Kitzlig asiatische Mädchen bekommt kitzelte

Kitzlig asiatische Mädchen bekommt kitzelte
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It was now late in the day and the sun was beginning to set. Since the incident at the river, Naruto had been on the look out for his teammates. He had tried to retrace his steps but it became difficult due to being tossed in the air. He then thought of just aimlessly running around and hoping that he would find them. That idea was scratched because he knew that other teams would attack him for either a scroll, which he didn't have, or for the fun of it.

There was also a part of him that didn't want to see his teammates again. Especially Sakura. After this incident, she didn't seem all that appealing.

She seemed…whinny and pathetic. She was always going after Sakura and never giving him the time of day. Sasuke now seemed equally pathetic. If he was running away from girls because he was afraid something like this would happen, he was the baka! But still, they were his teammates. If he wanted to pass this exam, all three of them had to make it to the tower. --- "So did anyone find anything?" asked Neji to Tenten and Lee. "I am sorry," said Lee in a loud voice with tears in his eyes.

"I was unable to do so. FORGIVE ME GAI-SENSEI!" With that, Lee began to cry his eyes out.

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"Nor did I," said Tenten as she sat down on the ground. However, as soon as she did she yelled "Itie" and jumped right back up. Neji raised an eyebrow at this. "Are you all right?" he asked. "I'm fine," lied Tenten. Her ass was still sore from the sex she had with the two blonds. But what had really shocked was that she wanted more.

She wanted to feel Naruto's cock in her ass and then her pussy this time. It had felt so good that just thinking about it was starting to make her wet again.

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"Just don't let anything happen to you that might hinder us," said Neji. "I don't want to lose to the anyone, especially the rookies." "Hai, hai," said Tenten as she waved him off. Having sex with Naruto had another effect on her. She was no longer impressed with Neji. Sure, he was still one of the best genins in the exam.

But, to put it simply, he was a jerk with ice flowing through his veins. --- Temari was in the bathroom in the tower. She was naked and rubbing her clit. The space between her legs had been on fire. It started shortly after she and her teammates made it to the Tower and it just got worse as time went by. 'I need it bad,' she thought as her other hand began to rub her breast. 'I need more! That kid's dick is addictive. If only I didn't share him with that bun haired girl.

Next time I see him I'm going to ride him all day and night.' She then lifted one of her nipples to her mouth and gave it a lick as she felt another orgasm approach while imagining it was Naruto who was licking her. --- Hinata was sitting on a log while she watched the sun set. Her team had been the second team to complete the exam and they were the only Leaf team. Her sensei wouldn't arrive until the third day and there was really nothing to do.

At least, not out in the open. Going outside wasn't against any of the rules but it wasn't recommended.

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If she got hurt she might get disqualified from the exam. So with that in mind, Hinata was sitting in a place where she wasn't too far from the Tower. With the last bit of light out, she went for her backpack and took out her notebook that she brought along. She opened it and began to search for the last page she had been on. Once she found it she took out a pen and began to write as a blush appeared on her face. "Hey Hinata," said the voice of Naruto from right behind her.

Hinata went 'EEP!" as she tossed her hands in the air along with what was in them. She then jumped up and away from him with a massive blush on her face.

"Naruto-kun," she said as she pressed her fingers together. "Wh-what are y-you doing here? Where is y-your team?" "I'm looking for them," said Naruto as he went to pick up the notebook. "I got blown away by something and have been looking for them." Naruto then looked at the notebook in his hands and before Hinata could say anything began to read it.

Soon, Naruto's nose began to drip a bit of blood. He then turned to Hinata. "Hinata, you write stuff like this?" Hinata looked like she was about to cry.

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She felt like she wanted to die. She turned around ready to run to the Tower and clock herself in the room that they gave her.

However, Naruto's hand grabbed her arm. "Let go!" she cried out. "Why are you running?" demanded Naruto. Hinata sunk to her knees as she began to cry.

Naruto let go of her and took a step back. "You w-weren't supposed t-to see that," she said as the tears came down her face. "T-Those are…Those a-are…" "Hinata, do you like me or something?" asked Naruto. Hinata sobbed as she nodded. She knew that there was no way Naruto would ever like her now. He would think that she was a slut, a whore.

He would look at her with the same look that her father gave her. "Why didn't you ever say anything?" "I-I was afraid th-that you might not feel the same w-way," said Hinata. Naruto moved so he was now in front of her and knelt down. He then wrapped her arms around her to embrace her in a hug. Hinata's eyes shot wide open and her tears stopped. Time seemed to stop as she could feel his heart rate. "I never knew," he said softly in her ear. "I thought that you always hid from me because you were afraid of me or wanted to avoid me.

But I guess I am a real baka for not seeing it." "That's not t-true," said Hinata as she now held him. "I d-don't think of y-you like that at a-all." Then, Naruto moved his face in front of hers and a second later their lips touched. Hinata could feel Naruto's tongue feeling her lips causing her to moan.

The moment her mouth opened his tongue went right inside and began to explore. Then he pulled pack and only a string of saliva connected the two of them.

"Naruto-kun, th-that was a-amazing." "Tell me Hinata-chan," he said as he reached for the zipper of her jacket. This caused Hinata to eep. It was mainly from being called chan and only a tiny bit from where Naruto's hand was.

"Do you really want to do those kinds of things with me?" "H-Hai," she replied. Naruto then slowly unzipped her jacket. He was surprised to find that Hinata had large breasts for someone her age. They have to be a cup size bigger than Temari's or Tenten's. Hinata finished taking the jacket off as Naruto grabbed the bottom of her black shirt and pulled it up. While it was over her head and covering her eyes, Naruto's face latched onto hers again so that they could kiss again while he tossed her shirt to the side.

While they shared their second kiss, Hinata's hand moved for the zipper on Naruto's jacket. She quickly unzipped him. Naruto then broke the kiss and threw off his jacket. A moment later his shirt joined the jacket on the ground.

There was something different this time that wasn't there with Temari and Tenten. Maybe it was that Hinata had said that she liked him or that he had known her for so long. But whatever it was, kissing her like this was amazing. They broke their kiss once again to take off their pants.

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Now, Naruto was in his boxers while Hinata was dressed only in her lavender colored bra and panties. "Hinata-chan," said Naruto in a low voice as he gave her a lustful look. "What would you like to do?" Hinata said nothing as she slowly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Naruto's eyes widened and he felt him member harden when he was her mounds come out into the open. They were perfect. Not too big or too for her body.

He could see that her nipples were hard, waiting to be sucked. She then reached down and slowly slid off her panties.


Now, Naruto could see her small blue bush that made her look so cute. Hinata then walked close to him and then went onto her knees. With a single motion she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down and allowed his dick to come into view. Hinata stared at it for a moment and then looked at Naruto with pleading eyes.

Naruto, not know exactly what she wanted, only nodded. With his permission, she lightly took hold of his cock. Naruto could not help but gasp as her warm and gentle hands took hold of his member. Her touch sent shocks to his system that only seemed to increase when she began to stroke it. It was slow as to prolong the pleasure.

Then, out of instinct, the girl gave Naruto's penis a like on the tip. 'That tasted good,' she thought as she gave it another lick. 'I want more!' She then stopped stroking and began to lick the shaft up and down.

The taste was addicting to her. The more she licked the more she wanted it. It became so intense that she stopped licking and took it in her mouth. Naruto grabbed her head when she did this. Her mouth was so hot and her tongue was creasing his dick. Trying to get more of it in her mouth while trying to please her lover, Hinata started to bob her head. Naruto gritted his teeth to keep from cuming. Then… "Itie," he shouted as he pulled him self out of Hinata's mouth.

Naruto looked down to seem if there was any blood from where Hinata's teeth bite down slightly. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun," said Hinata as she stood up and turned her back towards him.

Naruto looked up and saw that she was walking to where her clothing was. "Tou-san w-was right, I am w-worthless.

I c-can't even d-do this right." Before she could bend over to pick anything up, Naruto held her tightly in a hug. His member was right between her legs and was touching her pussy. "I don't think of you like that at all," said Naruto as he whisper it into her ear.

He then began to trust slightly so his dick could rub against her pussy. "You're sweet," he said as he nibbled on her ear lob. "You're beautiful," he said as he began to suck on her neck. "And I want you." With that, a hand snaked down and began to rub her pussy and caused the girl to climax right there.

Naruto then slowly laid her down on the ground. Slowly he began to kiss her body. Her started with her lips and then made his way to her neck. When he got to her nipples, he began to bite and suck on one while the other was being played with his hand.

Hinata was squirming all over the place as her body felt so hot. Soon, Naruto's mouth went to her other breast. He lightly bit on the nipple and pulled upwards for as long as he could and then he just let go. Hinata was sweating and panting now as his tongue traced its way downwards.

He circled around her bellybutton and then finally reached her secret spot. "Don't l-look there," cried Hinata as she tried to close her legs.

However, Naruto kept them open as he placed a finger inside of her. "Why not Hinata-chan?" he said. "It's so nice and pink." He then pulled out his finger and tasted her juices. "And you taste sooooo good." He placed two fingers in her this time and began to trust them in and out of her until they were drenched.

He then took them out and brought them to Hinata's mouth. "Here, taste for yourself." Slowly, Hinata opened her mouth to taste her own juices. She had to admit that they did taste good.

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Then, Naruto pulled his fingers out of her mouth. "See Hinata-chan, you do taste good. So good that I want more." With that, Naruto placed his head right at her lower entrance and began to lick. Hinata arced her back as the feeling of his tongue was driving her off the edge. Even more so when he began to fuck her with his tongue. "Naruto-kun, don't stop," she said. "I think I'm about to CUM!" Juices came from her pussy and entered Naruto's mouth as he swallowed most of it.

Once it was down, he crawled back up to Hinata's mouth and kissed her again. Hinata tasted her own juices inside his mouth and darted her tongue into his mouth this time. They both moaned in please as they continued this for several seconds. Then, Hinata pulled his head away from hers.

"Please, fuck me," she begged without stuttering. "I need you now!" Naruto nodded as he lowered his body. He moved her legs so he could have better access and then he slowly entered her. Hinata hissed in pleasure as Naruto's dick began to stretch her walls until he made it to her hymen.

He then kissed her as he plunged all the way in. Hinata's eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a silent scream. The pain was so intense that she thought she was about to die.

Naruto, for his part, held onto her tightly. He gently sucked on her neck and told her that she would be fine. Soon, Naruto's words came true. The pain was slowly fading and pleasure began to appear. When Naruto felt her trying to move her hips he took that as a sign that she was ready. With that he began to trust into her. It was slow at first, but as the pleasure rose it became harder from him to remain that way for her sake.

"Naruto-kun, please go faster," cried Hinata. "Faster, please go faster! Fuck me!" Naruto smiled as he picked up the pace to please the girl under him. He then turned his attention back to her breasts and began to play with them. In one hand he was pinching and pulling at it while the other breast was being attacked by his mouth. Soon, she felt another orgasm coming. "Naruto-kun, I'm about to cum!" "Same here," panted Naruto.

"Pour it in me!" cried Hinata as her legs moved to keep Naruto from removing himself from her. "I want us to cum together. I want us to feel each other as we cum." "Alright Hinata-chan!" Naruto yelled as they both reached their orgasm. Naruto's sperm shot inside her and mixed with her juices and blood.


Naruto rolled to the side while holding on to the pale eyed girl so that they were still facing each other. He stared at her for a while before realizing that she had passed out from the experience. He then reached out and held her tightly as he waited for her to wake up. About half and hour later, Hinata's eyes opened. At first she wondered where she was and why Naruto was holding her. Then it all came back to her.

"Naruto-kun," she said in purr. "I love you." "I love you to," he said back to her as he moved some loss hair away from her face. "Would you like to do something with me after the exam is over?" "You mean like a date?" asked Hinata. Naruto shook his head. "No, not like a date," he said. "A date. Just you and me." "I would love that," said Hinata as she buried her head in Naruto's chest.

He could now feel her tears as they touched and rolled down his chest. 'I wish we could just stay like this,' she thought. 'Stay here in this forest forever, away from everyone and never have to face my family again.' But all things had to end. They slowly got up and Naruto helped Hinata dress while stopping every once and a while to kiss her and tell her how great she was.

She had a hard time walking, but that was to be expected. Eventually she left the area where she had lost her virginity to the man she loved and left with the knowledge that he wanted to see her again.

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Neither of them even noticed or cared that she had stopped stuttering. Naruto slowly put on his own clothing after she left. 'That was way better than Temari-chan and Tenten-chan,' he thought. Then he realized something.

He couldn't do it with them again because he was now with Hinata! But, it wasn't like they were going out afterwards anyways. The two girls just wanted sex.

With that in mind, Naruto left the area and began to look for a place to spend the night.