Annihilation of a dirty swarthy

Annihilation of a dirty swarthy
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Outside the inn in which Rh'aan was staying, thunder and lightning waged steady war alongside the furious rainfall, driven before winds that howled like a banshee spirit upon the moors.

Yes, just like that of a banshee indeed.

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Just as long as I do not ever meet one of them; bad news and all of that, not to mention how awful their singing is… In the inn's heated bath, actually a small pool, she eased in a short swim from side to side; always she alternated her strokes, one way on her stomach, the other on her back. At least until she heard the young serving lad splash into the water; so stunned was he, like most hormone raging teen boys, by the sight of her bared breasts that he slipped into the pool.

Yes, it is going to be one of those nights…and the mage-fare is not too far off still. She moved over in his direction, debating over the thought of helping him or just letting him learn to breathe water.

"Come on girl, now you get to help a real swamp rat for a change; instead of being called one by uncle." Those memories quickly recalled and then shoved aside in instant, caused major shutters of terror over her body. * * * * * * Movement came to the eye between flashes of lightning, as two figured moved with utmost haste to the doorway. They looked from beneath hooded body-cloaks at the sign that read simply "Halfway Home and Hearth." Intense indeed for these two was found the combination of storm and earth outside; mixing with the intensity of wood, smoke, meat and drink, plus that of flesh.

As they breathed in the mixed scents, while doffing their body-cloaks, each saw raw, wild, lingering hunger in the others eyes. No more than a moment's attention was paid to these two by those folks in the common room, or in the gaming den to the backside. "My dear sister," said the male, Gn'nash, of the duo, "shall we begin the fun of these nights…entertainment?" Knowingly he extended his hand and inclined his head in a minor, courtly bow.

Taking a hold of his proffered hand, she, known simply as Fluffy due to her baby-soft curled hair, bowed slightly as a woman of courtly birth and rank would.

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However, the sly grin marked with perfectly formed white teeth, betrayed more is at hand than this; it is a game each has played quite often, and enjoy in all the multi-roles that can be performed. The barmaid sauntered over to greet them; they beheld that her smile is matched by the sheer volume of breastage revealed beneath her, not so covering gown and vest. "Welcome travelers, we have much fine dining here, what may I get you for dinner?" Having taken in all the folks at a quick glance, deciding no one is a serious threat, save for one back in the far corner, Gn'nash turned his attention back to the barmaid.

His twin eyes each the coloring of emerald jade, matching his sisters to the tee. Glimmering, he took her hand, and pulled her next to his strong body. "Why my dear lady, you can give me and my dearest sister everything we want. And, what I desire for the moment is you dearest." His hand fell onto her breast, and he started to fondle it as one strokes a favored cat. With the casting of a minor spell, he had a invisible set of hands slip her skirt downwards an instant later; much to the delight of the folks about who now were looking with growing interest at the floor show.

Panic set in for her as those eyes of his pulled her inward, locking her will directly into his; her body moved without her conscious choice, backing to her knees, and opening her mouth for a 'enjoyable experience to come.' Fluffy meanwhile was calling to the others to enjoy a night of merriment and excitement; subtly she enacted an charm of domination over the folks, ensnaring them easily…save for one… The paladin, a holy knight, drew forth his sword, heading to intercept Fluffy, crying out the usual statements of how he will destroy the evil pair, decry what they are doing, an all that nonsense.

Many times she has heard it before, and as all such types of dolts learn, she is more than appearances make to be. He died soon enough too. "No sense wasting a good meal of idiocy is there brother?" * * * * * * "Here then, go and get yourself dried off before you get a cold or such." Rh'aan stated as she casually tossed him the towel from about her chest.

Once again, not much to her surprise, Both of Justin's eyes obtained a fixated, absolute, hard lock on her bare bosom. Net results gained from this little bit of an exchange one towel, landing over his head, face, shoulders and the upper back. The sheer volume and intensity of steam shimmering off of the damp towel did not need any more of a heat source than from the lad himself. "Oh brother, what is it with these human males and their entire fixation with females?" Of course, her contemplation of this statement, while she was walking only half clad a towel about her waist the only other garment through the common room to her own did not enlighten her any towards the answer.

Neither did the calls, whoops, whistles, and such from the men and women either. One group of soldiers, off duty for a change, simply held up mugs in salute and declared; "Now that is what we are here to protect gentlemen." "Humans…there is no understanding of them." However, in the stairwell, she ran into a pair of young girls giggling and whispering to each other. They quieted up in a instant at the sight of her, but picked back up when they thought her out of sight.

"Come on Sam, there is room in the barn for us back under the hayloft…" one was whispering to the other. She thought about also checking out the barn and stabling next to it. A late night snack of rodents would help stop the growing need, and hunger inside of her.

Not to mention other sensations of her body that she also finds confusing her too. * * * * * * Gn'nash simply grinned wickedly at her, busy at this one moment; the barmaid was bent over a table, both of those breasts heaving like branches in the wind. Never before in her life has anyone fucked her so hard, and so fast, and she was totally overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the moment.


Gn'nash began to shout, and then roar with delight as all in the room heard his thighs slamming hard against those of the barmaids; his cock slashing in and out of her dripping pussy like a saber slashing an opponent's body during long battles. So forceful did his actions become, so primal, so animated, that he was actually bouncing her off the ground several inches with each thrust and movement. His hands caused a series of deep red bruises upon each buttock cheek; pain roared with pleasure out of her mouth, her mind screaming that this is indeed wrong in some manner… Fluffy watched with absolute hunger for the passions, raw and wild being displayed with such skill by Gn'nash; she selected two men, healthy and strong, with bulging muscle and bulging cocks from the crowd.

Getting out of her gown was easily accomplished, undone by a simple act of tearing it apart; her nipples extended to full attention already, her pussy steaming wet, and the look of absolute glee burned in her eyes and shined upon her face…a terrifying primal hunger knowing no bounds.

Shortly she was joining Gn'nash in howling with pleasure as one fucked her pussy with gusto, getting her aroused in more and more wildness.


The other she slurped with sheer abandon upon his hard cock, stroking and tonguing all of its length and the head. Gn'nash started to roar in excitement as did the barmaid, so close was each to climaxing.

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Fluffy felt the cock in her pussy pulsate in rhythm to her body, muscles tightening to keep it inside, while she felt her own wetness growing in each moment that passed. The man in front of her started to buck wildly, as his climax neared due to her activity. When the climax came, for the two siblings, it was with a wild, savage roar of purest ecstasy!!! For their three companions, it ended with sudden collapse where they stood; smoke coming from their eyes, ears and mouths, death having consumed their bodies instantly.

The two looked over at the rest of the submissive crowd to select their next victims; many pleasures to sustain each of them on such a stormy night. * * * * * * Her body resisted the notion, but her brain insisted indeed she must be caught up within a perfect dream.

"Hmmm&hellip.yes." Her body rested upon a blanket of cloudlike softness. Her chin upon a fluffy pillow stuffed with goose down. And, most important of all, a pair of firm, strong hands worked steadily on her shoulders; achieving wonders she must remember to share with others. Arms locked about the pillow, stretching forward just a bit more, her eyes closed in sheer ecstasy of the sensations.

Each of his hands moved in circles, draining tension from her muscles like water flowing in a stream. "Justin, you keep doing it just like that." "You know something Rh'aan," he said, while moving just a bit toward the sides of her back, "the next time, if you decide on a snack…" "What?" His hands shifted location just a bit, bringing a momentary shudder he felt through his position over her.

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He just could not believe this massaging a pretty woman's backside. "Let me get you dinner. I would think anything would be better than a rat or two…okay to that?" "Listen Justin," she protested, "I just wanted to get a little midnight snack, so what if I have a few unusual tastes for the varmints…the barn was the best place to find them." "True, but you tripped over me when you were chasing the 'little varmint' up in the loft." He started quickly stroking her back with his hands, warming muscle and skin up in temperature quickly… "At least those two ladies down below had enough sense to grab something to cover up with before they ran out of the front doors.

Imagine that, just the sheer ingratitude shown in screaming so loud when you fell next to them." "By the way Justin," she asked softly of him, her mind is now somewhere else while her body is going 'more, more, give me more NOW!!!' "Yes?" He asked slyly, trying to sound more mature. "What were you doing peering over the edge at the two of them anyways?

I mean, it's not like you don't see women getting intimate that rarely." His voice cracking more like breaking as a tree does in a storm he tried to answer the best possible. Onwards did he go, acting like a scholar who had all the answers needed to the inquiry. Rh'aan just simply kept quiet, finding it a bit amusing.

However, there was one thing she especially did not find so amusing at this time. She turned her head about to face him; her one hand perched beneath her cheekbone. "Hey Justin…you sound like a real heroic type to me." He looked at her, surprised at this.

"Me, being of heroic types you say? Yeah I would agree, nothing can scare me in the least…why?" "How do you define a hero?" While considering this, still working with his hands, he has failed to notice the finger tapping gently upon her cheek; a note of sarcasm laced within each word spoken. "I define a hero as anyone who can handle the 'hopeless situation' against all odds, and all risks, fearing nothing in the face of death and the like." "Good answer…facing a 'hopeless situation' in style…" "Wow, thank you, me a hero." "…just like the one you are now facing, my young friend." "HUH?" * * * * * * Down in the common room, all was normal, with a great deal of conversation going on.

Games of chance were set on a fair number of tables in one area, and a human mage of great fame and fearsome reputation discussed lore with a trio of ancient elves. "MOVE THEM OR LOSE THEM!!!" Such was the sheer force of will contained within that one command, utter silence descended upon the place.

No one dared to move, speak, or even think. Even the sounds of a person breathing were all but stilled; as all waited upon the revelation of what evil now was unleashed… Just then Justin went flying down the stairwell; his shirt is now more rags than wearable. The grin upon his face was one mixing both chagrin and delight.


Not to mention that of sheer survival indeed against hopeless odds. Going up to the barkeep, his boss, he asked what the next chores were that needed doing. He did his best to ignore all of the sets of eyes staring at him, awaiting word of what has occurred. "What happened boy? Last I had seen ya, you and the lass were fast at work in the back-rubbing business, yes?" "Yes." "So…?" "Lets just say boss, my hands went a little bit astray, and found a…softer spot upon her." "Deliberately or accidentally going astray young man?" Looking at his boss with the most sincere innocence that he could maintain, he stated to all, "what do you think?" Cheers ascended upwards, congratulating him, and making great jokes, limericks, and the likes about the event.

Many of the guys, and some girls, slapped him on the back. His boss placed a foam-covered mug of brew in front of him, saying it is on the house. "Cheers!!!" He shouted to all, and many similar cries went back to him with gusto. "If you will all excuse me, I need to find a new shirt for an replacement of this one…among other things." The moment of confusion pertaining to his words became clear after he stood; for walking away, all could see large tears in the seat of his pants, and underpants.

As the others observed and cheered his leaving, none saw the occupant of one now empty chair leave. Yet it is in the power of highly skilled mages to do so with but a thought; or so most non-mages believe. * * * * * * Rh'aan left the inn via her window, finding a short hop, skip and jump down to the rear alley. Still in full furies is the storm, to which she hardly cared about; she just needed some freedom…the hunger has grown too much, and she has to find her prey soon…else… Over the next two hours, chance carried her path across a pair of siblings; or newly-weds by the way they were all over one another in this weather.

Silently moving deep to the shadows she went, seeking to gain position on her now sighted prey… Each moment brought her closer, just to almost a breath of distance…so close…just one more moment, and both shall be hers to feast upon… SLAM!!!

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Flying into the wall, dazed and confused, the two rats she stalked squealed and ran; twice more a series of blows sent her reeling, giving no quarter, nor chance to plead. Near dead, Rh'aan slid down the wall while the two whom did this to her gloated. "Dear sister, just as you sensed she is indeed one yet unbred; do you want to take her, or shall I give the little girl her best fuck she will obtain in her all too brief life?" "Go ahead Gn'nash, I'll just watch; I've fucked so many men and women tonight my pussy is worn out.

Just use her well." She heard a 'thanks', and the loosening of his pants; before a moment more passes, she feels strong hands on each side of her head, dragging her to his huge cock. "Hey sis, look at this, she is so small, weak and helpless in front of me!

Why I feel like a king must, ordering any of his court women to the royal bed chambers for a…" CRUNCH!!! Howling, in the fiercest of pain such as he has never felt in his centuries of life, he clutches at Rh'aan in helplessness. A burning emptiness forms, pulling downwards to where her teeth are embedded around his balls… Fluffy looks at him, starts to cast a spell of doom upon the young girl with him, just as the universal reality goes and gets turned on its head.

In a momentary flash of light, she ceases to be, save for a bit of dust on the ground. Soon afterward, the body of the one once called Gn'nash also falls backwards; utterly gone is the life force once contained within. That great mage, the same one from the inn's room; also the one from seeing her deal with David, so-called master of the night, stood over her slumped, sobbing form.

"Come now lass, stand up and let me see your face," he bent down some, taking in the now healed bruises and cuts from the beating.

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Yet it was as he put his fingers into her mouth his hunch was confirmed, actually both of them. "No lass, I know now there is no danger to be found in you for me or anyone else not seeking it. I will come with you to retrieve your belongings and go to my place." She just looked at him in utter shock, too many things have occurred to quickly; leaving her confused and unsure.

He walked away briskly, calling to her to follow before those of the constables deputies arrived. One hour later she is wrapped in a heavy blanket, warmed by the great flames of the hearth. She sips from a mug of warmed apple-cider, looking at her few remaining articles of clothing drying nearby. "First lesson of the night lass, when leaving by a window in a storm; close it behind you best as you can." His smile showed no sarcasm, or cruelty was to be found in these words.

"Yes sir. What do I have to pay for you to be silent of tonight's…activities?" "My price is simple, I practice true-speak magics; and I am old, approaching my sixth century in time. I am intrigued that you a spirit catt, and much more are trained in the basics as well." "Before you say yes or no, understand this, it is a choice, not a command; you are special in this world, being also of vampiric bloodlines no, a vampyre, born to one, instead of made one. That is why you were able to stop that evil rashaska tonight…impressive indeed." Patches, the little raggamoffyn familiar flew in and settled on her shoulder.

He crooned something to the mage, and got a reply back in kind. Sudden comprehension came to her in a flash of insight. "Yes lass, he spoke to me many times; that is how I knew where to find you, and those murderous beasts. I hunt all manner of such beasts, and could use some help. In turn I offer to teach you all I can. It's your call to make now." "I'll accept, so master…" He stopped her with an upheld hand. "No, not master; I shall never, ever be called that…call me sensei in public or at formal matters.

Here in private call me by my name Lu-bu; and no jokes about what it really means, I have a reputation to maintain." They joked and swapped stories for some time, with her new sensei asking many questions her life, skill, training, and such.

Even into some matters of a very personal and disquieting nature. "Listen Rh'aan, discipline is a part of learning to wield any magical forces, and that you have in abundance. What you lack is the focus of passion, tempered, and directed." Pausing for a breath, he locked eyes with hers. "There is also a third part of it as well; mages of all kinds, and of all styles, have their abilites fully unlocked after the first full mating they have." Her gulp was obvious in the room.

Setting the mug down, it being her fourth of the night, she started to stand up. "I guess that means its the bedroom for me now…" "NO!

For heavens sakes girl, the when, how, and with who will always be YOUR choice; and none other." Patches also scolded her in complete agreement with his statement. "Also we need to get some more clothing for you, unless you like walking about in your birthday suit; despite how it pleases my eyes…" For now one adventure closed, yet others await soon.

Fin, for this part.