Luchy perra barranquillera isabella obregon

Luchy perra barranquillera isabella obregon
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I had escaped the house again, running as always to my safe haven to get away from one of my father's drunken tirades. On most days the small park was normally quiet and empty, and I could have the swings all to myself, letting all of my problems fly out of me. Today was not one of those days. Her arms were wrapped around the chains, rocking her feet against the ground so that she moved slightly back and forth. Her black hair hung in two braided pigtails on either side of her head, and a pair of glasses sat on the bridge of her nose.

But what caught me was the lollipop that sat between her lips; lips that were as cherry red as the candy she was sucking on. I watched as her tongue swirled along the surface of the candy, licking and sucking until it glimmered with a sheet of her saliva.

I felt a flush of heat across my face, and something stirred between my legs. My eyes darted back up to meet hers and I saw her staring at me intently. She pulled the candy from her lips with a small pop, and smirked at me. Her name was Miranda. She had moved to the town after her parents kicked her out. She would be attending the community college with me in the fall.

After half an hour of a mostly one sided conversation, she invited herself back to my house. I was a bit scared to take her back; I wasn't sure what state my father would be in.

But I didn't have many friends, and so I was eager for the company. And Miranda was so dynamic I don't think I could have refused her. Luckily when I opened the door I heard my father snoring on the couch, passed out in some alcohol induced stupor.

I quickly led her past him and upstairs to my room, where I shut and locked the door. Miranda made herself at home in my room. She walked around and touched my things. She jumped on my bed, her shoes still on, which made me cringe. As she sat there bouncing around excitedly, her eyes landed on my laptop sitting open on my desk.

Something mischievous sparked in her eyes at that moment and she looked at me. "Do you mind if I rub one off? We've been in the car for days, I haven't had any release." My eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. Rub one off.? She hadn't waited for me to respond. She had already bounded off the bed and crossed the room, sitting in the chair excitedly and pulling open a browser.

"I think I'm in the mood for some cocksucking, don't you think?" she said as she typed something into the address bar and pressed enter.

A website popped up and a barrage of images appeared on the screen. I managed to move from my spot and walk up behind her to get a better look. Then I realized that the images were actually thumbnails of video clips with women and men in various states of undress. Full, rounded tits with hard nipples, pussies shaved bare and dripping wet, ass cheeks spread wide open, cocks stuffed into every possible hole, mouths licking and sucking hungrily at whatever they could latch on to.

I stared at the screen, transfixed, but Miranda was busy typing something else into the search bar. Before she could finish, I managed to breathe out, "Miranda.

what do you think you're doing?" She looked over at me, a mock innocent smile on her face. "What? Don't tell me you've never watched porn before?" I blushed and lowered my eyes. It couldn't tell her that the closest I had come to looking at porn was watching videos of girls kissing, that I was too afraid of my father to do anything more.

when I didn't respond, she smirked, and turned back to the screen and hit enter. The page refreshed and the thumbnails changed: thick, long cocks shoved into mouths, cum and saliva dripping down the shafts, spread messily over pink, full lips; two tongues lapping at a swollen head, pre-cum glistening off the tip. My breath caught in my throat. I knew about porn, I knew about blowjobs. but I didn't know about this.

Miranda was scrolling casually through the page, seemingly unfazed by the litany of dicks and the tongues flicking over them. She stopped scrolling, made a contented little noise, and clicked on one of the thumbnails. The video popped up and started playing right in the middle of the action. My room was assaulted with gasps and moans, and a shot of fear spiked through me at the thought of my father waking and catching us.

I told Miranda to turn it down, but she ignored me, fixated as she was on the scene playing out before her. Reluctantly, I turned my gaze towards the screen as well. A woman with hair as dark as hers was on the screen, wearing a white t-shirt through which her nipples poked out, and short shorts that rode up her ass, tantalizing the viewer with promises of her soft round cheeks. She was leaned over, head buried in the crotch of some faceless man.

The video jumped to a new angle and we saw the mouth glued to his cock. His dick was huge, and it seemed to grow even bigger at the tip. She deftly bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, working him simultaneously with one of her hands. The camera pulled back as she lifted her mouth up off of his dick with a small pop.

She opened her lips slightly, letting a drop of saliva fall onto the head of his cock. She rubbed it over the length of his shaft, one strand still clinging to her pouty lips. And then her mouth was back on his cock, and he was moaning in ecstasy and she was gasping around his prick and the heat was back, the stirring in between my legs, and I started shifting my weight from one leg to the other, trying to make the feeling go away.

Out of curiosity my eyes darted back over to Miranda, who hadn't said a word, and now I could see why -- her legs were spread wide open in the chair and her shorts had come off. One hand was rubbing small circles over her panties, where I could see a dark wet spot; the other was gently caressing her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

Her eyes were open and fixed intently on the scene before her. I toyed with the idea of letting my own hand sneak down to that spot between my legs, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. There was a new angle now, the camera behind the woman and pointing up at her ass. It swayed seductively from side to side as she continued to pump her mouth up and down on the man in front of her.

I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through me at the sight of it. My hand trailed up the side of my body, my palm landing innocently on one of my breasts. They stopped in the middle of their action to take the woman's shirt off, and the man began greedily licking at her tits.

Another jolt through my body. They were small but perky, her nipples stiff and erect from his touch, and I squeezed my own as I stared at them. The woman leaned back down and I was slightly disappointed at the loss of the sight of her boobs. She pushed the man's cock up so it was flush against his stomach and took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking it gently past her lips, and poking her tongue out to lick the sensitive flesh.

Then she was back on his cock, rubbing her lips up and down the shaft. The man grabbed her by her hair, held her head still, and began thrusting into her mouth.

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Yeah, bitch, that's right. oh yeah, suck my cock. His voice, low and rough, rang out in the silence of the room. "Yeah, bitch, you suck his cock. suck it real good." I was startled by the sound of Miranda's voice. I looked over at her and my breath caught in my throat. Her shirt was pulled up, revealing her pert tits and the pink nipples that had been teasing me all day long. She was pinching them between her fingers, rolling them around until they were dark and swollen.

I raked my eyes over her body, down to her legs, where I could see her panties hanging off one of her thighs. And her fingers. her fingers were sliding up and down the sides of the pinkest, most perfect pussy I had ever laid my eyes on.

Well, the only pussy I had ever laid eyes on. She circled her middle finger around her clit, pressing down hard and pulling upwards so that her tiny red button was exposed. Then she ran her finger back down over her slit, dipping it into her dripping wet cunt, shoving her finger deep inside. When she pulled it back out it was slick with her juices, and she spread them over the entirety of her pussy, making it glisten with her excitement. I could barely breathe; my face was hot, but that space between my legs was hotter.

I hadn't touched myself there, not in a long time, not since my father had barged in one day and caught me with my hand halfway down my pants. But he wasn't here now, he was downstairs, passed out drunk, and the only thing that was here now was Miranda, and the only things that mattered were the sweet moans emanating from her throat and the way her fingers expertly worked her soaking wet pussy, bringing her ever closer to the brink of orgasm.

I wasn't paying attention to the video anymore, but Miranda was. I could still hear what was happening, though, and the man's breathing seemed to quicken and become shallow. Miranda's eyes were half-lidded, never wavering from the action on the screen. I let my hand trail down my body and rest on my own pussy. I could feel the heat against the palm of my hand, and slowly I pressed my fingers against myself. A shiver ran through my body at the contact.

Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, oh god I'm cumming, I'm gonna cum all in your mouth, and you're going to swallow every bit of it. Miranda was moaning in ecstasy, her fingers moving faster, working herself desperately. Her tits rose with every shallow breath she took. "Yeah, you fucking cum in her mouth, cum all over her slutty little tongue." I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

She was mesmerizing. The way she talked while she got herself off sent jolts of pleasure through my body. I darted my gaze back down to her pussy. One finger was frantically rubbing her clit, pressing hard against the nub. Two fingers from her other hand were shoved deep inside her pussy, thrusting in and out, pumping rhythmically with the man who was now face fucking the woman on the screen.

They were both so close. Oh god, I'm cumming! Fuck, suck my cock, oh god yeah, take it bitch, take it all down your throat.

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"Yeah, you cum all over her filthy tongue! Suck it, bitch, oh god, I'm gonna cum.!" Miranda threw her head back and cried out, eyes leaving the screen for the first time, pressing her fingers against herself feverishly, as the orgasm crashed through her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She convulsed in the chair, bucking against her fingers and moaning loudly.

I felt I could cream myself just at the sight. She didn't come back over the next day, or the day after that, or the day after. I went to the park several times, hoping to see her there, but she never showed. My days were filled with obsessive thoughts of her, of her sweet, wet pussy, of the way she moved her hands so expertly over herself, of the sounds she made when she was reaching climax. At night I would find myself waking up in a state of horniness that I'd never experienced before, my panties soaking from dreams of her.

One night I stuck my hand down my panties and began to rub myself, circling my fingers around my clit just as she had, pushing inside my wet pussy and trying to make myself cum. But I couldn't. I was sexually frustrated for days on end, especially since I couldn't make myself cum no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I thought of her. Maybe I just wasn't doing it right.

One day, out of anger at her disappearance and frustration at my lack of self-pleasuring abilities, I ran outside of the house, ignoring my father's unintelligible screaming, heading in the opposite direction of the park.


I walked for I don't know how long, hoping the air would clear my head, but the silence of the streets only caused thoughts of her to stick out more in my mind. Where had she gone.? I didn't know if I was angrier at her disappearing without a trace, or at myself for feeling so absolutely smitten with her.

Suddenly I heard a rustling noise to my right and two figures emerged from a small cluster of trees. One of them was a tall boy with brownish hair and a stupid grin plastered across his face.

The other was. Miranda? She strutted out of the trees, a self-satisfied smirk tugging at her lips. Her hair was slightly messy, and something white and glistening clung to the corner of her mouth. The boy kept flicking his eyes over at me.

He seemed quite uncomfortable at me being here. As my eyes traveled down his body I saw that his pants were unzipped and that his cock was hanging out, shimmering wet and slowly losing its erection. He reached down and hastily began to stuff himself back into his pants. I looked back up at Miranda. Her eyes met mine, and my heart seemed to jump into my throat, but she made no acknowledgement of me and turned to face the boy.

"Pay up, hun," she said, staring up at him through her eyelids and holding out her hand. The boy, after he finished making himself decent, reached into his back pocket and pulled out a crumpled bill, which he thrust into Miranda's hand.


Then he rushed past me, not looking at my face. Miranda's hand closed around the bill and she began to walk, her only sign of my acknowledgement a wink as she made her way past me.


I stared after her, incredulous, and then began to follow her. "Miranda!" I called out. "Hey, wait!" She didn't slow down, her hips rocking from side to side with each step she took. I tried to stop the heat from coming, but it was hard, watching her ass sway seductively in front of me. I shook my head and hurried to catch up to her. Once I was in step with her I asked again. "Miranda, what the hell was that?" She looked over at me. "I sucked his dick. He gave me twenty bucks." She seemed entirely unfazed.

I blinked confusedly, not sure what to say. We walked a few more yards and then she turned right into a driveway with one small car in it. Was this her house.? My assumptions were confirmed as she strode up to the door and pushed it open.

There were boxes in various states of being unpacked, filling the mostly empty living room. A few pieces of furniture had been set out, and various suitcases dotted the remaining space. Miranda walked straight through and headed to the stairs in the back.

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She led me up the stairs and down a hallway to a door that was slightly ajar. She pushed it open and went in, me trailing along after her. Her room was bigger than mine, but a lot emptier. There was a bed against one wall and a dresser with a TV mounted to it across from it. There were boxes and suitcases all over the floor, and clothes, shoes, and other belongings covering everything.

"Sorry I've been MIA for a while," she said, walking over to her bed. "I've been busy." She began to sweep everything on it down onto the floor. I wasn't sure what to say, so I didn't say anything. Once the bed was clear, she climbed onto it, reached over and grabbed her laptop off of a nightstand, and settled down, opening it. I walked over to the bed and joined her, sitting uncomfortably on one corner. "My roommate's out," she said, looking up at me, a devilish grin playing on her face.

"Thought I'd make the most of it." She looked back down at the screen, and I began to blush, anticipating another episode where I got to watch her work her pussy. "I've already had cock for today." she mused, typing away at the keyboard.

"Think I'm in the mood for some girl on girl action, what about you?" She didn't look up at me, didn't see the red flush that deepened in my cheeks. "Got one." I raised my eyes to look at her, and she grinned up at me.

"Hey. wanna see what I can do with this?" She didn't wait for my answer, instead getting up from her bed and walking her laptop over to the television.

She pressed the power button on the TV, then reached behind it and grabbed a thick cord, which she began to attach to the side of her computer. On her screen I could see a video pulled up; it was paused, and two girls lay on top of each other, their mouths pressed together.

I could feel myself growing wet. Once the computer was connected the screen from her laptop was duplicated on the TV screen, and the two girls were magnified. Miranda looked over at me excitedly and grinned before pressing play on her laptop and rejoining me on the bed. I had scooted farther up onto the bed, turning to face the television, my eyes growing wide.

They were kissing, mouths glued to each other, blonde and brunette heads leaning left and right as they licked and sucked at their lips and tongues. It was wet and messy: strings of saliva hung between their tongues when they pulled apart. The blonde girl took the brunette girl's bottom lip into her mouth and began sucking on it gently. Their tongues danced and twirled around, trying to taste as much of the other as possible, their moans of pleasure disappearing down each other's throat.

There was no denying how incredibly turned on I was at that moment. I couldn't move, didn't want to break my concentration, didn't want to miss any of the action on screen. I could hear Miranda moving around behind me, and briefly I wondered whether she was trying to get naked, but then the camera angle shifted and she was put out of my mind for a moment. The brunette leaned down and took the blonde's left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it and pinching the right one in between her fingers.

She rolled the little nub between her thumb and index finger, flicking her tongue quickly across the one in her mouth. The blonde girl had her eyes closed, moaning and mewling at the sensations, her pink tongue darting out to lick her lips.

I felt Miranda move behind me again, felt myself sink backwards a little as she moved on the bed. I could hear her breathing get a bit closer, and realized that she must be moving towards me. I didn't dare look behind me; not just because I didn't want to miss a thing, but because I was anxious about what she was going to do. Anxious and excited. The brunette took her mouth off of the blonde's nipple and began to lick a path back up her body, landing on her neck, where she began to suck gently.

She continued to squeeze at one of the blonde's tits. The blonde girl raised one of her hands and tangled it in the brunette's hair, pulling her closer to her body.

Suddenly I felt cool air hitting my neck as my hair was pulled away from it. Miranda was directly behind me, hands on my shoulders. I could feel her breath hitting me, and it made my hair stand on end.

My breathing became quick and shallow, and then I felt her lips on my neck and my heart stopped.

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She began lapping at my skin, swirling her tongue around, biting and sucking gently at my neck. I cocked my head to the side to give her better access. She moved forward so that her body was pressed flush against mine; I could feel her nipples poking against me.

She brought her hands around to the front of my body and began to squeeze my tits, flicking her fingers over my nipples through my shirt. I moaned slightly, and she grabbed my shoulders and began to push me back onto the bed. She climbed over me, straddling my waist and holding my wrists down onto the bed. Her eyes had grown dark with lust, visible even through the lens of her glasses.

My breath couldn't get any shallower, and I was growing restless beneath her, and then she leaned down and pressed her lips to mine and every thought was chased away. The kiss was heady and fierce. She immediately thrust her tongue into my mouth and began running it along every surface she could reach.

I had never kissed anyone like this before, and I wasn't sure what to do. I tried to match her movements, letting my tongue dance around her lips and her own tongue. She managed to wrap her lips around my tongue and began sucking at it, as if she were sucking on some guy's cock, at it felt so incredible that my thoughts of inadequacy melted away, and I pushed up into her, suddenly matching her kiss with an equal ferocity.

We weren't paying attention to the movie anymore, but the moans of the girls on the screen continued to ring out into the room. Miranda began to move downwards over my body, pushing my t-shirt and my bra up and revealing my own erect tits. She wasted no time in latching on to one of them, sucking and biting at the nipple. I writhed beneath her, crying out in simultaneous pain and pleasure. I had never felt anything like this in my entire life. I reached out and grabbed her head, pushing her against me, trying to stuff as much of my breast as I could into her mouth.

She moved from one to the next, biting and sucking, twirling the sensitive buds between her fingers. I was growing wetter by the second, and I felt like my pussy was on fire. As if she had read my mind, Miranda sat up in front of me and grabbed at my jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them off of my legs as quickly as she could.

She pushed my knees apart, spreading my legs wide so that the only thing separating her from my dripping wet cunt was a thin slip of white cotton.

She leaned down slowly, stopping just inches away from my pussy, and inhaled deeply. "God, you smell so good." she breathed. She thrust her face forward and stuck out her tongue, giving my pussy a long, slow, agonizing lick through the fabric.

I moaned low and long, as she continued licking slowly up and down me, relishing in the feeling of her tongue through the fabric. After she had enough of teasing me, she began to slide the panties down my thighs and my legs until they were off and tossed onto the floor.

I could smell the musky scent of my arousal. My cunt was sopping wet and throbbing. I had never felt so aroused in my entire life. The few times I touched myself, I had never come close to being this worked up. I didn't think it could get any better, but then Miranda's tongue was back on my cunt, this time with no fabric in the way, and it was oh my fucking god, the wetness and roughness of her tongue sliding in and around my dripping slit. She licked her way up to my clit, swirling her tongue around it and flicking it rapidly.

She wrapped her lips around it, sucking lightly, and then harder and harder until I was practically screaming in ecstasy beneath her. "Oh, god, Miranda!

Oh shit, that feels so--! Fuck, don't stop! Don't stop." She had no intention of stopping. She continued sucking on my clit, flicking her tongue against it as she did so, and then I felt another sensation, her fingers stroking my slit, up and down, trying to find my entrance.

And then one finger slipped inside, dipping into my pussy, and I bucked underneath her, moaning and cursing with abandon. She worked it in and out, fucking me with her finger while she sucked on my swollen clit.

I could feel my juices streaming out of me, and then a heat began to pool in the pit of my stomach, and I could feel myself began to pulse and throb faster around her fingers. I felt another finger poking at my slit, and then she pushed it inside as well, and she began pumping them in and out as fast as she could, all the while sucking on my clit, and I was a writhing mess beneath her, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

And then the warmth began to intensify, and my clit throbbed in her mouth, and my cunt began to clench around her fingers, and then my orgasm shot through me.

I arched my back, thrusting my cunt down onto her fingers, reaching with my hands to push her head as hard as I could against my pussy, screaming and crying out as waves and waves of the most intense pleasure I had ever felt crashed through me. Miranda ran her tongue lazily over my pussy, licking up my juices, letting me ride the wave of ecstasy until it died down.

The room was silent but for the sound of her tongue lapping between my legs, and I noticed vaguely in the back of my mind that the video had stopped. After a while Miranda sat up, wiping the back of her hand over her mouth and smirking at me. "Did you like that?" I blushed and averted my eyes. Saying I liked it would have been a gross understatement. Then she began to undress in front of me, pulling her shirt up over her head and wriggling out of her shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties.

She sat back against the edge of her bed and spread her legs wide, running her fingers over her own cunt. I stared at the pretty pink folds, mesmerized as she moved her finger about herself.

"Now it's time for you to return the favor, isn't it?" My eyes grew wide at this statement. Return the favor? Did she want me to do the same thing to her? A small shock of anxiety shuddered through my body.

There was no way I could do what she had done to me. "But. Miranda, I can't." "Bullshit," she interrupted me. "It's only fair.

I lick your snatch, you lick mine. I make you cum, you return the favor. That's just how it works. You got it?" I was still lying back on the bed, afraid to move, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit excited at the prospect of tasting another girl's cunt.

Admittedly my fantasies for Miranda hadn't gone any further than kissing her and wanting to watch her masturbate in front of me again, but after the video, and after what she had done to me. "Come on, I'm horny as fuck and I want to cum." I turned over and crawled towards her, leaning down so that my face was between her legs, inches from her pussy.

I stared at it, reaching up with one hand and running my finger down the middle of her, feeling the increase in wetness as I neared the entrance to her vagina. She shuddered above me and sighed contentedly. I brought my hand up to my face and licked at my wet finger.

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It was like nothing I had tasted before, bittersweet in a way that was hard to describe. I stuck out my tongue and placed it at the base of her slit, licking upwards in one smooth stroke, flicking my tongue against her clit as I went. I heard a low groan escape her throat, so I repeated the motion, licking slowly upwards, spreading her juices over her pussy with my tongue.

"My clit. suck on it. I'm already. so close." Her words were breathless, and I peeked up at her, watching her run her fingers over her nipples. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck on it gently, swirling my tongue around it, and her moans deepened and I felt her legs start to shake. "Unh, god, that's it. suck it. suck it harder." I did as she asked, sucking her clit harder, pulling it roughly into my mouth.

A string of curses flowed out of her mouth, punctuated by pleasurable moans and cries of ecstasy. She reached down with one hand and shoved two fingers into her dripping slit, pumping them in and out rapidly. With her other hand she pressed down on my head, pushing me into her pussy, grinding my face against her clit.

"Oh shit! Oh, fuck yeah I'm gonna cum. oh god, suck it. fuck, I'm gonna cum all over your face.!" She was bucking underneath me, thrusting her fingers as fast as she could, matching her thrusts with her hips, and all the while I was sucking as hard as I could, swirling my tongue around every inch of her pussy I could reach, loving the taste of her juices as they flowed out of her and into my mouth.

And then she screamed, a long unbroken cry of pleasure, convulsing and thrusting upwards, pushing my head into her crotch, juices flowing out of her as her pussy clenched and pulsed around her fingers. She sighed deeply and relaxed beneath me, running her fingers through my hair. I continued to lick at her cunt, lapping up her juices, relishing in the taste of her.

"You did a good job," I heard her say. "Now I won't have to charge you twenty bucks." I looked up at her, and she smirked down at me.