Sexy bare teens having sex

Sexy bare teens having sex
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Author's note: I have written a couple short one off stories before but this is the first times I have tried writing an ongoing story like this. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone has. In this chapter I give a lot of background and context to my story, and it is a little light on action. Future chapters will be shorter and have more of the good stuff. I would also love to hear your suggestions for places to take the story. Many imaginations are better than one.

Please note everything in the comments I will consider free game for future chapters unless it is noted that you would not want it used. The world had ended. Billions where dead in hours a nuclear was that spanned the globe.

I was a 26 year old financial analyst, who is 6'6" and honestly, was a little out of shape. I grew up in a smaller town of about 25k in the northwest. I left to go to the east coast to go to college for 4 years and then had my first job out of college there for 4 more years before deciding I had had enough of the big cities and would like to move back to where I grew up.

I got a job in a small college town of only 50k 30 minutes from where my dad lived. While I was away at college my father who had got divorced from my mother in high school got remarried to lady who had two younger kids.

A boy, who was now 20 and off at college, and a girl who was now just 18 and was going to attend community college. Both my dad and stepmom worked in the big city 30 miles away. They had a good size house and I had been living with them while I looked for the perfect place to rent. I had the ability to work from home in my new job a couple days a week was at home with my step-sister and one of her friends when the bombs hit.

Her brother was already away at college in the Midwest and likely died along with our parents. As soon as we realized what was happening I rushed to the basement after grabbing a few supplies from the main floor and began piling all the supplies I could toward the most protected part of the basement from the radiation, which I figured was under the stairs.

There was concrete on all sides but the one way you could crawl in and out. It was cramped for me, and I couldn't lay straight out. Here is where I will stop and tell you about by step-sister. She is in the 1st percentile for size. Growing up the doctor was always saying to feed her more.

She is 4'10" tall and 88 lbs.


She is very competitive and athletic, playing point guard for her basketball team, and striker for her soccer team. She was the lead scorer for both teams the last two years, in spite of her size. Her competitiveness has left her with few friends her own age. Mostly she makes friends with adults and kids who are several years older than her. When talking to adults, especially men, she takes after her mom and is fairly flirty.


But more in a, this is just how she learned to talk to men way, as I didn't think she had really grasped her ability to manipulate men due to her beauty.

She also had the cutest eyes when she looked at you. She had always taken a liking to me and the 5 months or so I had been back in town had been no different. Always wanted to play sports or a board, card or video game with her. She had a bit of a nerd streak in her. When she is not practicing or playing sports, she almost always dresses like her mom. Her favorite thing to wear is platform heels and a dress.

This was her go to since I had met her, before she was even 12. But having seen her run in those heels I would say she could still probably outplay most of the girls on her team while wearing those heals. She has straight brown hair that goes half way down her back and is very pretty. Her friend who was over at the time was named Alexis. Alexis was a couple months away from being 19 and was really Madison's only friend that she graduated high school with.

The two got along so well because while not as competitive as Madison, Alexis did have a competitive streak, but played different sports than Madison. Volleyball and Softball. Madison was a little bigger bonded, 5'4 with some really nice curves and D cups. She had taken a liking to me too, even though she was a little shy around me.

Her likening was different than Madison's. She had defiantly notice my package one time when I was visiting 2 years ago, and I would often catch her glancing at it. Alexis had had several boyfriends over the years while Madison had never brought a boyfriend home.

Both girls were very frightened laying there next to me. I tried to explain as best I could what was happening and why we needed to lay there for a while to protect ourselves from the radiation.

I had grabbed a deck of cards, and we played cards for hours, talking, and the girls asking me questions, and often crying. There were no windows in the basement and I had turned my phone off to save power, so we had no idea of the time.

Long into the night I would guess we were finally ready for bed. They had no more tears. Madison was closest to me and had kicked her heels off long ago and was wearing a pretty orange dress with a jagged bottom that went to mid-thigh. Alexis was wearing stretchy pants and a tight shirt. Alexis fell asleep first and rolled over with her back to me and Madison. I had pulled the blanket over us and Madison, still very scared of this new reality squirmed backward as the little spoon into me.

My cock couldn't help but twitch against her bottom. It did not get hard, but soft I am as big as the average man hard.

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I knew she felt as she froze. After a second I said, "I'm sorry Madison. You are a very pretty girl and I can't help it. You can ignore it or take it as a compliment, but I will never hurt you, I promise." She seemed to accept that answer as she relaxed her body and slid a little up but grabbed my arm to pull it over her.

We lay there for 3 days, slowly eating the food and drinking the water I had brought down, only getting up to go to the bathroom that was in another corner of the basement. After those three days were up, we decided to go to Alexis's house and see if you parents were there. She lived several miles out into the country. I told Madison to pack, that we may never come home. It had been a hot summer and warm fall so far, and all she wanted to grab was her normal summer clothes, dresses, heels, bikinis, etc.

I had to convince her to take jeans and a jacket. Alexis's car in the driveway had been smashed and looted, as had many of the neighbor cars. I didn't want to take my truck thinking it would be too big of a target, and go through gas more quickly. My dad had a project car, a 66 Coronet Deluxe Sedan. He hadn't started on the outside yet, which had a fair amount of rust, but the inside was almost done and under the hood was done.

Defiantly a good car for the post-apocalypse I thought. We decided to take food, fuel, clothes, guns and water.

The car was packed with the two girls sharing the front passenger seat.

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Very quickly we discovered that there were already roving bands of lotters and marauders forming and roadblock all over. It took us all day being very careful, and making a few deals for all of our extra fuel to get to Alexis's house. Unfortunately when we got there we found her parents shot to death. We buried them and cleaned up the house. There were still enough supplies in the house that coupled with what we had brought we thought we could camp here for a month or so.

I decided to take watch the first night and let the girls sleep.

I was as sitting on the road side of the barn, away from the house jerking off to a dirty mag I had slipped in my pack when we left. Three days lying next to those two in such close quarters, I needed to release.

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I heard a noise come from back toward the house that sounded like a small clatter. I jumped up and ran to the corner of the barn to look back at the house very carefully but didn't go around the corner because my pants were still down. As I was pulling them up I saw the curtains move in the bedroom the girls were in. There was a little light behind them, a candle maybe, as they looked out the window for the noise too.

After a few seconds they shut the blinds. Normally a scare like that would start me deflating, but not tonight. Dang, I needed to get off. Well I should probably at least walk around the house and check things out. Having walked all the way around the house very quietly and not finding anything, I finally had started to deflate. I was just ready to go back and find my dirty mag when I heard another noise from the window the girls were behind.

I was standing less than 10 feet from it. I quietly advanced and peered through the slit in the blinds. I had to move my head back and forth to get the whole picture, as the slit was very small, but inside I was amazed to see both girls, naked, making out, grabbing each other's tits and rubbing their pussy's together.

What little blood had gone out of me, was instantly returned. I stood there for a minute rubbing my dick through my pants. I was just about to pull it out when something came over me and I decided I was going to walk in on them. I quietly made my way around to the front door, and to the bedroom door. It was closed. I tried to adjust my pants so my already hard dick was less noticeable, gave a quick tap on the door and opened it.

"Did you girls hear…"They had both frozen. We all just stared at each other for a few seconds. "Did you need some privacy," I asked moving my eyes away from their two entangled bodies. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Madison cover her breasts and start to nod but Alexis had noticed my pants.

She whispered something to Madison, a long pause. "I'll go," I said and I started to back up. "No" Alexis said. "You can stay" Madison said very quietly. "Did you know what we were doing," Alexis asked looking at my package again. "No," I lied. "I was looking at a dirty magazine when I heard a noise and after walking around outside I came in to check on you." That was us," Madison said glancing over at a lamp that was on the ground on the other side of the bed.

Alexis said, "We needed the same thing as you after several days crapped up." "Have you done this before," I asked? "A few times," Alexis said with a twinkle in her voice. "We just started this summer," Madison clarified. "Maybe we can help each other," Alexis said.

"You want to watch?" I sat down in a chair in the corner and Alexis grabbed Madison and began kissing her again. Madison was obviously having trouble getting back into it. After a minute or two I said' "Maybe it would less awkward if I helped." There was no argument as I stood up. The girls had stopped kissing and both looking at me as I came over. I sat down on the bed behind Alexis and ran my hand down her back.

A shiver when through her. I put my other hand on her side and moved my right hand around her right side until I was touching the underside of her boob. I moved my hand up and cupped it pinching her nipple slightly. She gasped and leaned back in to kiss Madison. I played with both of Alexis's breasts for a minute.

They were wonderful. Then Alexis, who had been playing with Madison's breasts grabbed my right hand and guided it over to Madison's left boob. My large hand completely encompassed her perky little breast. She had had her eyes closed while kissing, but now she opened them looking at my eyes over Alexis's head, still kissing.

She kept her eyes open while I massaged her breast and then pulled on her nipple. Then I moved my other had to her other breast. She was still staring at me and I could tell she liked it.

The moment with Madison ended all too soon as Alexis said she needed my dick. "Get undressed," she said as she turned over and sat on the edge of the bed and started fingering herself. I took my shirt off first, and when I pulled my pants and underwear down both girls jaws drooped.

I was already at full mast. "This is by far the biggest dick I have ever seen in person." Alexis said grabbing it with first one hand and then the other. She dropped to the floor and opened her mouth and was able to get an impressive two and half inches or so into her mouth.

She was focused very hard on lubing me up with her spit and was not looking at me so my eyes went to Madison who still had not moved. "You can touch it. It's not going to bite" I said. She slowly made her way over and put first one hand and then the other on the base, as Alexis was trying to spread her spit over the top part.

Madison rubbed the base for 15-20 seconds and then Alexis was ready to move on again. She slid back up onto the bed and lay back with her legs off it and apart.

"Madison suck my tits," she said. I could tell her pussy was wet but I guessed this was going to be a tight fit. I rubbed my dick up and down against her pussy several times before trying to enter. It took several long slow thrusts but eventually I was almost 6 inches inside her. I could tell it was starting to hurt her so I decided that it was time to stop pushing and start fucking. "It hurts, but it feels so good too," she moaned. Alexis was swirling her tongue around Alexis's nipples and tugging on them between swirls.

Alexis took a good 4-5 minutes of fucking before her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body began to shudder. When she came back after 20 seconds or so I could tell she was done for the night. "I really like your dick," she said. "But I need some practice with it. I want you to fuck me every day she said, but right now, I need to be done.

Madison can finish you off." Madison's eyes got as big as I had ever seen them. "I did it," Alexis half taunted. "I bet you can't take it at all." I learned that Madison had had sex before. Three times with a boy in her class.

He was something of a nerd, and appealed to Madison's intellectual side. They were lab partners in physics this last year.

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Apparently he had a really small dick however. "I'll try," Madison said. "Spread em," Alexis said as she helped push Madison back onto the bed and dove between her legs licking her pussy which was still wet, but needed more lube for sure.

The last time I had fucked a girl with this little experience we were both freshman in college. Alexis backed up, and I put my dick, still wet from her pussy up against the even smaller on.

My pushes were slow and gentle and it was not going in.

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But Madison seemed to be enjoying the big dick just rubbing against her pussy lips. Alexis leaned down to kiss Madison. Several thrusts later I was sure it wasn't going to go in, when all of a sudden, my head pushed open the small whole. It was probably only half an inch in, but it was a start. I continued my slow thrusts gaining only about a 1/8 of inch per thrust as Alexis gasped with every advance. Somewhere around 4 inches, for sure less than half my dick, she said, "Stop".

There's a lot of work to do with this one I thought. I tried speeding up like I had done with Madison keeping my thrusts very short so as not to slip out of her but she said, "Please go slow." So I went back to my short slow thrusts. I got into a good rhythm and found an angle a little off center that rubbed me just right.

"I'm going to cum," I said. "Not in my pussy!" Madison squealed. "But you're on birth control," Alexis interjected. "That's fine," I said as I got close and prepared to pull out. "Well cum on me then," Alexis said as she slid down to put her face near Madison's hip. "She is just paranoid," Alexis finished, but I hardly heard her I was so close. One more thrust and out. I pointed it at Alexis's face and instantly my first shot came out shooting up her forehead and into her hair.

The other shots did not come out with such force, but having not gone off for several days I was loaded, and Alexis had cum all over her face by the end. "Clean his cock," Alexis said to Madison as she took one finger and began moving cum from her face into her mouth. Madison followed directions and pushed me back off the bed and turned around belly down on the bed and put her lips to my cock for the first time.

She milked the post-cum out of me with her hands but could not get her little mouth around more than just the head. She began licking the whole shaft like a Popsicle, from bottom to top. "As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to have to stop you Madison. I don't' think either of you girls could take round to but that is where this is going," I said while looking at her cute little but sticking up off the bed.

There was quite a lot of sex over the next several weeks, except for the 5 days the girls were on their period. Otherwise it was a regular thing before bed for me to fuck both of them. And a few times, when we woke up in the morning too. It took two weeks, with the 5 days off in there to stretch out Alexis enough that she could fit me all the way in.

And Madison after three weeks had gone from 4 inches, to almost 6. Still not even what Madison could take from the first time we did it. During the day we tried to keep an eye on local farms and see which ones were empty to do some looting of our own. We had got some supplies from this but had noticed an increasing amount of rough looking people setting up camp two farms down.

It was close to a mile away, but we were getting low on supplies and decided it was time to move. After much consideration we decided to head to my new boss's place on the other side of the town where I worked. He was a very nice guy and a prepper. Alexis grabbed some clothes and we packed what supplies we had left into the car. We were going to try and take back roads the whole way. I had scouted out the first couple miles the day before on foot. And those went fairly easy with the first 14 miles or so being fairly uneventful.

But half way to the town we did encounter a road block.


There was some shooting, and we used up what little ammo we had, but we were able to backtrack and outrun them. Going around on roads I was unfamiliar on added hours to our day. By the time it was getting dark we still had at least 4-5 miles left. I guess we are sleeping in the car tonight. The next morning we got moving as soon as the sun came up.

Going slow it only took a couple hours and we made it to town. There was a barricade to get in, but I recognized one of the men at the gate from my work and he recognized and vouched for me.

The town had apparently tried to organize themselves with guards for protection. This was a good thing I thought. Maybe we could stay here if I can't find my boss. We made it almost all the way through town without incident, but then while we were going through the campus, two men, one 6'2 the other 6'7 were being very rough with a small girl, who looked 16 or 17. She was a little taller than Julie but with a younger face. Her hair was black and purple in it and she looked like a little gothic girl.

There was another girl who looked a little older screaming at them to stop as the bigger man held her up by her hair.

I pulled over and told the girls to stay in the car. The smaller man saw me getting out and asked if there was a problem. "You need to put that girl down." "Fine. Put her down," the shorter man said to the bigger man. It was more of a throw than anything. "Better?" he asked as the older girl rushed to her friend's side on the sidewalk. Then the shorter man noticed Madison and Alexis in the car.

"We are going to kill you and take your girls." This was not going to end well I though. I had taken karate and wrestling in middle school, and done some boxing more recently at a gym on the east coast, but I was not prepared to fight two men who looked like they were in shape. I had a knife on me, but then so did each of them. I lunged at the shorter man grabbing his arm with the knife and keeping it away from my body. I got very lucky as I pushed him backward and his head hit the edge of the sidewalk and that was it.

One down. The bigger man was mad and I was able to disarm him as he swung aggressively and slightly out of control at me.

I was still taking a beating from his fists and then he kicked out, smashing one of my legs and I fell to the ground. He was quickly on top of me hitting me more while blocking my knife swings. Eventually he tried to disarm me be grabbing my arm. I was pushing the knife toward his arm trying to cut him so he would let go when one of the girls on the sidewalk hit him on his arm and side with a piece of wood causing him to relax his grip momentarily.

My arm slipped through his hands and the knife dove straight into his chest and he almost instantly went limp. I had enough energy left to push him off me, but I was so bloodies and bruised by then, I just lay back on the concrete.