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Awesome babe gives pounder a lusty engulfing smalltits and hardcore
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"Vance." There was that name again. A woman calling and interrupting my focus. Why did she bother me? Couldn't she it was there in the field? I could. Two ears sticking up. It bounced around alert to the possibility of the hunter. The possibility of me?

I don't know. Blood pumped through its body and that meant flesh. My claws dug into the earth and I bristled powerful shoulder for the leap. Ol' floppy ear didn't make it. Too late did it register me. Jaws and close and too quickly did its scream of pain end and the blood stop.

Smacking my lips, I looked to her. My goddess. She who hung in the sky in brightness on a clear night. She enslaved them you know. All the star answered to her call. She may be the light in the night, but they answered the call of her shadow.

I howled to her, trying to call her. "Vance." Was that her? No. This voice was familiar and the goddess would never take an interest in such a lowly life as me.

So I looked to the other goddess, the one who lived in the forest and allowed the tips of her branched fingers to brush against my sides. That voice again called a few more times, but I ignored it. The perversion in the woods needed to be addressed. I sniffed the black of the path, taking in its scent.

The smell of gas hung in the air. Pausing, what was gas? Cars used it and rode on this path. With a gleeful bound, I was running along its path, choosing right and later I would go left. A deer was next. Damn thing screamed in a glorious way before a glorious ripping turned it into a display of theatrical blood, bones, and sounds.

Nothing had ever felt so good and when I looked up from my kill to find myself being watched. I growled my greeting or was it a warning. Yellow eyes came out of the woods and the other wolf sniffed the air. One step forward was all that is took and I was upon my foe.

My teeth once again sunk into flesh and my foe whimpered in pain. Before I knew it, it turned away and left me there alone. "Vance." "What?" I responded back to the voice, not too kindly I might add.

How dare she keep calling out to me. "Don't you get rude to me. Where are you?" "Who are you?" There was no reply anI moved on from the kill site. I had caught a strange scent. Following it like a moth drawn to a flame, or an addict to a needle, I moved silently through the forest now, stalking up to the thing.

It was hunched over a familiar scent, tearing into the flesh just like I was without abandon with the deer a few moments ago. The snarls coming from it as it feasted were alien and scary. This monster was not the same as me. Run. The word flashed through me and surged my muscles to obey. The scene was left behind, but whatever it was, it was a monster of extreme measure. So I ran until I was at the creek, but it wasn't far nor fast enough.

Black and red eyes tackled me in a flash of the attack. It hit me from the front, how could I have run into it. I fought back, of course, flesh ripped and it screamed. I screamed and bones broke with its blows. A roar sounded, broke us and it took off.

Two more wolves joined me. They smelled nice. Like pleasant honey wafting into my nostrils. One stopped to look at me. "Vance?" "Yeah," I responded, coming back from the beast and into myself. "Thank god," she said or rather telepathically linked. Memories faded into me. She was my neighbor, my love, my mate. Dan Bates stood in front of me in her full beauty. A woman of the moon and of the forest who had my heart.

Her silver eyes gleamed brightly and at that moment, that moment of moonlight dancing in her eyes, I was me again. Also meant that pain decided to visit my entire body at the same time. Tears were in my eyes and before I knew it, werewolf me, was now human again.

"I forgot how painful the first cycle can be," Dana said to me. I looked up to see her squatting and looking at me. In the corner of my eye was the redhead Aysel. "Man, he tore away from us like a bat outta hell. Who would thunk our new Alpha would find the call of the wild more appealing than the call of your wilds." "I don't know what happened," I said up to Dana. She helped me up and I blushed in my nakedness. "You really chose a manly one too.

Redder than cherry." "You weren't singing the same tune when my face was buried in yours." Aysel backed away from me and Dana with a stomp. "So that was overwhelming," I said to Dana with a smile. "Don't use that smile on me. You should be in trouble," she said. "I could give you some trouble," I said, " but I have to ask something first, who was the black wolf?" "Black wolf?" "You saw him?" Aysel asked running over to us.

"Him?" Dana asked her, brushing her back. My eyes were, of course, more drawn to her breasts, but hey, who could blame me. Dana wearing clothes meant looking at a sensual woman that hid her curves behind thick sweaters and khaki pants. But man, she id herself justice wearing clothes and being naked. Not to mention her more fun attributes that came out when her inner monster did.

Have I mentioned that she has more than two breasts? Big ones nice and firm. "Yeah, I thought it was just me. A completely black wolf with blood red eyes." "What does it mean?" I asked.

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The two of them looked at me. Aysel was the one to answer. "Well, there are different types of wolves. You are an Alpha. Dana, before she met you, I was regressing into a feral, but now she is just a regular one like me. I was an omega, an exile turning to feral. Then there exists a wolf that is corrupted. A Darkenwolf. This may be one of those and if it is, we should kill it fast." "Well, it took off when you two showed up," I said.

The both of them laughed and I felt removed from a joke in which I was the punchline. "If it is a Drakenwolf, that means it's a newborn one and fairly weak. As time goes, though, they do tend to get stronger and fast." "They that dangerous?" "Kind of.

They go with a legend, but I don't know it," Aysel said looking to Dana. Dan shrugged and stood up. I joined her. "So what now?" "Now young one, we get you home. Hopefully, your mother didn't check your room.

It's almost dawn," Aysel said. Dana looked at me and I knew the conversation. Aysel had started off with trying to kill me earlier in the night until she was stopped by Dana. Then the two of them colluded together to get me to change. Now all that was up for debate is how Aysel would fit into the pack. "What about you?" I asked and her head cocked in response.

"What about me?" "You have to stay with Dana. Drakenwolf and all. Wouldn't want to lose one of the hottest pieces of ass the world has ever seen." "Dana, you picked a flatterer." "I know. You should see what he do when he sets his mind to something," Dana responded and I blushed with the insinuation. "Hey now, still here." "Yes, you are Vance. I'll be by sometime to find out too." At that the three of us headed back home.

We weren't very far from my house. Dana showed me how to sneak up the side of my house and into my room after she took Aysel inside. In my room, our conversation started on that point. "So what are you going to do about Rem and the other one?" "Nothing.

Rem was wounded by Aysel and no doubt Chrissie is with him." "So two problems solved for now. I'm not going to have to sleep with Rem am I?" Dana laughed and I hushed her. The both of entangled on the bed. "No, he will just pledge to you." "Okay, so I changed." "So you did." We sat in silence. I was hoping my hint to her would be taken up. My eagerness to learn more about my mate was eating away at me.

She had withheld telling me about herself in fear that infecting me to become a werewolf would kill me. It was an attempt to protect herself and her friends. "How old are you?" I asked. "All things you could ask me, that's what you want to know?" You know, her silver eyes have this way of making my heart skip literal beats. "I wanted to start with why you chose the teenage boy next door as a savior, but I know why.

What is important to me is knowing you." She shifted around and everything was quiet again. Maybe it was more than the prospect of losing me. "Vance, I'm thirty-two." "Whoa, not as old as I expected." "You ass," she said. I shushed her and laughed a bit. "I'm joking." "I know," she said with a sigh and her hands roamed over my body.

"We can't really do that you know. My mom is going to be sore at me sleeping in." "All day huh? That's good. We'll have to get the other two into the pack at night anyways. Your mother and all." I nodded. "Birthplace?" "Do you want my whole story, Vance?" "Yeah." "Why?" "Aren't we mates? I should know about you.

I myself wasn't born here in suburbs of North Carolina. I was born up in Montana." "Colorado in the woods." "That wasn't so hard was it?" "I don't know, seems to be pretty hard." A hand wrapped around my dick, which, yeah, when did that happen? Then I realized how relaxed I felt. Must be her smooth leg hooked across my body. "Want to take care of it?" "I would love too, but not when your mom might hear us.

We still have to have our romp alone, and Vance, I expect to be well and claimed. Also, when we get to, we may need to be outdoors." I laughed and we kissed. She whispered into my ear about getting some sleep and left after that. I fell into sleep quickly and awoke to my mom standing over me. "What?" I said, blinking through my grogginess. "You slept all day. Just wanted to tell you dinner is on the counter and you have some explaining to do when I get home." I grumbled out an apology and my mother left.

Seems everyone was leaving me. Getting up, I headed to the food and found myself happily enjoying a steak. Seemed my mother was in a mood. She only cooked meat when she was. Felt like a terrible son at that moment. Past few weeks, we had spent little time together. "Cheer up," Dana said through our telepathic link. "I forgot about that," I thought to myself. "You shouldn't it makes conversation easier." "You can hear me?" "Yes, and hurry up and shower.

Kristen and Rem are here. Kristen is freaking out over Aysel and I am doing everything to keep her at bay." "Alright, give me a few." Ten minutes later, I was in the living room and meeting Kristen. Where a shower had made me feel refreshed, the small petite blonde had immediately dispelled that.

Aysel had been cowering in a corner while Kristen was screaming at her when I walked in. Soon as I had walked into the situation, all of Kristen's attention had been diverted to me.

With a snarl, she had lunged across the room towards me in what looked like an intent on killing. Heck, she was well on her way to that as claws ripped through the fabric of my shirt. Rem appeared out of nowhere and pulled her away. The both of them disappeared into the house with Rem holding Kristen. "What the hell?" I yelled.

Aysel tore past me with a look of anger on her face. A door slammed making me wince. "You handled that well," Dana said walking up behind me and wrapping her arms around my chest. "What the hell was that all about?" "Kristen is acting out of instinct. You're gonna have to fix that ASAP." "What does that mean?" "Better get it up, you have to fuck her into submission." "I'm beginning to think all that being a werewolf is just sex." Her chest moved with a laugh.

"It isn't but there are rules." "Won't Rem be pissed?" "About?" "Isn't she his girl?" "Not exactly. In a pack, everyone is your girl unless you allow it otherwise." "Oh," I said. Being a leader was actually more like a dictator it sounded like. "So what about him?" "Rem?" she asked before turning me around.

I stared into her silver eyes.

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"He would love the permission. There is love there, but they couldn't be together before." "Let me see him." Dana led em through the house and I marveled again at the painting she had on her walls. I remarked about them and she just smiled at me before leading me to Rem. He was in a room, that was bare except a lone bed. "Good luck," Dana giving me a kiss. "Vance," he said in greeting.

His body was turned to me. "Hey Rem," I said. There was tension in the air. "You okay?" "Sure, I mean now I'm a werewolf and an Alpha, which is all new, but now I am trying to deal with the tasks set out for me." "Building a pack." "Yeah, so what about you?" "I'm nervous." Those words surprised me.

A few days ago I was terrified of him. Rem was not only a tall guy, but he was built too. With sandy brown hair and brown eyes, Rem was a walking dream. "Why?" "Well, of what is to happen with me?" "You're not staying?" "You saying I can join the pack?" "Of course man, but I came to talk to you about Kristen.

Seems if she is to join, I have to um, claim her." "I know how it works Vance." "Is it what you want?" "For her to live, yes." He smiled at me, but there was sadness in his eyes. I sighed. "Dana told me you two were in love. When I'm asking if its okay Rem, it's to ask you for permission to induct your girl." "My girl?" "Yeah man.

If I can do this, I don't care what you guys do." "You're serious? This isn't just an empty promise?" "Rem, you could have torn me apart twice now. You knew, hid it and even allowed me to live before I fully changed. Way I look at it, I owe you but more so because I'd like to think I'm a decent guy." "What if you like her too much?" "Never occurred to me.

Plus I got Dana, what do I need more than one for?" "Well, I keep Kristen off your hands, but until you find a mate for Aysel, she'll be at you as much as Dana. That's why I worry. Alphas get a free pass for a harem." "Oh," I said. A harem. What a cool idea. Though I meant it for Rem and Kristen. "It's a yes Vance." "Cool man and I'm sorry for having to do this.

I don't know what's going on yet, but if it helps." "While you induct her, I'll talk to Dana about the lack of details." He stepped forward and offered his hand. I took it and we shook like men. Cool fact, Adonis wolf's hand didn't crush mine like I thought it would.

Instead, I was able to meet his firm grip with confidence. "Kristen is in the room next door. Word of advice, slam her up against a wall, she will do less damage to you." "You sound as if I'm going to rape her." "All the way up till you put your dick into her. Once that happens, she will beg you for it." Crap and double crap.

So I was essentially going to have to assault a woman who was rightfully going to be kicking my ass the entire time until we actually had sex. I'm not even convinced the sex would be welcomed on my part. We parted and I headed to the room Kristen was in.


The door locked from the outside, but I was sure that wouldn't stop anyone from getting out. Even as my hand wrapped around the I could hear her growling at me. Fuck. Opening the door and going in, I closed it behind me expecting Kristen to attack me. She didn't. Instead, the blond had her back up against the wall opposite of me.

A look of terror was on her face and her bare chest heaved. Kristen wasn't bad looking but she wasn't stacked, like Dana. Aysel was better looking too. None of these details were helping me and so I swore before holding my hands up. "Look, I don't want to do this either, but Rem wants it and you want him right?" She growled at me, baring her teeth. With a sigh and a limp dick, I moved towards her.

Kristen's persona changed from one of being a cornered cat to one of attack. She was in my arms and snapping teeth at my throat before I knew what to do. What I ended up doing was following Rem's advice. Struggling with and walking, I forced her away from me until she dropped to the floor. With speed, she scrambled up and I managed to push her up against the wall. "Fuck you," she screamed at the wall, but I knew it was for me.

It did nothing to lighten the mood. Kristen continued screaming obscenities. "You're really bad at this," Dana said, suddenly calling my attention away from Kristen through our link. "No idea what to do," I said. "Can't get it up?" she asked and I could hear the amusement in her voice. AS if sensing the same thing, Kristen herself, began calling attention to my limpness. "Just think about my big breasts, Vance." "Not working.

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Doing something like this is against my better nature." "Doing this is your better nature. You're saving her and Rem too." "I know, but what can I do?" "Have you thought about what claiming me is going to be like?" I hadn't really.

Not going to lie, thought that the change was going to kill me. Now that I was on the other side, I hadn't really thought about it. "I can understand that Vance, but remember, we can actually have sex now. No worries of me changing and ripping you apart.

We can do it as long and as often as you like now. I'll even cum too. I've been thinking about it nonstop. If only you could be with me right now, you'd see and smell how wet I am for you." My mind went to an image of her squatting but her legs spread wide like a butterfly. I knew how she smelled but I thought of her telling me to come taste it. just like that, my problem solved itself and before anything could go awry with that, I prepared to finish my chore.

Using my feet, I used them to spread her legs. She screamed and twisted even more in desperation. It took a lot of skill and strength to keep Kristen in the position and to even get myself into position. "You ready?" "I'm going to kill you," she screamed at me.

With a shrug, I put the head of my cock against her lips. She stopped moving and I realized this was the precipice. If I slide it home, this was done, if not, it would be a continual struggle.

With a shove, we both sighed as my scepter of saving slid thankfully home until my waist cupped her butt. "Is that better?" "Yes," she said with a deep breath and shudder. "What's your name?" "Vance." "Vance, I'm sorry. It's been a long time." "Since?" "I've been with an Alpha. I was getting close to being feral" "I've heard." "Do you want to stop?" "What? No. You have to finish and so do I for the spell to complete." "You okay with that?" "Yes, I need it." Her pussy tightened, emphasizing her words.

"Alright then. After we are done, you and Rem can be together." "Really?" she said with excitement in her voice. "Yeah. All yours. So let's get this done." I wasted no more time. With a deep breath, I began in earnest turning out her tight pussy. She wasn't lying when she said it had been awhile. "Damn Vance, you got a permit for that thing?" "All the better to-" wait, I've made this joke before, but my thought was interrupted when Kristen let out a long and deep moan of pleasure.

For me, the velvety vice around my dick began pulsating in tighter squeezes. It took me a moment to realize that the she-wolf was cumming. I thought her moan was just a normal one but what clued me in was how oily her pussy got as it lubricated itself heavily and suddenly on my cock. "Have you cum yet," she asked after finishing. "Not yet." "Good, I need more." On cue, I began again this time, really enjoying myself. "Damn it, boy, harder," she yelled. "I give it to you any harder, I'm going to drive you through the wall," I yelled back.

There was a grunt in reply. Eventually, it wasn't enough for me. I don't know when the switch flipped, but all of a sudden a powerful emotion boiled in the pit of my stomach. A snap sounded and before I knew it, a growl sounded from my lips. "Oh harder," Kristen cried out at the top of her lungs. I howled with her, the sound synchronizing. It crescendoed and then that is when my orgasm boiled out of my nuts.

My cock erupted in what must have been a monsoon of cum. I felt the spurt and the second immediately blew out of her cunt. Every subsequent throb of my cock sent another jet of bubbling cum into her greedy cunt and shooting past my dick. When it was finished, I fell to the floor trying to understand the unfamiliar intensity of the orgasm.

"Jesus Vance, I felt that in me," Dana said in our link. I laughed with a huff and tried to catch my breath as my vision swam. When I could focus, I looked at Kristen's backside. Cum was dripping out of her and onto the carpeted floor. Her pussy was agape and still throbbing in orgasmic bliss by the way her ass cheeks kept flexing in spasms. Minutes passed only filled with our heavy breathing. I was the one who broke the silence. "I meant what I said Kristen.

You should clean up and go Rem. I'm sure he is worried." Kristen didn't even look at me as she gathered herself and left the room. No doubt to shower, but still a thank you would be nice. Not sure anyone understood how stressful it was for me to force a girl, to begin with. Though I will say, the ending was well worth. "Ahem." I looked over to Dana leaning against the door to Kristen's room. "Is it going to be that intense with you?" I asked slowly getting up.

"Better," she said with a laugh. "Speaking of which, get dressed. We have to discuss a lot apparently. Rem working for you?" "That a tad bit of annoyance I hear?" She smiled and I got dressed. When I finished, she was gone and so I went to look for. Dana was sitting on the porch of her house wearing now a pair of white shorts and green v-neck. Her black hair was loose and I sat in a chair next to hers.

"Where should we begin?" I asked while scratching my head. "I don't know," she said after a long pause that almost border lined on awkward. "We should go somewhere to talk." My stomach growled and she looked over at me, her silver eyes having an amused look to them. "Sorry, been uh working out." She laughed and then got up.

"Come on Vance, let's get you fed." The grab on my arm was powerful as she pulled me up. "Do you think your mom will mind if I take you out for lunch?" "We can sell it as you paying me back for all the yard work," I offered to her as she pulled me to her truck. Dana's truck was a beast. Honestly, I couldn't understand why a woman needed such a beast of a vehicle.

It was lifted, painted black and roared to life with the turn of her key. To be the king of the world. As the truck moved like a tank down the road, I knew that somehow Dana felt the same as me. We drove for about fifteen minutes in silence. I was too nervous to push the conversation knowing that it could possibly get me the ire of Dana.

This telepathic link was weird. "You thin its weird? Try listening to the thoughts of your perverted peeping tom of a neighbor." Her hand reached out and grabbed mine in a reassuring squeeze. "Where are we going?

And I am sorry. I don't know if you seen yourself, but you're the hottest thing walking around." "Thanks, Vance," she said and she smiled at me. I had a feeling it was a genuine smile.

"We are going to a small diner with great food and away from prying ears." Sure enough, we pulled up to a diner on the side of a road. It was weird because I figured she had driven me out of town. The building was set up by itself and the only thing on the side of the road. Fields of grass covered the ground past the parking lot. A big neon sign read Foxy's, Diner. "Nice place," I said closing the door of the truck.

"It is. Be nice and mind your manners. Foxy is a nice lady, but she has little patience." "Okay," I replied and enjoyed the view of her as I followed her lead. We went into the diner and I was surprised to see it was empty.

There were other vehicles in the lot, maybe it was all staff. Dana led me to one of the booths. It had a red top, matching leather seat and lost of chrome. Looked to be straight out of the fifties this place.

Not that it was a complaint on my part. "Make sure you get a milkshake. They are to die for," she said with a smile. "Already could agree." A look of confusion passed across her face and then her eyes lit up in understanding. "You're a perv Vance," she said. "I am not," I replied with my hands up. She laughed. "Says the teenage boy next door peeping on his neighbor?" "What does that you then miss put on a show for said boy?" "A pervert I'd imagine." We both laughed.

I looked around again and there was still no one else here. Not even a waitress. "She'll be along shortly once she catches our scent." "Foxy?" "Yeah," Dana said and the awkward silence permeated the air once more. "Are you going to start?

I think we've stalled enough," I said. Dana's eyes locked on to mine. She sighed. "I want you to understand, it was never my intention to pick such a young person for this. I tried to find someone else, but once your thoughts hit me, it had to be you." "Why change me?" "Many people actually don't know much about werewolves.

You heard earlier about some of the types. There is one that never reverts back to human and there are others who can live without a pack. You were chosen because our kind cannot live without a pack." "I know that." "Yes, well, I imagine you want to hear why." I nodded and then Dana looked past me. The sound of heels clicking on the floor announced our waitress Foxy. Foxy was a bombshell of a woman. She dressed the part. Fishnet stocking, blue pencil skirt with a mini white apron and red lip-stick.

Her red polka dotted bandana concealed most of her black hair, but her bangs hung over her brow. With a mole on her cheek, the only thing that threw off the ensemble was the weird scent wafting from her. It wasn't enticing, but more of a curious scent. "Hey Dana, it's been so long, what brings you here?" "Just passing through," Dana responded. Of course, I was still studying Foxy. "I bet and who is this young man." I looked up to Foxy and into her golden eyes.

"I'm Vance," I said extending my hand. She didn't take it and instead turned to Dana. He's my mate Foxy." "Really?" she said with her brows raised.

Her look back and subsequent inspection of me kind of made me feel uncomfortable. I stayed silent, though, keeping any protest to myself. After a bit she extended her hand to which I accepted tentatively. "You seem fine hon, I'm Foxy," she said giving my hand a stronger that expected squeeze. The kind that said you break my friend's heart, I'm gonna break you.

"Nice to meet you," I said trying to come off as unfazed. "I know," she said with a big smile. "What can I get for you too?" "Usual for me," Dana said. "Burger and fries and a milkshake." "Two usuals got it." Foxy turned and walked away. I might have taken the opportunity to check out her ass had it not been for the long white tipped, thick furred orange tail that lifted up the skirt and barred nothing but skin. "Don't stare too hard," Dana said.

There was a hint of a growl in her voice. "Can you do that with your tail?" I asked. "Maybe," she laughed. "But not right now. So let me tell you about myself, Vance." Dana began her tale at her birth. Born in the late 80s in a small town in Colorado State, Dana had grown up there with her pack.

She went on to tell me about her parents. Her father was the Alpha and worked as an engineer. A nerdy werewolf as he was known and was mercifully tease about it by her mother.

Both of them were amazing people and the pack she grew up with flourished. "What happened?" I asked. "Richard Gales," she said with a heavy amount of sadness in her voice. "There was a girl named Crystal in the pack. She had met Richard or Ricky as he liked to be called. The two have them had been inseparable and trouble makers. One day they went too far with their stuff and ruffled the feathers of a rival pack's Alpha." I nodded and made sure to stare at her, mostly locking eyes.

I even reached out to grasp her hand in support. "The Alpha was not a pleasant person. No matter what my father did, the rival wanted war. That came one night on my sixteenth birthday. Since that night, I have been a prisoner to that Alpha, which is why you were so important." "Really?" "Yeah, he raped me once to make sure I was part of his pack, but he wanted my love. I could not give that to him not after he killed my family.

After ten years of solace, I escaped with the help of Rem and Kristen. My part of the deal was to find an Alpha or turn someone into one." "So that you guys could live free." "Yes." "Sounds good then." "You're not mad?" "I mean maybe I should be, but have you seen my pecs? Worth it I think," I said with a laugh. She smiled, but then I noticed her sunken eyes. I had been to caught up to notice that since my change, she had been avoiding the obvious issue. Kristen and Rem were now my pack, but Dana had still failed to fix the situation to herself.

"How does one stay healthy so long without the Alpha?" "There are ways. It's been a struggle." "You put everyone else first too." "I had too. Not just because I owed them, but because they deserved it." "Dana, do you want this?" She looked up at me and tears began falling down her face. "What the hell did you do?" We both jumped and next to the table was Foxy without food.

The plates hit the top with a loud clang and I was yanked from my seat. Those golden eyes now pure blue and angry looking. "He didn't do anything Foxy, put him down." "Are you sure?" she said with a growl. I growled back and the woman looked surprised. Even with her fingers around my neck, I wasn't deterred.

The grip loosened and I prepared to attack her. "Vance, calm down," Dana said out loud. I growled at her in frustration in the betrayal in giving away my motived. Then Foxy did something unexpected, she gave me hug. "Sorry Vance, I jumped to conclusions. I care a lot for Dana and hate to see her hurt." That was it. All it took was a hug and my anger was gone.

Poof and the smell of food made my stomach growl. Sitting back down, I began to eat, ignoring everything else. Foxy walked away. "I think you impressed her," Dana said after a few minutes of mutual silent eating. I looked over the bun of my burger. "You think so?" "Never seen her apologize before." "Must be lucky?" "Something like that," she replied but then she looked down at her plate. "So do you want this?" I asked.

"Do you?" she said looking up to me. "Vance, there is no going back. You''' be part of a world that is way different. You will outlive all of your family by generations." "Too late to choose, plus, I got this woman who is just spectacular. I will admit, though, taking her out on a date would be nice," I said.

Dana actually blushed. I was surprised to see the color rise on her freckled face. "Wolves don't really date Vance." "Why not?" I said and then thought better about it. "If I'm the Alpha, wouldn't I get the say so on taking my mate out on a date?" "I suppose you do," she said with a laugh. "But I'm not your mate fully yet until we actually induct me into the pack." "The what are we waiting on?" "Honestly?

time and nightfall. I have a place I want to take you." We both finished out meals and Foxy was present like she was summoned to get the plates. As she grabbed the dirty dishes, I apologized to her. "You now Dan, you have an interesting mate. He actually has manners. Where'd you find this one?" "Next door," she said and Foxy let out a peel of laughter before walking away. "Am I too nice?" I asked suddenly concerned about it. "Kind of, but then you are a cut different from a born wolf." "So tell me more," I said trying not to let myself be upset over being too "nice." "Well, my time with the pack was terrible.

I was locked up a lot and never allowed to be alone." "How did you manage then?" "Kristen took pity on me. She was also in love. After talking to me, she asked if I could turn." "Wait, she can't?" "Not all wolves can turn. It's an ability normally only shown in Alphas or their families." "Okay.

So Kristen was in love with Rem and after chatting she came up with a plan?" "Well, not really. We escaped right at that moment.

She asked for a deal, I agreed and she unlocked the cage. I almost tore her apart in fear of a trick." "Why didn't you?" "Hope." Her gaze looked sullen again. Getting up I moved and sat next to her. One arm over her should she turned and we kissed.

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What started off a just a tentative kiss meant to reassure her quickly turned passionate. The world collapsed into oblivion around us. My hands began roaming across her chest and I was delighted when she moaned. "Alright you two, this isn't a hotel," Foxy said loudly interrupting us. We broke the kiss. "You're trouble you know that Vance?" Dana giggled.

"The best kind I hope," I replied but looking into Dana's silver eyes. "The best," she said. "I am glad but for you two, I have a bunch of customers on the way and from the looks, Dana you're not gonna want to be here. With your passion and looks, he is gonna get over his head quick." I leaned over to Dana. "What does that mean?" "She means hormones are gonna flow and you will cause a scene when the men start hitting on me." "Ah, well, let's go.

I am sure we can find a better place." "You're too young Vance," Foxy said with a warning in her voice. "I wasn't offering to find a place with you, though she controls mostly what happens," I said back at the fox girl.


Her eyes opened in utter surprise. Dana laughed some more and offered the girl some bills. Foxy took the bills and walked away in silence.

"You're going get yourself into more problems than you can handle," Dana said hotly in my ear. "Well, let's get me into some of those problems," I responded with a serious tone before getting up. We headed out the door. Dana walked to her side of the truck and I followed her. "I can open my own door," she said to without even looking back. I reached out and grabbed her before turning her around for another passionate kiss.

She returned it eagerly and eventually ripped my shirt open as she shoved me up against her truck. We broke the kiss when a honk sounded.

"Vance, you're teasing me too much," Dana said between heavy breaths. "Sorry, I am having a hard time keeping my hands to myself," I said.

It was a truer statement if there ever was one. "You're my mate and we haven't fixed your issues. Also, you've been teasing me for weeks. I want to really go for it." Dana shuddered against me. "I know, it's been torture for us both.

A few more hours and we can. Let's head back. I have to prepare a few things." It was actually going to be more than a few hours.

It was only noon now and sunset was probably around eight. We broke apart and I got into the truck. "So why so much truck?" It roared to life. "That's why," she said and I am sure rocks kicked up as it rolled away from the diner. As we drove, I again noticed how empty everything was. "Where are we?" "Still in the same city, but on the other side.

Don't get out much do you?" "Well, the lack job means no insurance or gas." She looked over at me bewildered. "Your mom doesn't pay for those?" "Yeah, imagine my surprise too," I said laughing. "Why out here?" "It's a neutral zone of sorts between different kinds of monsters and the like." "What, so Foxy just wasn't a wolf with a fox like tail?" "No, she is a type of kitsune.

Don't worry too much about the other monsters. Groups tend to stick to groups." "So why have a neutral zone?" "More or less for territory control. Government centers, hospitals and well, Foxy's Diner." "Cool." We drove in silence after that while I digested everything I had learned.

Most of what went through my mind was the adoration I had for Dana.

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She was strong and determined. The type of woman who knew what the world was and how to navigate it. At home, we parted ways and I went to doing some chores around the house. Mostly laundry but as I moved around sweeping the kitchen a knock on my front door interrupted me. It was Rem. "Hey Rem," I said in greeting and let him enter the house. "Love the irony my Alpha has to answer to his mom if she finds out about me being here," he said laughing.

The man had a good laugh. You know, the deep kind that was infectious. "Yeah, so let's not tell her," I said closing the door. "What can I do for you?" "I just wanted thank you. I know a lot of this was out of your hands but thanks nonetheless." "No problem." "I wanted to see what you meant to do about the Drakenwolf?" "Hunt it down probably this weekend." He nodded his head.

"If you're okay with it, I want to track it down, maybe give us a leg up on it." "Sounds good. Will that damper my leadership?" "Not at all kid. Why I am here asking you. Believe it or not, that monster is going to be a problem. If we ignore it, it will mean a lot of deaths." "Okay, well, be careful Rem." He nodded again at me and then left, leaving me to deal with the next few hours alone.

Chores were done too fast and after that, I just waited for Dana. Eight rolled around and sure enough, Dana was on time. I had been playing a game online when a knock on my bedroom window alerted me to her. "You know I have a front door right?" I asked here when the window was pushed open. She climbed in naked. "Couldn't come to you through the front door this way," she said climbing in. My eyes greedily drank her in. Especially when her bare pussy was shown.

"You gonna fit through there with your tanks?" I asked knowing that she could due to experience, but hey, why not tease her. "Hush now," she said making it fully through and standing in front of me.

We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I was lost myself in her gray eyes, finding that they were pool of beauty unknown.

For such a dull color, hers were vibrant and full of life. They said that life with her was worth living. "Take your clothes off. We have to get going." "Eager huh?" She growled at me.

Not a playful one, but one of actual warning that made me smile. With gusto, I was stripped naked. "Already up?" she said admiring me. "What can I say? Someone makes one hell of an entrance," I said holding my hands up with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Easy now, but let's go," she said. "Ladies first." "Such a gentleman," she said with a wink before climbing back out the window.

I may have grabbed a cheek a time or time while she giggled about it. Soon we running into the woods. "Where are we going?" I asked and not just because I was worried about the drakenwolf.

I was genuinely intrigued as to out destination. Dana didn't answer but continued to lead me on through the woods. I felt foolish trying to keep up with her. Something was nagging me about following her. With no response, I had no idea what was going on now. Especially when she increased her pace. I was confused. She was laughing now as she ducked between trees. Was it a game? Then I started having a hard time keeping sight of her.

Frustration was growing in me and so I increased my effort as something instinctual took over. Catching up to Dana proved to be a feat. I knew where she was going, always though catching up but she increased her speed with a laugh. Grabs at her missed by mere inches, driving me wildly mad with lust. It was a game. Dana was forcing me to "properly" claim her. To do that, I had to catch her. Our run increased more as she gave me one hell of a workout. She was at one with the forest. A dyraid shifting through the trees at a rate almost uncatchable, convincing me I needed to force her hand.

To do that, I began shifting my running to her sides, matching her steps. Laughter escaped both of us as we had fun.

That is until she sped up and then fell. It was a moment I wasn't ready for. The moment that a predator catches his prey. She squealed and growled as I leaped upon her. There was a struggle, but I had her pinned to the ground in no time. We panted as my cock nestled itself between ass cheeks. Stretched out, we needed to catch our breath. "I got you now," I growled in her air. Her back moved, pushing her butt up. "You sure do, now what are you going to do?" "I'm going to claim you," I said.

"Hurry Vance, I don't know if I can stand the suspense any longer." Her heat was wonderful as I moved my hips to position myself. She may be presenting herself, but this was a challenge. A challenge that I missed a lot with but finally the head of my dick brushed against wet lips making up both moan.

With a push forward gasps escaped us as we joined together. By the time I had fully entered her, a roar of triumph built in my chest and blasted through the woods. Soon I driving myself into her cushioned behind as I ripped through at full speed into her. It was the tease of weeks of having to hold ourselves back. Dana was quickly going full throttle herself. She may have started off with words, but those had turned to growls and grunts.

That was until the sounds of bones cracking replaced them. My mate was going into full beast. What she had failed to mention to me is how to enact the change during sex. With so much thrusting and pleasure, how did one concentrate that hard?

My answer was delayed as I watched white fur grow across her back. He tail was quick to follow as it sprouted. Maybe I should have been worried, but I could not look away as Dana became a wolf underneath me. Shoot, I couldn't even stop thrusting into her as she became a gorgeous monster underneath me.

*You have to change Vance,* Dana's voice suddenly flooded into my mind. "How?" I asked out loud. *Concentrate like you did before on the pleasure. Think about increasing it. For me, there is an itch that's like a door. Once opened, it just happens.* Her grunts were becoming deeper. Taking her advice, I started wanting more pleasure. I knew it could be more and as each thrust into her carnal cavity happened, I found a point that granted my wish if I concentrated my strokes to hit that part.

She was right, it was like opening a door. The sudden increase of my own pleasure caused my abs to lurch in pain that evolved into a howl. A howl that she joined. Sex as a werewolf is different. There is a lot of gnashing, clawing and grunting. As well as her sex, the smell of blood permeated the air as each of us took turns biting into the other. I don't know why, but each time she bit into me, the pleasure flared up to new heights.

It only seemed natural to return the favor. As we shook, the woods echoed our pleasure.