Splendid Asian teen Kaoruko Wakaba gets screwed hard

Splendid Asian teen Kaoruko Wakaba gets screwed hard
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Cousin Jessica told me that when she did it to her dad, my Uncle John, he went off like an angry volcano and spewed his creamy lava halfway across the room. U didn't believe it until she did it to me.

Jessica bad I started fucking the summer after we graduated from high school. We were both eighteen and we would be going to the same college in the fall. She came to stay withus for awhile that summer. We were both pretty horny, but wewere timid as well, and we might never have gottter together at all if my erection hadn't popped out the leg of my running shorts while we were dancing in the playroom late one night.

Before I could tuck it away, her soft hands were on it. We shed our clothes quickly. The only thing I said was, "Are you on the pill?" She didn't say anything ~ she just nodded. She stretched out on the couch, spread her legs and I mounted her for the first of many glorious fucks that we would share. Her pussy was so juicy that my cock made squishing sounds as it slid in and out of her. We kissed each other hungrily; she clawed my back writhed beneath me as my cock swelled inside of her until I thought it would burst.

She moaned softly as her pussy tightened around my surging cock. She gasped as powerful contractions swept through her cunt, sucking my cock into the center of her swirling passion. We squeezed each other tightly as my cock jerked wildly and pumped streams of white- hot semen into her spasming depths.

Nearly three years later, Jessica and I were college junioes, sharing an apartment off campus and sharing each others body as often as possibel. We were just sitting around after dinner, drinking coffee and chatting, when she told me about her dad and what she did for him whenever she went home for awhile.

" No way, " I said. She nodded vigorously, just like the time I asked if she took the pill. Her green eyes were resolute; her curvy, shoulder- length hair streamed across her face. "Come on," I said. "Take your clothes off," she said. Then she turned and left the room.

I sripped and sat on the couch, my cock a fat, languid worm on my thigh. I heard Jessica open the door to the bedroom closet. Then I waited several minutes. She appeared before me, dressed in a candy- striper uniform, with white hose on her legs and white heels on her her feet. My cock stirred. She walked right over to me, lifted the hem of her skirt and showed me stocking tops, garters- and dainty white cotton panties.

She didn't wiggle or anything -- she just stood there, showing me her charms. Then she turned around so I could the way the stocking tops clung to her thighs and the way her ass cheeks crept out the legs of her briefs. My cock jerked to life and stood at attention. She pulled up a chair and sat down across from me. She crossed her right leg over her left leg. She didn't rock her her legs at all. She sat perfectly still, but gave me a clear view of her panries and stocking tops.

My cock throbbed. Pre- cum oozed from the head. She uncrossed her legs, then crossed them the other way. I started to reach for my twitching dick, but she frowned and shook her head. She never said a word. Cousin Jessica uncrossed her legs and sat with her feet on the bottom rung of the chair, her knees slightly apart. She didn't look right at me. I had seen my cousin naked more times than I could remember, but the illicit thrill of looking up her dress was almost more than I could bear.

My cock jerked and the head flared; my balls tightened as my load boiled inside them. Cousin Jessica kicked off her shoes, lifted her legs, and rested her feet on my lap, on the other side of my straining cock. I put my hands on her nylon stockings they were gently rough against my fingertips. She frowned again and shook her head.

I let go of her legs; she caressed my balls with her feet. My erection jerked like Sampson had against his chains.

But that was only the begining. Cousin Jessica's nylon-covered toes gripped the base of my cock, flexed and relaxed. The friction was agonizing. I breathed deeply and arched my back as she literally walked up and down my cock. She used her feet like hands, stroking my cock between them and jacked it.

I looked up her dress as she did it. Semen rose in my shaft. I raised my hips off the couch and thrust, fucking her feet. My cock lurched forward, sprang back and spewed a geyser of goo into the air. It didn't fly across the room, but it soaked into her nylons. Jessica's feet pressed my dick tightly as it continued to twitch, and jizz dribbled from the head.

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She didn't remove her feet until I was absolutely spent. Then she put her feet back in her shoes, stood, and walked out of the room, leaving me sprawled on the couch, gasping for breath.

When she returned, she was butt naked. Her delighted boobs jiggled lewdly as she approached me.

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As I sat up, she pressed her downy mound against my face and I carefully pulled her piter lips apart and lapped her pussy and clitoris. Jessica gyrated against my face.

I grabbed her ass to hold her still and sucked her clitoris hard, tickling the underside of it with my tongue, Jessica cupped her heavy breast and pinched her taut pink nipples. She trembled ; her knees buckled ; huice spilled from her cunt. Her pussy swelled against my lips and exploded with jarring contractions that made her body quake. My spent cock stirred anew as I felt the orgasmic spasms surge through her flesh. Cousin Jessica then dropped to her knees and sucked my cock until it was stiff again.

At that point, she led me into the bedroom, reclined on the bed and spread her legs. I mounted her and buried my head in her bosom, licking, sucking and biting her turgid nipples. Jessica locked her ankles just below my butt. I fucked her with abandon, driving my erection in and out of her slippery groove. My cousin moaned, gritted her teeth and stiffened as my cock swelled within her.

She arched her back, gasped and licked my cheek. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. "Oh, Brian, you're making me come," she cried. "You're making come.


You're making me come, too" I whispered into her ear before swirling my tongue along the lobe. She stiffened again, then writhed beneath me as I ejaculated, splashing my seed against her womb.

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We both lay there, panting, until our spasms subsided. I made some more coffee and Cousin Jessica told me how she had out on her old candy- stripper uniform one night, along with stockings and garters that her mother had bbought her for her righteenth birthday.

She was feeling a little frisky, she said, and sat down across from her father, who sat watching television in his boxers and undershirt.

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She wiggled on the couch until she finally caught her father's eye. It started out as some harmless flirting, but she got bolder and bolder, crossing and uncrosssing her legs to give her father glimpes of her panties, thighs and stocking stops. "His thing just started swelling up," she said, before blowing on her coffee and taking a careful sip.

"My pussy started tingling. My pussy hairs stood up like ther was static cling in the room. I sipped my coffe and listened as she told me how she playfully stretched her legs and put her feet in her daddy's lap. His cockhead peeked out the slit in his boxers and, the next thing I knew, she was masturbating him with her feet. "It was such a powerful thing of control," she said, her green eyes softening nonetheless at the recollection.

"I litterally had him at my feet." Her mother, my mother's sister, walked in on them. She was astonished, Cousin Jessica told me, but it was already too late. Her father went off like a pipe bome, squirting gobs of goo across the room that landedon Jessica's blouse.

"My pussy damn neared turned inside out when I felt his cock throbbing and jerkin against the botttoms of my feet.

I came on the spot when his cum splashed my blouse." I could definitely see where such manipulation would give a guy a thrill. It sure made me spew. But Uncle John got hooked on it. Aunt Bessie wasn't too happy about it at first. Actually, she wasn't too happy about it either, but she put up with it because her husband had given her a good home and a comfortable life.

Uncle John was in his late fifties, at least fifteen years older than Aunt Bessie, and the family lived off his investment portfolio. Jessica said that her father bever fucked her. All he wanted was to shoot off with her sroking feet wrapped around his aching cock. He'd be done for the night, if not longer, after his wxcruciating orgasm. Then, Jessicawould turn her attentions to her mother, who loved for Jessica to crawl between her legs.

They would hump each other, with their tender pussies and plump breasts touching deliciously, until they each came over and over again. "Wow," I said. "Yeah," Cousin Jessica replied. Naturally, I wanted to see this with my own eyes.

Jessica called home and told her dad that we'd be coming to visit the following weekend. "He'll give Mom the fucking of her life now," Jessica told me as soon as she hung up. "He started panting as sooon as he heard my voice." "You don't think he'll mind me watching?" "He won't even know you're in the room. Mom will be another story." "What do you mean?" "Well, you'd better be ready to give her a piece of this," she answered, reaching out and squeezing my cock through my jeans.

I nodded and grinned at her. Uncle John, according to Jessica, never was Mr. :ibido. But the thought of having her feet around his cock would prime his pump - he'd let Aunt Bessie have it pretty good for a couple of days, then keep to himself to build up his reserves for his encounter with his daughter.

I had heard about guys having ferishes, but Uncle John was the only one I knew personally who seemed totally comsumed by one, a very specific one. We left early the following Saturday morning. It was only about a two- hour drive, but still we managed to pull off the highway and follow a dirt road back into the woods for a quick piece.

The road led to an old, abandoned country srore. The wooden buikding seemed ready to collapse upon itself in a sudden breeze, yet it stood--- covered with kudzu and metal signs that touted products from a forgotten era - as a remider of a mere prosperous time. I had been plying with Jessica's pussy all the way down the road, As soon as we stopped, she freed my boner, bent over, and swallowed it.

I ran my fingers through her soft hair and sighed with contentment. We got out of the car and Jessica bent over the hood. I walked up behind her and guided my hard - on into her moist slit.

My cousin slid her T - shirt over her head ; I reached around squeezed her tender breastes as I drove my cock in and out of her.

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Jessica qivered and moaned, she arched her back and threw her hips at me, meetin my desperate thrusts. I released her breasts, which jiggled in the morning sun, and grabbed her hips. My cock tingled as her spasming pussy caressed it ; her warm juices flowed down my shaft and over my tightening balls. Jessica gasped and twitched when her orgasm took control and her pussy clamped down on my surging cock.

My cockhead flared as my load rose in the shaft. "I'm thirsty, Brian," she cried breaking away suddenly, dropping to her knees and plunging my bloated cock into her face. My cock jerked and jism flowed through it. I fired streams of semen down her throat, onto her face and against her bobbing boobs. We cleaned up with moist towelettes and continued our journey. As we neared her home, Jessica told me that most likely her father had been on a high - protien diet all week.

"He's probably having a bowl of bisque right now," she said with a laugh. Sure enough, Uncle John was wiping his chin when we walked in the door. He shook my hand, then looked his daughter up and down, She had her outfit in a travel bag over her shoulder.

She kissed her dad on the cheek, then looked him in the eye.


He nodded and, without a word, she pranced up the stairs. So, you come to watch the old man spew." Aunt Bessie said, walking into the front room. She was healthy, to say the least. She had the same curly red hair and cool green eyes as her daughter. She wasn't as tall, but she had heavy breasts that swayed inrestarined inder her pink housecaot, and a magnificent bottom. "He's just like Old Faithful when it comes to that daughter of his." "She doesn't understand," Uncle John said, putting his arm around me and leading me upstairs.

"She just doesn't understand." We went into Jessica's room. Uncle John stripped and sat down in a straight - backed chair. A similar chair sat right across from. His cock wasn't that long, but it was fat and it was stiff - its pulsated in concentric circles and seemed to jump with each beat of his heart.

His bloated balls hung heavily from the base of his distended member. Aunt Bessie walked over to Uncle Johns and stood astride him with her legs parted.

She pulled open her houscaot, jigggled her tremendous boobs, fingered her twat and said,"You can give me just a little of that" Uncle John pushed her away. "Get out of the way," he cried, "before you gey your slime all over it." Uncle John liked to his meat dry, Jessica had rold me, because that enhanced the friction of her foot - job. Aunt Bessie walked around me, looking me up and down. She pressed against me and purred like a kitten.

My cock twitched in my jeans. "You've got a little bit to give your Aunt Bessie, don't you?" she whispered.

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"He," she tossed her head toward Uncle John, "won't be good for anything for a week>" "I've got more than a little bit for you," I said, reaching around and squeezing her butt so that her mound ground against my crouch.

Aunt Bessie cooed ; I kissed her softly on the lips, then bent to lick and suck well braod stiff nipples. Jessica cleared her throat and walked into the room. I released her mother and srepped back. Aunt Bessie walked over to the bed, sat down and started to figer herself. Cousin Jessica walked up to her father and lifted her skirt, just as she had done for me.

Not a wiggle, not a jiggle, just simple, composed exposure. She turned around to show him her panty - covered bottom, delicious thighs and stocking tops. Pre - cum oozed from the head of Uncle John's cock like water seeping from an underground spring.

Jessica sat down and went through her routine of leg crossing, then kicked off her shoes and wrapped her feet aeound her dad's surging cock. My cock jerked when her feet touched her dad's meat. Beads of sweat covered Uncle John's brow ; his face turned pink and his breathing became hurried and shallow.

His cockhead flared loke the cap of a resilent mushroom that rises, strong and stiff, from the forest floor. Jessica masturbated her father with her feet. He looked at her and she looked at him, like they were locked in some kind of mutual trace. Uncle John grunted. Jessica moaned softly, her face glowed with expectation. Even Aunt Bessie was transfixed ; she stared, with her mouth half open and wild contrctions radiated through her loins. She rolled off me then, and lay beside me panting.

No sooner had Jessica started on her father, than her mother pulled me towards her. I mounted Aunt Bessie and she guided my erection into her quivering cunt. Aunt Bessie lurched toward me, instantly burying my meat to the hilt.

Aunt Bessie was like a wild animal. She shrieked, moaned and groaned as I drove my cock in and out of her convulsing snatch. I watched her titties dance and sway as I fucked her. Her nipples swirled like they were trapped in a whirpool. Cousin Jessica rolled onto her side and watched me fuck her mother.

Aunt Bessie, meanwhile, went over the edge quickly, built another climax and exploded again. She had come three times, shrilly announcing each one, before I felt my load rising in my shaft.

I plunged harde into Aunt Bessie ; her pussy collapsed again, gripping my cock tightly as it exploded and pumped hot semen into her. I rolled off Aunt Bessie. Her daughter kissed me on the cheek and snuggled against me and the three of us drifted into a peaceful nap.

Aunt Bessie fucked both of us several times before we left Sunday evening. "I've got to get it while I can," she declared. "The old man will be useless for at least a week."