Mona Wales gives in to Riley Reids desire of fucking her and orgasming her pussy

Mona Wales gives in to Riley Reids desire of fucking her and orgasming her pussy
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Naked Witch She always seemed like a nice, decent girl. I had only known her for a few weeks, I met her at the public library. We were bothing going to check-out the same book, "Dreams of Terror and Death" by H.P. Lovecraft.

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Being ever-so-much a gentleman i let her take the book, I told her I would check it out after she had checked it back in. After that we parted ways, only to meet again the next day.

I was reading "The Fall of the House of Usher" for about the 500th time when i noticed her peering at me from over the top of her book, "Dreams of Terror and Death", from across the room. We were in the center of a circular room, bookshelfs lining the walls, the center of the room held several round tables, set up in a circular formation.

I tried to go back to reading my book, but everytime I looked up she was looking at me.

Her eyes were astonishing; they were large and cat-like, with yellow-gold iris and large black pupils, her eye lashes were long and arced upward, framed perfectly by her thick black frame glasses.

After about an hour I decided it was time for me to leave.

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A day passed before I went back to the library, but when I did I saw her again! I tried to read my book, but this time I couldn't pry my eyes from her. I watched her as she walked around the room, from shelf to shelf, pulling a book off the shelf, reading a few pages, then putting it back in it's place. She was in the Science Fiction section, referred to be most as "Weird Fiction" a place were HP Lovecraft as shelved, aswell as a few Edgar Allen Poe Books, among other authors.

After a few moments she walked up to me. I was hypnotized, she had long back hair; complimenting her yellow eyes, she had a silver loop in her left nostril; drawing attention to her small turned up button nose, she was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue tanktop; accentuating her perky size b breasts. "Here." was all she said at first, handing me a book.

I looked down, "Dreams of Terror and Death," I said, reading the title of the book outloud, "Yea, you remember you let me take it out before you?" she said, putting her left hand on her hip, shifting her weight to her right foot. "Yea, I remember," I started, the hypnosis she put over me fading. "What did you think?" I asked her about the book, "It was good, even though it was more fantasy than horror, it was still huanting and bone chilling," she said, as if she was a critic, "But that's my opinion." she added.

I laid the book down on the table, looking at the dull cover, crimson read, the words "Dreams of Terror and Deth" etched into the cover in gold. "Would you care to join me?" i asked her, pulling a chair out for her. She grabbed the back of the chair and slid in beside me.

I sat up a litle straighter, "So you like Lovecraft?" i asked, trying to strike up the first conversation. "Yea, I think he's probably my favorite, and in my opinion the best." she said matter-of-factly. I lifted one eye brow to her, "I enjoy Lovecraft, but I prefer Poe, all of his stories are classics." She relaxed a bit, and slid down a little in her seat, Ifelt like she would be here for a long stay.

We sat at that table all night talking about literature; our favorite authors, things we had written about, paintings, and all the other finer things the world had to offer. Once the library as closing we sid our good-byes, "Will i see you here tomorrow?" she sked me before parting ways with me, "If you're lucky" I said jokingly, "What time?" she pressed, I looked her squarely in the eyes, "What-ever time you want." "Okay, I'll be comng here around one o'clock." she said, "I'll seeya tomorrow." she waved walking away.

The next day came, and so did one o'clock surely enough. we met and sat at that same table, stacks of our favorite books around us. We spent that entire day talking, aswell as most of the following week. The more her and I talked the more sexual and devious our conversations became.

Finally after two weeks of meeting at the library she asked me "Wanna come over to my place?. It'll much more quiet than a crowded library." I looked around, there was only one other person in the library besides us, the clerk. Either way I took her up on her offer. We walked down the streets of Chicago, talking and chatting on the way. She was renting an apartment, "I tried to get a room on the 13th floor, but most people are so superstitious they dont make 13th floors." she was restating something I had already known, but i nodded and tried to look interested, like i was hearing something new.

We were riding the elevator up to the 16th floor, "So, you don't seem to work much, how cn you fford an apartment up here?" I asked. "Well I'm up here for college, my father is paying for my college, and also my apartment expenses. When we came to her apartment she looked at me strangely before sliding the key into the keyhole.

Her apartment was rather clean, her dark green walls were filled with paintings. I noticed several pieces by William Blake, and even a few paintings by No-Names obviously insipired by HP Lovecraft. She had large Entertainment-center, originally made for televisions, stocked with books, and loose-leaf pages of paper with poetry scribbled on them. "I like your apartment." I said, looking around, still, at the paintings, and reading the spines of the books on her shelfs.

"Television is a beast that consumes the minds and intellect of humans, It shall not have mine." I said turning to her, quoting one of my philosophes.

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"It's like you read my mind." she said, laughing as she sat on her plush couch. Her couch was on the wall parallel to the wall with the entertainment-center on it, leaving the window to the right open.

To the left of the couch was a wall broken by a small open window, open for a bar.

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In the window as her kitchen, barely 10 square feet in the entire kitchen. Also on the wall with the window to the kitchen was a Queen sized bed, covered with down quilts and over stuffed pillows.


As I sat down she stood up, lighting several candles around the room. She turned the electricty off and sat back down beside me. "I prefer to read by candle light." she said, taking up a book from the off side of the couch. She sat the book between the two off us. I put my hand on the spine of the book, and she laid her hand atop mine. With her forefinger and middle finger she stroked the backside of my hand. I could feel the blood rushing to my head, I knew I was blushing, but I could tell she couldn't see it in the dimly lit room.

I helped her up and she sat on my lap, her legs drapped across myself and the length of the couch. We kissed heavily, lips and tongue entwining, lost in the moment of lusty passion. As I held her I slid my hand under the back her her shirt, caressing the small of her back, moving up slightly, running my fingers up the concave grove her spine created.

I made no move to her bra, not wanting to seem too eager. I started kissing her neck, moving down to her collar bone, "Unhook my bra." she said, breathing heavily as i sucked tenderly on her neck. I slowly moved my fingers lazily over the back of her bra, finding the 2 clips keeping her breasts contained in this bra.

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I moved my hands over it and with ease unhooked them both. She slid her bra out from under her shirt and tossed it on the floor. As I continued to kiss her neck she unzipped the jacket she was wearing, revealing a small black t shirt, with no logo or decal present.

She slid the shirt off over her head and tossed it on the floor, next to the bra. I moved back down from her neck to her collar bone, and then to her chest, slowly caressing and kneading her breasts before kissing them lightly.

In my mind I remembered how stupid people looked licking and sucking one the nipple, so I forced myself not to, trying to keep my composure. She took hold of my shirt by the underside of the sleeves and hoisted it over my hand and onto the floor.

We kicked our shoes off climbing into her bed. The matress seemed to form a groove around us and we sunk in the middle together. I pulled her belt off and she pulled mine off, she unzipped my pants and I hers. She pulled my socks off using her toes, and I sat up, taking hold of her leg. I kissed it from thigh to calf and took her sock off with my teeth, and doing the same for the other foot.

Still sitting up I puled her panties off and she sat up, and pulled mine down to my knees, whihc i was more or less standing on. I slid them off the rest of the way and threw both my boxers and her panties to the ground, with our pants, shirts, and her bra. We we lost in the lust of unholy passion. As she laid back, her legs spread, I plunged my throbbing member into her wet, hot womanhood.

She moaned ith pleasure and shivered with excitement as I pushed in and pulled out, and did it again and again. As i was laying over her, my amrs planted on either side of her, hold me up, she put her arms around me. She was caressing my back at first, running the tips of her fingers over my back, up and down my spine, giving me chills. Soon though, she was putting pressure on her hands.

It wasn't long before her moderately lengthed finger nails here dragging cross my back, leaving welts in their wake. As she moved over and over my back she began to draw blood, and at first it was painful, but now I was drawing sexual gratification from it.

It was turning me on all the more!

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I bent low and kept kissing her. Her velvet lips, her supple neck, and her firm luscious breasts. She was moaning, breathing heavily, and writhing in pleasure bringing her to sweat. I licked the sweat off her neck and chest, like the sweetest of any nectar.

I could feel the juices of her pleasure running down my leg, it was a warm trickling sensation, very pleasurable. Finally I grabbed her and I flipped us over, I as laying down and she was sitting on top of me, sliding up and down.

I put my hands on the upper part of her hips, on her stomach, helping up to move up and down easier.

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We were both sweating and breathing heavily when finally we came together, in a moment of lust being unleashed onto the world we were entwined, bound together, by the pleasure that binds us all to this world.