Cum for cover redheads drenched in cum after cock deepthroat

Cum for cover redheads drenched in cum after cock deepthroat
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009 It was a warm day in the early summer of 1961 at Hirstmere Hall, an exclusive boarding school for girls in the southern English countryside. In a top floor study-bedroom, seventeen year-old Sixth Form pupil Susan Meacham was enjoying what she liked best: applying her tongue and fingers to a girl's cunt and hearing the whimpering moans as she took her to climax.

Susan was an adept pussy-eater who had given satisfaction to quite a few girls in her class; she followed the adage often uttered by her teachers, although they probably had other endeavours in mind 'practice makes perfect'. The little hussy in front of her, lying back on the bed with her eyes closed and soft groaning sounds issuing from her half-open mouth, was even more delectable than most in both her attractiveness, and her wanton enjoyment of their mutual lust. Susan did not normally trawl the younger girls (it was almost an unwritten rule that sexual pleasure was taken only with girls of the same year), but Belinda Carrington was worth making an exception for.

She was without doubt the prettiest girl in the Fifth Form, with dark hair platted into pigtails, large brown eyes in a cute and deceptively-innocent pixie face, and rosebud lips. Belinda was just over sixteen years old and quite petite, only five foot three inches, with a slim waist, pertly thrusting conical tits which although not really large were quite noticeable on her small body, and a deliciously jutting ass.

It was the latter which had most caught Susan's eye, and there was no doubt that the little minx had been flouncing it past her in a deliberately coquettish way.

After a few unmistakeably flirtatious conversations, in one of which Belinda had apparently absent-mindedly undone her top three shirt buttons to give the bigger and taller girl a good view of her bra and cleavage, she had served up a pretext by asking Susan for assistance with some maths problems she was stuck on. Susan had readily consented to help, and suggested a 'private study session' in her room on this afternoon at which the younger girl had actually fluttered her eyelashes at her, smoothed her hands across her shirt front, and promised breathily that she would be there 'ready and willing for you to show me how to do it'.

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Well, thought Susan, what could be a clearer promise than that, and the Saturday afternoon when most pupils and teachers were out for the half-day would be the perfect opportunity. Susan was well above average in physical charms herself. She had recently turned seventeen, and was five foot eight inches tall, with long natural blonde hair that was usually kept behind an Alice-band or in a pony-tail.

Her eyes were more grey than blue, and her figure was ripening into womanhood, with breasts a little fuller than most of the other Sixth Form girls. She was quite slender and trim, and there were still traces of girlish coltishness in her movements. As she was in one of the two senior years (she would be in the Upper Sixth next year), she was entitled to her own study-bedroom although she rather missed the sexual antics which she had enjoyed with her roommate during the previous year, after 'lights out' was called by the teacher on duty.

When Belinda arrived for their assignation, neither girl bothered much with the pretence that she was there for help with her maths. Susan gestured for the pretty young schoolgirl to sit on the bed, and then sat down next to her, thigh against thigh. Belinda looked at her demurely, and put her arms behind herself for support, leaning back slightly in such a way as to stick her breasts out even more prominently.

Susan placed one hand on Belinda's nearest knee, and when there was no protest or comment she slowly slid it under the grey uniform skirt and upwards to find and stroke the front of her panties as she did so, Belinda parted her thighs to allow easier access. For a brief moment, Susan withdrew her hand to unbutton and remove Belinda's plain white shirt and blue-and-black school tie.

Then she urged Belinda further onto the bed, so that the young slut's head was resting on the pillow. Susan tugged Belinda's panties down her legs and threw them away, and then pushed the younger girl's skirt up around her waist and spread her legs wide apart.


Susan knelt between them, reaching first for Belinda's sweetly perky breasts, scooping them out of the plain white cotton bra and then tweaking and licking at the nipples. Belinda started to moan at this, with murmurs that became louder as Susan transferred the attentions of her mouth to the younger girl's pussy. Several minutes passed pleasantly whilst the tip of Susan's tongue poked into the tight crevasse of Belinda's cleft.

As she concentrated upon the taste and texture of the sweet girlish opening between Belinda's thighs, Susan did not hear or notice the door of her room opening. Her first warning was when Belinda gave a startled squeal and jerked backwards against the headboard of the bed, leaving Susan's face to flop down on the bedsheet.

The noise had been very different from Belinda's previous gasps of pleasure, but when Susan lifted her face to see the cause of this upset, she gave a horrified squawk of her own. Standing beside the bed, hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face, was one of the teachers Miss Barker, who taught geography and took a class for gym and sports as well.

There was nothing Susan could do she had been caught in a forbidden sexual perversion, and with Belinda's undressed state and her mouth on the girl's cunt there was no point in denying it.

The colour drained from Susan's face, as she regarded the stern teacher with shock and fear. Miss Barker was in her early 30s, a fit and sporty woman whose lean figure was the result of frequent exercise; she had fairly short black hair cut in not quite the latest fashion, and the outline of her breasts and the bra encasing them could be seen against her green woollen jumper.

Below this she wore a rather severe brown tweed skirt, stockings and plain brown shoes. Miss Barker was not an unpopular teacher, for although quite strict she also had a sense of humour, but now there was no sign of amusement in her expression.

'Susan!!', demanded the teacher, 'what is going on here?' There was no answer to that rhetorical question it was obvious what had been taking place, and Susan certainly wasn't going to name it out loud.

After a moment, Miss Barker gave both girls their orders. Susan would report to the Headmistress's office at once, for as the older girl her offence was the most severe.

Belinda was instructed to put her clothes back on, and to wait in Miss Barker's room until she also would be called to account by the school's head. As a subdued Belinda started to pull her knickers back on, Susan's arm was gripped by the forceful teacher and she was marched out of the room and down the stairs.

Susan was still fully dressed in her school uniform: black shoes, white knitted socks, a navy blue pleated skirt that fell to just above the knee, a plain white shirt and the school tie. She was instructed to sit on one of the chairs in the corridor outside the Headmistress's office, while Miss Barker knocked and entered the inner sanctum. After just a moment of the murmuring of voices, the teacher re-emerged and instructed the now tearful and fearful schoolgirl to go in.

Susan hesitantly entered the room, whilst the teacher left in the other direction to locate the errant Fifth Former. When Susan entered the Headmistress's study, she was almost quaking with anxiety.

The head of the school had only been appointed two years before, and was an assured and assertive woman of a little over 40. Her name was Miss Sterling, and she was very handsome in a severe way: her dark hair was always tightly coiled and pinned, and she wore almost no make-up. She was quite tall, five foot ten or eleven inches, and well built in proportion quite large breasts were hidden under her starched blouses and woollen cardigans, and the swell of her hips and buttocks were constrained in the plain two-piece skirts and suits which she always wore.

Sitting behind her desk, the Headmistress regarded Susan sternly for a moment before speaking. 'This is a very serious matter, Susan very serious indeed. There is no doubt that you were engaged in perverse congress with another pupil and, what is worse, a younger girl whom you had enticed, perhaps even pressured.' There was no answer possible to this, as Susan would not make matters better for herself by claiming that Belinda had been an eager participant (indeed, had almost seduced her rather than the other way round), and she would not make things worse for the younger girl by telling tales on her.

So Susan just looked at the carpet, red-faced and with the tracks of tears on her cheeks, and mumbled something quite unintelligible. Miss Sterling sniffed disapprovingly, and then gave a slight sigh. To Susan's horror, the head teacher then said: 'I'm afraid that you must be expelled from the school; you will have to leave immediately, and I will write to your parents to tell them of the reason for your removal.' Susan felt almost faint and staggered, clutching the edge of the desk to steady herself.

This was awful it was far, far worse than she had feared or expected.

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To be expelled from school for lesbianism in the early 1960s was a social disaster whilst a great deal of sexual congress went on between the girls at boarding schools and the women's colleges at Oxford and Cambridge universities, the absolute social rule was that it was never publicly acknowledged or exposed.

This would mark Susan out as a pariah in her social circle, and it would appal and enrage her parents. She would be ostracised, and her wealthy father might even disinherit her. Anything absolutely anything was better as an alternative. Susan began to plead tearfully with the Headmistress, proclaiming how sorry she was and begging to be given another chance. She declared her willingness to accept any other punishment, if only she could remain at the school and her parents not be told of her misdemeanour.

In her distraught state, she did not notice the gleam that came into the mature teacher's eye when she offered this, or realise it was exactly what Miss Sterling had intended when she had announced her draconian punishment.

The Headmistress pretended to be swayed by the girl's contrition and beseechments into slowly reconsidering her decision, whilst concealing her inner glee and the warm dampening in the folds of her labia. This would be sweet, she thought to herself, sweet indeed, as she regarded the attractive and curvaceous young girl-flesh that was offering itself up to her mercy. 'Well .' the Headmistress said with a show of reluctance, 'if you mean what you say about accepting any other punishment, then perhaps another way is possible.

But you must agree in advance to whatever I impose on you, and if you balk or object to it then you will be expelled without any further debate or appeal is that agreed?' Susan was so relieved that at once she gave her assent, and burbled her thanks to the teacher for giving this reprieve. 'Furthermore,' added the Headmistress, 'for this offence, a single punishment is not enough you will also report to my office twice a week for the same punishment for the rest of this summer term, and once a week all through next year.' Susan gave a kind of gasp, but the alternative was no alternative at all, and she mutely nodded her assent after all, she consoled herself, whatever it was couldn't be too bad, and there were only seven weeks of the term left anyway; she could endure it, and do so next year as well.

The Headmistress looked at her sternly, clearly requiring more definite assent, and with a bit of sniffing, Susan haltingly declared her acceptance of any punishment, as was deemed appropriate. 'Good,' said Miss Sterling less severely, and she handed Susan a handkerchief and told her to wipe her eyes and nose, and not to be afraid.

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The top of the Headmistress's large rosewood desk was quite clear apart from a few papers and the telephone, which she removed to a side table.

Susan was ordered to stand in front of the desk, and bend over it, face downwards. Miss Sterling stood up and removed her suit jacket, which she placed over the back of her chair. As the Headmistress slowly walked around the side of the desk, Susan was afforded a view of the mature woman's profile which at any other time might have excited her for it was clear that the Headmistress more than amply filled a large bra, below which she still had a flat stomach and narrow waist. But all Susan had eyes for was the cupboard to which the teacher went (affording a good look at her curvy ass as she did so), and from which she removed a long thin rattan cane.

Susan gulped fearfully she had been afraid it would be this. Of course, in 1961 corporal punishment was not thought odd or wrong, even when applied to older girls.

The Headmistress actually caned girls comparatively rarely and only for serious matters, but Susan was aware that when she did use it, she had a reputation for being a mean hand with the cane. Still, Susan knew that she must take this, as refusing meant expulsion and its dreadful wider consequences. Carrying the vicious-looking cane in one hand, Miss Sterling went out of Susan's view as she came round to stand behind her. A moment later, Susan felt the Headmistress's fingers briefly touch the side of her leg before lifting upwards the school uniform skirt and laying it over Susan's back, revealing her bottom.

The girl's fearful anticipation mounted, but for a moment nothing happened as the lustful lesbian teacher savoured the sight of the pretty young panty-clad bottom that was thrust out on display.

Susan felt the Headmistress's hand lightly caress her panties, and then she heard the dreaded words: 'these will have to come off'. Miss Sterling hooked a finger around the elasticised waistline of Susan's regulation plain white cotton knickers, and slid them gently down her legs. She gave a light rap with the cane on Susan's right ankle, and when the girl lifted it in response, the panties were removed. For a second as she knelt behind the Sixth Former, the Headmistress had an unimpeded close-up view of the girl's pretty pussy.

She arose and took a step back, picking up the cane from where she had propped it. Now she gave a brief tap against the inside of each of Susan's thighs, just above the knee.

'Spread wider', was the next injunction to the trembling schoolgirl, who hastened to obey, shuffling her feet sideways until they were about two feet apart and the teacher said 'enough'. As Susan lay with her stomach flat on the big desk, her cute bottom jutting out over its side, her thighs parted and her hands gripping the further edge in anticipation of the pain to come, she was aware that all of her most private parts were now fully exposed to Miss Sterling's sharp gaze.

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The suspenseful moment lengthened, and Susan gave a slight gulp. Then she felt the tip of the cane against the inside of her right knee, from where it slowly traced upwards against the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

The schoolgirl could hardly believe it when the cane continued its inexorable rise up to the join of her legs, until it was pressing against the base of her pussy. She whimpered surely the bitch was not going to cane her there?!

Was that what she had been made to agree to? It might appeal to the teacher as some kind of horrible 'punishment that fits the crime', but it would be cruel and agonising. Susan began to tremble as the thin cane unmistakeably pressed against her pussy lips, and then it began to move backwards and forwards against them, sliding in between and lubricating her in the process.

As the cane slipped in further and moved more vigorously, Susan began to feel aroused she was on a knife edge of fear and excitement, each one feeding the other.

The girl gave a slight moan and a different kind of shake, sexual and inviting. Out of her view, the Headmistress smiled in hawkish anticipation, enjoying how the girl was being turned on as she played with her. Miss Sterling then asked Susan one more time, saying it is her final chance to back out of their deal: does she still accept whatever punishment she is given now, and its repetition at other times?

Susan had become so turned on from the cane's pressure and probing that she gasped out; 'yes, anything! oh! do whatever you want!!' I shall, sweetie, thought the Headmistress, but she did not reveal her gloating anticipation of what was yet to come.

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The cane was removed, and Susan was aware that the Headmistress was standing very close behind and was bending over her prone form, breathing slightly heavily.

Then, to Susan's mingled shock, horror and joy, she felt a hand move up her inner thigh to touch her pussy lips, tracing along her slit and slipping inside where the rubbing of the cane had wet and widened her. 'Ooooohhh!' gasped Susan, writhing slightly under this tantalising touch, but she found she could not move very much, as the Headmistress placed her other hand firmly in the small of Susan's back, pinning her down to the desk.

As the Headmistress caressed and stroked the young girl, she leant further forwards to reach into her, and Susan felt the delicious weight of the teacher's large breasts lower upon her back, the hard nipples jutting through the silky fabric of the blouse. The Headmistress's fingers probed further into the Sixth Former's pussy, until she encountered the girl's unbroken hymen a surprise, as she thought that such an active lesbian (for Miss Sterling knew very well which girls and teachers were inclined that way) would have lost it long before.

Still, she thought, no time like the present! In a husky and excited voice, she whispered into Susan's ear: 'First of all, my girl, you're losing that!' Susan gave a kind of fearful whimper, but in truth she was so sexually aroused and so profoundly thrilled to be mastered in this way, to have such a mature sexual woman lust for her, that she would have accepted anything that was proposed, however bizarre and, in fact, she had been wanting to lose her virginity anyway.

With a smack to one of Susan's thighs, the Headmistress wordlessly indicated that the girl was to roll over onto her back, but not to rise from her sprawl across the desk. The older woman quickly undid Susan's school tie and unbuttoned her shirt, which was then pulled out of her skirt and open to either side.

Miss Sterling took a second to admire Susan's breasts, which were definitely fuller and riper than those of most seventeen year-olds. The Headmistress laid her hands on the two white bra cups, kneading the soft young flesh within, and Susan responded with gasps of pleasure and the spreading of her legs even wider. Next Miss Sterling scooped the twin mounds out of the bra, without removing the garment, and bent to apply her mouth to each of the stiffening nipples in turn.


As she did this, the Headmistress thrust her right hand up Susan's skirt to resume her caresses of Susan's naked cunt. Then, after a minute or so of tit-sucking, she lifted the front of Susan's skirt up like the bonnet of a car, and applied her mouth the puffy labia and wet, sweaty pussy in front of her. Susan was moaning and squirming on the top of the desk, her eyes closed, and begging for more. Miss Sterling rose from her haunches to her full height, standing between the prone schoolgirl's spread legs.

Looking Susan straight in the eye, she slowly and sensuously unbuttoned her own blouse, removed it, and then undid the fastenings at the side of her skirt. When she let that fall to her ankles, Susan drank in the stunning sight towering over her.

Miss Sterling was now clothed only in a sexy black bra, which had enough wiring to thrust her full breasts upwards and outwards, and below that a lacy suspender belt from which two straps on each side held up her glossy back stockings. Over these straps, so it could be slid down in an instant as Miss Sterling immediately proceeded to do was a pair of quite skimpy red knickers, and their removal revealed a large Venus mound with a fuzz of dark hair around it which had been kept clipped, so that the gape of her slit was clearly visible.

Miss Sterling turned to one side, giving a full view of her flaring full-bodied ass, and went to a cupboard in the corner. When she returned a few seconds later, she was holding something which Susan had heard rumours of, but had never seen before. Now a common enough sight, it was an early version of the strap-on dildo, with the out-thrust rod made from a dark firm rubber like that used in making bicycle tyres, Such devices were still rare in early 1960s Britain, and about three years' earlier it had taken Miss Sterling quite some time to secure a discrete introduction to a specialist shop who would sell her one.

The Headmistress stepped into it and buckled the straps tightly closed. Susan gave a slight gulp, for its role and use required no imagination to foresee. She had promised to accept any punishment, and was beginning to realise that 'punishment' in the sense of unpleasantness was not what was being intended, but she also knew from all the girl-tales told in the school that losing the cherry could be a painful matter.

The Headmistress came to stand between her spread thighs once again, and rested a hand on Susan's right breast, tracing its contours and then tweaking the nipple. She then told Susan to return to her face down position, and to spread her legs open, which the young girl silently obeyed. This was the part Miss Sterling liked most of all a young girl's cunt about to be shafted by her dildo and she savoured the anticipation for a moment, which also had the effect of heightening the tension for Susan.

Then, with no warning, the Headmistress gripped Susan's hips and thrust the dildo into the pretty schoolgirl's vagina, getting two inches with the first push. She rapidly increased the pace, pressure and depth, beginning what became a thorough doggy-fuck from behind, in the course of which one of the piston strokes with the dildo broke Susan's hymen. The schoolgirl gave a cry of pain as it happened, and some involuntary tears leaked from her eyes, but after this momentary jab her lubricated wetness took over, giving the shafting strap-on an easy slide in and out of her.

Susan soon began thoroughly to enjoy this she had never before had sex with an adult woman, never mind one as powerful, imposing and experienced as Miss Sterling, and the schoolgirl gave herself up to the experience with total abandon. She was being fucked flat out on the desk top, with her cheek resting against the cool wood, and her rasping breaths became mewls of pleasure as she came for the first time from full vaginal penetration.


'Oh, God!!' screamed Susan, 'Oh!! Oh, Christ alive!!' 'Don't blaspheme', chided the teacher, giving a smart smack to the side of the buttock which the enthralled and transported schoolgirl barely noticed. The taking of the eager girl's virginity and the sight of her wild abandonment were hugely arousing for the Head teacher, and with a catch of her own breath she orgasmed immediately after her final deep penetration of Susan's sloppy wet cunt.

Miss Sterling then unbuckled the strap-on and put the end of the dildo in her own mouth, sucking Susan's pussy juices from it as it were a lollipop. Before Susan got up, the Headmistress wiped around her cunt with a soft towel, which was simultaneously soothing and sensual. Then she pulled Susan's panties back up her legs to their normal position, and helped the girl to her feet she looked dazed, and was a bit unsteady. Miss Sterling reminded Susan that this was to happen on a regular schedule from now on news which was now a delight to the lesbian girl, not a source of fear.

The Headmistress told her to come to her study again on the next Wednesday evening at 8.00 p.m., and to Susan's excitement she added that they would have longer then, and colud take it more slowly. Finally, the Headmistress informed Susan that she must also receive a punishment from Miss Barker (who had caught her pussy-eating the pretty Fifth-Form girl), before that teacher would let the matter drop. Once Susan was fully dressed again, and her dishevelled hair had been combed back into order, a quick call from the Headmistress's phone summoned Miss Barker.

Without a further word, the severe-looking teacher took Susan to the private sitting room of the small studio flat which she, like around half of the teaching staff, occupied on the main school premises. Once inside, Miss Barker locked the door and gestured Susan to kneel on the floor, and came to stand directly in front of her.

'Well, Susan, finding you that way was hardly a surprise to me', she said, and then to Susan's shock the teacher added that she had heard the rumours as to what a good pussy-eater Susan was, and she intended to put it to the test. Then the teacher dropped her tweed skirt, revealing stockings and a garter belt, but no panties. Arching her hips, and taking a firm grasp of Susan's pony tail, Miss Barker pulled the girl's face right into her cunt.

Susan needed no further encouragement this she knew exactly how to do, this would produce a result. After a period of sucking and licking, Miss Barker's pussy lips parted and moisture dripped from them onto Susan's tongue and face.

'Fuck it! You're not bad at this, you little slut!' the teacher said admiringly, and then she gasped as Susan's tongue drove in deeper and rasped across her clitoris, sucking and rubbing it. Miss Barker's breathing became hoarse and ragged, until suddenly she clamped Susan's head tightly to her cunt, and her whole body shook and shivered in a lengthy orgasm.

The satiated teacher looked at the smeared wet face of the schoolgirl, and drew it to her for a long, slow, tongue-twining kiss. Then she undressed Susan, stripped off her own clothes, and took the girl through the doorway to the adjoining bedroom.

There she lay Susan down, and next thrilling hour was spent in sensuous love-making. It was early evening before Susan was released not that she wanted it to end, but Miss Barker had a date with another of the teachers who lived in a small cottage about a mile from the school, with whom she would be spending the night and most of Sunday, and she needed to take a bath and get dressed.

Susan tottered from the teacher's suite, physically tired and with her leg and tongue muscles aching, as well as a recurring feeling of being bruised inside the pussy, but utterly exalted and delighted at the new lesbian experiences which the day had so unexpectedly brought.

Meanwhile, about ten minutes after Miss Barker had led Susan away from the Headmistress's study, there was a knock on its door.

When told to enter, it was pretty sixteen year-old Belinda whose face appeared around the door but it was not a contrite, daunted or fearful Belinda. She was wearing a huge smile, and trotted jauntily into the study, with a lithe youthful bounce and a flip of her hair.

The Headmistress rose at once from behind her desk, greeting Belinda with a smile and a loving kiss, taking the girl into her embrace. 'Well done, Belinda,' said the Headmistress warmly, 'you set that up just perfectly with Susan, and she is going to be a fine addition to our stable.

Miss Barker is very pleased, she's been wanting to have her for a while, and now Susan will be eating out of the palm of her hand well, eating her, anyway!' Belinda preened under the praise, and her face was flushed with excitement for now she would get her reward, her favourite thing in all the world: feasting on the Headmistress's pussy until the older woman came for her. Belinda had first been seduced three years before by the unmarried aunt of one of her friends, and whilst she was happy to fool around with other girls at the school, they just didn't have the charisma, confidence and capable experience of a mature woman.

Big busted women over 30 were Belinda's true passion, and there was no one better in looks or authority at the school than its Headmistress. Miss Sterling locked her study door, and stood in front of her desk chair.

Belinda knelt at her feet, undoing the fastenings and then taking down the woman's elegant skirt an hors d'oeuvre to the main meal that she loved. The Headmistress had not troubled to put her knickers back on after the shafting of Susan, and so this revealed her naked pussy, deliciously framed by the black stockings and suspenders.

The Headmistress now sat down in her desk chair, which was swivelled to one side, and spread her legs apart. She took hold of Belinda's pigtails and steered the schoolgirl's face into her sweaty, dripping, musky pussy. The young lesbian lapped avidly at the cunt of the woman who was nearly three times her age, and gloried in her power to bring her to a shuddering, drenching climax. She used her right hand to spread open the top of Miss Sterling's slit, slipping her fingers in to stretch and rub the vagina, whilst her tongue slurped in and out further down, before fastening on the woman's clitoris.

All this aroused Belinda intensely, and with her left hand she reached up under her school uniform skirt and impatiently tugged her own panties down to her knees. Then she thrust two fingers up inside herself, frigging her cunt as she licked and sucked on the Headmistress's gaping and capacious hole, lapping up and swallowing her juices. Miss Sterling's long experience of lesbian intercourse enabled her to stave off her climax for some time, lettting it build and build to a greater intensity so that when it finally arrived it was like a tidal wave.

Afterwards, the Headmistress took off all of Belinda's school uniform and sat the petite naked girl on her lap. Belinda's legs were spread apart, and the Headmistress stuck her long index finger deep into the teenager's sopping vagina; it entered her without resistance, as she had long ago lost her virginity.

Rapidly, almost cruelly, the mature woman speared in and out of the girl's cunt, fingering her to a vigorous orgasm. From a mixture of lust, excitement and submission, Belinda was sobbing and gasping as she came, her small frame wracked by a triple orgasm.

Miss Sterling kissed her softly, and then told Belinda that her next task would be to seduce the attractive new assistant teacher of French language, Mademoiselle Claudette Theriot, a stylish young woman from Paris, and the two conspirators began to discuss their plan . More chapters to follow .

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