Gay forced to suck schlong

Gay forced to suck schlong
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In the morning Mark and I could not even look at each other. I took a shower I could finally wash my face, my legs, my pussy, my crusty nasty slut cunt. My hair some how that bastard even got his cum in my hair.

As I stepped out of the shower Mark was shaving.

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I meet his eyes in the mirror for the first time. He said you know we have to talk. I got one of the pill packet marked AM and swallowed the 5 pills. I'll wait for you at the kitchen table to hook me up. I went to the kitchen made toast and coffee sat down and waited for Mark to come hook me up to the automatic milking machine. My nipples still hurt from last nights treatment. He came into the kitchen a minute or so later, put some skin cream on the teats and started the machine. He gently lifted each of my boobs, and applied the milking machine to both my nipples.

Then set the timer. The suction hurt, but since I had to sit still for the next half hour. Mark I think you are right, we do need to talk. He turned back to me and said, Tom sent me an email yesterday morning. He told me that he had something I had to see. I told him I was not interested.

He said ok if you don't mind your pretty little wife going to jail. Of course I said wait, he just said meet me at Long John Silvers at 12:30 for lunch you buy.

He was about 10 minutes late. We got our food and sat down. Tom started to eat not saying anything. After a few moments I asked what is so important? He laughed at me and said you will see eat wile your fish is still hot. Exasperated I waited for him to finish eating, and he was in no hurry. At long last he pulled about a dozen papers from his pocket and told me to look at them.

I unfolded them, and asked what I was looking at. What he said, I knew could not be true, but I had no way to prove it.

He told me that the paper work showed that you had been skimming off the trucks for the past two months.

To the tune of about $5,000. I was shocked, told him he was wrong. He just shrug and said he could take this to the police and see if they think it was wrong. I asked what he wanted? He said I own you and your wife. Don't even think you can cross me. If I refused him any thing he was going reveal everything to everybody.

I had no way to tell you before we meet yesterday, and I knew you wanted nothing to do with me on the way home. He took the folded up papers out of his pocket and handed them to me. I had not done any of this of course, but the paper work was good.

Someone had been stealing and on paper it looked like it was me. I began to cry. I was trapped between jail or a sex slave. What's more I had been angry with Mark when he was only doing what he had to do to protect me. I tried to tell Mark how sorry I was thru my sobs. He let me lean against him. He stood there and cradled my head till the timer went off. He then turned off the machine that was torturing my nipples. I removed the tortures teats, and washed them off, placing them back in the holder.

I cough up with Mike in the bedroom. I did not take that stuff I said. I know he said matter-a-factly. I never had a doubt. But the paperwork was good I did not want to risk anything until we talked, and I am not sure what we can do.

I think someone up in you offices has it in for you, how else could they get paperwork like that? I though about that for a minute and realized Mark was right. The drivers alone could never have gotten those papers. They had to be working with one of my supervisors. Mark watched again with sad eyes as I pulled my tee shirt over my braless boobs.

Mark looking at me could not take his eyes off my boobs.

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I asked him if something was wrong. He said to look at your nipples there huge. I was having other though. Hey honey do we have time for a quickie? As I pulled my tee shirt back off. You know you want to try these puppy's out.

Mark was totally taken by surprise. Sweet heart we are running late as it is he protested. I was not going to take no for an answer. My top removed I shoved Mark back on to the bed, and planted my right breast right in he gaping mouth. It didn't take him but a second to figure out this was going to happen.

He began to suckle my nips, it was still tender but it felt so fucking good. I began to moan with the pleasure. I had him pinned beneath me I could feel his cock getting hard. Wile his attention was on sucking my tender nipple, I was undoing Mark's pants.

I reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock, it was so hard already. Now all I had to do was get my own Jean's off. I slid off the edge of the bed and pulled my Jean's and panty off in one quick fluid motion. I was back on him cowgirl style in a heart beat. I move my hips up above his cock and then slid back till his cock was right where I wanted him. My pussy was so wet. I had no trouble driving down on to him. I looked into Mark's eyes I could see him looking at my boobs longingly I leaned forward and this time put my left breast in Mark's mouth.

He sucked it in so hard it sent a wave of pleasure thru me. I was pumping Mark's cock as hard and as fast as I could.


It was so hot, we were running late, and I was so close. I could feel Mark start to cum, and that was enough to push me over the edge. Oh yes it was so great. I came so hard I could feel myself squeezing every drop of his wonderful cum into my body. It took me a long moment to realize Mark was moaning as loud as I was.

We held each other tight for a long moment. When I finally looked up, the time on the clock brought me back to reality. I yelled, we are late. The adrenaline rush made me jump up. Mark and I jumped up and rushed to get dressed, gigging the whole time and both rushed out the door. I punched in 29 minutes late. I am sure I put on a real show as I ran braless to my desk. My nipples were still poking out even harder than yesterday thanks to the milking machine and Mark's attention. To make matters worse, with the adrenaline wearing off, I was getting horny again.

Really, here, I found myself checking out the guys. Looking at the guys junk wondering what they were packing and how good it would feel in me.

I was getting so wet I was afraid it would look like I pee myself. I was having trouble doing my job, my mind kept wondering back to the morning sex and wanting more. The morning slowly moved on, with me constantly squirming is my desk. At about 9:30 Clay's truck backed in. I spotted Clay walking towards my desk with that knowing smirk on his face and I braced myself for what was sure about to come.

Clay walked up to my desk, handed me his paperwork and went to sit in the driver's waiting area. He did not even say hi. From my desk I could see Clay glance at me from time to time. At 9:55 Brad's texted me, as I looked at my phone I noticed Clay looking at his phone.

Brad must of sent him a text to. My text read, Hey bab be there in a few can't wait to kiss your hot lips. Remembering what I was told yesterday. I text back hey sweetheart I have more for you than just a kiss. I got up from my desk and headed out to meet him at his truck. It seemed like every guy there was watching my braless tits with my enlarged nipples bounce as I walking.

When Brad finally backed in I scramble up the driver's side of the cab. Lean way in the open window.


Bracing myself against the door for balance. My right hand caressing Brad's face. I leaned in to kiss Brad. As out lips meet, my left hand reach down into his lap to see if he was as ready for this as I was. His cock was already straining against his Jean's. Our lips meet our tongues danced. I was so hot. I wanted him to pull me thru the window and fuck me right there.

The back of my mind told me how wrong this was, just 4 hours earlier I had almost raped my husband. His cum still inside me. But right now my body needed release. I wanted Mark but for now Brad was here when I needed him.

As we kissed Brad's hands reached up under my tee shirt, and pinched and pulled and twisted at a my already swollen nipples. When he broke the kiss, I whisper in his ear, fuck me please fuck me. He replied get in here and I will. As I backed out of his window to open the door, he pulled my tee shirt up over my tits. I pulled it down as I stood but 3 of the guys on the dock saw me. My bare tits flashed 3 co worker. I was sure I would be fired. I quickly open the door and disappear inside.

Brad had already moved to the sleeper part of the cab. I saw him sitting on the bed waiting for me. The first thing he did when I got back to him, was to pull my tee shirt off over my head. He wrapped his arms around my hips and hugged me tight.

That put his head right between my boobs. He motor boated then a few times. Then he took one of my nipples and began to suck on it as hard as he could. My leg was in tight between his legs I could feel his cock twitching in anticipation. As he switch between my nipples sucking hard on them each in its turn. He unfasten my jeans and shoved my Jean's and panty down at the same time.

He then picked me up bouncing my head on the low ceiling. He turned and body slammed me on the bed knocking the air out of me. As I struggled to catch my breath, he stood up and stripped. I had almost cough my breath when he climbed on top of me. He shoved his cock in my sopping wet pussy. He had no trouble going balls deep. That got my attention as I inhaled Brad's lips latched on my neck and he began to suck.

It all felt so good. My orgasm started to build almost immediately. His cock slammed into my pussy over and over. I could feel the tremors building in his cock. I was in the middle of a powerful orgasm, but I could feel Brad strain to hold his back. I needed to feel him explode inside me. I started to meet him stroke for stroke. I raised my hips to give him better access. He could hold out no longer out. He bit down hard on my neck. I could feel him cum hard in my belly.

Wave after wave after wave shot into me. It felt so wonderful the warmth filling my belly. Suddenly he collapsed on top of me, making it hard to breathe I could still feel myself stuttering from my orgasm.

Brad laid limp on top of me till his cock went soft and fell out of me. Once he fell out he jumped up slapped my hip hard and told me to get dressed and get to my desk so he could check in. He rushed me to get dressed and get out the door. As I was walking back towards my desk I could see my coworker's staring at me. That made me very self conscious, I knew from all the attention, my nipples were really swollen. So I went straight to my desk. People kept staring at me even when I was sitting still.

Brad walked up to my desk and handed me his paperwork like nothing happened. He smirked and headed towards the driver's waiting area. He sat down across from Clay and they started to talk. A casually looking towards me. I was starting to feel that stirring again, but this time I could suppress it, mostly. I walked over to the driver's waiting area. Sat down by Clay and asked him, what is in that pill concoction you guys are making me take? He laughed, and said you know I will only answer your questions when you are sucking my cock.

If you want the answer meet me in the back of my truck in 10 minutes. Come on I said I need to know what you are making me take. He just shook his head and said you know the rules. I went back to my desk hurried thru my paperwork, and with a minute to spare I went to get the answers I knew I had to have. I climbed up the passenger side and let myself in. I knew I might as well go back to the bed and get undressed, and a wait the inevitable. Wile I waited I sent Brad a text, you were GREAT I want to do it again before you leave.

A couple of seconds after I hit send Clay climbed in. Your ready he said, you must still be desperate for cock. He opened his pants, sat down on the edge of the bed and said ask your question and start paying for your answer. I got down on my knees and crawled over between his legs. I asked, what are the drugs you are making me take doing to me? I then took is semi erect cock in my mouth and began to sucking. I would go all the way down pressing my tongue against the bottom side of his cock, then back up to swirl my tongue around the head.

He enjoyed the attention for a wile before he began to talk.

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You are taking a vitamin, just because we want to keep you healthy. Hormones, to make you more fertile and to help you to start producing milk. Some prenatal vitamins and supplements for a healthy baby.

He then began to enjoy his attention again. After what seemed like a long time I stopped looked up and said and what else. He took a deep breath then said a special new drug, it is experimental. It is time release. As you saw Friday, it gives you a strong craving for sex, and as you saw it works very well.

I paused at that, he noticed me pausing and ordered me to put my tee shirt back on. Surprised wile still sucking his cock I reached for my shirt. When I leaned up to put it on I asked why? Because it is so much fun to watch you turn into a our pet whore. Now suck me off. I went back down on him. I softly took his balls in my free hand and lightly squeezed them, I wanted to get this over with. I sucked has hard as I could. My work was about to pay off.

When he started to cum he pulled out and shot his load on my chin and tits leaving large cum stains on my tee shirt. Hey I shouted. He told me to shut up, then he laughed, and then commented that I looked good covered in his spunk. I sat back on my heels crying thru my sobs I asked can't you please let us go? Let you go?

He repeated oh hell no you and your husband are about to become real cash cows. We have a lot of plans to make money off you two. Your about to become internet stars with your own TV show. You are going to make countless fetish porn videos. You will soon be making prego porn. The world will watch to see what color your baby will be. Now get out of my cab and get back to your desk.

I can't go out like this I said as his cum was crusting on my chin. He just grabbed my pants threw them at me and said put them on and get out. I practically jumped into my pants, grabbed an old napkin I saw on the floor, and wiped my face as I went out the door. I went straight to the restroom to assess the damage and clean up as best I could. Thankfully it was a black tee shirt so the strains did not stand out. I cleaned my face and fixed my make up as best as I could. I headed back to my desk to catch up on my paperwork.

It had been piling up for over an hour. I was almost cough up and I was interrupted by a text alert from my phone. Brad sent, hon would love to made your dream come true, just come on over and lay a big wet one on me to make your wish come true. I looked over at Brad he was looking at his phone, but there was also 2 other drivers in the area.

I finished up my paperwork, and looked back at Brad he was still looking at his phone, but now there was 3 drivers in the waiting area. I had butterfly's as big as Robin's in my stomach as I walked back. When I got back to him, just as he looked up I planted a big lip lock on him. He did not skip a beat kissing me back.

Since he was sitting I had to bend over to kiss him. Which he took full advantage of, by grabbing and then playing with my pussy. There was nothing I could do about it without making a scene, so I held the kiss and hoped that no one noticed. Way to soon he broke the kiss but kept his hand on my pussy.

The other drivers were watching. I wanted to crawl under the floor and die. Brad smirked see guys I told you she was a slut. Do you guys still want to see how much of a slut she is?

Give us 2 minutes in the men's room then come in one at a time. Brad took me by the arm and to my horror lead me to the men's room in the driver's waiting area. I tried to pull away. But Brad firmly had my arm. He walked me over to the bathroom door and pushed me thru. I had never been in here before, this was the first time I ever seen a urinal.

I felt a rush of fear being in such a forbidden place. I was ordered to go into the last stall and to remove my clothes. In fear I did as ordered. Brad took my clothes and put the in the other stall. I was informed that the other 3 drivers now knew that I was a slut for him, each in turn was going to come back to play with me. He wanted me to make them happy in any way they wanted save one. No one was to cum in my cunt as he put it. I could swallow, take a load in my ass, but no cock in my cunt.

That is when the first one walked in. I knew this man I saw him almost every day. We had worked together for years. Brad smiled as his fellow driver walked in, she is all yours, I will guard the door. He wasted no time wrapping me in a big bear hug.

Grabbing my ass with both hands. Squeezing hard digging his fingers deep into my bare skin. Pulling me close to him, I could feel him getting hard. His lips close to me ear, I been wanting to see those big tits for a long time.

Do you like it in your ass babe? I want to play with your tits wile I fuck your plump ass. His hands slid up my sides to my boobs rubbing them poking my nipples then up to my shoulders pushing them down get me ready he hissed. When I dropped to my knees I could see the bulge in his pants. My hands went straight to his belt so I could free his cock. I just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

His cock practically jumped out. It totally came to life when my lips wrapped around him. I plunged all the way down on him, feeling his balls bounce on my chin and his hair tickled my nose.

I held that for a few seconds, wile I licked the under side of his cock. Just as I was about to gag I pulled back till my lips were around the head. I let my tongue flick the tip a few times before plunging back down again.

I did this a few times before he grabbed the back of my head and held me all the way down on him. He demanded I look him in the eye. I struggled to pull away, but couldn't. As I looked up to his face I could see him smirking. Now that I have your attention, he let go of my head and I pulled away to catch my breath. Our eyes still locked I get to start your training. Stand up he ordered, turn around, hands behind your back.

When any man tells you to stand at attention, you are to stand like this. Hold your tits out. If he is close enough behind you fondle his cock and balls. Do you understand? I nodded wile saying yes. Good! He barked, next assume the position, you need to go to the nearest mens room, removing all clothing as you go. You well go into the first empty stall, lift the seat if it is down, you are to never use the seat again.

You will always lift the seat from now on do you understand? Again I nodded my head and said yes. Good, once in the stall you will prop the door open, and spread your legs as wide as the stall will allow. Then bend over and brace yourself on the toilet. Keep your eyes forward and you better enjoy what happens. Stay that way until you are told to do otherwise. He shoved my shoulder assume the position!

He barked. I stumbled towards the stall, pushed the door in, spread my legs which held the door open. The seat was already up bending over I grabbed the sides of the bowls, the water was yellow and had a strong smell.

I had to hold my head up to keep my long hair out of the nasty toilet. The driver so close behind me I could feel his cock poke my ass cheek. He started to brush his cock from side to side across my ass, then up and down my crack pushing in deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Each pass getting shorter zeroing in on its target. When he was on his mark he pushed forward forcing just the head of his cock inside my ass. He grunted I growned he leaned over my back and grabbed on tight to my boobs. In one fluid motion he slammed his cock in wile pulling on my poor boobs back, the sudden implement shot a wave of pain thru my entire body I screamed not caring who heard me. He pulled hard on my tits forcing his cock in me as deep as it could go, I twisted and squirm doing my best to escape.

He laughed and held on tight. He let me pull away just to pull my tits forcing me down on his cock again. I cried out with every stroke, my ass felt like it was on fire, my poor tits felt like he was going to pull them off.

Finally I could feel his cock stiffen he was just about to cum, he pushed in as deep as he could and stopped. My tits were stretched, he was holding me tight and said, nope not yet.

I have one more thing to tell you. Tonight when you get off work, wait in your car for me, I well be spending the next few nights with you. Till the cameras are installed. You still have some training to do. Before I could say anything he began to slam my ass and pull my tits again. This time was a little bit different, I had relaxed a little, I could feel his cock tensing up inside about to explode in me.

I was shocked to find my body wanted this. To get this over with. When I felt his first spasm, his cum was so warm, I could not believed how it felt.

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Every load of his cum shot a warm wave thru me. I could feel load after load of his cum shoot inside my body. He held his cock inside me, for as long as he could. Finally he pulled out of me. He smacked my ass and told me to sit on the toilet bowl. Then he pushed his nasty cum and shit covered cock in my face.

Always suck every cock clean, cunt! He made me open my mouth, and he shoved it in. I gagged, I tried to pull away. He grabbed the back of my head and held me in place, so that I could not breathe, till I started to lick his cock clean. When he let up I gasped for air.

In total fear I licked his cock clean, gagging the whole time. When he felt like I had done a good enough job, he told me to assume the position. He took a moment to straighten his clothes told me he would see me tonight, and walked out the door. I could hear the foot steps another person entering the men room. They stopped right behind me, I could feel his eyes looking me over. Over a long minute he just let his eyes roam all over my body.

The anticipation was driving me crazy. Finally he touched my ass. At first he just rubbed both cheeks then he began to squeeze them. His hands moved out to my hips and up my sides. His fingers wrapped around my boobs and firmly fondled them.

I could feel his cock press against my bottom, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. My body wanted this! His hand left my boobs went down my sides over my hips. I could hear him pulled down his zipper. His hard cock pressed against my ass, then he angled his cock down and he pushed his cock between my legs. I could see his cock appeared from between my legs the head glistening with my juices.

I was that wet. His cock pulled back and forth a few times getting wetter with each stroke, oh my God he knew, my body wanted to be fucked. He started to tease me, he would press his cock against my ass and then pull away just as he was about to enter. I realized I was pushing myself back in an attempt to take him in me.

He would hold back for long seconds, then poke towards my ass again. After many, at least a dozen pokes he hit the spot and sunk his cock deep into my awaiting ass. This time I had already been stretched and I was wet with the last mans cum, it did not hurt as much as before. I could feel his lust for me. In the way his hand grip my hips, in the energy he put into every stroke. The way he wanted me, my body was responding to him. I began to meet him stroke for stroke.

I got so wet I just knew it would soon be running down my leg. I am not sure if it was because I just wanted to get this over with or if it was because my body wanted this. I began to beg him to come in me. I thrust my ass back to meet his every stroke. I could feel him tense inside, I shoved my ass tight to his groin and began to grind into him. I felt him burst inside me a warm wave washed over me.

We pressed and held tight into each other for a very long moment. I needed every drop of his cum. It was such a warm feeling.

I could feel him getting soft, I tighten my ass to try to hold him just a little longer. When he fell out of me, I felt empty. He walked to the sink washed up and left.

I never saw him, he never said a word. The realization of what just happened made me feel like a total slut I was so ashamed. A new set of footsteps walked in. Brad walked up behind me. Plans have changed, the next man, you are to give him anything he wants. You are to make him feel very wanted.

I was ordered to attention. After feeling up my tits, he put cotton ball over my eyes then a blindfolded. Turn around and get on your knees, and beg to suck a cock when hear him walk in. I could hear Brad walk to and open the door, then a new set walking towards me. Please let me suck your dick please, I began. Please! It sounded like he was right in front of me. I raised my head as if to look at him. Please sir let me suck your dick. Do you know who I am?

Do you recognize my voice? He asked. The question cough me by surprise. A no sir, I stammered. You well soon enough, yes you may, suck my cock. I reached up and began to undo his pants.

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I am your new direct supervisor. Starting Monday you well have a new office, and a raise. Your husband has been ordered to quit his job and is going to start here Monday with a bigger salary.

You well come to my office tomorrow morning and I well tell you the details. That's good girl suck my cock. He grabbed both my ears and slowly began to push his cock in as deep as he could. I did my best to take it all with out gaging.

When his balls were on my chin he held me there for a few seconds before slowly pushing me away. Making me go at his speed slowly in and out, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder.

I could taste his pre cum. He began to moan. When he pushed my head away and barked, Assume the position! I Immediately jumped up and bent over the toilet, Hands leaning on both sides of the bowl to support myself.

Legs spread, his cock plunged into my soaked wet pussy. He was ready, I could feel his cock explode inside me. He held me tight, throbbing deep inside me, it felt so good. I began to buck my ass against his hips, I wanted every last drop.

He held me tight against himself to stay inside me as long as possible. I felt like a real whore, when he pulled out I felt empty inside, but I turned around dropped to my knees and fumbled for his cock so I could suck him clean. When he said I had cleaned him well enough, he told me to stand at attention.

As I got to my feet I could hear him walk out.


I could hear Brad's footsteps walking in. He removed my blindfold, groped my tits and told me to get dressed and go back to work, and don't forget to wait for your trainer to ride home with you, at that he left. I hurried into the other stall to retrieve my clothes, and to get dressed.

A couple of guys wolf whistled as I exited the men's room. I paid them no mind and went straight to my desk. I could feel my ass and pussy leaking, but luckily the paperwork stack on my desk insured I would not have to leave my desk till 5.

Thankfully nothing else happened the rest of the shift.