Gay sex in silky trousers and porn photos of guys giving blow jobs I

Gay sex in silky trousers and porn photos of guys giving blow jobs I
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I was a normal 14 yer old boy interested in sports and in girls. I was exremely horny and jerked off 5-6 times a week. When I got lucky with a girl, I felt a little titty and grinded my cock against the girls crotch until i came.

That didn't happen often enough and was contiually horny. To make matters worse, i attended an all boys prep school. On my way home for Christmas vacation, I rode the bus with another student Bob. We were in gym together but had little interaction. He was the only boy from our prep school that lived near me. Bob and I complained about the masive English project that we had for the vacation. He suggested that we work on the project together and he gave me his phone number.

I called him one morning and he told me to come over to his house at noon. He lived in a real nice area about 2 miles from my home. His parents had gone to Aruba for a few days and had left his bother to watch him. His brother was gone for the afternoon. so we had alot of quiet time. After about two hours of work, Bob took a break .We got a soda and went to his den. We shot the breeze about school, our classmates and girls.

Both of us were being brought up in a very strict environment. Sex was great but it produced guilt. I told Bob that I was always horny and that I enjoyed jerking off. Bob looked surprised that I was so honest but he began to loosen up. He asked me where and how i jerked off.

I told him that I most enjoy it in the shower or the bath because that's the only private place. He told me that he steals his brother's Playboy magazines and uses his mother's lotion to get off. Bob began to warm up to our discussion and I asked him about his best jerkoff experience. He told me that late last summer his brother was babysitting him for the evening and had invited his girlfriend over.

Bob went out and told his brother that he would be back by ten. He said he couldn't find anything to do so he went home a little after nine and went to tell his brother that he was home.

He went to the den and the door was closed over but not locked. He quietly moved the door just enough to see in the den. He looked in and the lights were off and the only light in the room came from the tv. He saw his bother in his jockeys on top of his girlfriend humping the shit out of her. She was only wearing panties and he was sucking on her tits. He quietly watched for a few minutes and heard his brother tell his girlfriend that he was cumming.

With a loud moan his brother shot his load. He waited until they were finished and then went back to the kitchen and made some noise. About a minute later he went into the den and told his brother that he was going to shower and then go to bed. Bob told me that he had his best orgasm that night as he jerked off in the shower just thinking about what he saw.

Bob told me it was my turn. I told him that I have this woman that lives on my apartment floor named Joanne that makes my dick dance every time that I see her. She is in her late twenties or early thirties and married to a huge ex baseball player. Just the site of her gives me a reason to jerk off and she had given me many intense orgasms that summer. I was about to go play stickball when I saw her come into the hall. It was a hot morning and I noticed that she had very short shorts on and that her sleeveless top was cut real low in the front.

She put the basket down for a second and re-arranged the top of her wash. I had a chance to look down her low cut blouse. My dick sprung to attention and she looked up and caught me looking. I told her I would carry her wash to the laundry in the basement. She agreed and I used the basket to cover the hardon that was showing in my shorts. I followed behind her and savored every moment of watching her shorts ride up into the crack of her ass.

I didn't have a key so she used her key to open the outside door. She told me to place the basket in front of one of the two washing machines in the room. She thanked me and I reluctlantly left. Just outside the laundry room there is a window that is sheltered from sight by some thick bushes. I crawled behind the bushes and carefully peeked in the window.

Every time she bent over to pick up wash I felt my dick stir. After loading the one washing machine she moved to the next.

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She began loading it with her panties bras and other sexy clothing. She had emptied the basket and then closed the inside door to the laundry behind her. She took her shirt off and unhooked her bra and dropped it in the wash. I was now staring at her tits, the tits of a woman that I have jerked off to many times.

She put her shirt back on and began to return to her apartment. I watched as she walked by me. I quickly attended to my dick and shot my cum all over the bushes. During our discussion, I felt my dick stirring in my jeans.

I was getting excited talking about jerking off with another guy. Because Bob was sitting across from me I casually glanced over and looked at his crotch. I noticed that his jeans were showing a bulge that wasn't there before. He caught me looking at his hardon. He smiled and pointed to my bulge in my jeans. Both of us were embarrassed by our reactions to our stories.

Bob said it looks like our dicks need some action. I told him not to worry about me and that he should go attend to business. He declined but I boldly stated that I would jerk off with him.

He looked startled at first and I could see that he was going to decline the offer. He thought for a second and then told me to follow him.

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We went up to his bed room. He shared a bedroom with his older brother so the room had two beds.


He sat on his bed and I sat on his brother's bed. We nervously stared at one another hoping the other would make the first move. Neither of us flinched. My hardon was now throbbing in anticipation of watching another guy jerk off and I could see that he was aroused by the idea.

Finally, I unbuckled my jeans and took them off. Bob did the same. Both of us stood across from one another half undressed and primed for action. I looked Bob up and down and I stared at his jockey shorts which now showed a great outline of his erect cock. As if to tease me he ran his hand over his hardon but still he kept his dick in his shorts. The moment of truth was at hand and while I was very aroused, my guilt began to take over.Running through my mind was what if people find out that I jerked off with another guy,what would they think of me?Bob made the first move and pulled off his jockey shorts down low enough to reveal his hardon but kept his shorts on.

Was he just teasing me or was he waiting to see if I would do the same? He smiled and then removed his jockeys and shirt. Now I was staring at his erect cock. Any thoughts of doubt disappeared and I quickly removed my jockeys and shirt. This was the first time that I ever saw another boy naked and aroused.

Both of us visually checked each other out. I had never noticed that Bob had a nice build. He was a swimmer with broader shoulders and ample pecs. Bob was of average height and his dick was of average size just like mine. We stood there for a few seconds as he gazed at me and I stroked my cock to see his reaction.

He gave me a little grin. I was a little taller than Bob and was lean and showed good muscle tone. We were entranced with seeing another male's body. My mind was racing and my balls were beginning to swell with the hope of cumming soon. Bob was showing signs of arousal as well.

He seemed to approve of my build and he looked at my dick with some fascination. Both of us were very aroused and the pre cum was now visible on the head of our dicks. Being 14, I did need much to encourage me shoot my load.

I was already at the point where I wanted to shoot my load so that I could get relief from my swollen dick and aching balls. Besides I liked the feel of cumming and at 14, I knew could work up another load almost right away. Bob began stoking his dick with his right hand and rubbing his balls with his left.

I could tell Bob was beginning to fall into the zone where the pleasure over takes the surroundings. I stood there stroking my dick as Bob did his. I was stroking fast as my arousal built. I watched Bob closely and I noticed that Bob's nuts hung down lower then mine and he getting pleasure from rubbing them. I don't know why I noticed that but I found this to be a turn on. Bob' s cock was well sculptured and head was red and blue at this point.

As our legs began to get rubbery and buckle from the pleasure, we both sat down on or respective beds and began to jerk in earnest. As I watched Bob ,I felt that I was watching myself jerk off but I had done that enough. Bob switched hands and his left hand began to move along the entire shaft.

His right hand began rubbing and pinching his nipples that were erect and looked like pencil erasers. Bob began to moan loudly. He placed his back on the bed and left his legs hanging over the side. I continued to sit up and was watching Bob jerk off. I became bold and I went to the other bed. I wanted to see up close Bob cum. Bob was laying towards the bottom of the bed and was jerking off with his right hand so I sat down on the end of the bed right next to his left hip.

He had his left arm above his head. This gave me access to his pecs which I quickly cupped in my hand. I used my thumb to to stimulate his nipple more. He moaned. I now pinched to his nipple and now it was large and hard. I leaned over started to lick his nipple. I swirled my tongue on it and Bob moaned more and more.

Bob sat up and moved himself to the center of the bed.

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I moved over as well. He took my right hand and placed on his hardon. Just the touch of my hand on his dick drove Bob crazy. I began to stroke his dick but found the angle difficult so I folded my right leg under me. I now had a better angle and better view. Bob's hardon fascinated me and the feel of another boy"s cock in m y hand was very different. and very exciting to say the least.

I was enjoying the sensation. I stroked his dick a couple of times and moved my left hand down his balls. I rubbed them gently and Bob was moaning loudly. I knew that he was about to come when more of his pre cum ran down his dick onto my fingers. While I was doing Bob, I felt him run his left hand down my back and ass. He then moved his left arm on his stomach. He reached up and began rubbing my nipple.

He raised his head and sucked my nipple harder and harder each time. I was groaning form the pleasure and my dick was about to spasm. He reached over and tried to play with my cock. Because it was such a bad angle he could only reach the head.

My breathing became very heavy and I was about to blow my load. Bob seemed even more turned on by this. Bob sat up and pushed my shoulders down on the bed. He took his right hand and rubbed my aching balls and then placed his hand over my twitching dick. Bob stood up in front of mespread my legs and began to jerk me off. This was it and with one last groan I shot many loads of hot cum into the air that landed on my pubic hair and stomach.

I was so excited that after my initial load, cum kept oozing from my dick. I looked up and saw Bob jerking his dick right over my crotch. The look on his face told me that watching me cum was a major turn on to him. He was breathing heavy and moaning and then he closed his eyes and shot his load on me. The first shots landed on my chest and stomach.

Bob just stood there for a few seconds. I couldn't move because my belly and chest had cum on it. Bob milked his shaft clean and then squeezed the last bit of cum from my dick.

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Nothing was said for a minute or so. I looked at him standing between my legs with his shaft still hard. He told me not to get up and he went and got some paper towels to clean myself. Not another word was said. Both of us still naked, Bob led me down the hall, gave a towel and told me to shower.

I saw Bob walk back to his bedroom. I was in his parents glass stall shower washing the cum off my body when the shower door opened.

Bob was naked and quickly joined me. He wasted no time and we got right down to business. We took turns using the soapy lather to grease one another's shafts.As we faced each other our cocks were rubbing together. Bob's hand was furiously rubbing my dick and I was rubbing his balls and his cock. After a few minutes, both of us were ready to drop our loads.

Bob turned me towards the glass door the shower and away from the running water. He began rubbing his soapy right hand up and down my shaft. I felt him spread my cheeks and stick the bar of soap between my cheeks. He rubbed the bar in there for a few seconds and then placed his hand in my ass to work up a lather. I then felt him place his rigid cock up against the crack of my ass. He opened my cheeks wider and placed his dick between my cheeks like a hot dog in a bun.


He moved his hips closer to my ass and I felt the head of his dick was pointing to the small of my back. As he was jerking me off, he rubbbed his hard cock against my ass. He was using my ass to masturbate.

After a few grinding motions of his dick in my ass, Bob started to moan. I tried to help by moving my ass up and down in a slow manner. He moans became closer and closer and I knew that he was about to cum .He took his right hand off my dick and used his left arm to pull me closer to him.

He was grinding hard in my ass and he took his right hand and began to rub my right pec and nipple. I moaned and began jerking myself off. My moaning became more and more pronounced. I was about to get off from my handjob and the feeling of his prick imbedded in my ass.

Bob continued to pull me tighter and he let out a loud moan, his dick began to convulse, his legs began to buckle and he shot his load in the crack of my ass and on my back. I felt the warm cum just inside my crack and it began oozing down my ass and leg. I was so turned on that after two strokes I let shot my load all over the glass door.

I turned around and faced Bob. he reached out and began milking my dick dry and I returned the favor. We finished our shower, dried off and headed back downstairs. By this time we were spent and afraid that his older brother might come home. We tried to study but we couldn't concentrate. I left his house around five. but we had agreed that we would meet that evening around 7:30.

We met half way between his house and mine. At first, talk was difficult. I enjoyed the afternoon but was burdened with guilt and shame that I had sex with another boy. Bob asked me to take an oath not to tell anyone about what happened. We both vowed to to say a word. we knew that any idea that this happened would bring ridicule and embarrassment.

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We remained friends during high school but did not hang out with one another. After graduation, Bob went away to college and I never saw him again. At a reunion,I inquired about him and was told that he lived out of state and like me was married and had children. Some forty years later I think of that afternoon. I have never had a desire to do what I did with Bob with another man. I had my chances but declined. I have been horny my whole life and always looked for opportunities to find relief.

As I got older i had more options. But being 14 in the early 60'syou had to be creative in finding ways in which to relieve your horniness That afternoon, I got lucky and found a way and what fun it was!!