Daughter and father and mother sax

Daughter and father and mother sax
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Chapter Eleven Judy arrived at work the following morning and was greeted by Mrs. Estevez. "Good morning Judy" she said as Judy walked in the door. Judy said "Hello Mrs. Estevez, how are you today? How is Kevin doing these days? Jean let the remark go without responding and asked her if she was interested in coming to a party that she was giving tomorrow night. She said "There won't be many people there your age, but for Kevin. I'm sure you'll enjoy it though.

It should be great fun." Judy accepted immediately. If Kevin was going to be there, things could get very interesting, she thought to herself. Mrs. Estevez said "Good, then it's settled. The party will start at eight and will probably last until two or three or whenever.

Don't worry about bringing anything. It's all arranged." Later that afternoon Kevin arrived at home and cleaned up and changed in preparation for the party that evening. He took the package of pictures that he'd taken at the beach a week earlier and put them in his jacket pocket. These should get things going at the party, he thought.

Cheryl got home a little after six and did the same. They were both looking forward to the party and Cheryl paid particular attention to her appearance. She wore a pair of black, bikini panties that barely covered her pussy.

What little material there was clung to her pussy and pronounced the mound of her cunt and the beautiful covering of thick, curly cunt hair.

She put on a black satin garter belt and a pair of blue-black nylon stockings and a pair of black stilletto high heel shoes. She admired herself in the bedroom mirror. She looked sexy and she knew it.

She finished dressing and came down stairs to greet Kevin. When Kevin saw her he just whistled. "Dam! Cheryl you look good enough to eat." Cheryl smiled and pulled up her skirt and flashed a little leg at him and said "Calm down fella. We have the rest of the night for that." They left for the party at seven thirty.

Jean sent Judy home early and closed the store at six so that she and Steve could get a few things finished at home before the guests started arriving. Once at home she took a long bath. Soaking in the perfumed and soapy water revitalized her and made her tingle all over in anticipation of the sex to follow.

Steve called his brother Fred at his apartment and invited him at the last minute. Fred was a divorced man in his late forties. He'd lived alone for the past two years since he and his wife had divorced. Steve knew that he hardly ever went out and figured that this party just might be the sort of thing that Fred needed. He needed his ashes hauled, and if a guy was ever going to get them hauled, this was the party to do it. Sharon was already on her way to the party.

If she got there early, she could help with the arrangements. She had been looking forward to the party also. She wanted to get another taste of Judy's young cunt and maybe even a cock or two as well. She'd been thinking about it all day and she was primed. She dropped her hand down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy gently. The contact sent a shiver up her spine and her pussy began to glow with warmth from the attention. Judy showered and gently shaved her pussy.

She parted the lips and found her clitoris with her index finger.

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She closed her eyes and rubbed and flicked it into erection. It felt so good under her fingers but she needed to save her lust for Kevin.

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She wanted his cock. If Jean liked it so much then she wanted to try it too. From the way he'd looked at her earlier that afternoon and the hard-on he'd got, she figured it would be easy to get into his pants.

Eight oclock arrived as Kevin and Cheryl rounded the corner onto the street where Jean and Steve lived. They parked their car on the street and heard music coming from the patio area. They rang the door bell and Jean quickly answered it. She graciously welcomed them and introduced them both to Fred. Cheryl found the man to be attractive and rugged with a smooth, and charming style. His hair was turning gray and she figured he was in his late thirties or early forties.

They joined the party and found everyone was there, including Judy. She was sitting by herself. Cheryl noticed that she immediately locked eyes with Kevin when they entered the patio area.

She slowly crossed her legs, showing more thigh than was prudent and she flashed a smile at them both and said "Hi! How are you Kevin? Kevin introduced Cheryl to her and they sat down on the couch with her. The conversation was poor so Kevin went to the kitchen and Jean helped him put together a few drinks to lubricate the mood. Jean told him that the video was in the VCR and everyone was anxious to get started once the booze started to loosen things up a bit. Kevin took Jean aside and told her about the event at the beach a week earlier.

He told her that he had brought along the entire package of sexy shots he'd taken of the couple at the beach. Jean was excited and wanted to see them right away but Kevin told her to hang on and that he'd break them out and pass them around once the party got rolling. Sharon and Fred were hitting it off very well and Steve was running back and forth to the kitchen mixing and delivering drinks to the guests.

Sharon was looking exceptional tonight. She wore a green skirt with a white silk blouse. She wasn't wearing a brassiere either. Her nipples were erect and their color was visible through the sheer material of her blouse. Actually, all four of the women at the party were very sexily dressed and Kevin knew that this was going to be a night to remember. By nine oclock the mood had changed and everyone was laughing and having a good time. The booze had done it's job as Steve announced that everyone should go into the living room.

There were a couple of videos he had lined up for entertainment. The entire group retired to the living room and took their places around the television. Steve and Jean sat next to Kevin and Cheryl and Jean asked Kevin to see the pictures he'd brought along. Kevin brought the package of pictures from his jacket in the closet and returned to the couch to share them with the group. He told everyone the story about his trip to the beach and how he had secretly shot the pictures of the couple while they were making love on the beach.

He passed groups of pictures to everyone and watched as everyone huddled closer together to get a better view of the shots. As expected, no one seemed to be shocked not even Judy. They were all fascinated by the sexy pictures. Judy said "I can't imagine a couple being so stupid as to let themselves get caught like this.

The pictures are good though. It doesn't look like you missed a thing Kevin." Everyone laughed and Fred said "I'll bet you were hornier than a three peckered goat after shooting these." Kevin nodded in agreement and everyone laughed again. The pictures had done a good job on the group.

Their faces gave away what was going through their minds and it wasn't the technical aspects of photography. Sharon had cuddled up closer to Fred and Judy was inching closer to Cheryl and Kevin.

Jean and Steve had moved to the floor and were leaning against the easy chair facing the rest of the group. Once the pictures had been passed around and everyone had had a chance to gloat over them, Jean turned on the video and told everyone that the video was a new one that came into the store just that day.

The video started and after the required copywrite warnings had finished, the title appeared in big red letters, "Play Nasty For Me." It was followed by a few names of unknown porno actors. The video started in a womans bedroom. She was a tall brunette with very large breasts.

She was completely nude and she had a very tanned body. Her bikini lines were obvious, which brought a few remarks from Steve. The woman opened a dresser drawer and removed a large cock shaped dido and then lay down on her back on the bed. She opened her legs wide giving a fabulous view of her pussy. Her slit was open and her clitoris was visible and already beginning to harden. She sucked the head of the dildo to lubricate it and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and slowly eased the entire length inside her.

The group was hypnotized by the sight and Kevin saw that Judy's eyes were riveted on the screen. Cheryl said "How could she get that whole thing inside her so quickly?" Jean said "Why would she want to with so much of the real thing just hanging around?" Sharon snickered and said "Down girl, Down." The brunette was slowly bucking her hips now in rythm to the thrusts of the artificial cock deep inside her cunt.

Her nipples were rock hard and she was covered in a light sweat that accentuated her curves and the swell of her breasts and the shape of her ass and crotch. Her clitoris was swollen with pleasure and the dildo was glistening wetly with her pussy juices. Her tempo started to quicken as she fucked herself faster and faster. Moans came from her lips and she licked her crimson lips making them shine wetly and invitingly as her tongue covered them with her saliva.

A man came into the room and watched her for a moment. He was naked and his cock hardened almost instantly at the sight of this nasty girl as she fucked herself so wantonly in front of him.

His hand grasped his cock and stroked it a few times to bring it to full erection and it hardened into a twelve inch cock. Jean said "What a fuck that guy would make". Judy turned to look at her and said "That's the biggest one I've ever seen." Steve laughed and said "Well how many have you seen Judy?" She looked at him and said "Two, counting that one".

Everyone laughed and Kevin said "Maybe after tonight, the count may rise to five." Judy didn't say a thing. She just winked at him. Things were starting to cook, Kevin thought. The man in the video had moved to the bed and the brunette pulled the dildo from her sucking cunt.

She motioned for the man to lay down and after he did she straddled his crotch. Her legs were spread wide and her huge cunt lips could be seen between the cheeks of her beautiful ass. She reached down and grasped his cock and guided it to the mouth of her hairy pussy. She sat down slowly on the shaft and the head disappeared slowly into her wet, liquid cunt.

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The cock continued to disappear into her opening by inches. She paused and raised her ass. The thick cock slowly came out of her wet clinging cunt. It's length was wet with her juices and when the head was visible, she again lowered herself onto its length. This time she sat down hard onto it's full length and her cunt swallowed the massive cock to the balls.

The woman was shaking with pleasure once the man's entire length was lodged deeply inside her hairy pussy. She wiggled her hips sideways and raised her hips and began to slowly fuck the monster cock that she was literally impaled upon. Each time she raised her hips, the cock would appear wet and glistening with her juices. Her asshole was visible between the spread cheeks of her ass and his finger soon found it.

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He sank his finger deeply inside her while she continued to fuck herself on the man's cock. Soon the man was bucking his hips up and into her, meeting her thrusts with his own. The woman was in ecstasy. Her head was flailing from side to side and she started to scream obscenities in her lust. "Fuck my pussy. Stick your cock up my hairy cunt. Make me cum you fucker", she screamed as his cock fucked her faster and faster.

The man cried out "I'm going to cum now bitch, suck it for me. Suck out my cream baby." The woman threw her leg over him and freed his cock from her clutching pussy and grasped it at the base and stroked it to make it cum. She covered the head of his dick with her mouth and swallowed half of it's length into her wet mouth while her fist milked at it. The man's face froze with pleasure, his eyes fluttered and his cock exploded in her mouth.

Her fist milked and pumped on his cock and cum dribbled from her lips as she swallowed and gulped down his cream. His cock continued to pump and spew out jets of cum. The brunette pulled it from her mouth and continued to milk it while the gobs of cream shot onto her face. Soon it was over and the scene changed to a young couple who were fully dressed and sitting on a couch. Steve was the first to speak. "Shit what a scene that was, huh?" He turned off the video and went into the kitchen to mix up some more drinks to keep the party well lubricated.

Everyone waited for his return and very little was said. Soon he returned with a platter of drinks and everyone took a glass and drank to freshen up their mouths that had become dry from the video they had all seen. Cheryl noticed that when Steve returned from the kitchen his cock was bulging, erect in his pants.

Fred also had a hard on and her hand gently reached down to Kevin's hard cock and gave it a squeeze. Her pussy was wet and she felt quite sure that Judy, Jean and Sharon also had damp panties. The video had certainly put everyone in the mood, she thought. Maybe the party will get going now if I ask Steve to put on the video of Judy and Sharon in the restroom. I wonder how Judy will react. Cheryl spoke up nd said "Steve, how about putting on the other video.

I think everyone would enjoy it more than the one we were watching". Steve looked at Jean and she nodded her head and said "Go ahead Steve. It might be interesting." Steve removed the video from the player and inserted the Judy and Sharon tape and pressed play.

Everyone held their breath, except for Fred. He had no idea what was going on. He would soon find out however. The TV flickered as the video queued itself up and played.

Everyone held their breath as the scene in the restroom came into view.


Kevin looked over at Judy. She appeared to be puzzled as if she knew what she was looking at, yet she was still unsure. Then Sharon entered the restroom and walked over to the mirror and started primping herself. Soon Judy walked in and suddenly Judy knew what was happening. Jean looked over at her and said "The video image is quite clear isn't it Judy. Don't make a fuss, just sit back and enjoy it on replay. You certainly enjoyed it while it was being recorded." Judy just sat there unable to think of anything to say.

Her eyes were locked onto the TV screen though and she seemed to be resigned to her present difficulty. It wasn't long before Sharon and Judy could be seen sucking each others shaved cunts. Their bodies both writhing in pleasure as the group watched and their desires heightened.

Sharon moved closer to Judy and sat down on the floor next to her. Her hand gently caressed Judy's calf and slowly crept up her leg to disappear under her skirt. She slowly moved her hand higher under Judy's skirt until her fingers found the bulge of her panty covered cunt. Judy slowly parted her legs and let Sharon's fingers worm their way under her panties. Her cunt was partly open and wet making it easy for Sharon's finger to penetrate between her pussy lips and tenderly massage her clitoris.

Judy continued to watch the video as Sharon finger fucked her while the others watched. Judy knew that they were watching but she couldn't help herself. She opened her legs wider and gave Sharon complete access to her cunt. The others were unable to watch the video anymore. All eyes were locked on the women as Sharon fucked her finger in and out of Judy's pussy.

Steve had his hand under Jeans blouse and he was kneading her giant tits and pinching her hardened nipples as she moaned in pleasure. Her hand unzipped his fly and she pulled out his hard cock and massaged it into full erection.

Cheryl was watching as Kevin pulled up her skirt above the thighs revealing her nylons and bare upper thighs. His hand found her cunt and his fingers parted her cunt lips and exposed her clitoris. Fred was going nuts as his cock throbbed in his pants. Jean looked over at him and motioned for him to join her and Steve on the couch.

He rose and sat down next to her while she continued to stroke her husbands cock. She whispered in his ear, "Take your pants off. Show me your cock baby." He stood and dropped his pants and kicked them away. His cock stood out hard and fully erect in front of him. He turned toward Jean and she grasped his cock in her cool fingers and stroked it while pulling him closer to her.

She pursed her lips and blew on the head. The cool air made Fred's cock jump. Her tongue snaked out and wetly licked the head of his cock while her fingers continued to pump it.

His balls bounced up and down as her fingers jacked him off and her lips made contact with the head. Steve said "Suck me too baby." Jean turned and lowered her head into Steve's lap and sucked his cock. Her hand never let go of Fred's cock while she sucked Steve. Fred sat down and Jean returned to suck his cock again.

Both men were pumping their hips as she went from one cock to the other. She sucked one off while jacking off the other. Her legs parted and her hips started humping as if there was someone to hump into.

It was pure lust that caused her to hump her pussy as she seeked for pleasure and relief. Kevin stood and removed his pants. His cock sprang into view and he sat down and removed Cheryl's blouse. Her tits spilled out and into view and he lowered his head and sucked her nipples. Cheryl was paralyzed with lust as she watched Jean sucking the cocks of her husband and brother-in-law.

She looked again at Sharon and Judy and saw that Judy had grasped both of her young breasts in her hands and she was pinching her own nipples and massaging her tits wildly as sharon's fingers continued to fuck her cunt. Both Kevin and Cheryl noticed Jean's hips humping and she was grinding her ass into the cushions of the couch as she tried to receive pleasure for herself. It was as if she were fucking a phantom lover.

Kevin sank a finger into Cheryl's cunt and gently flicked at her clitoris then he plunged his finger back inside her pussy again. The walls of her cunt sucked at his fingers and each time he withdrew them, her pussy lips clung to them as if they were trying to pull them back inside her cunt again.

Jean's skirt had ridden up her thighs and exposed her long legs and her nylons and garter belt. Her panties were now visible and Cheryl could see the bulge of her pussy underneath them. Her black pussy hair was easily visible peeking out from the sides of her panties. Cheryl's pussy was on fire as Kevin's fingers fucked in and out of her while his mouth continued to suck her nipples. First one then the other, keeping them both wet and erect under his licking tongue and sucking lips.

Kevin raised his head and whispered in her ear "Cheryl, why don't you play with Jeans pussy. Take off her panties and play with her pussy for me. I want to see you finger fuck her beautiful cunt. Do it for me baby." Cheryl turned to Kevin and said "I can't do that Kevin. I've never done anything like that before." Kevin replied "Before you and I started having sex, you'd never even sucked a man off. Just the other night you jacked Steve off for Jean and you liked it in fact you loved it.

Do it for me, I want to see you do it." Cheryl was unsure. She wanted to do it for Kevin if it would give him pleasure to see her play with another woman's pussy but she had never touched another woman there before. The thought was exciting though. Her legs were spread widely and the way her skirt had ridden up her thighs exposing all of her to everyones gaze was sort of a turn on to her. She moved to the floor and placed herself between Jeans legs.

Jean paused for a moment and looked at Cheryl and said "Yes! Do it to me Cheryl. Please touch my cunt." Cheryl reached under Jeans skirt and pulled her panties off.

The sight that met her eyes made her pulse race with lust. From the position she had taken between Jean's nylon covered thighs, her pouting cunt, covered in black, curly hair was visible and only inches from her face.

She could smell Jeans perfumed pussy and she could feel the heat coming from it as it waited for her touch. She moved her hand and covered Jeans pussy mound with the palm and massaged it. Jean moaned with pleasure and pushed her pussy into Cheryl's hand for more contact. Kevin sat and watched while his heart raced in his chest at the beautiful sight of one woman toying with another woman's pussy. Cheryl's left hand reached up and parted Jeans cunt lips and she rubbed her clitoris with her other hand.

She inserted two fingers into the wide open cunt and gently pushed them deeply inside the wet folds of her pussy. Jean began bucking furiously as Cheryl finger fucked her hairy cunt. Jean reached her hands down to Cheryl's head and gently pulled her face toward her pussy. Cheryl immediately knew what Jean wanted her to do and she didn't want to do it but was unable to stop.

She was completely unable to do anything but what she was urged to do. Questions raced through her mind. What would it be like? Could she really push her face into Jeans hairy cunt and actually lick and suck it? Would she like it or would it disgust her?

Jean obviously wanted her to eat her out but, Nnnnggghhh. It was too late. Her mouth was pressed up against Jeans hairy cunt lips. Her tongue parted her pussy and sank deeply into Jean's wet cunt. Cheryl licked and plunged deeply again, sucking in the nectar from Jeans dripping cunt.

Cheryl liked it. She loved it. It was exhilarating lust and the ultimate perversion. She grasped Jeans thighs and parted them further giving her mouth better access to the pink, hairy crease of female flesh spread before her. She again covered Jeans pussy with her mouth and sucked her clitoris and gently nibbled it between her teeth.

Jean jumped in pleasure and moaned as she continued to suck the cocks of the men who sat on either side of her.

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Kevin was trembling all over with lust at the sight of Cheryl on her knees with her face pushed deeply inside Jean's spread thighs.

Her head rubbed from side to side and bobbed up and down as her tongue and lips sucked and licked Jean's hairy cunt. He could hear Cheryl moaning in pleasure as she worked Jeans pussy. Cheryl had found another form of pleasure and he loved watching it as much as she enjoyed doing it.

His cock was throbbing with lust. It's head was completely bloated and every time his heart beat, he could feel the pulses in his crotch. He had to sink his cock into something wet and hot. He had to cum and unload his cum bloated balls. He looked over at Sharon and Judy.

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Sharon had her head between Judy's spread thighs and she was sucking Judy's cunt. Judy had closed her eyes and her hands held Sharons head, positioning her mouth directly over her cunt while her hips bucked up and into her face.

Sharon was still dressed, in fact she was the only one in the group who was. Kevin stood and approached her from the back. He knelt down beside her and whispered in her ear. "Do you want me to suck your cunt Sharon?

Right here and now for everyone to see us. I'll pull off your panties and suck you from the rear while you suck Judy's cunt. Do you want to feel my tongue slide into your cunt Sharon?" Sharon could only moan and nod her head as she continued to suck the young hairless cunt spread wide before her. Kevin lifted her skirt exposing her tight panties and her beautiful heart shaped ass.

His fingers pulled on the elastic band of her panties and they peeled off her ass exposing it for all to see. Kevin slipped a hand between her legs and found her wet, hairless cunt and he probed a finger inside and fingered her deeply. She shivered and paused from her sucking of Judy's cunt to enjoy the probing finger, then she again pushed her face back between Judy's thighs and returned to sucking her clitoris.

Kevin lay on his back between Sharon's spread legs and saw her cunt nestled between her shapely thighs. The pink lips were spread apart and her clitoris was protruding from between her outer lips. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and buttocks and pulled her crotch down to his mouth. Sharon knew what he wanted and she lowered her cunt to his mouth.

The contact made Kevin shiver again and he pushed his tongue between her pussy lips and sank it deeply inside her clasping cunt. His nose rubbed her clitoris while his lips sucked the lips of her cunt and his tongue probed the darker depths of her tunnel. The entire room was filled with the sounds of moans and gasps of pleasure as the orgy of lust continued.

Fred plunged his cock deeply into Jeans sucking mouth and his dick exploded as his balls sent fiery, thick jets of cum shooting down her throat. She swallowed and bobbed her head as her sucking mouth drew out the jets of sticky cream flowing from Fred's aching balls.

Cheryl had by now become completely lost between Jeans spread thighs. Her mouth kept sucking Jeans cunt lips and her tongue licked fiercely at her clitoris. Her efforts were rewarded when Fred spewed out his cum into Jean's mouth. The hot sticky cream flooding her throat made her cum and she tightened her cunt onto Cheryl's probing tongue as she reached her peak and an exploding orgasm.

Her cunt contracted repeatedly as the walls of her cunt pulled on Cheryl's tongue during her climax. Jean shuddered and milked out the last few drops of cum from Fred's cock and swallowed them. Her fist was still wrapped around his cock pulling and milking at it while her lips continued to suck the head trying to urge out more cream to feed her insatiable appetite.

Steve was rapidly approaching his orgasm and the cream in his balls was starting to boil. Jeans fingers were wrapped around his cock also. When she had finally milked all the cream from Fred's cock, she gently sucked the head once more and released the deflating member. Her attention now turned to her husband. Her head dropped and she hungrily sucked the head of his cock into her mouth as her tongue bathed it and her fingers curled around it's base started milking it for the reward she knew would soon errupt.

Cheryl needed a cock now. Her mouth had sucked Jeans cunt through three orgasms. Cheryl had even fingered her own pussy and had cum once already but she needed a cock and Steves cock looked good to her. Jean was busy sucking it and Cheryl wanted to share it with her. She raised her head and placed it in Steve's lap. She licked his balls and squeezed them gently with her fingers. Jean released Steve's cock from her mouth and Cheryl immediately took it deeply into her own mouth.

She closed her eyes with pleasure and sucked the head. She tasted a few drops of his pre cum oozing from the tip of his cock and she quickly washed it away with her tongue. The taste of his manhood and the exquisite feeling of holding his cock between her lips made her shiver with lust and pleasure. She sucked ravenously at his cock and her fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft and milked him slowly.

Her mouth made sucking and slurping sounds, but it only added to the lust of the moment. Jean slid a hand down Cheryl's stomach until she found the large carpet of wirey pubic hair covering her pussy. She probed and found the crease of her cunt and sank a finger deeply inside the wet insides of Cheryl's cunt. Cheryl moaned in gratitude at the intrusion and she bucked her hips in rithym with the fingering Jean was giving her.

Jean had never eaten a woman out before but the idea was very inviting to Jean at the moment. She slid off the couch and placed her mouth between Cheryl's thighs and found her hairy cunt nestled there and waiting for attention.

She spread Cheryl's cunt lips with her fingers and gently licked her clitoris with her wet tongue. She sank two fingers deeply inside her sucking cunt and fucked her furiously as Cheryl sucked her husbands cock.

Cheryl reached her orgasm and her thighs shook violently, her stomach knotted up and the walls of her cunt contracted spasmodically around Jeans probing fingers. Her clitoris screamed with pleasure as Jean licked it frantically.

Cheryl's cum flowed from her cunt as waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Jean was amazed at how much she was enjoying sucking this womans cunt. The liquid filled hole was drowning her with perverse pleasures that she had never felt before.

Suddenly Jean felt Cheryl jerk as her mouth was filled with the first erruption of Steve's cum into her throat. Cheryl moaned as the hot cream spilled out of his cock and shot wads of the hot, thick stuff into her sucking mouth.

She swallowed and ground her pussy down onto Jeans sucking mouth. Each time Steve's balls sent a jet of cream into her mouth she would jerk at the shock and her cunt would contract in another spasm of pleasure. She continued to milk his cock with her long slim fingers. Her mouth gently sucked the last few remaining drops of cum from his balls and her own climax subsided leaving all three of them exhausted but satisfied. Satisfied for the time being. More was to come before this orgy would be over.

Kevin, Judy and Sharon were reaching their peaks by now. Kevin was still between Sharon's legs licking at her cunt, his cock standing straight up and throbbing. Sharon still had her head between Judy's thighs while her tongue licked furiously at her tender, clean young snatch. Judy was oblivious to anything else that had gone on in the room. Her pussy was going into it's fourth orgasm brought on by Sharon's sucking mouth and her fingers as they continued to pinch her own nipples and squeeze her young firm tits.

Kevin needed some attention now. He stood and turned his rock hard erection toward Judy's mouth. Her eyes were closed and when the head of his dick made contact with her lips, her eyes opened and for a moment she looked in shock at his gigantic cock poised directly in front of her mouth. She looked down at his hairy balls hanging below his cock and she could tell that they were bloated with his cream. She needed his cock. She needed it shoved up inside her wet cunt. She wanted to feel it explode it's thick cream deep inside her pussy.

She wanted to feel her cunt contract on it as it spewed it's cream inside her. She couldn't resist the desire to suck it into her mouth. It was so close to her lips. Her hand reached out and grasped his sack gently and her fingers rolled the tender but swollen balls around inside it.


The pleasure made Kevin whince with pleasure and a slight touch of pain. His cock bobbed up and down in time to the beating of his heart. Judy wrapped her long slender fingers around the shaft of his throbbing cock and brought it to her lips. Her tongue reached out and licked the crimson head, paying particular attention to the nerve filled underside and the rim. He moaned and she opened her mouth and took half of it's length into her throat. Her tongue swirled around the head and her lips closed on the shaft as she sucked the man's meat.

Her eyes closed and she enjoyed the licking her pussy was getting while she sucked the mighty member in her mouth. As much as she wanted to feel Kevins cock pump it's cream into her mouth, she wanted more, much more, to feel him empty his balls into her wet pussy.

She moved to close her legs and Sharon got the idea and removed her head from between her legs. Judy released her grip on Kevin's cock and lay down on the floor on her back. She spread her legs and said "Come over here Kevin and fuck me. Stick your cock up inside me and fuck me. I want to feel your cock pumping it's cream inside my hot cunt. Fuck me now." Kevin couldn't believe the mouth on this girl.

If it's a fucking she wants, then it's a fucking she'll get, he thought. He lowered himself to his knees and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

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He grasped his cock and rubbed the head of it between the lips of her cunt and teased her with it for a moment. She moaned and raised her hips, trying to get it deeper inside her. Her hands reached out and grasped his buttocks and she pulled him forward, impaling her juicy cunt onto his cock. His cock sank into her up to his balls. The feeling was exquisite.

He could feel the back of her cunt and the walls actually milking his cock as contractions ran through her pussy. He started pumping his rock hard meat into her faster and faster as she squeeled in pleasure beneath him. Her tits bounced each time he plunged his cock inside her and he saw that her eyes were rolled back with pleasure. Fred and Steve had been watching and recovering from their explosive cums. The sight of this young girl, impaled of Kevins cock had brought them both another erection and Cheryl and Jean immediately took notice.

Jean began stroking Steves cock while Cheryl sucked on Fred's enormous member. Sharon moved to the back of the young couple a they fucked on the floor and she could see Kevins cock slamming into Judy's dripping snatch. His balls bounced and slapped up against her ass each time he thrust into her. She lowered her lips to his ass and kissed and licked his thighs and buttocks.

Her tongue found the crease of his ass and she probed it licking up and down the crease and finally inserted her tongue. Kevin shook with shock and pleasure at the new intrusion while Sharon continued to rim him. She was giving him the same pleasure he had given Jean and Cheryl. He pumped into Judy's cunt harder and harder while enjoying this new found pleasure. Jean looked at Cheryl and said, "Do you want us to join you?" No one rejected the idea. Fred knelt down to Judy's left and Steve to Judy's right.

Their throbbing cocks only inches from her face and tits. Cheryl and Jean joined the men and wrapped their hands around their cocks and started jacking them off. Judy opened her eyes and saw the two cocks as they were being stroked by the women. The sight of their hairy balls bouncing and the skin of their cocks stretching as the fingers of the women pumped and jacked them made her crazy with desire.

She was approaching her climax and she screamed out, "Make them shoot their cream on me. I want to feel their hot cream splash on my tits and face. Fuck me faster Kevin, faster, I want to cum now, you bastard. Fuck my pussy." She wailed as her orgasm struck her. It didn't come in gentle waves like it did when Sharon had licked her cunt.

It exploded inside her. Her cunt contracted on Kevins cock and she could feel his dick explode his cum deep into her contracting pussy.

He moaned and spilled his cream in spurt after hot spurt. Jean was the first to make her man cum. Steve grunted and moaned and his dick shot out a thick glob of cream onto Judy's bouncing tits.

Another spurt landed on her face, then Fred moaned as a hot stream of cum errupted from his cock and splashed onto her neck. Cheryl and Jean pumped their fists faster and faster as they milked the precious cum from the balls of the two men who so willingly offered it. Judy was a crazy woman at this point. Her pussy was gushing with cream as Kevin emptied his balls into her.

Her face and tits were covered with the cum from Steve and Fred's cocks and she wasn't done yet. She cried out, "I'm cumming again. Aarrgghh, fuck me, fuck me. It feels so good. Your fucking cock feels so good inside me." Her orgasm subsided and she was exhausted. Everyone was exhausted. Exhausted and satisfied. They all lay down and took a breather. Each one breathing heavily and deeply. The party had been a real success and everyone had enjoyed the lusty sex and perversion.

The experience had opened a few eyes to other possibilities. Their sex lives had been boring until they all found each other. They all spent the night at Jean and Steve's place. They slept on the couches and the floor and all slept satisfied and contented.

In the morning, after everyone had awakened and had a light breakfast and coffee, Jean asked everyone to join her in the living room. She had a surprise for everyone and once they were seated she put a video tape into the player and turned it in. The screen flickered and soon the images of the entire group sitting in front of the TV the previous night caught everyone by surpise.

They watched the video for a while and then Cheryl asked "Did you tape the entire evening Jean?" Jean smiled, nodded her head and said "I thought it would make a sexy party starter for us next Saturday night. Does everyone agree that we enjoy each other, say one night a month. I think we all enjoyed last night and I can't think of any reason for us to discontinue it. Can any of you?" No one was upset. Everyone agreed that Jean had a great idea. The doorbell rang and Jean answered the door.

A young couple, in their early twenties were standing at the door. The young girl said, Hi! My name is Edna. I'm Judy's sister and this is my boyfriend Robert.

Is Judy still here? Jean said, "Yes! Please come in. When the group saw them, Jean looked at Steve and they both smiled knowingly at each other.


The rest of the group caught on real fast. Fred asked the couple if they'd like a cup of coffee. They stayed for coffee and the group closed in on them.

It was party time again and it looked like their groupd had found two new members. That day, at Jean and Steve's home, a group of people with insatiable sexual desires and drives made a pact to meet for a particularly select reason on the first Saturday of each month.

Surfside had spawned them and on the first Saturday night of each month they had their parties. END (Chapter 11 of 11)