Shoplifter Ariel slammed by LP officer

Shoplifter Ariel slammed by LP officer
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The Exhibitionists Episode 1 Almost Sisters Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated.


In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky. Don't behave like them. Steph and I were BFFs. We had lived on the same property since Kindergarten, and we even had the same birthday. We basically did everything together - studying, sports. We had sleepovers almost every weekend. This is the story of our 16th birthday. Steph's dad was from China.

He worked in the tech industry, making good but not great money. Her mom was a writer, making basically no money. They wanted good schools for Steph, so they stretched to buy a house in a neighborhood that they couldn't really afford, but it had an in-laws' apartment that they could rent out for extra money. That's where we came in. I was a surprise. My mom dropped out of college and moved back in with her parents to take care of me. When my dad finished college, they got married and he got a job out west, and we ended up renting from Steph's parents.

My mom has a lot of resentment that I prevented her from having the life she had hoped for, but she can't bring herself to be angry at me, so it's all directed at my dad. Steph and I were both good students. She got a B once, and her dad almost killed her, so she was scared into studying hard all the time.

I just knew how hard my parents worked to give me better opportunities, and I wanted to make them happy. So Steph had a little bit of a rebel streak, but only when she thought she could get away with it.

About a month before our 16th birthday, we were playing truth or dare at one of our sleepovers. We knew all each other's secrets already, so we always chose dare. Usually, we dared each other to leave anonymous love notes in some boy's locker, or to play a practical joke on somebody.

This time, though, Steph had something different in mind. "Next month, when we get our driver's licenses, I'm going to get my nipples pierced. I dare you to do it with me." I didn't think she was serious at first, but she insisted. I couldn't believe she thought she could get away with it. She said they wouldn't show through our bras, and we could take them out whenever we hit the beach. I didn't really want to, but Steph was my BFF, so I had to agree.

My parents were from Fargo, so I'm pure Viking. I was about 5'10" tall, with just barely B cup breasts. A lot of people said I had the figure to model. Steph was shorter, about 5'2", but a bit curvier.

Still a B cup, but close to a C. We joked about which of us was a B+ and which a B. We had moved past the awkward transition stage of puberty where you're just embarrassed about the changes your body is going through.

We were entering a more womanly stage of mixed pride in our bodies and insecurity that they weren't better. Besides getting back at her dad, this was probably about addressing that insecurity.

We turned 16, had our joint birthday party (we shared those, too), got our drivers licenses. Steph's parents bought themselves a new car and gave her one of their old ones for her birthday.

Not as good as a new car, but good enough for us. Steph announced that we would get the piercings the next weekend. I had thought that Steph would back out, but she was determined. She did some research and found a reputable shop a couple of hours drive away. She didn't want anyone too close, in case we randomly bumped into someone we knew. So on the appointed day, we drove out there, with people honking at us all the way for actually driving the speed limit.

It was kind of a crappy neighborhood - liquor stores, paycheck advance places, a pawn shop, and an adult video place - so it was probably best that we didn't have the new car anyway. It hurt like hell when they did it, but just for a second.

Afterwards, Steph was just jumping with excitement. Couldn't contain herself. When the exhileration wore off, however, the soreness set in. It got better every day, though, and within a week, it was gone. That's when we started noticing that our nipples were much more sensitive. When we took off our bras, for instance, and the fresh air first hit, our nipples would get instantly erect and start sending arousing signals throughout our bodies. For me, it was just kind of a fun little effect, but for Steph, it opened a door to a whole new experience.

A couple of weeks later, I woke up during one of our sleepovers hearing Steph make some funny noises. I turned on the light to see if she was okay, and I was shocked to see her lying naked in her bed, one hand between her legs and one pinching her nipples. "Stephanie, what on earth are you doing?" I asked, so shocked that I used her full name.

"Masturbating," she replied calmly. "Yes, but why?" I asked. "Uh, because it feels good, dummy. Haven't you ever done it?" "No way! Only pervs do that." "Well, color me perverted, then. And turn out the light." With that, she closed her eyes and resumed touching herself. I watched her sliding her fingers into her wet pussy for just a second, then turned out the light and listened to the sounds of her masturbation. My nipples were extremely aroused, and my pussy was starting to get wet in spite of myself.

I decided to try pinching my nipples, to see how it felt. A wave of intense pleasure rolled through my body, so I kept doing it. Now I could feel my pussy get really wet, and my breathing became heavier.

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Almost of its own volition, one hand travelled down between my legs, and I pushed a finger inside myself like I had seen Steph do. That felt even better, so I started moving it in and out, rubbing the places where it felt best. Suddenly, I felt all my muscles tighten up and then spasm uncontrollably as wave after wave of the most intense pleasure imaginable passed through my body.

I had experienced my first orgasm, and I liked it. I must have made some noise, because when it was over, Steph said, "Ssh, you perv." "Perv yourself," I retorted, before we both fell asleep. After that, masturbation became part of our regular sleepover routine.

Sometimes we would make up contests, like who could have an orgasm the fastest, or who could touch themselves the longest before reaching orgasm. We changed in other ways, too, like it wasn't which boys were cute anymore.

Now it was which boys made us really wet, or which had the biggest dick. We started talking about what it would feel like to have a dick inside us. One day, Steph decided to find out. "Remember, by the place we got pierced, there was an adult video store? I bet they sell dildos there, so we could see what a real dick feels like." It sounded perfect to me, so the next weekend, we drove back there.

Sure enough, they had a wide selection of dildos, vibrators, and other products besides videos. We were dressed in what we called our no school uniform - all the stuff forbidden by the school. Steph was in tight shorts with barely any more material than underwear, and I was in a tiny miniskirt, showing off my long legs.

We were both in midriff shirts. I guess we looked pretty hot, because while we were looking over the toys, a guy in his forties came over and whispered that he'd give us $10 if we'd show him our breasts for a minute. Steph's family had some money, but most of our friends' had even more. I was always the poorest, and I had been a little worried about wasting money on frivolous stuff like dildos. So although Steph just blew the guy off, I looked around to make sure noone else could see, then lifted up my shirt and pulled my breasts out of my bra.

Immediately, my pierced nipples popped out, happy to be out in the fresh air. He gave a low whistle and said, "Now that's hot!" Then he pulled his dick out of his pants and started jerking off.

I immediately pulled my shirt back down and said "Go away, you perv!" But he persisted, "How about $20 a minute?" Now, Steph had turned around and she had her eyes fixed on that guy's erection sticking out of his pants.

She licked her lips, took a deep breath, and said, "Make it $30 and you can look at both our breasts while you jerk off." Shocked, I used her full name again, "Stephanie!" "Take pity on the poor guy.


Can't you see he's desperate? He just wants to look." Reluctantly, I agreed, "Show us the money first." He pulled out a wad of bills, so we both exposed our breasts, and he resumed stroking himself. I was looking up at the ceiling, trying to pretend this wasn't happening, when I heard Steph give a low moan. I looked over at her and saw that she was pinching her nipples, still staring at the guy's dick. I could smell her scent, so I knew she was really turned on. I looked at the guy's dick, too, and I had to admit it was a little exciting to have a strange man see my naked breasts, and to see his naked penis too.

My hands crept to my nipples and started pinching them, too. Naughty hands. But it felt good. Just then, he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, wrapped it around his cock, and grunted a few times. It took six minutes, so we each got $90. Steph bought about $300 worth of stuff at that store. I restricted myself to one medium sized dildo and one vibrator. When we got out to the car, Steph couldn't wait.

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She handed me the keys, got in the passenger's seat, unwrapped a dildo, and pulled off her pants. While I started driving home, she plunged that dildo into her sopping twat, and in no time, she was having a screaming orgasm. Literally screaming. When she calmed down, she said it was nice not to have to try to be quiet. She also said the dildo felt amazing, and I just had to try it. She got herself decent, and we pulled over to switch drivers. I took my panties off and unwrapped my dildo. I rubbed it against myself until I got nice and wet, then slid it in.

It sure felt good, but it didn't get very far in. I pushed harder, but then I felt a sharp pain and yanked it out.

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There was a little spot of blood on it. Steph said that had happened to her, too, and it felt even better afterwards, but I didn't feel like using the dildo any more right then.

I unwrapped the vibrator instead, but discovered that it didn't come with batteries. We found a Radio Shack nearby on Steph's GPS, so we stopped there and I hopped out to go buy some.

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I got a little weird vibe from the clerks in the store, and when I got back to the car, Steph told me why. "You totally flashed those guys!" "No way!" "Way.

I got a picture." She handed me her cell phone. There I was, bending over to get the batteries, with my blonde bush clearly visible under the hem of my miniskirt, and the head of one of the clerks craning for a better view. We both burst out laughing.

I looked back into the store, and clerks were still checking us out. On impulse, I flashed by boobs at them as Steph pulled out. Steph laughed again, "You're so bad." "Hey, we'll never see those guys again." Flashing those guys had gotten me all excited again, so I loaded the batteries into the vibrator and turned it on. I rubbed it on my nipples, and it felt good, but I wanted more.

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I took off my shirt and bra, then put my shirt back on. The thin material wasn't much of a barrier between my skin and the vibrator, and the feeling was amazing. My nipples were poking way out, making them and their pierced state clearly visible.

It was very sexy thinking that any man we passed could see them, and wondering whether they would get an erection like that old guy. I was nice and wet now, so I moved the vibrator down to my pussy. When it made contact, I couldn't suppress a little yelp, it felt so good. Steph looked over and smiled, saying "You go, girl!" I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations being generated by the sex toy.

I moved it around different places until I found where it felt best. Soon I was thrashing around in the throes of the most intense orgasm of my young life. When I was done, Steph commented, "If those Radio Shack guys could have watched you just now, they'd have creamed their pants for sure." I agreed, laughing. Just then, we passed a mall. Steph suggested that we stop there and go shopping. I started to put my bra and panties back on, but Steph dared me not to, pointing out that nobody we knew would be there.

I agreed, but only if she would do the same. So in the parking garage, she took her bra off too. Her nipples were clearly visible, but she pinched them to make them even more obvious. Then we headed into the mall.

The first stop was for Steph to buy herself a miniskirt. She said she wanted to try flashing some guys, like I had done in Radio Shack. After she bought it, she went into a restroom to change into it. When she came out of the stall, she mooned me, showing that she had taken her panties off, too.

We both giggled, flush with excitement and nervousness. We exited the restroom and started walking around the mall, and we kept glancing at each other and giggling.

Even before we started flashing anyone, we were getting a lot of male attention because of our attire. We talked about how we should expose ourselves, and we decided to just sit on a bench with our legs together until someone came by that we wanted to flash, and then open our legs.

We tried it out first, with Steph flashing me as I walked by. I took a picture on my cell phone, so Steph could see just how easy it was to see her dark bush. After another fit of giggles, we settled down to await our prey. We rejected several candidates, due to their age, appearance, or company. But soon enough, we saw a cute, young guy walking alone toward us. When he got close to us, he glanced our direction and made eye contact. At that moment, we both opened our legs and showed him our pussies.

His mouth dropped open, then broadened into a grin. He waved at us as he walked by, and we dissolved into laughter again. We showed our pussies to over a dozen guys that day, with different reactions.

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Some didn't notice (or pretended not to), some just acknowledged us, and some tried to get our phone numbers (which we didn't give them). Every time, a sexual thrill went through our bodies, making our nipples strain to push their way through our shirts and our pussies ache to be touched.

After a while, we couldn't take any more, and we had to go into a restroom and masturbate. We both had the best orgasms of our lives, and we determined that we would need to make this activity a regular feature of our weekends.