, thinking to myself that maybe MalO got enough information out of my phone before I had scrubbed it so I could get some strange spam.

At that point, I was too tired to care about some stupid picture being sent to me and went to sleep. The constant electric buzzing of my alarm roused me and with a groan, I rolled over and swatted at the device until it shut off. With a grogginess, I had fallen into the autonomous routine of getting ready for my morning classes, barely even alert of my surroundings. I shambled into my cramped bathroom and flicked on the light. The sterile white walls flashed all the brighter making me wince as my eyes watered from the glaring shift.

It was all function and left very little room for anything else. There was a small oval sink with just enough room for my toothbrush and the cup I used to hold it. The toilet was tightly packed in the corner and right across from it was my standing shower with a sliding door and its heavily fogged glass for privacy. It was after I had gotten out of the shower and walked back into the room I had noticed my phone was flashing a new notification. At first, I thought little of it and assumed it was something innocuous like an update.

When I picked up my phone to check the time, I noticed instead it was another message from the same number from last night. With an annoyed sigh I couldn't resist the urge to check and whoever it was had sent me another photo. Except for this time, my mouth parted in surprise. It was an image of the front of the computer store I had visited maybe a few days ago.

The hairs suddenly stood tall on the nape of my neck, my heart suddenly spiked in pace in response. Deep down my instincts shouted to me that I was being hunted and I for a moment, I agreed. "What the fuck," I hissed through my teeth, unable to take my eyes off the screen, trying to force an answer out of force of will. My routine was shattered and I paced the room, wracking my brain over out how they could have known I have been there. Did they have access to my GPS?

Maybe this was all just a stupid prank? I was quick to fire off another message and demands answers, but it too had failed to send like the last time.

With an annoyed growl I did the next best thing and blocked the number, it was all I could think to do before I had to attend my classes. --- To say I was a little on edge for the rest of the day would have been an understatement, I had an issue with overthinking things. I was stuck on the idea someone could have been stalking me, but for what possible reason, I couldn't even fathom. I was constantly looking about for anyone suspicious, though I had no idea what I would even do if I discovered them.

Yet, no one really stood out to me and my phone was dead silent once the number was blocked. The rest of the day passed on just like any other, I had survived another day in college and made my way back to my dorm. --- I opened the door and walked into my conjoined living room and kitchen separated by a small island countertop.

I had just one chair tucked in close to it and I hung my pack off the back of it. All that anxious energy had bled away and left me utterly drained from it. My bed was calling for me, it was time for a well-deserved nap. I flopped into the bed with a groan, not even bothering to take off my clothes or get under the sheets, my mind had quickly drifted away from reality.

Then I was rudely jolted by a vibration against my thigh by my phone still tucked in my pants pocket. I cursed and dug it out of my pants to check what had interrupted me, and my heart dropped into my stomach. It was that damned number my phone was supposed to be blocking! All my anxiety surged right back into the front, my breathing hastened in pace, eyes gazing wide at the small notification like it was this looming threat.

I couldn't bear to open it then and had simply stuffed my phone under my mattress and buried my face into my pillow. After restlessly tossing and turning, at some point sleep came for me and I had escaped from my worries. --- I was woken by the alarm, the next day. It wasn't a fucking nap, I had hibernated for sixteen damned hours! Worse yet, I felt lethargic and some part of me just wanted to go back to sleep. Still, I had to drag my ass out of bed and get ready for another day.

Instead of getting ready I had pulled my phone from the purgatory of my mattress but refused to even glance at the screen.


I was so down and out that I had walked out the door in the same clothes I wore yesterday, after all, who the fuck do I have to look good for anyway? I walked down the sidewalk towards the campus, it was a short four-kilometer jaunt to get there.

The fresh air was the balm I needed to wake me up and clear up my head, finally rousing fully to the world. Out of causal reflex, I had pulled out my phone to check the time, only to quickly realize my error. There were three more messages from my stalker waiting for me. I stopped dead in my tracks, I could tell they were sending them quicker and I felt my skin break out in goosebumps from not just the realization, but how precise the times were.

Each message had come at half the time from the other, the next one I could expect during class. Still, I couldn't look at them, I was just too much of a coward to check and stuffed my phone into my bag.

Suddenly my walk was more than brisk, wondering if I was being watched right then, always looking at my surroundings. When I had gotten to school, I felt a small measure of calm there, feeling safe in public. I tried my best to focus on the lectures, though this was more a defensive tactic to keep my mind distracted in my classes. It wasn't working, I kept peering at the clock, knowing the next message was going to come soon.

It during lunch when my phone went off again and just as I had predicted it was perfectly paced right down to the second. This had me thinking it must be some kind of machine and I blew out this sigh it had to be some kind of program and not a person.

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Then I was more annoyed, I had gotten myself all worked up over nothing, no one was out to get me. By the time my classes ended and I had gotten home, those three texts had grown to five. I was getting deeply annoyed by their regularity. In a wild surge of frustration, I had grabbed my phone and tore the backplate off and yanked the battery out and tossed the pieces onto my coffee table and watched them spread across the surface.

"Let see you send me a picture now asshole," I said with venom in my voice. --- It was the next day I didn't even bother to put it back together, there was no point, it was not like someone important was going to call me.

I went to college, did my studies and prepped for my tests for the end of the week. What I didn't do was worry about some loser wandering around and snapping stupid pictures to send me. It was kind of funny, ignorance was truly bliss. When got home and saw my phone in shambles, I was struck with an immediate sadness what I had done.

I kneeled over it and tenderly put the device back together, all the while cursing myself for taking my frustration out on a device I had usually taken such care of. To my relief, the loading screen blazed to life with color, but my elation turned to dread when the rolling barrage of photos was spooling past the screen.

One after another was pushed past as my phone received them and they were places I had been before. I grew nauseous, watching as each photo was of a place closer and closer to where I lived. I could no longer deny it, I was truly being hunted by someone.

Another text came while I was looking at the pictures and I had nearly dropped my phone when I saw it was a shot of the front of my college today.

My throat was suddenly parched, the blood turned to ice in my veins and it felt like my heart had sunk into the pit of my stomach. While pacing in my bedroom I watched as this person started taking snapshots from the inside of my college. I that moment I had no idea what to do and seriously doubted the cops could be inclined to help someone sending photos to me. Never in my life had I thought I could ever find myself in a situation like this.

I didn't sleep at all that night because my phone kept going off and I couldn't just turn it off then. Still, every vibration was a shock to my system and my heart was sent racing over it. I couldn't help but watch as whoever it was moved from one of my classes to another. It was then I had noticed they were moving through the building that was supposed to be closed, this seemed to offer no difficulty for whoever it was from getting around.

When my alarm went off I nearly leaped out of my bed with fright, I had been watching them shadowing the path I had taken the entire night. What fear I had felt had long since lost its edge, I was tired and annoyed then, all night I had been considering a plan.

I was still in my now three-day-old clothing, but it hardly mattered to me then, I was going to confront this person at the college. --- Still, even with this plan in place, I had to take a long way around because they were coming up the fucking street I always walked.

I was too scared to confront whoever it was alone, what I need was some help. While I was walking towards the main building I received a very unwanted update, it was a picture of my room. They were inside my dorm. I wanted to throw up, I had no idea how they had gotten in but it wasn't good if they were willing to break into my place. This new photo which had got me running up to the liaison, not just a security guard but an actual police officer.

He was leaning against the wall close to the doorway with a coffee in hand, just starting his morning.


"P-please you need to help me," I said to him with enough urgency to startle him. "What's the matter?" He asked while looking at me. "Are you OK?" "Someone is stalking me, look at my phone… there are pictures of my room today when I had just left." I passed him the phone while looking cautiously over my shoulder. He didn't say a word while flipping through the images, but he seemed completely unphased by them. "It doesn't look like much to me.

Have any threats been sent, can you name anyone you think would be responsible for the pictures?" He asked with this annoyingly casual tone like he didn't believe me. "No… but come on officer… they were in my room after I left. They had to break into my dorm to get that picture." I was pleading with him and looking for any angle to get him on my side and act. "You need to contact the station for the breaking and entering, if they did that, you will have a case against them." He sighed and looked at the university before looking back to me and said with a resigned sigh "Look… if it would make you feel better I can escort you to the class… it pretty much all I can do here." "Yes please… maybe if they see you with me they will fuck right off." it was hard to contain my enthusiasm and he got a good chuckle from it.

"Have you seen this person at all?" he asked. "No… I have no idea what they look like… I started getting the photos out of nowhere three days ago." It was so frustrating how little I had to offer him. "Well, maybe today we can get a good look at your stalker and then you will be able to move forward on getting a restraining order." He dropped his hand on my shoulder so hard I flinched, but at least I felt reassured when he flashed me a smile.

"Let's get you to class." As we were walking to my first lecture I felt the vibration in my pocket, and I stopped dead in my tracks to look. When I saw the photo l, my eyes went wide, it was the front of my school, they were so close now.

I showed it to the officer, his brows furrowed and his lips pinched together. "You know what… you get to class. I am going to cut this bastard off before he can get close." "H-how are you going to know it's them?" I asked, unsure of his decision. "Simple… I just need to look for some shithead snapping pictures of an empty hallway for no reason… now you get to class, I have a job to do." He said with this reassuring smile. I nodded to him and turned to open the door to walk into a nearly empty room.

Even with everything going on I had still unconsciously given myself plenty of time before the lesson started. When I took my seat I was a tightly bunched ball of anxiety.

Surely the liaison would catch my stalker and my life would return to normal. When it seemed like it had been a good long time since my phone had gone off. I couldn't help but think the police officer actually had caught him and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The class was starting to fill up and the teacher took the podium to get lesson was underway.

I might not have slept all night, but I felt great, finally, I could get my life back on track. Then I felt a vibration against my thigh. The dread I felt had twisted my guts up so badly I was ready to throw up over it. I pulled my phone from my pocket with a trembling hand, it was a message from my shadow. My throat tightened and I asked myself how could they have slipped past? I didn't want to look at the picture, I was far too terrified at what I would see.

It was then I saw it from the narrow window set in the classroom door. All my expectations could not have prepared me for this, what was gazing right at me defied all logic. What I saw was not a person but a skull that was not human, it was too long and was bleached a bright white, surrounded by fur so black it seemed to suck out the light.

Set in the dark sockets were a pair of bulging white eyes and I felt them on me, boring right into my being with this alien and unreadable intent. My heart thumped at the confines of my chest, it was no mask as I saw ghostly after images of this predatory thing canting its head from side to side. It was when I saw a long and inky black tongue snaking out of its mouth to drag up the side of its long skull, giving me this awful impression it was very much hungry for me.

I lost it then and let out a scream like nothing I had heard come out before and shot out of my seat to sprint like a madman for the furthest door. I burst from the classroom and shot past a group of students, shoving my way past in this pure panic to flee, not even once considering to seek help.

Because deep down I had known no one could save me from something like that. Never had I run so fast and so far and by the time my tank had bled dry I was close to my dorm room. I was on the verge of collapsing under my own weight from the adrenaline-fueled sprint.

Fuck me I was so out of shape to be running so hard, sweat was pouring down my face and my hands were keeping my upper body propped up off my bent knees while I tried to recover. When I felt my phone go off I didn't bother to check it, all I had to do was look back to see where it had come from. It was peeking at me from behind a tree, closer than before, too fucking close for comfort. I could make out its long obsidian mane and the tall pointed ears jutting from its head.

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I was so exhausted then but the sight of the creature spurred me to keep moving. All I could do was curse breathlessly and stagger my lanky ass towards my dorm. Even though I knew it was stupid to think a door was going to do much, it was the only place I had to go. The building was designed like an apartment complex and I tripped on the last step and collapsed through the glass-paned double doors.

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I fell onto my hands and knees onto the smooth tiled floor and other students backed away from me muttering to themselves that I was on drugs and God how I wished that was true then.

I didn't care about their concerned looks and scrambled on all fours like a fucking animal up the stairs to get to my room. When I got to the door I used the knob to pull myself up and fumbled with my keys to unlock the door. When I heard the click I took one quick glance over my shoulder and immediately regretted it. It was right around the corner I had just come from and it was right there leaning out with its head tilted at me.

It was bracing itself with a gray hand and it was tipped with long black talons. I wheezed what little air was in my lungs at the sight of it and pushed through the door and into my room. --- Quickly I slammed the door behind me and closed the lock before backing away until I had run my back into the island of my kitchen.

I stared at it for what felt like a very long time, just waiting there to see what it was going to do next. I knew it had been in here before, but the door was fine, so how did it get in? My breathing was calming, but my heart was still pumping frantically with fear. I couldn't resist and approached the door slowly half expecting the creature to burst through it at any moment. Still, I leaned forward and put my eye to the peephole to look into the hallway.

At first, it was just white and my brows furrowed not understanding why. Then the creature moved its head back and cocked its head to one side at me. I recoiled back with a strangled gasp from being eye to eye with the thing and my skin broke out in goosebumps over such a close encounter. Then I waited, not knowing what to expect with it so close then, surely the door wasn't an obstacle for a supernatural creature. Minutes had passed and I was still gazing at the door like it was a piece of abstract art.

When I gained the courage I crept back to the door and peeked through the hole once again. There was nothing outside, it was gone, or at least that was what I had hoped. I turned around with my back pressed firmly to the door and scanned the room half expecting to see it inside with me.

Yet, I had been left completely alone with far more questions than answers. Then in a moment of hysteria, I had laughed at how fucking bizarre of a situation I was in, trapped in my apartment with some kind of apparition lurking outside.

I turned to my phone for and opened the app store to look at the MalO program, maybe there was some kind of information I could glean from it. It was hard to read because there was so much sweat running down my face it was stinging my eyes.

I could just barely make out the deion after giving them a quick wipe. "Never be alone again," I muttered before shaking my head in utter disbelief. "That is one hell of a companion." Yet still, the minutes passed and nothing happened, which only left me all the more perplexed.

I couldn't fathom why it was suddenly keeping its distance then, only to realize I was trying to guess the motives of something so alien to me. It was then I had become aware of just how gross my body felt, three fucking days in the same clothes had me at my limit. They were damp with sweat and they clung to my body like a second skin and if I was going to die, it was going to be with a clean pair of underpants. I pushed myself from the door and peeled my shirt off and over my head before doing the unthinkable and just tossed it aside to lay in a heap in the corner of my living room.

The whole ordeal had me exhausted both physically and mentally and I just couldn't care about keeping things tidy. What I wanted then was just a nice shower.

--- I walked into my bathroom and pushed my pants off my hips and down my legs before kicking them off into the hallway behind me. When I glanced at the mirror I got to see just how much of a toll the whole ordeal had taken on me. My face almost had a glossy look to it, my eyes were red and puffy from the lack of sleep and my bottom eyelids were so dark. I looked like absolute shit, actually, I think I smelled like it too, maybe that was why the monster kept its distance.

I pushed the sliding glass door open and it rolled back smoothly. Bending in I turned on the shower and held my hand in the stream until I had felt it heat up to the perfect temperature. Finally, I stepped into the fine spray, the hot water pattering off my legs and closed the door behind me. Then I stepped into the cone of water and let its heat wash over my body.

It was the best fucking feeling of it melting the tension out of my muscles and I groaned deeply from the sensation. The water had a can effect and I silence for a good long time letting the water flow over my face. Whatever moment of zen I had was abruptly ended by a perceivable presence behind me. An electric jolt of fear lanced through me and my body reacted to this dark shadow behind me and sprang with my back up against the tiled wall.There it was standing tall in the spray of the shower, beads of water rolling off the exposed bone of its canine face.

I watched helplessly as those unsettling eyes raked down my body. With the skeletal mouth of a predator looking like it was grinning at me like it was just a big fucking joke to it.

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When I blinked there was only this inky after-image of where it had stood but then that too was gone and I was alone once more and scared out my wits unable to peel my eyes from where it had stood. Something had snapped in me then, I sank to the tiled ground and was wracked with a sobbing fit. I sat there crying my heart out until there were no more tears left to shed over my situation. After that, I just felt this strange bliss wash over me as the terror finally lifted at that moment I wiped my eyes with a shake of my head and composed myself in that moment of clarity.

It was then I wondered how it could have hurt me easily, so why didn't it? According to the program, it was supposed to be my companion, if I could believe it. My jaw tightened, I was determined to figure out what it wanted from me, I just had to hope it wasn't something terrible. Then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my hips before leaving the bathroom, it was time to meet my new roommate.

I looked to my left towards my room and there it was with a full silhouette of it waiting for me in the darkness. God damn, it was so much taller than me, easily over six feet and I saw it had a long tapered tail. What was it doing waiting for me in my room? My eyes wandered over its body and I don't know how I could have missed those curves when it was so close to me. The realization of the monsters feminity struck me like a punch to my guts but maybe I had been checking her out for too long because suddenly she vanished.

She had left my head spinning and there was a weird flutter in my stomach and this sudden thrill of excitement that it was a female pursuing me. I slapped my palm against my forehead in dismay at how quickly I was shifting gears over this situation, was I really that desperate? Yet I was more scared of her now than ever, trembling even over the prospect that she wanted me in my room and might even still be waiting for me. I started to pace in my living room, her voluptuous silhouette stamped in my mind, unable to fully cope with what I was dealing with.

It proved to be too much for me to handle, so I opted for the better solution and flopped onto the couch with a huff. I had surrendered my bed to her because I was too much of a little bitch to see what it had in mind for me in there.

Those thoughts drifted away from my mind while I was sinking so deeply into those soft cushions. All the trials of that day that had piled up had me feeling like I was going to be absorbed into the couch and I was on the verge of passing out. That was when she appeared on the high back of the couch with her arms crossed, her head was resting on her forearms.

I was trapped in the gaze of those milky orbs as she looked down to me. "W-what do you want?" I forced the question past my tightened throat. Her response was to reach for my face slowly, almost in a timid way like she was unsure of touching me. I didn't even have the energy then to shrink away from those sharp looking claws and just laid there wide-eyed like the terrified prey I was to her. Surely it was over for me, the creature was going to do something terrible to my face with those talons.

Then I felt her fingers pushing into my long brown hair and my body was wracked with a deep shudder from the overwhelming pleasure of her touch. How deeply I groaned when it stroked its hand through my hair, it was utterly humiliating to melt under such a simple gesture of affection.

The creature was practically petting me and I didn't want her to stop, it felt so fucking good to be touched. My eyes were getting heavier and the weight seemed to be growing with each pass of those fingers over my scalp.

When I was nearly passing out from her gentle attention I felt her body shifting on top of me, she was climbing over the couch to join me. "W-wait." I pleaded with a voice no louder than a hushed whisper and reached out with my hands to push her away.

In my haste to stop her, my hands were suddenly smothered by such a warm softness, I knew at that moment I did something terrible. My eyes snapped open to see my hands were being smothered by her mountainous breasts, far too large for my palms to ever contain. They were amazing to hold, the grey skin was soft like silk with the caps of her nipples as black as obsidian.

We were both staring at where I had placed my hands and even with her expressionless face, I could sense she was just a surprised as I was. "I-I am so sorry!" I stammered while pulling my hands away from her chest, my cheeks burning hot with embarrassment. Then she reached for my hands to clutch them by the wrists and I was certain she was just going to break them then.

Instead, she did something possibly more frightening, she pulled them back to her chest. I was speechless while I watched her puppet my hands, pushing my palms over her tits and I could feel her nipples fattening and getting harder from my touch. She wanted me, how could such a being possibly want me in such way was beyond my comprehension. I just couldn't help myself and I have her rack a firm squeeze until the soft flesh was pushing through the gaps of my fingers when they sunk in deeper.

Then she made a sound, not for my ears, instead, it resonated in my mind. It was like a purr that vibrated through my being and had this electric tingle course down my spine, she was enjoying my touch.

Then I felt her hips push down against my groin and I groaned when she started to grind into me. I was already achingly stiff from just touching her chest and then I felt this intense heat of her sex through my towel.

She had such a powerful build compared to me and I watched her toned midsection rippling with the rotations of her hips. I felt more than a little undeserving of her attention, her body was quite literally out of this world. I was awestruck having this creature perform this provocative dance on top me while I eagerly groped at her chest. Never had I experienced a lap dance, but I was certain she was giving me one of the best I could have dreamed of.

I needed to feel what she was rubbing into me and my right hand ventured lower down her body. She lifted her hips off my pelvis to welcome my hand to play with her when I slid it over the dense fur over her mound. Then I felt the heat of her sex and it was so much more intense without a towel to protect my hand. There was another deep purr from her when my fingertips touched the lips of her nethers before she pushed her muff into my hand. They felt like velvet from the tightly packed fur covering her thick lips and I gently stroked them massaging deeper and pushing them apart.

She was sopping wet for me, my fingers had been soaked to the knuckle just by petting her tight slit. When I plunged them into past her closed seam to play just behind those plush curtains, her head tilted back with a long sigh. Her hand replaced the one I had removed, watching her playing with her tit while my fingers roamed between the folds of her pussy.

She was dripping onto my towel then and I was eager to coax even more from her. Yet I was only stroking through the entirety of her slit, unsure of where to even start rubbing to give her the most pleasure. The excess of her nectar had made every movement of my fingers sound so loud and messy. There was a haughty gasp when I ground my digits into her long plump button then it was followed by this haunting and lusty groan.

I had found the spot to focus my attention on and with every rotation of my hand, she was pressed her chest in closer to my face.

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Then I seized on the opportunity of clamping my mouth over one of those chubby buds. It was such a turn on to hear her moan when sucked on her tit and I took such a hard pull I could have sworn I tasted something sweet.

The flavor had me tugging at more greedily than before. She clutched me by the hair from the back of my head so hard it kinda hurt before she pushed my face into her chest. Her tit was so big it enveloped my face and she had me battling to breathe past her plush flesh I felt her shove the towel down to my thighs and she gripped my rock hard cock in her hand, apparently, my fingers were not enough to please her.

The lips of her pussy smothered the head of my cock and then I felt the resistance of her opening before I started to slide into it. It was so warm and tight as my member pushed her supple walls apart, but she was so wet I could slide into her effortlessly. I groaned when she took me to the hilt so smoothly and to my deep regret, I was already teetering on the edge of bursting inside her just feeling the grip her pussy had on my senstive organ.

I was frantically trying to stave off the urge but my cock was twitching more and more fiercely inside her. Slowly she was riding me with lewd squishes and squelches as my hardness slid inside her.

Then what little willpower remained came apart when she moaned with her ethereal voice penetrating deeply into my head. With a grimace, I unloaded into this creature and she let forth a shocked gasp from the sensation of my cock pumping my cum into her pussy.

Her mouth parted in what I could only guess was in surprise but she kept grinding on me while I whined in utter embarrassment and covered my face with my hands. With every twitch of my cock, her walls clamped down around me and fuck the groans I made when she milked me in such a way only enhanced my humiliation.

Then she I heard her giggle in this low sultry tone, almost like she was mocking me for my premature misfire. She lifted off me and my failure of cock slipped out her gorgeous pussy with a messy slurp and I got to see her obsidian slit was tainted with my pearl white slime. I had half expected her to just turn and walk away, wouldn't have been the first time for me.

Instead, she grabbed me by the hand to coax me to stand with her, fuck it, I did as she bade me to. She was guiding me down the hallway by my arm and I was pretty much in a trance by that point. I was fixated on her long tail swaying behind her, even though the base was quite wide, it couldn't hide the voluptuous curves of her backside.

Those canine paws of hers were clicking their nails against the hardwood floor as she walked as ghostly after images of her body faintly trailed behind. Then I noticed she was guiding me to my room and I was wondering what else she could have had in store for me. --- The lights were out in my room and I could just barely make her out in the darkness. She turned to me and placed her hands under my jaw and pulled me by the head.

Then I felt her tongue meet my lips and my body sagged with bliss from her alien kiss. It was slender at the tip but proved to be quite long when she pushed it into my eager mouth.

I was barely aware of her dragging me into the bed when she had my tongue coiled in hers until I was laying on top of her. She giggled playfully and pulled me into an embrace with her arms and I lost in the euphoria of her affection.

I curled into her body placing my head on her chest and we entangled our limbs around one another until we were a tight knot. Even her tail had gotten into it and coiled around my leg to pull it over her hip. It was the most comfortable I had felt in a long time and the exhaustion of the day fell on me and I embraced it as well. MalO was the best app I had ever installed.