Instrutor da academia goza dentro da Trans

Instrutor da academia goza dentro da Trans
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Vengeance 20 I got back at around three from my last class on my Birthday to find a naked Ellie sitting on my futon, one large wrapped package and two smaller ones on the pilfered coffee table. The first was non-sexual, and oddly, probably my favorite.

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It was, to the outsider, nothing special, a bracelet she'd made me with our initials on it. But it was exactly the kind of thing I liked, and the perfect gift. I kissed her then moved on to the big one. I picked it up, then failed, the damn thing was heavier than I'd expected.

On the second try, the paper ripped and I could see what it was.

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I tore off the rest to reveal a metal posture bar, a collar that was connected via a metal rod to a sideways figure eight that were wrist cuffs. It bound her hands together behind her back, keeping her arms immobile while forcing her to jut her breasts out.


Eagerly she turned her back to me so we could try it out. I locked the collar around her neck, it was a perfect fit, and slipped her wrists into the appropriate spots and locked them in as well. For a change she felt the cool, unyielding will of steel. I took the keys, put them on my keychain full of ones for other equipment and hung them high.

I opened the last present.

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It was a simple card. Hey, We've got Thursday and Friday off because of veterans day, we can definitely be there when you want. See you then. ~S&a Then there was a knock at the door.

Ellie laughed.

"That's the most ridiculous timing I've ever seen." Sure enough, I opened it and a tall, fairly tan girl, and a shorter really white girl walked in. Alyssa and Sarah, lesbian partners, and somewhat experienced BDSMers. Sarah hung her coat on one of the posts, and Alyssa took another.

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Sarah wore an impossibly tight pair of black jeans coupled with an even tighter tank top that was so red it almost hurt to look at. Alyssa, who had been wearing a long trench coat, now wore nothing, her small perky tits and fantastically tight pussy on display for everyone to see.

Sarah slowly walked up to Ellie, smiling evilly and harshly pinched a nipple. Ellie squirmed and frowned, trying to get away, but the posture bar heavily restricted her movement. I let her have some fun with my girlfriend, while I explored Alyssa's body. She stood there submissively with her arms at her sides, as I ran my hands up and down her taut abs.

I ran my hands down and quickly thrust a finger into her minute pussy. She jumped and squealed with surprise as I drove it in. Within no time she was dripping wet and breathing hard, the girl was extremely sensitive. Meanwhile, Sarah was forcing Ellie onto her tiptoes by pinching her nipples and pulling upward. No doubt she hadn't forgotten the ordeal she went through at the hands of my lover last time. I moved Alyssa to her knees and left her there while moving over to Sarah.

Sarah was enjoying every inch of Ellie's body with her hands grabbing anything she could get a hold of. She didn't bat an eye, or even flinch, as I undid her jeans and began peeling them down her long legs.

I brought the panties along with, and after a moderate struggle, had them on the other side of the room. She took her hands off Ellie and removed her shirt and bra for me, tossing them aside. Within seconds, my clothes were off as well, and my rock-hard dick was drawing the attention of everyone in the room, straight, or otherwise.

I brought both the girls in front of Ellie, and ordered them to lick her breasts while I took care of a few things. Ellie sat on the edge of the futon and jutted out her chest, while the two lesbians licked their lips and moved into position just as eagerly. I put the girls' coats in the closets and cleaned up the Birthday remnants while Sarah and Alyssa licked away at Ellie's tits.

I pulled a reluctant Sarah to her feet, and laid her on my former roommate's bed. I bound her hands together above her head, and she spread her free legs, making an upside down 'Y.' Then I pulled Alyssa off of Ellie, and brought Ellie to the bed. I placed her kneeling over Sarah's face, collared both girls, and connected them with a length of rope, short enough to keep Ellie from leaning back. Finally I attached a rope, from each of Sarah's ankles to a clamp on each of Ellie's nipples.

Now Sarah could administer pleasure and pain as she wished, and Ellie could not move back to ease it. "Lick her good," I warned Sarah, "or I'm going to let both girls have their way with you." Amidst mixed moans of pleasure and pain from Ellie, I turned my attention back to Alyssa who was still kneeling in between the coffee table and futon.

I stood her up and bound her wrists together behind her back. It took a few tries before I remembered that she wasn't flexible enough for her elbows to be cinched. I held her there for a moment, standing in front of my, my fingertips caressing every inch of her helpless body. I massaged her clit slightly, prompting a disproportionately loud moan from her. She was very, very sensitive. While rubbing her clit, I stuck a finger in. She went so weak at the knees; I thought she was going to fall over.

So I kept up my assault until she could take it no more and dropped down. I pushed her down on her stomach and went to work on her legs. Soon her ankles and knees were bound together. I hoisted her up and laid her on her stomach on the coffee table. I tied her bound wrists tightly to her bound ankles, a nice little hogtie. On the bed, Ellie's moans were getting louder, as Sarah alternated between pleasuring and punishing her with soft, wet licks, and sharp pulls on the clamps.

I slid Alyssa to the edge of the coffee table, and the table closer to the futon. Sitting back, I stroked my cock right in front of her face. I reached my hands to her and brought her close. Nervously she licked the tip.

Judging from the look on her face, she was a little put off by the taste, but not terribly. I pulled her head down, and she took me a few inches in her mouth.

She had no choice. I moved her head up and down, until she got the rhythm and took over herself. She could do ok, getting about three and a half inches down. Her lips were also ok, she would certainly never touch Ellie, but her tongue, her tongue was everywhere. The girl's tongue was like a soft wet vibrator, it was everywhere on my dick at once. She must have been absolutely fantastic at eating her lover out. Just then I heard Ellie try to stifle a scream as she suddenly orgasmed, then try to stifle another as Sarah pulled both clamps painfully off her breasts.

Her breathing slowly steadied as the pain subsided, and Sara resorted to slow, 'cool-down' licks. Ellie slumped, tiredly, at least as much as she could against the restrictive posture bar.

Alyssa continued to tongue the shit out of my cock, and it was working pretty well. I was a few minutes away from giving the lesbian her first taste of cum. But that was not the way I wanted to go. I slid a surprisingly reluctant Alyssa's head off my dick and left her there on the table as I went to tend to Ellie.


I removed the rope that connected the collars, and relieved her of the posture bar. She stretched out her stiff arms for a moment before dropping to her knees. Before she could begin, I pulled her to her feet again, wrapped my arms around her and treated myself to a tongue filled birthday kiss. Her tongue wrapped around mine, and I grew even hornier as her heavenly soft lips covered my own. She reached a hand down and awkwardly stroked my dick between our bodies.

Soon, the other hand followed and massaged my balls. She started to kneel once more, but I held her up again, prolonging her agony. Her kiss became fiercer, more frustrated and more passionate; her handjob increased its pace. Finally, I let her break and kneel, but I still denied her the pleasure of servicing me, holding her hair and stroking it inches from her face.

"You may pleasure me, but only with your hands, so I can cum on your face." Not a total loss to her, as she started sliding her hand slowly up and down, while again working my balls. Her mouth fell into a small 'o' as she worked, the girl absolutely loved my cock. Suddenly, her pace picked up, and my horniness jumped a level. She started moaning, getting more and more into it as she brought me closer and closer.

When I was just on the verge, I stopped her again. She looked at me, frustrated. "Wish me a Happy Birthday." She wrapped her lips around my head. By the time her tongue touched down, I was filling her mouth with cum. I dropped such a large load on her tongue that she started to drool.

It ran down her chin as she grinned happily and swallowed what she could. She cleaned the rest off herself, and went to lick the tip of my dick. She spent several more minutes enjoying my cock in her mouth until it was finally soft. After finishing, she stood and brought me some rope, knowing already that I was going to immobilize her arms again.

I tied her wrists and cinched her elbows behind her back, then put her on her knees. Moving over, I freed Alyssa and Sarah completely.

Bound both their arms behind their back and sat them on the futon next to each other. Ellie was to service them both.

The two lesbians eagerly slid to the edge of the futon and spread their legs, Ellie's oral reputation having preceded her.

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She moved to the pale Alyssa first, and the girl jumped a mile when Ellie's tongue hit her clit. Ellie had her moaning and gyrating her hips within minutes.

Sarah looked on jealously, but helplessly, as Ellie quickly drew a strong, wet, and very loud orgasm from her partner. Alyssa's panting, and Ellie's licking continued; my girl wasn't finished yet. Alyssa's eyes clamped shut, and words left her mouth as she kept her face twisted in a permanent 'o.' Ellie treated her to another wet orgasm.

Lys exhaled happily and leaned back into the futon as Ellie moved over. With equal fervor she began to make out with Sarah's pussy. Her tongue penetrated the tall girl several times, prompting a series of heightened moans from her before Ellie moved up to the clit. She wasted no time in sucking it into her mouth. Sarah's eyes flew wide open, and she jumped before, settling down and pushing her pussy into Ellie's face.

Unlike her partner, Sarah sat there patiently and let Ellie do her skilled work. The signs a bit more subtle, Sarah began to near orgasm too.


Her face froze, and her muscles tensed. She bit down on her lower lip like Ellie does, but couldn't hide it for long. Soon her breath began to grow more and more ragged as Ellie's tongue sped up. Minutes later, Sarah went stiff, and let out a long low moan as she had a long, intense orgasm in Ellie's face.

Ellie sat on the futon as the two other girls leaned over and each took a nipple. She leaned on the back, jutting her chest out, letting the other two do their work. My dick stirred and I began to get hard again. When it reached its six inch max, I pulled the two lesbians off each other and brought Ellie to her knees in front of me.

Grabbing her head, I impaled it on my dick once more, holding her all the way down for several minutes while she gave me another birthday tongue lashing.

Finally, I took control and began sliding her head up and down rapidly over my whole cock. Bound and helpless, all she could do was let her lips and tongue be pulled along for the ride.

I used her to get me close, very quickly while Alyssa and Sarah made out on the futon. Finally, I slid her head back and concentrated on moving it quickly up and down just over my head. Her tongue brushed my sensitive spot, and eventually brought the cum dripping down on itself. I let go as she let it ooze out all over her tongue. She pulled back a moment to enjoy the taste and swallowed. I grabbed my dick and made a ring around her lips with the last little bit dripping out.

She gave me a cum-glazed smile before licking it off. As I watched her tongue dance over those luscious lips, my dick struggled against human physiology. Sarah and Alyssa continued to make out as I released the sexy Ellie and pulled her over to lay with me in bed.

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Tired from a long day of classes, I fell asleep on a pillow of her hair to the breeze of her breath.