Ebony teen tied punished and fucked hard

Ebony teen tied punished and fucked hard
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Submissive Incest Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Two: Naughty Daughter's Vibrating Punishment By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Eighteen-year-old Cindy sat with her twin sister, Mindy, in their father's office at the Institute of Apotheosis, the two of them watching the computer monitor with rapt attention.

An excitement built inside of Cindy's pussy, a ball of heat that had her shivering. The new goddess, Bess Atwater, moaned and gasped as her father fucked her hard from behind, her ass glowing red from being spanked.

The sight had utterly captivated Cindy. Witnessing the goddess being spanked after she revealed to her father how he should act as a parent had stimulated Cindy. "This is so amazing," Mindy whispered to her twin sister. Cindy nodded, her eyes glancing over at their father, James Maxwell, his hands stroking his hard cock as he watched Bess moaning and gasping.

Cindy licked her lips then asked her twin in a hushed voice, "How can we be naughty?" Mindy's eyes widened. She glanced at their masturbating father.

"You're so wicked." Cindy nodded, aching to be spanked by her father and then fucked so hard. The goddess and her father reached their climax, both gasping and moaning. Cindy's imagination burned with such delight. The goddess Bess had taken it upon her to be an example of how naughty daughters should be disciplined. She surrendered her own body to her father's spanking, taking the pain, the naughty crimes of all daughters, upon herself.

It was so self-sacrificing. Cindy loved the new goddess so much. She grabbed her twin sister's hand, squeezing so hard, her pussy soaking her panties. She was so glad her father had joined the Institute, that they followed the teachings of Dr. H. P. Blavatsky and helped locate the new gods and goddess to awaken mankind. Because incest was amazing. Cindy loved eating her twin's pussy, especially when it was full of their father's cum. And now. Now she had to experience the ecstasy Bess showed her.

She had to be naughty, too. "Oh, my," Mindy gasped as the Goddess's mother burst into the bedroom. "What will the Goddess teach her mother?" Cindy squeezed Mindy's hand, eager to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Disciplining her?" Mommy snarled, her face twisting with anger, her light-brown hair spilling about a face mottled with red rage.

Her green eyes, the same hue of my own, stared at me. "You're DISCIPLINING her!" I had never seen her angry before. I had finally done something naughty enough to get her mad, and it was my father that received her wroth, not me. It was so unfair. I had used my new mind control powers, gifted to me by the strange Halo sent by the weird Institute of Apotheosis, to finally educate him to be a proper father. My ass burned from being spanked by him and my pussy. My pussy reveled at the feel his hard cock buried deep in me, his cum filling me up.

He had taken my virginity. He had fucked my eighteen-year-old body hard, finally aroused by me. It was amazing. And then Mommy burst in and found us. "You bastard!" she snarled, advancing on us. "How could you fuck our daughter?" "Mommy," I gasped, staring at her hard, my black hair spilling about my flushed face, "relax." Needles stabbed into my mind.

A thousand prickling, tingling pricks that washed across my thoughts. My vision fuzzed dark along the edges as my cunt clenched down hard on my daddy's softening cock. I groaned as my new mind control powers affected my mother. The anger melted out of her face. Her body's tension vanished, her hands unclenching from fists.

She shook her head, her eyes widening, bewilderment crossing her face. Her hands went up to her breasts. She took a step back. "W-what, Bess?" "This how a father disciplines his daughter," I said, more prickling pain hitting my mind.

The more my commands changed someone, the more it tingled or even hurt.

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"How a parent disciplines their daughter when she's naughty." Mother shuddered, shaking her head. Her forehead furrows.

"He. he spanked you. Fucked you." "Yes, I made him so hard, Mommy.

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Just like I make you so wet!" Darkness crossed my vision. I gasped, my cunt clenching again as they prickling danced across my thoughts. It was such a powerful sensation. My mother let out a wicked moan.

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I blinked, shaking my head, my thoughts buzzing. "Daughters have to spanked and used when they're naughty," I continued, the prickling dying down to a buzz as Mommy stared at me with a growing hunger in her green eyes. She licked her lips, her body shaking, her nipples hardening against her breasts. "They have to be tied up as a punishment.

The opposite way of how you've handled me until now!" "Tied up." Mommy said. "Like BDSM?" "Yes, yes, just like that!" I gasped in delight as my daddy groaned with my mommy. My heart pounded in my chest as I knelt on their bed, my small tits jiggling beneath me.

"I was so naughty today. I wrecked Daddy's car! I masturbated in the hallway! I do that all the time, begging to be fucked by Daddy, acting like a slut." "Yes," Mommy moaned.

"A slut. You've been such a handful. You've made me so angry. I thought I should suppress it, but." "But when you're angry at me, you have to discipline me!" I moaned. "Make me submit to your punishment." "Oh, young lady, we will," Daddy said, his hands stroking my sides, his dick half-hard in my pussy. "Yes, yes, you've been such a naughty slut," Mommy moaned, her voice thick and throaty. Her hands went to the buttons of her blouse, working them down. "You've caused so many problems for me.

You've driven me to my wits ends trying to be a good mother. Trying not to lose my anger with you. To not be a terrible parent like my mother." "But now you see how wrong that was!" I gasped in delight as Daddy pulled out of me. His cum ran down my thighs, so hot and naughty. Mother pulled off her blouse, her breasts constrained in a gray bra. She reached behind her, unhooking her bra, her tits spilling out, nice and round, with a plumpness about them that made me shiver.

Her nipples fat and pink like my own (I had small tits, but big nubs). I licked my lips, such hunger surging through me as she unzipped her baggy mom jeans.

She had matching panties beneath, the same design as her bra. "Yes, yes, get naked to discipline me, Mommy," I moaned, no tingles at all racing about my thoughts. "Show me how wet I've made you. Ooh, you want to eat my pussy full of Daddy's cum.

You love eating creampies!" "I do," she said, barely more than an itch crossing my mind. "Such a treat." "Yes!" I gasped as she shoved down her panties, revealing her pussy. Her shaved pussy. I blinked at that, my mother's pussy lips on display, pink and swollen, thrusting out of her vulva like the blossoms of a beautiful flower, her nectar beading on the folds.

"You're going to love it." She let out a purr of delight, nodding her head. She walked to her closet naked, my eyes following her rump until I couldn't turn my neck any more. I stared down at the comforter, trembling, waiting for her to eat my creampie. Daddy sat on the bed beside me, his body strong. He was a tall man with short, black hair. He had a chiseled face, the perfect, masculine, fatherly features. And now that he'd gotten all that hippie nonsense out of his head so he could properly discipline me.

The closer door rattled open. Clothing rustled, hangers sliding across the wooden dowel. Was she looking for an outfit?

Something creaked and then wood ground on wood. I frowned, wondering what she was doing. I looked over my shoulder and— "Holy shit!" My mom had opened up a hidden panel. Their closet was deeper than I thought. They had a whole compartment full of BDSM paraphernalia. There was a leather flogger, rope, restraints, handcuffs, a wooden paddle, nipple clamps, several dildos and vibrators, a pair of butt plugs, a wand massager, blindfolds, gags. "What?" I gasped.

"Your mother gets naughty sometimes," Daddy said, his hand idly stroking my sore ass. "What?" I gasped again. I couldn't believe this. My parents were into BDSM. And they didn't want to discipline me? What was wrong with them?

I was so glad that I fixed them. My mother grabbed something and advanced on the bed. I hardly noticed it as I kept staring at all the things they had. Nipple clamps! My nubs tingled. And what was that glove covered in little spikes? And was that a leather hood?

Did Daddy put that on Mommy? Mommy grabbed my black hair and jerked my head back. I gasped, delighting in the flare of pain across my scalp. My mouth opened wide as the heat rippled out of my pussy.

My mommy was punishing me— She shoved a gag into my mouth. Not a ball gag, but a wide ring that force my mouth to be open wide. I could thrust my tongue through it but couldn't move my jaw. She secured it behind my head. Something clicked. Like it had a lock. Panic shot through me. My eyes widened. I tried to speak, but only mushy sounds came out, my tongue flailing around in my mouth. I couldn't speak. I couldn't give orders to my parents. I was utterly helpless. At their mercy. I shuddered, the heat in my cunt growing as I stared into Mommy's green eyes.

She stared down at me, a dark, satisfied grin on her face. She licked her lips, her hips swaying from side to side. She let out a purring moan. "My mother always said children should be seen, not heard," she said, her voice a honey-smooth. Such a sultry sound. "I thought that was barbaric, but." I tried to say, "But now you know." It came out as an unintelligent mush.

Drool ran down my chin. I couldn't stop it. I felt so demeaned. Like such a bad girl. It made my pussy tingle more.


My nipples throbbed. "You have been such a trial, Bess," she continued. "You've made me want to pull out my hair with your wild antics. And now. Your Father and I will punish you right. We'll mold you into a proper young lady." I whimpered in delight. I was at their mercy, so helpless, and I loved it. "Yes, we will," Daddy said. "Woman, I know you're hungry to eat that creampie." "So much, Father," Mommy said.

She called him Father when they played BDSM? How did I not realize my parents were such kinky freaks? This was awesome. And now. Now I got to play with them. What would they do to me? "Eat that barely legal cunt," Daddy growled. "Feast on that hot, little pussy. Clean out every drop of my cum out her snatch." Yes, Father," Mommy moaned. "And you, you little tramp, get your Father's cock so hard. Put that whore mouth to use. You won't say those filthy words any longer.

You won't backtalk us or give us sass with your mouth stuffed full of dick." Her hand yanked my head down to my daddy's cock glistening with my juices. I smelled my spicy juices on him. I whimpered, more drool leaking out of my gagged mouth. The ring kept my mouth opened wide enough to swallow my daddy's dick. She grasped his half-hard shaft by the base and forced it into my mouth. I sucked. My tongue danced around the shaft, feeling it throb, tasting my spicy pussy.

It was so naughty. My hips wiggled, more and more of his cum trickling out of me. It ran in thick rivulets down my thighs as I sucked with wanton abandon.


"That's it, young lady," Daddy groaned. "That's how you treat your father." "Yes," Mommy moaned, moving around the bed. "Oh, Father, we're going to mold her into the perfect daughter." Her hands grasped my spanked rump. She squeezed, pain flaring across my butt-cheeks. I shivered, moaning about my daddy's hardening cock. Her tongue lapped up my legs.

She gathered the salty cum running down my thighs. She dragged her tongue up my skin, tingles racing ahead of it to my juicy pussy. I made such wanton, noisy suckling sound as my hips wiggled. Her fingers dug into my asscheeks again. The wonderful flare of heat sent dizzy delight through me. I nursed hard on my daddy's dick. He was fully hard again. He groaned, his fatherly face twisting with the pleasure I gave him.

Mommy's tongue reached my pussy. She nuzzled into my trimmed bush, her tongue lapping through my folds. She teased my pussy lips, sending such sweet delight through me. My mommy ate my pussy while I sucked my daddy's cock. This day couldn't get any better.

I was naughty, and they punished me. Her fingers kneaded my throbbing ass. The pain mixed with the pleasure. I loved it. I sucked as hard as I could on his dick. I bobbed my head, my little tits jiggling. Mommy licked again and again, gathering Daddy's incestuous seed as it poured out of my snatch. "Mmm, she tastes like me, Father," Mommy said. "It's even better than when I scoop your cum out of my pussy." "She's takes after naughty mother," Daddy said.

"She has your green eyes. And she sucks cock with such enthusiasm." "Wicked slut," Mommy moaned. Her hand smacked my spanked rump. I moaned, my cunt clenching. Then her tongue buried into my snatch. She wiggled it deep, searching around inside of me. Pleasure built and built in the depths of my cunt as Mommy ate my snatch. She gathered all of Daddy's cum out of me that she could, stimulating my pussy walls. Every flutter of her tongue brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I reveled in this, bobbing my head, my tongue swirling about my daddy's cock. Drool ran down my chin. I felt like such a slutty whore. A wanton daughter. It was everything I wanted. My fingers dug into the bedspread as my pussy clenched about my mother's probing tongue. She swirled it around in me. I squirmed my hips back into her, grinding on her hot pussy lips.

She feasted on me. She gave me such pleasure and such pain, her fingers digging into my rump. "She's got such a hot cunt, Father," Mommy moaned. "And a hot mouth, woman," he growled, his hands grabbing my head. He bobbed my head, fucking my mouth up and down his cock. I utterly surrendered to his lusts.

His cock brushed the back of my throat. He kept forcing my head down. I gasped, unable to stop him. I chocked and coughed. I gasped, a gurgling moan rising in my throat. Then he rammed his dick down my gullet. My eyes widened, heat swirling through my pussy.

He used me. It was amazing. I came hard. My pussy convulsed. My mommy's tongue fluttered through my cunt, lapping up the juices flooding out of me. Ecstasy shot through my body. Stars burst across my vision. I moaned about my daddy's cock, my throat constricting about his shaft. He groaned.

His head threw back. He let out low moans of delight. He enjoyed it. Even though I was cumming, I still gave him pleasure. My hips wiggled back and forth, rubbing against my mother's hungry mouth. It felt amazing. My parents used me. Pleasure rippled through my body. The waves washed through me. Daddy's fingers tightened in my hair.

He ripped my mouth up his cock. I sucked the entire time, my pleasure peaking through me. "Young lady!" Daddy growled. His cum fired into my mouth. Salty, delicious, thick, cream. It coated the roof of my mouth and my tongue. It swirled around my teeth. I gulped it down, swallowing every drop of my daddy's incestuous cream. My mommy's tongue wiggled through my pussy as another orgasm burst through me.

"That's it, young lady!" Daddy growled. "That's how you please your father," my mommy moaned between licks. Her tongue fluttered against my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. It was amazing. Sparks burst across my vision.

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I loved it. I wanted to be used over and over. Daddy's cock erupted a final time into my mouth. I gulped it down, sucking in breaths through my nostrils as the rapture carried me to such heights of pleasure. He released my hair, gasping and groaning, his face flushed with the ecstasy I gave him.

"Mmm, young lady, you're earning our forgiveness," Mommy said, her fingers squeezing my rump once more. Then she let go. "But you have more to do." "Yes," Daddy groaned. "Woman, you know what to do." "Yes, Father," my mother purred. I still couldn't believe my mother was my Daddy's submissive.

It was so wild. I rested my head in my daddy's lap, his softening dick rubbing on my cheek. I panted, my heart pounding blood through my veins. Drool dribbled out of my open lips, making me feel even more like a wanton whore. I couldn't close my mouth. I couldn't talk. I could only give pleasure with my mouth.

No talking back. No arguing. Just servicing my parents. My mother gathered supplies. I trembled, a ball of excitement growing in my stomach. I wondered what she would do to me. I closed my eyes, waiting to find out. I breathed in the musk in the air, salty cum, my spicy pussy, my daddy's musk.

It was so amazing. She returned to the bed. She grabbed my right ankle, pulling my leg farther apart. She put a leather cuff around it. Then another one on my other ankle. I shuddered, feeling a bar connected to the cuffs, forcing my legs to stay apart. "Put those hands behind your back, young lady," Mommy said, her voice so stern.

I whimpered and obeyed. This forced my head to rest on my daddy's hard cock. The trembles grew. My pussy dripped juices; my mouth drooled saliva. She grabbed my wrists, attaching leather cuffs to them, manacling my arms behind my back. I shivered, feeling even more helpless. I couldn't move now. I could only lie here and let them use me.

Discipline me. Then I heard the familiar rip of duct tape. I shivered. Why did she have that? She pressed something round against my pussy, as wide as my fist but curved. I shuddered at the feel of it against me. It connected to a long handle the length of my forearm. She pressed it against my right thigh and taped it to my leg, holding the end against me.

I wanted to ask what it— It hummed to life. My eyes bulged. It was a wand massager. It stimulated my clit and pussy lips. The pleasure rippled through me. I gasped and groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. It attacked my snatch with bliss. My eyes squeezed shut as the ecstasy washed through me. "Now think about what you've done, young lady," Mommy said. "I have to go make dinner.

And your father has his work to do." "Lawn won't mow itself," he laughed, lifting my head so he could slid out from beneath me and climb off the bed. I moaned, my tongue wiggling in my spread-open mouth. I laid there, chin on the bed, my ass up in the air. The wand massager buzzed against me. It stimulated my entire pussy. The door closed, plunging the room into shadows. I squeezed my eyes shut, my entire body wiggling, my limbs pulling at my restraints.

My orgasm swelled in me. I couldn't fight it. It was a rising tide of rapture. The vibrator made my clit ache. Sparks showered through my snatch. My cunt clenched. My juices flowed out of me, coating the massager with my cream. It ran down my thighs. I cried out as the ecstasy convulsed through my pussy. It washed through my body and into my mind.

Rapture smothered my thoughts. I moaned louder, wordless passion filling the room. The bed creaked as I shuddered. My hard nipples ached while my labia.

My labia drank in the vibration, turning it into bliss. Humming, euphoric bliss. It wouldn't stop. It kept going and going. More and more vibrating rapture rippled through my body.

My pussy spasmed and writhed. My entire body quaked. There was nothing I could do to stop it. The euphoria bliss surged through me. Another orgasm exploded in my cunt. My juices bathed the wand massager. My eyes fluttered. Darkness washed across my vision. My hips wiggled from side to side. The buzzing end shifting on my clit, my labia. It wouldn't end.

It kept going and going. I drowned in rapture. The pleasure verged on aching agony. My clit and labia so sensitive, growing numb from the humming delight.

I drank in the ecstasy. Time vanished. There was only bliss.

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Rapture. Ecstasy. How long would his last? How long could I take never-ending bliss.

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I screamed out as another orgasm spasmed through my cunt. Juices flooded down my thighs.

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My drool flooded out of my mouth as I howled out in euphoria. The wand massager kept giving me delight. Delight. My punishment carried me into ecstasy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ooops," Cindy said, knocking over the computer monitor.

It fell off the back of their father's desk, hitting the ground with a loud clatter. "Cindy?" their father spluttered, the moans from the goddess's punishment cut off.

Mindy pushed off the second monitor. "Oh, no," she gasped then faced their father, a big grin on her face. "Sorry, Daddy." "Sorry," Cindy said, her entire body shaking. Their father rose, his face growing dark.

"Panties off, young ladies." "Yes, Daddy!" Cindy moaned with her twins. Cindy pulled off her sodden panties down her lithe, young thighs. She stepped out of them, thrusting the dainty scrap of light-blue towards her father. A moment later, Mindy held her soft-pink panties in her hand. Her daddy snatched up their panties. Cindy shuddered as her daddy shoved Mindy's panties into her own mouth. She tasted her twin sister's tart passion as she moaned into her improvised gag.

Then her daddy shoved her own panties into Mindy's mouth, making her twin look so naughty. "Bend those asses over the desk, young lady!" Cindy moaned in delight into her panty gag. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The orgasms never stopped. I didn't know how many times I came. How many times my pussy convulsed in utter rapture. It drowned me. In bliss. It swamped my mind with ecstasy. My pussy ached. The wand massager gave me so much rapture it hurt.

My labia and clit grew so sore, overstimulated. And that just made my climaxes spasm my cunt harder. Made me scream louder. I trembled on the bed, my thighs slicked with my pussy juices. My spicy musk filled my every inhalation. My heart thundered in my chest. The bed creaked as I writhed. The wand massager was relentless. It would never end. It would keep me in this world of bliss. I would cum and cum and cum. I would drown in orgasms. Ecstasy.

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Rapture. Something hot splashed on my ass. I shuddered, wiggling my hips as this thick cream spilled over my burning asscheeks. I didn't know what it was. Couldn't understand more than just the feel of it running over my rump. It dribbled into my butt-crack and soothed the dull ache from my spanking. I whimpered in wordless bliss, another orgasms surging through me.

My pussy convulsed as my labia and clit begged for relief from the buzzing bliss. Stars burst across my vision a more and more of the cream spurted on my ass. A salty, familiar scent filled my nose. And then the buzzing ended. It took me a minute to even realized the vibrating assault on my pussy had ceased. That it no longer hummed away against me. My cunt still spasmed. Bliss still pumped through my veins.

Ecstasy still burned through my system. I blinked my eyes, realizing the bedroom lights had turned back on. My parents stood over me, both naked, Mommy's nipples hard and her shaved pussy glistening with her juices.

She stroked Daddy's cock as they stared down at me. White cum dripped from the edge of his dick. "Mmm, young lady," Mommy purred, releasing his cock and rubbing the hot cream—his cum—into my ass.

"Let me soothe away all that hurt. Your punishment is over. I hoped you learned your lesson." I moaned, pulling at the restraints, unable to answer her. "Mmm, I hope you didn't," she purred. "Father and I want to keep disciplining you. We'll mold you into being a proper, young lady." "Just like I had to mold your mother," Daddy said, stroking his half-hard cock.

I whimpered in delight, feeling at once both so exhausted and so eager for more fun. Especially as Mommy's fingers worked his cum into my rump like it was a fine lotion. She followed the rivulets across my skin and even dipped her digits into my butt-crack. My eyes widened when she found my sphincter. I moaned as she stroked my puckered hole. Her finger massaged his cum into my anal ring. My pussy clenched. A hot trickle of my pussy cream ran down my thigh, stimulating my skin.

"Mmm, yes, yes, you need to learn to be a proper young lady," Mommy moaned as the tip of her finger penetrated my asshole. My eyes bulged at the feel of her digit worming into my asshole.

She pumped it in and out, using Daddy's cum to lube the way. It sent such naughty ripples through my body. It stimulated me in ways I'd never expected. My bowels clenched down on her finger, drinking in the new sensation, so glad my pussy had some relief. I whimpered, my eyes fluttered as I watched Daddy.

He stared down at me, such hunger in his fatherly face, his hand stroking his hard dick. "Mmm, Father, she's still being naughty," Mommy purred. "Just listen to her." "She is making such wicked noises," Daddy said. "Young lady, you haven't learned anything. We're going to have to keep punishing you, aren't we?" I moaned out in delight, my entire body shaking, my asshole squeezing down so hard on my mommy's finger.

Mommy purred and shoved a second finger into my asshole. I groaned as she stimulated me. This delicious heat boiled out of my asshole and into my pussy. I wiggled my hips, rubbing my pussy against the wand massager still taped to my thighs.

Daddy leaned down. He pulled at the tape. Hard. I screamed as the sticky restraint ripped at my skin. My entire body convulsed at the surge of wicked pain through me. My toes curled. Stars floated across my vision.

I gasped again as he ripped the second piece, the wand massager falling away from my cunt. "The little slut loved that, Father.

Her asshole clenched down so hard on my fingers." Mommy jammed her two digits deeper into my rectum. "We are going to have spend all night educating her," Daddy said. "Mmm, yes," Mommy moaned. Then her tongue flicked across my pussy lips. I shuddered, the touch feeling cool against my burning, overstimulated labia. Her licks were gentle, soothing. Just enough to make me tingle. I shook, my arms pulling at the handcuffs, the leather rubbing on my lower back.

I sucked in breaths through my open mouth, more drool leaking out, soaking into the bed. Daddy rummaged through the BDSM closet. I shivered in delight, aching to see what he would find. He chuckled. "Perfect." "Mmm, I bet it is, Father," Mommy purred before she probed her tongue with delicate care into the depths of my cunt.

Daddy mounted the bed, the springs creaking. He stretched out on his side behind me, his fists clenched about something small. I whimpered, wiggling my hips, my asshole clenching and relaxing on Mommy's probing fingers.

Daddy opened his hands. A nipple clamp rested in each palm, the snapping, metal jaws covered in a thin layer of pink felt. I shivered, my fat nubs throbbing. He just gave me such a strong smile as he opened and closed them both. I whimpered and wiggled. "Mmm, yes, Father, punish our wicked daughter!" I gasped as he pinched the first nipple.

A rush of pain shot through me. My nub ached until the initial flare died down to a pulsing throb matching the beat of my pounding heart.

It pulled at my small breast, distending my nipple. As I shook, it swayed, adding sparks of agony to the bliss my mommy's tongue and fingers stirred in my cunt. Then Daddy clamped my second nipple. I moaned through the ring gag.

My jaw ached, wanting to snap shut. I whimpered and shuddered. The clamps transformed my nipples into pulsing points of pain. My nostrils flared as heavy exhales burst out of them.

"There, young lady, think about what you've done," he said. "You keep being a naughty whore, and we'll have to keep punishing you." "Mmm, yes." Mommy's tongue fluttered against my clit. She forced a third finger into my asshole. My eyes widened as my sphincter spread wider and wider about my digits.

Daddy groaned, stroking his dick as he watched Mommy play with my asshole. He had such a hungry look on his face as his cock swelled harder and harder.

"Get that ass ready for me, woman." "Yes, Father." My eyes widened. My entire body shook, jiggling my little titties, the clamps pulling on my abused nipples. I moaned in wanton need, squeezing my bowels down on those three fingers stretching me out, getting me ready for my daddy's cock. What a wonderful day. I wanted to cry out my thanks to the crazy institute for giving me mind control powers.

Mommy licked through my pussy folds again, moaning her delight. She jammed her digits deep into my rectum. She wiggled them around, making me squirm. She stimulated my anal sheath, the sensation so different from having my pussy played with. So wonderful. "She's ready for you, Father." "Mmm, good," Daddy said. Mommy ripped my fingers out of my asshole.

She stretched out over the bed, her round tits swaying, and kissed Daddy on the lips, her mouth stained with my juices. Daddy tasted them on her lips, his fingers pinching her nipples hard. Mommy whimpered, sounding just like me as he distended those fat, pink nubs.

Her tits stretched. He abused them. My nipples ached harder, feeling the clamps biting into them. I whimpered, wiggling in my restrains. "Enjoy her, Father," Mommy said, breathless. "Her ass is so tight." "As tight as yours when I broke it in, woman?" "Tighter!" Daddy let out a groan of delight. He grinned. "Woman, enjoy our daughter's mouth on that slutty cunt." Mommy squealed like a little girl.

"Yes, Father!" She kissed him again, thrusting her tongue into his mouth while her breasts pressed against his, his cock rubbing on her stomach. He kissed her back, devouring her mouth. He rolled her onto her back, atop her. She gasped as he rammed into her cunt. My asshole clenched in envy. I thought he was going to fuck me. Mommy quivered beneath him, whimpering into his kiss as he pumped away at her snatch.

Frustration swirled through me. If I could talk. Then Daddy ripped his cock out of her cunt. It thrust hard and glistening before him and. I groaned in realization. He moved behind me, pressing his lubed dick between my butt-cheeks and finding my sphincter. Mommy, shivering in delight, moved up the bed, settling before me, her pussy inches from my face. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy. She tasted spicy. Like me. "Eat my cunt, young lady!" I moaned into her snatch my tongue thrusting through my forced-open lips.

I fluttered it through her folds, gathering her spicy flavor, reveling in the incestuous delight of her pussy. I trembled, my body shaking, my daddy's cock poised at the entrance of my cunt and— Daddy thrust.

I groaned. My asshole surrendered. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed into Mommy's juicy cunt. My anal ring spread wider and wider. It stretched and stretched to swallow the tip of Daddy's pussy-lubed cock.

He popped into my bowels and slid deeper and deeper into me. I pressed my face tight into my mother's shaved cunt. My tongue buried into her depths as Daddy filled my bowels. He was so thick. So huge. My anal sheath clenched about him, feeling every inch of his girth in me. "Young lady," Daddy groaned, his voice so throaty.

"Mmm, enjoy her ass, Father!" Mommy pulled harder on my hair, keeping my face planted against her cunt. The very cunt that birthed me. "Fuck our wanton daughter so hard. She's wanted this for so long." "So long," grunted Daddy. Then he drew back. My eighteen-year-old body shuddered as his cock slid through my anal sheath.

My bowels gripped down on him, celebrating the velvety friction. The heat melted into my pussy. My cunt drank in the sensation. He slammed into me. His crotch smacked my spanked ass.

My titties jiggled. The nipple clamps swayed. Pain and pleasure surged through my body, assaulting me from every direction. I moaned into my mommy's cunt as my tongue flailed through her folds. Mommy groaned. Her tits jiggled as she ground her hot cunt against me. I feasted on her incestuous twat. I reveled in pleasing the very hole that birthed me.

I came from this pussy. The cock fucking my ass planted me in this cunt. I groaned in wordless pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes," grunted Daddy as he plowed my asshole. He buried over and over into me, his crotch spanking my rump again and again. My pussy clenched every time. "Fuck, you have a tight ass, young lady." "Mmm, and an agile tongue." Mommy twisted her fingers around my hair.

"Oh, yes, yes, young lady, eat my cunt. Feast on it. Drive that tongue so deep into me and make me explode!" I wanted that.


So badly. I wanted to feast on her. To devour that delicious pussy. I wanted to drink her cream as it gushed out of her pussy. I flailed my tongue through her pussy folds, devouring my first cunt, reveling in the incestuous bliss while Daddy pounded my asshole so hard. His every thrust brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. My eyes rolled back in my head as I shuddered.

His dick thrust so hard. His wonderful, incestuous shaft gave me such rapture. My body shuddered, my nipples throbbed, my asshole burned. Juices poured out of my pussy as my orgasm swelled and swelled. My tongue flicked at my mommy's clit as I came closer to cumming.

Ripples of heat washed through me as my parent's used my body. Mommy ground her cunt against me, her tits heaving, pleasuring crossing her face. "Oh, Father, our wanton daughter is making me feel so good!" "Good!" he grunted, thrusting even harder, his balls smacking into my taint. They felt so heavy with his seed.

"Young lady! Keep working that ass back. I'm going to dump so much cum into your wanton asshole. You want it so badly, slut!" I did! I squeezed my bowels around his dick, whimpering while my tongue assaulted Mommy's clit. I gave them all the pleasure I could while bliss rippled out of my pussy. The pressure swelled in my core. I locked my lips around my mother's nub, sucking so hard on it. She squealed. Her fingers pulled at my hair. Her entire body heaved. "You nasty slut!" she cried out.

"Young lady, you are a pussy-licking whore!" My mother bathed my face with her excitement. Her hot, spicy cream poured out of her cunt. It spilled over my cheeks. I squeezed my eyes shut, whimpering, loving the delight. More and more of her cream stained my cheeks. It felt wonderful. Magical. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted it to keep washing over me. I drank it up. I licked and lapped up the flood of pussy juices gushing out of her cunt.

The wondrous delight poured into my mouth. My cunt grew hotter. I bucked back into my daddy's hard thrusts. He grunted. "Damn! Young lady, damn! You made your mother cum!" His cock buried to the hilt in my bowels. The hard impact of his crotch smacking my burning ass rocked my body forward. My nipples screamed in momentary pain, stretched by the clamps.

My body drank in it. Daddy erupted into my asshole. His hot cum jetted into my bowels. It sloshed inside of me. My eyes squeezed shut.

I moaned into my mother's cunt, my tongue wiggling through her folds. Pleasure surged through me as Daddy grunted with each blast. "You are a whore, young lady!" growled my daddy. "An anal whore!" I screamed out in rapture, my orgasm exploding through me. Juices gushed out of my cunt and flooded down my thighs. My entire body quaked and quivered.

Rapture surged through my body and drowned my mind. I moaned and gasped into my mommy's spicy cunt. Stars danced through my vision. My pussy convulsed. My asshole writhed about my daddy's cock, milking out every drop of incestuous cum. The bliss surged through me. It inundated every inch of my body, a wondrous flood that had me quivering in delight.

My pleasure surged through me. I loved this. I loved mind-controlling my parents into treating me like their little whore. To use me. To punish me. I panted into my mommy's pussy, my jaw aching, my nipples throbbing, my bowels burning, and my asshole spasming.

Pleasure and pain. Agony and ecstasy. I loved them both. I was like my mother, a BDSM slut. I nuzzled into her pussy as Daddy pulled his cock out of my asshole.

His cum trickled out of my sphincter and ran down to my bush, matting my silk. I sucked in breaths, my wrists chafing, my arms sore, my body trembling from being restrained for hours.

"Mmm, Father, we have got to introduce my sister to this form of discipline," Mommy purred. "She would just love it." "So would Georgia," Daddy said.

I groaned, imagining Georgia, my cousin and partner in crime, getting spanked and fucked by my hunky Uncle Wayne and my sexy Aunt Louisa, mom's sister. I wanted that so badly. I would educate them, too. I couldn't wait. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tears fell down Cindy's cheeks as she beamed in delight. Her ass burned so wonderfully. She stared at her twin sister, their cheeks both pressed against their daddy's desk. Mindy, too, had tears staining her flushed features, her dark eyes glazed.

Cindy moaned into her panty gag as her daddy's cock rammed home into her cunt. Her barely legal snatch clenched down on it, the bliss shuddering through her. She whimpered as he fucked her hard, his crotch smacking into her disciplined rump. Thank you, Goddess Bess, she thought, thank you for suffering and being an example to my sister and me. To be continued.