Chick could not stop licking dudes irresistible wang

Chick could not stop licking dudes irresistible wang
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When Tammy started working 3rd shift at the factory, it meant her 14yr old daughter was home alone with me until 7 am. While I worked 2nd shift, I still got home at 11:30pm every night and I was going to use those 7 hours alone with Krista to my advantage. I knew Krista was curious about sex like any other young teenaged girl. Nothing she had done in the weeks following her live sex education class, starring her mother and I, had changed my perception of her curiosity.

In reality, it had made her more daring in her actions around the house regardless of the people home. Instead of sweat pants and baggy shirts, she started wearing shorts and tighter, more revealing t-shirts.

When circumstances allowed it, I took advantage of her new attire and tested the limits of her interest. I would rub against her ass with my hand, come up behind her and give her a "hug" and place my hand on her tit, or look down her low cut loose shirts. Sometimes she would push me away, other times she wouldn't even flinch. The laundry room was just off the living room, and Krista would often make it a point it bend over with her ass facing me when she was loading the machines.


If her shorts were loose enough, and short enough, I could often see just to the edge of her budding womanhood. She knew what she was doing and it often made my cock stir as I dreamed of having her in the same position without the shorts.

It was my nightly routine to check on Krista when I arrived home and make sure she was sleeping, and see if she had done her homework. One night I walked up the stairs to Krista's room and slowly opened the door to check on her, and was surprised by what waited for me.

Krista had left a night light on and she was asleep facing the door. There before my middle-aged eyes was a 14 year old nubile blonde COMPLETELY naked!!

I could hardly believe my eyes, and my luck. Krista knew I checked on her nightly, so there was no doubt she planned this. As I stood there gazing upon her young naked body, I noticed she had done something else.

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Krista has trimmed her once nature brown bush to a nicely manicured 1" wide landing strip that stopped just at her hooded clit. I could only take it to mean she was getting ready for an event weeks in the making and I now knew she was willing to go the next step.

While I wanted to just walk over to her bed and take Krista right there, I wanted to give her one more test to see if she really was willing to become my lover. I knew Krista got up for school at around 6am and was out of the house before her mother Tammy got home from work.

I decided to get up early in the morning and see what response I got. Normally I'm asleep when Krista is roaming around the house getting ready for school.

I set the alarm for 5:45am and knew I could gauge her interest in going to the next level of our relationship. I needed to know if she was ready to go from my girl friends daughter to my full time lover. When I heard Krista go into the bathroom and start the shower, I waited a minute or two and took a seat in the livingroom waiting for her.

I wasn't disappointed. As she opened the door, there stood my Krista in only a towel that barely covered her. The sight of her sleek young body, with her hair wet and combed back, was breathtaking. I stood up and walked towards her as Krista just stood there in a state of shock. Before she could close the door, I stepped into the bathroom and blocked her exit. I grabbed Krista around the waist with one arm, and held her head with my other hand while looking her directly in her eyes.

Then without saying a word, it happened. Krista dropped her towel, threw her arms around my neck, and planted a long hot kiss on my lips. Soon our tongues were doing the tango and my hands where moving from one part of Krista's body to the other. The feel of her soft tender skin brought back memories of my younger years with my 16 yr old girlfriend Lori. I caressed her ass with my right hand and held it tight, while my left hand fondled her tits. While doing my best to soak up the sensations her tight young body was emitting, Krista was quivering from head to toe and had my cock growing harder and harder by the second.

As I continued to kiss Krista's young tender lips, I moved my hand off her ass and turned her around so she was facing away from me. I kissed her neck and shoulders as I moved my left hand up and down her body as I cupped her virgin pussy in my right hand with tender care.

I could feel the heat radiating from her womanhood and Krista moaned slightly while pushing her ass against my stiffening cock. While Krista moved her ass against my hard cock, I bent my middle finger up into her soaking wet pussy and was rewarded with a low guttural moan escaping her lips. While she was enjoying my continued fingering of her, I pulled my shorts down and placed my cock between her silky legs. I just had to feel her body against my naked cock and was rewarded with my cockhead getting a coating of her juices.

As much as I wanted to fuck Krista then and there, she had to get ready for school and Tammy would be home in an hour. I would have to wait until that night to finish what we started, and hope she would still be willing. As I turned her back around to face me, I kissed her tits, sucked on each nipple, licked her love nectar off my fingers, and finished with a deep passionate kiss.

While I was kissing her, Krista reached her hands down and gently cupped my balls and stroked my cock. The feeling of having her trembling hands holding my manhood was spectacular. It was all I could do to not cumm all over her hands and belly, but I would take it out on her mother when she came home. As I sent Krista off to her room to get ready for school, she walked slowly across the living room completely naked.

There is just something about a young woman's naked body that is found nowhere else in life. The way their skin shines, the way their body moves, the way their hair falls over their shoulders and covers their neck, the way their breast stand straight out. While giving me a great view of her ass, I couldn't help but think I was the first man to see her naked and her perfect ass would soon be mine.

15 minutes later Krista came down the stairs, stopping to once again rub my cock, gave me a goodbye kiss, and walked to the bus stop while giving me another good look at her mini-skirt covered ass. I couldn't wait for her mother Tammy to get home. When Tammy came home, I fucked her until she had my seed dripping out of all her openings.

I must have pumped a quart of spunk in her and the only vision in my head the whole time was that of her 14yr old virgin daughter. I was going to fuck Krista all night long and the only thing that would stop me from penetrating her nubile body was the clock. After fucking Tammy for nearly 3 hours, I left her passed out from exhaustion in our bed as I went to work my shift at the factory. Trying to keep Krista and our morning encounter out of my mind was a losing battle.

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All I thought of all night long was the 110 pound teenaged vixen waiting for me to bring her into womanhood. When my Friday night shift ended, I was the first one out door and leaving the parking lot. I don't think I stayed under the speed limit at any point during the drive home.

I literally ran up the sidewalk to the house, unlocked the door and went running right up to Krista's bedroom. I threw open her door, turned on the light, and no Krista!! I had no idea where she was and couldn't think straight. Did she stay at a friends house? Did she talk to her mother and spill the beans? I walked down the stairs and headed for the livingroom to check the answering machine, and then I noticed it.

There was a dim flickering light coming from my bedroom. I slowly walked to the door, pushed it open, and had my breath taken away. There in the dim candle light on my bed, was Krista dressed in one of her mother's white satin and lace camisoles.

The scene before me brought vision of a wedding night romp and Krista's white sleep wear testified to her virginity and purity. As she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and did her best to look like a Victoria Secrets model, she said to me, "I've been waiting all day to finish what we started this morning. Do you like my surprise?" I couldn't say a word and just moved over to her and kissed her as deeply as I had ever kissed any woman.

As our tongues met and mingled around our mouths, I held her head in my hands and soaked up the sounds and smells of our encounter. Krista had a smell of lilacs about her hair and there was a faint whiff of perfume drifting up from her neck.

While I was bent over the bed making out with Krista and sampling her tender lips and neck, she reached out and started to undo my belt and unbutton my pants. As Krista worked to free my pants, I straightened up and allowed her to sit up on the edge of the bed.

Once sitting upright, Krista easily slid my pants and underwear over my hips and down past me knees. There just inches from her young face was the first cock Krista had ever seen. At 7" long and 2" wide, my cock wasn't the largest cock she would see in her life, but it was going to be the one to bring her into the fraternity her mother joined 17 yrs ago. With a young girl's apprehension, Krista wrapped her fingers around my shaft and gently kissed the tip of it.

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After her lightly placed kiss, Krista looked up seeking encouragement and guidance about what to do next. I placed my hand on her head, stroked her silky blonde hair and simply said, "treat it like a tootsie pop and be careful with your teeth." Krista removed one of her hands from my shaft and slowly started her journey into the world of oral sex. Despite her lack of experience, Krista was soon sliding my cock 3-4inches into her mouth without a hitch.

Krista without any prompting from me, took her left hand and cradled my large heavy balls while sliding her right hand up and down my ass. I could feel the roof of her mouth rubbing along the top of my cockhead and the sensation was exquisite.

As her head bobbed back and forth over my shaft, I placed my hand on her head and slowly started to guide her further and further down my cock.

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Soon my cock was hitting the back of her mouth and she started to gag ever so slightly. I told her to relax, just go slowand don't go any further than she was comfortable with. Another 5 minutes of Krista playing my skin flute, and she had about 6 inches of me inside her mouth, but could go no farther. When she pulled her mouth off my cock, she looked up at me and said, "am I doing OK?

I'm sorry I can't go any further down." I replied, Krista darling, you did great and you have nothing to be sorry about." With her ego intact and my balls aching to empty their fertile load into her virgin body, I scooped Krista up in my arms and carried her to her room.

Like a bride being carried over the threshold, I brought her to her bed and laid her down with a kiss to her trembling lips. I positioned myself on all fours over her reclined body and just soaked up the vision before me. Under me, was a vision of innocence wrapped in white silk and lace. Her smooth legs, shoulder length blonde hair splayed out across the pillow and her arms reaching out towards me.

With her smiling face and those big brown eyes looking up at me, I slowly started to remove her sexy attire one piece at a time. As every piece was removed, my lips followed the garment planting kisses over all the sensitive parts of a woman's body. Her neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, flat stomach, inner thighs, pubic mound, and toes all were smothered in my kisses.

Once her lace panties were removed I opened her legs and got my face inches from her glistening labia. While I has seen her pussy through a window, and fingered her earlier today before school, it was my first up close look at her womanhood. Krista had a perfect pussy, and everything was tight and tucked in with no loose lips. Unlike her mother's pussy which had seen over 100 cocks and three children pass through her pussy lips, Krista's virgin pussy lips had nothing pass through them except my finger.

With a soft gentle blow of my breath on her pussy, Krista let out a soft barely audible moan. As she soaked up the sensation of my warm breath on her pussy, I gently reached out with my tongue and just barely touched the seam hiding the inner recess of her womanhood. When Krista's brain registered the new sensation of my tongue touching her, she let out a gasp. With my arms under her legs, I moved her hips upward and began to show her what it meant to have a man's tongue explore her labia and sample the nector flowing from her body.

With my tongue parting her lips, Krista started to move her body and grab at the sheets as she experienced sensations never before known to her. The taste of her sexual juices was like nothing I had ever tasted before. Sweet and tangy at the same time, it continued to flow from her inner recesses as my tongue ran up and down her bare silky folds. With a flick of my tongue on her clit, Krista gasped and started to tremble. As I often did with her mother, I put her clit between my teeth and flicked her little bud without mercy.

Like a boxer working the speed bag, my tongue went faster and faster across her clit until she could no longer control herself. With a loud moan and ear splitting scream, Krista experienced her first orgasm. As the waves of sexual energy rushed through Krista's body, her legs wrapped around my head and squeezed and pulled my face against her now erupting pussy. My nose was buried into her so tightly, I had trouble breathing, but I didn't stop my assault on her hooded bud.

As I maneuvered my face to get a breath in, I buried my tongue as deeply into her pink hole as I could. I don't know if it was possible, but I swear I had my tongue so deep into her pussy I could lick her cherry barrier. After a few minutes, I removed my tongue and replaced it with my finger as a probed for her G-spot.

Back and forth I moved my finger across the roof of her vagina until I felt her tense up like her mother. It only took a minute and Krista was arching her back, grabbing my hair, and flooding my mouth with another river of she cum. While Krista's excitement was continuing to grow, I was having my own issues. My cock was so hard it literally hurt and my balls were aching to empty themselves.

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Every vein running along my cock was busting out like never before and the tip of my cock looked purple from the blood forcing its way to the head.

As Krista started to relax from nearly 20 straight minutes of orgasms, I unlocked her legs from around my head and moved over her sweat glistening body. Krista was out of breath and her chest heaved in a never ending crescendo as I smiled down at her. I soaked in the sight below me as beads of sweat were running down her smiling face, her areolae flushed red with blood, her nipples hard and protruding like pencil erasers from her firm "B" cup tits. I leaned down and placed a light kiss on each breast and then offered my lips for her to sample her own juices.

While Krista kissed my face and sampled her own sex, I asked her if she was ready for what was next. With a deep thoughtful look into my eyes, she simply said, "yes Dan.

I've been waiting for this moment since that day I saw you cum on Mom's back." With that affirmation, I gave her a kiss and told her to take my cock and guide it to her dripping pussy. I lowered my hips to meet her body and as my cock head touched her labia, it gave a little twitch and transmitted the feeling I had been waiting months for.

I rotated my hips forward and started to part Krista's once forbidden lips as she reached out to grab my hips. Despite her pussy being dripping wet, her love tunnel was fighting the slow intrusion of my cock.

Centimeter by centimeter, Krista was stretched wider and wider as my manhood penetrated deeper into her. When the head of my cock was fully encased by her vagina, Krista let out a soft gasp and tensed up. I reassured her that it would be ok but it was going to hurt for a few minutes until her body adjusted to the intrusion. "Relax baby. It's normal for you to feel some pain.

Your body has never made love before and it has to be trained to accept a man's cock. I'll go slow and give your pussy time to relax and become accustomed to my cock. Every young girl experiences the same pain when she becomes a woman. " With that bit of reassurance, Krista bit her lip as she braced for the next series of intrusions into her teenaged body. I pushed further into her pink tunnel and soon felt the barrier all woman are born with.

I asked Krista if she was ready and with a nod from her, I made her a full fledged woman. Krista let out a gasp and clutched my arms tightly as she struggled to deal with my steel hard cock prying her open more and more. Like every young woman since the dawn of time, her vagina stretches and learns to accept the intrusion of a hard cock.

It is how the human race has existed for millions of years and it is how Krista joined the cycle of procreation. Once I break Krista's cherry I continue without stopping until my cock can go no further. Once my cock had made the journey to the inner most depths of Krista's formally virgin pussy, I paused there to relish the feeling of her quivering body. I had all I could do to keep from filling her womb with my seed the moment I came to the end of her love tunnel.

The feeling of Krista's pussy squeezing and pulsating around my cock was almost too much to bear and only with the most extreme efforts did I keep my cool.


I slowly started the back and forth, in and out, penetration of her velvet pussy. With ever thrust to her cervix, my balls would slap her in the ass and Krista would let out a groan.

It didn't take her long to wrap her legs around my waist and start pulling me into her. The woman below me with the blonde hair and brown eyes had little resemblance to the young 8th grade girl she started the day out as.

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Krista was fucking and moving like a professional and showed little hint of being tired or new at sex. As I stared into her flushed face and placed a kiss on the little mole above her left areola, she tensed up and tightened her grip around my waist. I felt her pussy clench my cock and twitch and tremble as her body sent a flood of vaginal fluids out her pussy and down around my balls. It was more than I could bear. As soon as her grip on my hips loosened, I pulled out and started jack hammering her soaked pussy as fast as I could pivot my hips.

I was pumping her pussy so hard, that she started to slide across the bed and soon had her head against the wall with nowhere else to go. I pulled out of her pussy, rolled Krista on her side, straddled her right leg while holding her left leg up in the air, and plowed my 7" back into her with one hard push. In this position, I could get the extra penetration needed and as my cockhead broke through her cervix, I finished the job.

Krista let out a yelp, my cock swelled, my balls contracted, and I sent blast after blast of man sauce deep into her young womb. Rope after rope of seed painted her inner walls and Krista joined me in another orgasm. The sight of her sweaty naked teenaged body joined with me in that sexual wishbone [as we completed the most natural act on earth] was burned into my mind as a memory to last a lifetime.

Once my cock was done painting Krista's womb, I kissed my way from her ankle to her knee and pulled my still hard cock out of her. I smiled as I saw the trail of red tinted cum trickle out of her newly deflowered pussy. I rolled off Krista and she snuggled up into my armpit and laid her head on my sweaty chest. As I held her in my arms, I ran my hands up and down her silky skin while thinking how luck I am to have her there. I glance across the room and notice it's heading for 2am.

I have about 4 hours left to explore my new lover and she would have all day Saturday to sleep if needed. While I was running the events of the last 2 hours through my head, Krista reached out and started to stoke my semi-hard cock. She must have read my mind, because the next thing I knew, she was sucking my cock into her mouth and working my balls with her fingers. Up and down her head bobbed on my hardening cock and I knew where the next load was going.

Deeper and deeper Krista moved my dick into her mouth and it didn't take long for my cock to hit her throat. Krista didn't even hesitate and soon my manhood was heading down her throat. Somehow over the last few hours, Krista had lost her gag reflex and was burying my cock as far into her throat as humanly possible.

15 minutes of the young hot mouth sucking my cock had my balls aching once more. I warned Krista that I was going to cum, and she just smiled at me. As I felt my cum rising through my cock, what Krista did next surprised me.

She lifted her head until only my cock head was in her mouth, and stopped as I sent stream after stream of cum into her mouth. When My cock became still, she opened her mouth, showed me my load of seed, and swallowed it without a fuss.

Without hesitating, I grabbed her hips and moved Krista over my lap. While my cock was still hard, I positioned her swollen pussy over my cock and had her slide down my aching cock. I love to have a woman ride my cock because it frees my hands to roam all over their body as they do the work.

With Krista's cunt filled with my cock, she placed her hands on my chest and started her rhythmic riding of my manhood. I loved the sight of her young Brazilian trimmed pussy being stretched as my hard cock disappeared time and again into her hot slippery hole. I also had a great view of her firm tits and noticed they hardly moved as she bounced up and down on my cock. Krista's mother Tammy had nice tits, but three kids had caused them to have some sag to them.

As Tammy would bounce on my cock, her tits would flop back and forth unlike Krista's young firm tits. As Krista worked on emptying my balls once again, I took advantage of my freedom to run my hands up her hips, along her back, and hold and fondle her chest. I pinched and pulled on her nipples and with every teak of her nipples Krista would groan her pleasure. After 20 minutes of riding my cock, Krista was wearing down and needed to switch positions. I took her diminished capacity and decided to use it to my advantage.

I rolled Krista off my lap and got her on her belly to assume the doggie style position. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up on her knees while soaking up the vision before me. Krista's ass was spectacular and her hips were meant for holding on to. That was definitely one physical feature she got from her mother. Krista's position also gave my a repeat view of the first time I saw her naked as she dried off from her shower a few months ago.

I lined my cock up with Krista's lips and pushed my way into her slimy tunnel. Hours of sex, her virgin blood, and my monster load of cum, and her continual sexual secretions made for a slick entry. As I moved my cock in and out of her quivering body, I started to work on her browneye. I coated my thumb with our sexual juices and little by little I worked it deeper into Krista's virgin ass.

It took me months to get Tammy to let my cock spread her anal cavity and I wanted to bring Krista into that experience. Between Krista riding me and my doggie penetrations of her pussy, Krista and I were going on 30 minutes of fucking this go around, and my cock was getting sore.

I know Krista's pussy had to be sore, so I leaned over her back and whispered in her ear, "do you want to try something different?" She looked back at me and said, "what kind of different?" I simply said, "Do you trust me?

It took your mother months to do what I want to do to you tonight, but you can handle it if you relax." Krista simply said, "do what ever you want Dan. You've treated me right so far, and I trust you to be gentle." With that formality out of the way, I removed my cock from her pussy, dipped my fingers into her juices, coated her browneye, and placed my cockhead against her sphincter, and started to push into her anal cavity.

Krista took the intrusion of my cock into her ass like a vegas hooker. She didn't even flinch and just gave a low moan as her body stretched to accept my member deeper and deeper into her colon.

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As I finally came to the end of my journey into Krista's ass, my balls laid gently against her soft swollen pussy as I once again relished the feeling of her wondrous body coupled with mine. It didn't take Krista long to start moving back and forth encouraging my cock to continue the penetration of her. I hold her hips tightly and trust in and out of her ass and marvel at the actions of Krista. Bobbing back and forth against my cock, Krista reached back and grabbed my hand and brought it to her breast and held it there.

She moved my hand up and down her breast, and groped herself with my hand as I could feel my cock growing harder. I always love fucking a woman in her ass to finish the evening off, and Krista in spite of her young age was all woman, and she knew it. The extra friction and tightness of the anus helps keep my cock hard as steel and also helps coax the last of my cum from a depleted set of balls.

One of the curses of being closer to 40 than 20 is the increasing effort needed to stay hard and keep spitting seed after hours of fucking. Krista and her young tight body was like a fountain of youth for me. I hadn't fucked her mother this hard and long in nearly a year and even in my latest sessions with Tammy, it was the thought of her 14year old daughter that fueled my sexual energy.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end, and my balls were finally starting to rise and ready the last delivery of my seed for the evening. My third orgasm of the evening was the most intense yet and I was greeted with a near blackout. As I struggled to maintain my balance, Krista also experienced her most intense orgasm of the evening. As my balls rested against her pussy, Krista sent a stream of she cum out her lips and covered my balls like a spray gun. With that final outburst of energy, we both collapse forward and lay there motionless while we recover.

After a some time had passed, I glanced at the alarmclock on Krista's dresser and saw that it is now pushing 4 am. With both of us were covered in the smell of sex and her bed covered in her blood and our juices, we needed to clean up. I got out of Krista's bed and pulled her up to a sitting position once I was standing up. I helped her to her feet and we stripped the bed of all her sheets and blankets and headed for the laundry room.

After loading the washing machine with sex covered linens and starting it, we walked into the bathroom and started the shower. The last thing we needed was Tammy smelling her daughter on me and seeing the evidence of sex in Krista's bed. Once the water was hot we both got in and relished the steaming hot water as it cascaded over our bodies while we stood in a tender embrace. Krista's body had once again given my cock a stir and as I soaped up her body and washed her hair, I couldn't help myself.

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I turned her around, put my hands under her ass, and lifted her off the shower floor. As she came off the floor her arms went around my neck and she looked at me with her eyes full of lust. My cock once again was up for the job, and I lowered Krista to once again ride my cock and feel her tight womanhood.

If there is such a thing as a perfect pussy, I think Krista had it. Tight and responsive it had a wondrous effect on my cock and I have never felt anything like it. I often fucked Tammy in the shower in the same manner as I now had Krista, and there was no comparison. I was the first cock to penetrate Krista's inner most areas, and I was about the 100th cock to sample Tammy's pussy.

Tammy was a whore anyway you put it, but she was my whore and now I had her daughter too. Up and down I slid her over my cock as Krista help by pulling herself up and down. The angle of my penetration had my cock rubbing her clit with extreme pressure and it also made her tight pussy even tighter. It wasn't long before Krista started to feel the effects of our coupling and she started breathing hard and shivered with every slide down my cock.

The sight of her wet naked tits, the feel of her ass in my hands, and her continued vocal outbursts kept my cock hard and soon had me ready for another orgasm. Krista just kept repeating over and over in various order " oh fuck, oh fuck; god that feels good; my god I'm going to cum again; I love your cock; it feels so good; don't stop Dan." Her pussy was quivering and my scrotum once again started to lift my balls for their delivery.

With one final penetration to her cervix, my cock twitched and my orgasm was complete. By that time, I doubt it was more than a few drops in each of the five pulses, but that didn't matter. I had my lover in my arms and she had a smile on her face. I sent Krista off to bed with a kiss and a hug and told her I'd see her later. That evening we got to talk for a few minutes, and we discussed the future.

We had rolled the dice about getting her pregnant, so bith control pills were first on the list of items needed. We also would keep things calm until week nights when her mother Tammy was working, and her younger brother and sister were back at their father's house.

I told her NO ONE could ever know about our sexual interludes, because I would be going to jail regardless of her wanting to be with me. She agreed with everything we discussed and gave my cock a little pet when she left to call a friend.

Two days later on Monday Night, I came home and went to her bedroom as usual. But, I now got in bed with her and spent my nights inside her and holding her in my arms.

When she got up for school, I went to my bed and waited for her mother to come home from work. It was a situation I would enjoy for many months to come.