Diaper Sluts teen lesbians piss for each other

Diaper Sluts teen lesbians piss for each other
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Chapter 1 Brett watched his wife Jessica. She was watching tv and eating a popsicle. All he could think about was the popsicle being another man's dick. Jessica noticed him staring. "What?" She asked. "I'm just thinking about what we talked about last nite" She looked confused, then looked at the popsicle. "Ugh. Stop.

You talked about it. I didn't." Brett didn't know why he wanted to watch his wife suck another man. He used to feel ashamed that the thought excited him, but now he didn't hold back. He wanted nothing more than to see a hard dick between his wife's lips. "Come on. You've sucked other guys before me." He pleaded. "Yeah, before you.

I don't want to do that to anyone else now. I just want you. Why do you want me to do that anyway?" She replied, slightly frustrated. "I don't know why but I want to see it.

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It makes me so excited and you can have me while you are sucking. I can get behind you and think about the great sex we will have afterwards. It's what I really want." "I like the idea of you behind me.

you really want me to do this? I don't understand you. And you want nothing in return?

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God, this is so weird." She said as she shook her head. "I want nothing in return." He knew he was close to convincing her. He pressed harder. "This is what I want. This will make us closer. This will make our sex better." "Fine, if you really want it. But if I don't like it or it feels weird. I'm done. I can pull the plug at anytime. No sex with anyone else. Sex is just for us." She said sternly.

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"Agreed, your pussy is mine and if you want to stop just say the word." Brett was already hard just from her agreeing.

He jumped up. "I will go find a good candidate." "I don't get to pick out who I have to blow?" "If you want." "No, I don't' care. I don't want to do this anyway. I'm doing it just for you." Brett left the room and went to the computer. Chapter 2 Days passed with nothing, Jessica assumed Brett decided to drop the whole thing.

He had not mentioned her being with another man or made any suggestive comments in a while Until one day she received a text. "Tonight is the night" "What??" She asked.

"Tonight is the night" Brett sent again. "I picked someone and they will be over tonight. Dress sexy. I love you. So excited!" She froze. She was terrified. Tonight she was going to cheat on her husband. She didn't know if she could go through with it. How could she blow another man? She went to her room. "Dress sexy" she repeated to herself. She loved Brett. If he really wanted this then she would do it for him.

"Okay" she texted back. She went to her closet and picked out a black dress with a zipper up the front but with a revealing neck line. It had pockets on each breast and only came to mid thigh.

Next she picked out 5 inch red heels, her husband's favorite. She looked in the mirror. She didn't need a bra, her round breasts held themselves up just fine.

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Brett had mentioned he would get behind her so she would leave off panties too. He would like that. She decided on bright red lip stick and grey eye shadow. Her blond hair she would fix retro, 50s style.

Elegantly sexy. She took a deep breath. "You can do this." She told herself out loud. She texted her husband. "Can't wait." Jessica watched for Brett to pull up. She had decided to meet him at the door. As she heard his footsteps outside the door she put on her best 'Fuck Me' face and opened the door.

Brett stood there with a much younger man. He was fit and attractive. Jessica started to panic but maintained her composure. "Wow, you look amazing!" Enthused Brett. He leaned in for a kiss. Jessica turned her head, not wanting to smear her lipstick. "This is." Brett started. "I don't want to know his name.

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I'd rather not know." Jessica said shortly. Brett stopped, caught off guard. Jessica smiled and moved away from the door as a sign for Brett and her guest to come on in. "If you wish." Said Brett, looking at his guest. The young man had his eyes glued to Jessica's firm ass as she walked away. He was eager and Brett could tell. Chapter 3 As they entered the living room, wine glasses were set out. Jessica had already had a couple glasses to calm her nerves.

As she handed Brett his she whispered, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Her eyes almost pleading. Brett's eyes met hers, she could see the excitement "Yes I do." Jessica drained her glass and then told Brett, "I don't know how to do this.

Do I just go over and start?" "However you want to honey." "I want to start with you." She replied. She knelt down infront of Brett and started to undo his pants. "It's more comfortable if she starts with me. You're next." Brett explained. Jessica almost died from embarrassment.


She pulled out Brett's already hard dick. Precum was oozing from the head. She wrapped her red lips around the head and started twirling her tongue around the head of his dick. She tried not to think about the stranger watching. She began to slide up and down his shaft, taking him deeper each time. She started to really get into the blow job, enjoying pleasuring her husband.

She took him all the way down her throat. At that moment she felt a hand under her dress and touch her thigh. "Hmmm," she noised as she looked up at Brett. "Its okay." He mouthed. After a moments hesitation she continued to suck Brett.

He was getting close she knew. A finger entered her. A thumb rubbed on her clit. This stranger was an expert. She was already wiggling and pressing back against his fingers. after a few seconds longer Brett pulled from Jessica's mouth. "Your turn buddy." He said happily. The stranger removed his hand from underneath her dress and he took Brett's place.


Jessica was shocked. He was massive. 11 inches long and two times thicker than her dildo. 'Oh my god' her face said. "I found him online," Brett said, "What you think?" Jessica didn't know what to say so she reached out and touched it. It was throbbing and warm. She tried to slide down his shaft but could only take about half of it before she started to gag.

"I'm sorry." She said coughing. "Its okay," said Brett, "I wanted to see you with a massive one." He confessed. Jessica started back on it.

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Slowly at first, trying to take more and more each time. This massive dick made her jaw sore but she kept on.

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She pumped the base of his shaft with one hand and sucked on the other half. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her husband jacking off. He reached down and unzipped the front of her dress just low enough so he could grab her breasts and pull them out the top of her dress. The dress kept them pushed together and up. Her husband started play with one and the stranger reached down for the other.

Again, the stranger was expert. Her husband reached down and flipped her dress up exposing her ass. "No panties?" Brett asked eagerly. He then moved quickly around behind her. The stranger continued to play with her breasts. She wanted to be entered. She continued working on the stranger, a mixture of his precum and her saliva rolling down her chin.

Her husband entered her. He had on a condom. 'She wasn't on birth control but how in the hell could he put on a condom now?' She thought. She needed him. She needed to feel him. As he pressed into her, it pushed her forward. She chocked but kept her composure, not having to come off the stranger's dick.

The stranger groaned and thrust his hips upward. This encouraged her as she tried to take more. Brett started pounding away. Each time it pushed Jessica an inch further than she could go. She would gag a little. The stranger would grunt and thrust his hips. Then her husband came out of her.

She stopped immediately. "What are you doing?" She asked. "I finished," He said. "It was just too much. Keep going though, I'll watch." Jessica was disappointed, she reached out and grabbed the massive dick then looked up at the stranger.

"Eat me." She commanded. She looked over at Brett. He had an approving smile on his face. The stranger set her in a chair, leaned her back, lifted her legs and expertly began to eat her. She grabbed her breasts still hanging out of the dress and began to pinch her nipples. "Yes, yes, oh God yes! Don't stop!" She yelled. Brett came to the side of the chair and put his dick against Jessica's lips.

She greedily took him. He was already hard again but he was easier to take. She had him deep throated and held it while she moaned from the strangers skill. In no time her husband had finished again. She swallowed everything he had.

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Brett went back to sit down and watch. After three orgasms Jessica stood the stranger up. His dick was still hard and throbbing. Still massive. She took it in her mouth again. Sucking more furiously and more eager.

She wanted to please this stranger as he had pleased her. Then she decided something, she looked up at the stranger and said, "Fuck me, please fuck me. I need you in me." Without and hesitation the stranger laid Jessica back and pressed his dick against her pussy. She lifted her hips as he pressed down. It just wouldn't go in. Brett, recovering from his shock, managed to say, "But we agreed no sex." Jessica and the stranger ignored him as the stranger pushed harder.

Jessica's pussy felt like it was going to be ripped. It hurt but she needed it. She needed this stranger in her. "Jessica." Brett said again. No response. He sat back down. The stranger started to slide in. Slowly each push just going a bit deeper.

The pain started to subside and become replaced with ecstasy. She felt so full. The fullest she had ever been and he was still pushing. She grabbed the stranger's shoulders and dug in her nails as he finally reached bottom.

She held it there for a second for her to get used to his size. Then suddenly he lifted up and sunk himself down again. She screamed. The stranger started to go faster and faster. Jessica had never felt this good with any man ever before. A wave came over her and she needed this stranger's cum.

"Fuck me, fuck me and cum in me!" She yelled. Her husband jumped up. "Jessica, what if you get pregnant? Stop this!" They ignored him. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" She yelled. The stranger tensed up. She felt him empty into her, felt him empty into her stomach. She loved it. She was in such a blissful place now.

After the stranger left, Jessica still lay on the floor naked with the stranger's cum dripping out of her. "Thank-you." She whispered as Brett walked past her to their room.


Jessica just laid there and soon drifted off to sleep.