Ravishing looker is unveiling her opened yummy cunt in close range

Ravishing looker is unveiling her opened yummy cunt in close range
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"Are you fucking Jessie, are you fucking my girlfriend?" Jill shouted, "Are you Lily, are you fucking your own mother's girlfriend! Tell me the truth…now!" Jill stood over her daughter, her hands on her full hips over a stylish raincoat.

Jill looked down on her daughter, who nervously flipped through a fashion magazine, her back propped up with pillows on her bed. Lilly was dressed in a cute pair of short-shorts and thin tank top that revealed her small breasts and the outline of her perfect nipples. Lily anxiously chewed at her bottom lip and couldn't look her mother in the face. "I…I…of course not," Lily protested, "What makes you think I would do a thing like that?" "This," Jill said as she produced a silky thong from behind her back and threw it in her daughter's face.

It was most certainly one of Lily's thongs and she could smell herself on it. "Listen mom, I can explain," Lilly said with a hint of desperation in her voice. "Don't even bother trying to lie to me," Jill said spat at her daughter, "I know all about it." Lily's body began to shake.

"It was only once mom, I promise. You were away and Jessie and I were drinking and hanging out. We got so drunk, we didn't even know it was happening until it was …too late.

I am so sorry," Lily's voice cracked and she began to cry. "Stop crying Lily. It's just that you are my daughter and I thought I could trust you," then Jill smiled wickedly down on her beautiful seventeen year old daughter, "But don't think I'm going to let you get away with this, you are going to have to make it up to your mother." "Of course mommy," Lily stammered, "I'll do anything." "I was hoping you would say that," said Jill as she unbuckled her long raincoat.

Under the coat Jill wore nothing but a sheer black bra, stockings and heels and a rather large black strap on cock. "Mom, what the fuck are you doing dressed like that?" Lily asked, her eyes were filled with both fear and curiosity. Lily's eyes darted from her mother's grinning face to the big dildo now just inches from her open mouth. "Well the way I see it," hissed Jill, pushing strands of blonde hair from her daughter's pretty face, "is that if my girlfriend got to fuck you, then I should get to fuck you too.

Sound's fair doesn't it?" "Holy shit mom, I mean I am sorry, I made a big mistake, but this…this is just wrong…you are my mother for fuck sake!" said Lily as she trembled with the sheer excitement of the moment. "Well right now dear, I see you as the bitch that fucked my girlfriend, and broke my trust, and now you are going to pay," said Jill as she stared at her daughter's hot body and noticed that her nipples grew harder.

Jill began to stroke the strap on cock in front of her blushing daughter. Lily's mind began to race. Everything told her that this was wrong that it was crazy, that she should run from the room and escape from her sex crazed mother. Yet despite everything Lily was turned on, and could feel her pussy and clit respond to the image in front of her. Here was her hot, sexy mother, the object of many of her late night fantasies, the unspeakable fantasies of being seduced and fucked by her loving mother.

Now she stood before her with those huge soft breasts, and long stiff nipples, as she spit on her hand and pumped the liquid around the bulbous head of the strap-on cock. "Oh fuck mom, you look so hot!

I have been such a bad girl. Yes, its only fair that you should fuck me, like the slut I am," said Lily as she opened her legs wide, revealing a damp spot along the camel-toe in her tight pink short shorts. Lily grabbed the cock and pulled her mother onto the bed, and the two kissed passionately. Jill aggressively pushed her tongue deep into Lily`s mouth and moaned as her daughter sucked on it like a slick cock. Lily pulled her mother`s hair out of its bun so it fell along her beautiful face.

Lily broke the kiss and pulled the tank top over her head, revealing her firm soft breasts to her mother`s admiring stare. ``Oh Lily, the truth is, I have fantasized about fucking you for a long time now, and when Jessie told me how hot you were in bed, I knew I had to have you,`` Jill said in a breathy voice as her hands began to roam over her daughter's sexy body.

Jill took one of Lily`s stiff nipples into her warm wet mouth and both mother and daughter moaned with pleasure.


Jill flicked her tongue back and forth over the stiff nub before sinking her teeth into the nipple so her daughter yelped and arched her back off the bed. As Jill lavished love and attention on her daughter`s amazing breasts, she pulled at the top of Lilly`s shorts. Lily`s lifted her ass and allowed her mother to remove the shorts and thong in one motion.

Jill leaned back and took in the vision of her daughter as Lily spread her legs in front of her mother. Lily was petite, but curvy with small firm breasts. Her skin was soft and tanned and her pussy was slick, pink and completely shaved. This was not a surprise to Jill as she would steal peeks at her daughter in the shower whenever she could.

Lily spread her cunt lips with her fingers so her mother could see her shiny wet pussy, ``This is the bad pussy that fucked Jessie mom. See how bad it is, it gets so wet looking at your big cock mommy. Please touch it mommy, touch my bad, bad, cunt,`` Lily hissed as she leered up at her mother. Jill`s finger gently slid up and down inside her daughter`s slick cunt lips, and Lily arched her back and moaned.

As Jill pulled her fingers away a thin sticky strand of her daughter`s juices clung to her fingers like an erotic spider`s web. Jill looked into her daughter`s half-lidded eyes as she slipped the creamy wet fingers into her own mouth and moaned, ``Oh Lily,`` she sighed, ``Your pussy tastes so sweet and wonderful, but before I eat your hot wet cunt I want your mouth on mommy`s breasts.`` Without hesitation Lily buried her face in her mother`s cleavage, as she kissed and sucked Jill`s fat stiff nipples through the stiff sheer fabric of the bra.

``Take it off mommy,`` Lily pleaded. When Jill swiftly removed the bra Lily took one of the puffy nipples into her mouth and sucked hungrily and one then the other.

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An overpowering combination of lust and love coursed through Jill`s body as she felt her daughters mouth and teeth play with her breasts and nipples. She let Lily suck and nibble on her excited nipples as she pushed the dildo back against her engorged clit. Jill knew that she would cum if Lily continued to make love to her breasts. She would not let that happen, not yet. ``You are such a hot little bitch aren`t you? Well mommy is going to make you my hot little bitch do you understand? `` said Jill as she pushed her daughter back onto the bed.

Jill bent forward and licked her daughter's breasts flicking her tongue over the pointed and hard nipples. Jill supported herself with one hand on the mattress as she slipped the other hand between her daughter's thighs, lightly tracing her fingers over the firm tanned skin. Lily's breath was uneven as she looked her mother in the eyes, ``Yes, mommy make me your hot little bitch, fuck me mommy, just the way Jessie fucked me! `` Jill let her hand cup her daughter's soft pussy mound and started to grind the hard heal of her hand on Lily's clit then she slipped her index finger deep into her daughter's cunt.

``Oh baby, you are so wet, `` Jill cried out as she sucked her daughter's nipple and part of her firm breast into her hungry mouth. Lily moaned and humped her bum off the bed meeting every thrust of her mother's finger with one of her own. Jill held her thumb over Lily's hard clit and let pressed down hard as she finger fucked her daughter hard and fast. The pussy was so tight she wondered if she would be able to get the dildo inside her.

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When Jill lifted her head Lily pulled her mother's mouth to hers and they kissed passionately as Jill slipped a second finger into her daughter's tight pussy. Lilly pushed her small firm tits up into the softness of her mother's amazing breasts.

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Lily had dreamed of this moment for so long and now she moaned into her mother's mouth as she pushed her mother's finger deeper into her wet cunt. ``How do you want mommy to fuck you, you hot little bitch? `` Jill asked when their lips parted. They both breathed heavily and Lily's cheeks were flushed. Lily moaned as she felt the hard dildo cock slide over her flat tummy, ``Oh fuck mommy, Jessie did me on top, oh mommy she fucked me so good!

`` ``Then that's how I am going to fuck you little whore, `` Jill hissed down at her daughter. ``Then get it wet you nasty little cunt, `` Jill cried as she thrust the tip of the cock through her daughters soft lips.


Lily opened her mouth and eagerly took the cock into her mouth, accepting her mother's gentle thrusts as the cock head touched the back of her throat and threatened to gag her. ``Look at my nasty little cunt take that cock, `` Jill hissed as Lily coated the big cock with her spit.

Their eyes locked as the cock began to choke Lilly. Jill slid the cock from her daughter's willing mouth then sat back on Lily's thighs.


She reached out with both hands and squeezed her daughter's breasts then pinched her stiff nipples fiercely. Jill lifted one of Lily's flexible legs to her shoulder speeding her thighs wide open.

Jill looked down on her daughter's puffy, wet cunt and moaned. ``You nasty little bitch, mommy will teach you not to fuck around with my lover, `` Jill screamed.

``Oh fuck mommy, yes, teach me a lesson, tear into my cunt with that big cock of yours. Oh fuck mommy, my nasty cunt needs it so bad, `` Lily cried out. Jill grunted and thrust her hips forward, pushing the bulbous head into her daughter's tight pussy, ``Oh, fuck my little bitch is so fucking tight! `` Both Jill and Lily groaned with pleasure as Lily's hot, wet pussy opened to accept her mother's urgent thrusts. ``Oh fuck mommy, it's so fucking good! Don't stop fucking my bad fucking cunt mommy, never stop fucking me!

`` Lily screamed. Lily met her mother's thrusting cock with her own lust filled movements, lifting her tight ass off the bed. Jill marveled as the cock steadily disappeared into the grip of Lily's dropping cunt.

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Lily whimpered and moaned with each thrust and when the cock disappeared into her daughters cunt Jill leaned down and kissed Lily trusting her tongue into hr open mouth in rhythm to the fucking dildo. At that instant she loved her daughter more than she ever thought imaginable. Lily had surrendered her cunt to her, and of course her love as well. ``Oh fuck mommy loves her nasty little slut, `` she cried out, then bit Lily's soft bottom lip hard. Jill reared back and began to fuck her daughter hard.

With each stroke she slammed her pelvis against Lily's soft pussy mound as she buried the cock deep into her daughter's dripping cunt. Lilly groaned and encircled her legs around her mother's waist moaning loudly as her mother fucked her like the slut she knew she was. The shiny black straps of the harness rubbed fiercely on Jill's engorged clit as she screwed in and out.

The sensation was almost too much for Jill to bear but she held out wanting to cum with her daughter. Jill's thighs began to tremble with anticipation as she bucked her hips and slammed the big black cock deep into her daughter's pussy.

Lily was whimpering uncontrollably as her mother drilled her soaked cunt with the dildo.

She reached up and grabbed her mother's swinging breasts and twisted the long stiff nipples mercilessly with her finger nails. Jill screamed with pleasure and pain. Jill had her hands on her daughter's firm soft thighs as she pounded her pussy mercilessly with the big dildo.

She could feel Lily's cunt grab at the cock as she arched her back. With one hand she slapped her daughter's breasts hard and screamed, ``Cum on mommy's big cock you sick little cunt slut!

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Cream that tight cunt all over my big black cock! `` ``OHHHH FUCKKKK MOMMMMY!! I'MMM CUMMMMMINNG!!! `` Lily sputtered at the top of her laboured lungs. Jill pushed the cock hard through the resistance of her daughterès convulsing cunt, until her own pussy erupted with a climax more powerful that any she had every experienced before.

``OHHH BABBBY MOMMY IS CUMMING FOR YOU, YOU NASTY FUCKING BITCH!! `` Jill shouted drooling saliva down over her daughter's sweaty contorted face. Mother and daughter groaned as they came together, their pussies throbbed into climax after climax as their juices spread down their thighs and down onto Lily's bed.

``Oh mommy don't stop, make my filthy cunt cum again, make me your nasty little cunt bitch, oh mommy please, `` Lily pleaded breathlessly. Jill leaned over her plastic cock still buried in her daughter's creamy cum-filled cunt and slipped her thrusting tongue into Lily's wet mouth. ``You fucking little cunt, don't think I have forgiven you yet! `` Jill said angrily and sent a gob of her spit into her daughter's open mouth then thrust her tongue after it.

Lily humped her ass off the bed to meet her mother's thrusting cock and groaned, ``Oh mommy maybe I can make it up to you by fucking you as good as you fucked me, `` groaned with a wicked smile as she twisted her mother's long hard nipples between her fingers. ``Oh fuck baby, I think that is a very good idea, but not until I make you cum again!

`` said Jill firmly. The thought of her beautiful daughter fucking her with the big cock brought Jill to the verge of another climax. ``Oh fuck mommy, I love being your hot little bitch! `` yelled as she raked her fingernails over her mother's hard nipples.

Jill groaned and her cunt contracted and her creamy cunt juice spilled around the sides of the strap-on harness. ``I love it too baby, `` Jill said as she thrust her head back in sheer pleasure as she slammed the cock into her daughters tight cunt, ``I love it too!``

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