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Emo free gay porn full videos Keith leaves no spot on Jadizon
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This is a work of fan fiction. All characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. The story line belongs to me. This is the first of several interludes that I am writing for One Big Horny Weasley Family. This one takes place in the middle of chapter 5. Coming to an Understanding Harry stepped out on to the wide balcony and looked out over the hustle and bustle of London. He let the light and sound wash over him as his thoughts turned inward.

Despite almost eight years of marriage to Ginny, he was still learning to master those skills of 'communication' and 'empathy' that seemed to make for happy marriages. Not that he and Ginny weren't happily married, they were, but there were times when everything just seemed to go to hell in a hand-basket.

Unfortunately, he was usually the one carrying the basket. He looked over his shoulder into the house. Ginny and Angelina were still inside, deep in hushed conversation. He breathed a silent 'thank you' to and for Angelina, if it wasn't for her insight they might never have come to understand the real problems between them.

They had tried to talk it out themselves, but in a week they hadn't gotten anywhere. The two of them both had "intimacy issues" that kept them from revealing their deepest desires and fears.

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He had assumed that marrying Ginny would overcome her insecurities, but apparently not. He turned so he could watch Ginny. The way she gesticulated when she talked; the way her fingers constantly toyed with a stray curl of hair that drove him to distraction; the way she filled out a tight pair of jeans and threatened to spill out of her v-neck top. There was no way he would ever leave her, and it wasn't just the physical attraction she held.

Where ever she was, it was like home, like home should be. She was loud, boisterous siblings and quiet, intimate moments. She was contented domesticity and raucous parties. She was the girl next door and a scarlet seductress.

She was the embodiment and realization of all his fantasies and hopes and dreams. He needed to find a way to explain that to her, but he thought it would be best if it was just the two of them for that conversation. He stuck his head through the doorway. "How long are you ladies going to be?" he asked, as a plan began to take shape. "Just a couple more minutes," Ginny said. Harry thought he detected a slight tone, but it didn't match the twinkle in her eye.

"Why?" "I thought I might go and pick up dinner for the two of us, and then meet you back at the house." Ginny glanced at Angelina as though looking for some kind of permission.

"Sure," she said with a broad smile. "Thirty minutes?" "Perfect," he replied. "See you then. Love you." He was about to Apparate away when he stopped and realized what he was doing. He walked inside and kissed his wife on the cheek, turned and said "thank you," to Angelina, then disappeared with a twist of his wrist. Twenty minutes later he appeared in his kitchen with his hands full of grocery bags.

Ginny wasn't home yet, so he had a few minutes to prepare for her. When she Apparated in a few minutes later, he was sprawled on the living room floor next to a blanket covered with bowls of dipping sauces and platters of things to dip that ranged from shrimp to strawberries.

"You've been busy," she said with a smile. He noticed she was trying to hide a brown paper sack behind her back.

"Were you planning to eat all that yourself?" "I was hoping I might have some company," he said in an off-hand manner as he smiled back at her. Despite the weight of the conversation they'd had that afternoon, they were starting to flirt and play with each other again. He was trying to keep the mood light, with that same playful tone. He picked up a small strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate. "The strawberries are particularly good," he said as he popped it in his mouth.

"Hold that thought. I'm going to slip into something a little more comfortable." That made Harry smile. When she 'slipped into something more comfortable' it almost always involved large amounts of lace and exposed skin.

This time it was silk baby doll pajamas in light blue. He smiled broadly at her as she stopped in the doorway to model it for him. "Very nice," he said as he patted the floor next to him and made a show of scooting over to make room for her.

"You and Angie have a good conversation after I left?" he asked after she was settled down, and he poured her a glass of champagne. "We had an interesting conversation," she replied and gave him a coy smile.

"You might find out about some of it later," she sipped her champagne, "if you're a good boy." Harry smiled but said nothing as he dipped a roasted shrimp in cocktail sauce and offered it to her.

They spent several minutes feeding each other freshly shucked oysters on the half-shell, crisp vegetables dipped in cream-based sauces, and warm breadsticks dipped in cheese or marina sauce while R&B music played softly in the background. They took turns feeding each other, nibbling on fingers or lightly caressing each other with each bite.

"Can I ask you something?" he asked as Ginny played with a drop of chocolate that had spilled on his finger. "You just did," she quipped with a smile as she drew his finger to her mouth. "I'm trying to understand why you would think, or worry, that I might leave you one day." She leaned back just a bit and let go of his finger.

She toyed with a stray lock of hair that had slithered over her cheek. He was very aware that she wouldn't look at him, but he gave her the space and time she needed to think. They didn't really have conversations like this, and he knew that if the tables were turned he would need several minutes to think it through as well. "You… don't understand.

I don't know if you can understand. You are Harry Potter. To you, that may not seem like much because you've been with yourself all your life. You didn't grow up with your own legend.

I did." She held up a hand to ask him to wait. He had wanted to retort as he had always done before, but Angelina had told him he needed to stop and listen to all of what she had to say. Part of their problem was that they didn't really listen to one another; they heard what they expected to hear.

"Sure," she continued, "I've known you more than half our lives and we've been together a long time, so I know you warts and all. But somewhere, deep down, I still see you as Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. In that same place, I'm still just Ginny Weasley." Again, she held up her hand to shush him and keep him at bay.

"Most of the time I can put away that little girl who girl who poured herself into a diary that fed her fears. Sometimes though, especially when I'm alone, she calls out to me, and I can't help but hear her. When I do, all the old insecurities come back. Let's face it, I'm no Fleur Delacour. I'm freckly, I've got hips like a barn, I'm more than a hand's breadth taller than you are.

In a few years, there are going to be flocks of girls who are younger and prettier than I am. Maybe then you'll remember that you're Harry Potter and I'm just Ginny Weasley." Harry reached out as tears tracked down her cheeks, but she turned away.

"Not yet, Harry. There are things I have to say before I let you kiss me and tell me everything is alright." He hated hearing what she was saying. All he wanted was someone to love him, not worship him.

However, she had said it was deep down, in those moments when she was scared or alone. He could understand that, he was still learning to eat at a leisurely pace. He hadn't had to protect his food from Dudley in years, but he still ate like he did. There were still times, usually when he woke up in a hotel room by himself that he was afraid to open his eyes for fear he would see that he was still sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs.

He returned her wry, self-depreciating smile with one as genuine and caring as he could muster and let her go on. "On top of those little bits of insecurity, there's the whole trio thing. I mean, sure, the four of us are close; but sometimes I kind of feel like it's the three of you plus me. The three of you sometimes put up this wall around yourselves, and I'm not even sure any of you do it consciously, it just happens. When there are other people with you, the three of you are always aware of, and involved in, everything going on around you.

However, if it's just the three of you, sometimes it's like you're insulated from the world around you." She stopped and rubbed her eyes.

Harry said nothing, sensing she wasn't quite done yet. "I spent most of that night thinking about that. I worried that maybe I had let you go too far. I know how you feel about them, and I had sent you off to strengthen that bond.

I spent a lot of time fretting that you might not even come home. I was afraid that you would realize you had found the perfect sexual partners and that I wouldn't be able to cut it anymore. About two in the morning I scared myself so bad that I decided I had to fight for you, that was when I started getting ready for you to come home. Then after I had done all that work, you tell me that you liked kissing Ron.

How was I ever going to compete with that? I just lost it." She took hold of his hand and held it against her heart. "I'm sorry I yelled at you.

I'm sorry I threatened you. I'm sorry I threw my ring at you." She brought his hand up and kissed his fingers. "I don't ever want you to leave me, Harry. I love you so much I can't even express it. I don't know how I'd get by if I ever drove you away.

I… can you ever forgive-" Harry couldn't take any more. The week of tension and strained conversation, the isolation, and the uncertainty had drained him of any desire to fight with her. He pushed her over on her back and maneuvered himself next to her, so he was half on top of her. He bent and crushed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. In time it was no longer enough to kiss and hold each other, and they began to explore each other; not in the practiced ways that they usually did, that they knew would turn each other on, but like young lovers discovering each other for the first time.

When at last they broke apart from each other, sweaty and sated, the champagne was warm and the cheese fondue was cold. Ginny curled into Harry's side and began to trace long, languorous lines along his chest and stomach. He cradled her against himself for a moment, then turned to face her. "Ginny," he whispered as he slid his fingers into her hair and caressed her cheek with his thumb, "I'm so sorry." He kissed her again when started to reply.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I'm sorry if I ever isolated you.

I'm sorry I kept secrets from you." He kissed her again, gently. "I'm sorry I haven't told you every day how much I love you." He pulled her close and kissed her again as the night enveloped them when the last of the candles guttered and went out. They lay next to each in the quiet darkness for several moments, just enjoying the pleasant presence of one another. It was Ginny who finally broke the silence. "Can I ask you a question?" "You just did," he teased her.

"That's only funny when I do it," she said, before giving him a quick kiss. "Why?" She stopped and ran her fingers over his chest. He could feel her nervousness, and he was pretty sure what she was going to ask.

However, he was trying not to make assumptions; he was trying to be a good listener. "I've never balked at any of your sexual fantasies or secret desires, and you've always been very open to hearing mine. Why couldn't you share this one?" Harry took a deep breath and exhaled noisily. He'd been pondering this for a while now, knowing that eventually he would have to answer the question. Even now, he knew the answer would sound lame and Ginny would blow it full of holes; but the only other option was to keep it a secret or lie about it, and both were unacceptable at this point.

"I… I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to think that I'm some kind of nancy-boy or something.

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I mean, I'm not a ponce. It was just something I wanted to try, a new form of sexual gratification if you will." Ginny gave him a long look, and then shook her head with an ironic chuckle. "Seriously, Harry.

You were worried I was going to think you were a poof?" "Well, yeah. I mean, Ron and Hermione both asked me if I was playing for the other team. Hermione's the most non-judgmental person in the whole world, and even she started looking at me differently. I don't think I could have taken it if you started questioning my sexuality, because then you would start questioning my commitment to you. I mean, look what happened as it was.

Besides, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. In that case, I would have just kept my mouth shut." He was pretty sure that was the wrong thing to say as soon as he said it, and the look she gave him confirmed his suspicions.

"I'm going to gloss over the fact that you keep secrets from me. I think there are secrets you keep from yourself. I also think that's part of our problem, the secrets. I keep them just because I know you're keeping them. I understand why you keep secrets, and I understand that there are some secrets you have to keep; but secrets about things that relate to us as a couple are not healthy." She held up a hand when he started to interrupt her.

"That's another conversation for another day." She leaned in close and kissed him. "Right now we're talking about sex and fantasies.

Really naughty sex," she said with a wicked laugh in her voice. "You know what I think of guys having sex. How many bi- and gay porno's have I bought over the years? Besides, you didn't think I was a dyke when I told you about my fantasies of sleeping with other girls." "Okay, that's different." "How?" "Girls with lesbian fantasies are just fuckin' sexy.

Girls making out are just way hot. Face it, lipstick lesbians are sexy, even you have said so. Girl-girl-guy threesomes are every guy's fantasy. Every guy wants to watch his girl eat pussy, and he wants to fuck her while she's doing it. Even Ron, straight-laced-I-didn't-kiss-a-girl-till-I-was-sixteen-Ron wants his wife on her hands and knees so he can watch her go down on another girl." "Yeah, I was pretty shocked by that one," Ginny said with a laugh.

"But it's different for guys. Guys who have fantasies about sucking cock or taking it in the arse are thought to be queer," Harry continued before she could say anything more.

"It's like there's something wrong with them, something less manly." "Oh trust me, if you were licking my pussy and getting fucked in the ass, you would not be any less manly in my eyes." She was almost panting as she said it, and Harry could tell she was getting seriously turned on talking about this.

"Tell me," he whispered in a dark, seductive voice, "what would you do if you saw me sucking some guy's dick?" He could almost see the fires of passion burning in her eyes when she looked at him. "Would you watch? Would you finger your pussy?" He felt her fingers beside his own as he ran his fingers over her smooth, damp mound. "Would you get on your knees and help me, so that you could feel my lips on his dick?" "Oh, God, Harry," she moaned as she grabbed him and kissed him.

He groaned in response when she reached down and grabbed his already very hard cock. "You're getting turned on by this as much as I am, aren't you?" "I am," he agreed. "I have a surprise for you, then," she said with a wicked smile. "Let's go upstairs and I'll get it for you." He wondered what she had in store for him as he helped her up. Her surprises were usually very surprising, and frequently led to all kinds of adult naughtiness.

He was very intrigued, because she seemed very excited about this one.

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"So tell me," she asked over her shoulder as they climbed the stairs, "did you enjoy sucking Ron's dick?" "I did," he admitted, "both times." "Both times? I see you have more stories to tell me later. Did you do a good job of it?" "I did okay. I choked when he came in my mouth, and I accidentally bit him a couple of times." "Hmm, sounds like you need some lessons," she said in teasing voice.

She reached down and gave his bum a healthy squeeze. "Tell me, did anybody play with that cute little arse of yours?" "No, I don't think they're into anal. I didn't see Ron so much as kiss her arse, let alone anything else." "Oh, you poor boy," she said sympathetically, as she dropped down to her knees in the doorway to their bedroom.

"I do know how much you like to have your arse fingered when I'm sucking your dick." Harry spread his feet slightly as she sucked on her finger, then began to probe around his asshole as she kissed his pecker. Harry groaned and reached down to grab handfuls of Ginny's hair. "Oh, yeah," he moaned as her finger slid into his arse and began to wiggle around.

"You're such a naughty little girl. You suck my dick like you were born to do it." Harry tightened his grip and began to thrust into his wife's willing mouth. The harder he thrust and the dirtier he talked, the more eagerly she sucked and the more energetically she worked his arse. He could feel it, he was getting close. He started to slow down so that he could savor the sensation of her sucking his entire length. However, this time she stopped and stood up. "Now that I have your undivided attention, I need your help with something." She turned, sauntered over to the closet, and bent over to reach for something inside.

He was seriously considering walking over and giving her a good spanking for leaving him high and dry. Then she stood back up. In the sparse light he couldn't see what it was, but he could see what looked like straps hanging down and something long and phallic-looking.

"Would you be a dear and help me put this on?" She turned slightly so that more of the moonlight coming through the window illuminated what she was holding. He balked slightly as he realized his wife was holding a strap-on rig. "I thought I'd teach you how to give a really good blow-job." She held the dildo up to her mouth and sucked on it. She moved it down so that it was right in front of her pelvis, like it would fit when she was wearing it.

"Then I thought I might bend you over the bed and fuck that tight little arse of yours while I reach around and stroke your nice, hard cock." Harry let out an involuntary moan of excitement.

"I thought you might like that," she said with a smile. "Now, why don't you come over here and help me put this on?" Harry stepped forward and dropped to his knees in front of her, eager to assist. He caressed the leather straps and fondled the life-like rubber dildo.

He held it out at ankle height so she could step into it. Then he slid it lovingly up her legs, caressing and kissing them as he did so. When he finally had it adjusted so that it fit her perfectly, he reached out and took hold of the business end of it and gave it a playful stroke.

"Oo," Ginny moaned approvingly. "There's a little knob back there that rubs my clit when you do that. This is going to be very nice." "Shall we get started then?" Harry said as he looked up at his wife in all her kinky glory.

He was practically trembling with excitement and arousal as he took hold of the phallus. It was perhaps six inches in length and had what was probably an average thickness, certainly much smaller than his own. He leaned in and breathed deep, it certainly didn't have the smell of cock. He ran his hand down its length. It was smooth in the way that only plastic can be, but the veins gave it texture that he was sure would be exciting for whoever was on the receiving end of it.

The harness was structured so that her labia was exposed, and her lips were damp with anticipation as he ran his fingers over her. He slid two, then three fingers into her and slowly pumped them in and out of her.


"You're supposed to be sucking my cock, not fingering my cunt," she said between moans. "I know." He twisted his fingers to make sure they were good and wet, then slid them out of her.

He took hold of the dildo by its head with his now sloppy fingers and jacked her off. She thrust her hip in counterpoint to his hand for a few strokes before she put her hand on top of his head. "Suck it, baby." It was both a command and a request.

"You know you want to." He grasped her protruding cock by the base and ran his tongue up the underside of it. When he reached the tip he swirled his tongue over it before closing his lips over it. He found it to be very pleasant when he could taste her pussy as he sucked it. It wasn't as nice as sucking Ron's cock. It didn't have the warmth, and it didn't pulse with life, but he focused on the rough feel of the veins passing over his lips as he began to bob his head up and down.

He remembered how sexy it was when Ginny looked up at him with her mouth full of his cock, so he tipped his head back a bit and looked up at her.

She smiled down at him and ran her hand along the side of his face. "That's it baby," she cooed to him, "just like that." He felt her hand on the back of his head as she rocked her hips forward and forced it farther into his mouth. He gagged a little over half-way down and backed off a bit. "That's okay," she said as she held him in place, "we'll teach you how to swallow all of it." She kissed her fingers and held them to his cheek.

Her breathing began to pick up a bit as she placed her hands on both sides of his head and began to slowly fuck his mouth. "When I'm done with you, you'll be able swallow all of eight inches of Ron's cock.

I know that's what your really want, isn't it." Harry's eyes got wide as she continued to stroke in and out of his mouth. "That's right," she said with a wicked smile. "One day, I'm going to watch you suck my brother's dick. You're going to suck all of it." Her head rolled back and her tits jutted out as she drove her hips forward until he gagged again.

"Sorry," she whispered. "Stroke it while you suck me.

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I'm getting close." He stroked her with short hard strokes so that the nub on the back pounded against her clit. He just held his head still but he kept his eyes on her. The foreign object was starting to feel more comfortable in his mouth, and he wished she could tell him if he was doing a good job as he rubbed his tongue back and forth across the bottom vein of her cock. "You're going to suck it, and, and, and he's going cum in your mouth." Her breathing got ragged and her eyes closed for a minute as she continued to thrust in an out of his mouth.

"You're going to show me all of his cum before you," her head fell back and she cried out as her body shook with the power of her orgasm. The air reeked of her orgasm as Harry pushed her back on the bed. He spread her legs and pushed them back against her chest so that her arse lifted off the bed and he could get his face in her cunt.

He lapped at her like a dog, forcing his tongue into her opening until at last she pushed him away. "Fuck, that was hot," she finally said. She gave him a lecherous smile. "You look so sexy on your knees sucking my cock." "Seems to me I've said that to you a few times, too." He leaned in and kissed her.

"A few times," she replied with a smile. She pushed him away and rolled over to sit up. She stood up and looked him, then looked down at the ever-ready cock thrusting out from her crotch, then back at him. "Come on, this isn't going to fuck itself." Harry laughed as he rolled toward her.

"Where do you want me?" The reversal of roles was odd, and he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be doing. "Right here," she pointed at the edge of the bed, "on your hands and knees." She pulled a bottle of lube out of his nightstand.

He did as she bade, and tried not to think too much about what was about to happen. Sure, she'd fingered his arse while she sucked his cock a few times, but that thing was a lot bigger than her finger.


He sucked in a breath she smeared a cold dollop of lube on his sphincter. She was right, that shit was cold. She reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times. "I think you're ready." "Just be gentle," he said, "it's my first time." "I know," she said, and he could hear the grin on her face. "Just relax." She slid a finger into his rectum, then pulled it out and added a second.

He took several deep breaths as she sawed her fingers in and out of him in long slow strokes. His breathing eased as she pulled her fingers out of him. He tried to stay relaxed, and wished he'd had a little more wine with dinner. He felt the spongy tip press against his sphincter. "Wait," Ginny said, and the pressure disappeared. "You haven't prepped for this." She pushed on his hip and he rolled onto his side.

"What do you mean?" "I mean, there's certain things that should be done before you get fucked in the ass. You probably don't know them because you've never planned for it." She walked over to the dresser and grabbed both of their wands.

"Into the loo with you." When they were both in the bathroom she directed him to the bidet she had asked for when they remodeled the bathroom shortly after buying the house. "The charm," she began, "is pronounced proktiko katharismo." She said it slowly a couple of more times, sounding out each syllable until she was sure he had it correct.

He took the wand she handed him. "Think about water when you're doing it. Press the point to your arsehole, say the charm, and clean up after yourself when you're done. You'll get a weird, tickling sensation, then it will feel like you're peeing out of your arse. Since you've never done it before, you might want to do it twice just to make sure." Harry straddled the bidet. He'd never used it, and Ginny never let him watch her use it. His musing was interrupted by her voice coming through the closed door to the water closet.

"If you haven't… defecated… today, you should do that first." 'There is no romance left,' Harry thought to himself. "Umm, that's a weird thing to say," he called back to her. "I," she started to call back, then the door opened.

She poked her head in and he realized she was blushing. "Please don't make me spell it out for you. It's a gross conversation, but I think you're smart enough to figure it out." Then she disappeared and the door closed again. He wondered if Ginny had to go through this every time they had sex.

Sure, they didn't have anal every time, but it wasn't like they planned for it either. He wondered what else she went through just so he could get it 'stuck in.' He let his mind wander until it was time to try the charm. He said it a couple of times as he tried to figure out how to sit on the bidet.

He assumed the controls were supposed to be in front of him, and when he pushed on the pressure valve it confirmed his suspicions. He assumed the position and cast the spell. She was right, it tickled, kind of like having a little waterspout inside his arse. Then it was over and she was right again.

He rinsed out the bowl, and did it a second time. This time the water ran clear, so he assumed he was done. "That was… different," he said as he washed his hands.

"And that wasn't latin, was it." "Greek," she said as she leaned over and kissed him. "Ready to try again?" When he affirmed that he was, she smacked his arse and sent him on his way. He crawled onto the bed and got up on his hands and knees again.

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"This just won't do," she said as she reached down and shook his nearly limp cock. He moaned as she got down behind him an sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time. She pointed his cock backwards toward her and sucked the head into her mouth. As he started inflate again, she let go of his cock and went to licking and sucking on his balls. Then she rimmed him and his head nearly came off.

"Wow," he said as she did again. "I don't know why I've never done that to you before," she said as she pulled his cheeks apart and then began to worship his arse. Her tongue poked into him and twirled around, and his cock jumped up and slapped against his stomach. "Looks like you're ready." The lube didn't seem to be any warmer this time than it was earlier. It didn't make him tense up though. The pressure from the spongy tip of her cock did.

"Relax," she said as she slid the cock along the crack of his arse a couple of times. Harry's eyes got wide as he felt the pressure again, then she pushed a bit and he felt the mushroom head slide through his sphincter.

"Fuck me!" He took several deep breaths as she just left it there and let him adjust to it. "And to think," she said as she patted his arse. "You're twice this thick." She slid into him, he wasn't sure how far, but if felt like he was trying to take a shit in reverse.

"You okay?" "Uh-huh," was all he could manage as he took several panting breaths. "Okay, I think I'm ready," he said after a minute or so of her gently rocking inside him. He felt her hands on his hips, and suddenly she pulled back on him. He felt like he was being split in two when he felt the leather of the harness push against him.

Ginny moaned as she bottomed out against him. "No wonder you like to do that," she said as she rubbed her hands over his back and pelvis. "Gods, that was sexy to watch." She gave him a couple of gentle, experimental pumps. "I wish I could feel what you feel, I'll bet that's sexy as fuck." Harry could only grunt in response. When she began to pull out of him, he let out a long breath. He couldn't describe the feeling, but it was both relaxing and enervating as he began to prepare for when she pushed it back in.

"Ungh," was his response when she pushed back into him and she lightly slapped him on the arse. "I wish you'd told me about this years ago," she said as she bottomed out in him again and made a little grunt of pleasure.

"This if fucking making me hot." She took another long slow stroke in and out of him. "I don't know how much longer I can keep going slow." She put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him hard against her and ground her pelvis against him. "I really want to feel this pounding against my clit." She bounced him hard against her a couple of times. "Fuck, yeah, that's going to be really nice." Harry saw stars when she did that, and could already feel his balls getting tight. "Just a couple more long strokes," he said.

He loved that delicious feeling of her pulling back and the anticipation of her pushing deep back into him. At the bottom of each stroke she ground against him and made mews of pleasures. "Fuck, Harry, I'm so close," she said.

Her voice was ragged. "Fuck me, baby, fuck my tight little arse," he cried as she started to pound him with short strokes. "Oh god, oh god, oh god damn!" He couldn't see for the pulses of light going off in his mind with each sharp stroke as he bounced off her harness and pelvis.

"Oh fuck," he shouted, "I'm gonna cum." "Yeah you are," she shouted as she dug her fingers into his hips and pounded his arse against herself. He heard the beginning shout of her orgasm and she ground against him. "I'm fucking cumming!" she shouted and Harry couldn't hold it anymore. Streams of sticky white jizz erupted from cock, it splattered across his chest and the comforter beneath him as he shouted in exultation.

His upper body collapsed down on the bed and he took several deep breaths. "Oh, look," Ginny said after she caught her own breath. "My cock is still hard." She took a long stroke back and forward. "Oh, god, no," Harry begged. He didn't even have the energy to push himself up. "Are you sure?" she ground against him again. "Yeah, I'm sure," he made himself say. "Alright," she sighed, "if you're sure." When she pulled out of him, it was as though she had taken his entire spine.

He simply collapsed on the bed. Ginny leaned down and kissed his cheek. "I'll be back in a minute." He heard water running from the bathroom, and it reminded him he was thirsty. He forced himself to sit up, but couldn't make himself stand. He grabbed Ginny's wand from the night stand since he'd left his on the vanity sink. With a tap and a word, the cup on his bedside table filled with water. He took a long slow drink.

Then he tapped the comforter with the wand to clean up his mess. "How's your arse," Ginny asked as she walked to the closet, her strap-on rig in her hand. "Sore." "Yeah," she called from the closet. "I remember that part." She came back out and walked to her side of the bed.

"Probably not up for another round then?" she asked as she crawled under the covers. "I don't think so," he replied after he finished his water. He crawled into bed and pulled her to him. "That's fine," she said as she curled herself into him. "Next time I'll teach you about snowballing." He turned off the light and lay in the darkness wondering if that was as much fun as this had been.