Lola Foxx stroking cock after massage

Lola Foxx stroking cock after massage
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Four: Sexy Vibrations By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 I awoke to the first rays of sunshine streaming through Daddy's bedroom window.

They fell on my face as I lay beside him naked. I blinked and groaned, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I didn't want to be awake. It was too early. It was summer vacation, and a Saturday, and last night had been wild. Daddy took Sun, my best friend, and I into his BDSM dungeon in the basement. The room I had been forbidden to enter all eighteen years of my life until last night. I always thought it was Daddy's workshop, his private space that he and my mom would go into.

I never realized it was strange that they never made anything. Now I understood—my mom was Daddy's sex slave. It explained why she was so submissive with him, always greeting him when he got home from work, serving him drinks and dinner, and catering to his every desire. She loved it, and I understood why she did, there was such wonderful joy in surrendering yourself to a strong man.

I hoped Mom never returned from my grandparents. She and my bratty sister Alice could stay there forever and ever. I would be Daddy's submissive. I would cook and clean and let him tie me up and do all sorts of naughty things to my nubile body. The sheets had slipped down while I slept, and my round breasts—larger than my fraternal twin sister Alice's—still had rope marks around their bases. Daddy had tied me up last night.

He called it shibari. The marks had faded, but they were still visible, reminders of last night's submission.

I traced the marks and remembered last night. Daddy had taken Sun's virginity, and then my anal cherry. He had flogged us both, tying us to the St. Anthony's cross and warming our bottoms and backs with soft leather flails. Thwack, thwack, thwack. The sounds echoed through my mind.

And then he fucked us both again, this time cumming in Sun's pussy. I got to lick her clean before we fell asleep in Daddy's bed. Sun lay on the other side of Daddy. I sat up, my gaze slipping past Daddy's muscular, barbwire-tattooed chest to my Korean friend. Her short, black hair half-covered her pale-olive cheek. She was a petite girl, with barely budding breasts and boyish hips.

But Daddy loved fucking her, too. She spent the night so she could be Daddy's good girl, too. I brushed my brown hair off my shoulders.

I fell asleep with it braided, but it needed to be redone. Hairs stuck out all over. Daddy liked a girl with braids. I leaned onto my elbow and stared at Daddy's muscular body. He was so strong and looked like a biker when he was naked, even with his short hair and clean-shaven face—Daddy had to work an office job. But he kept himself in wonderful shape. I ran my hands over his muscular body, loving how strong he felt.

I was so glad I became Daddy's good girl. And I wanted to be his slave. I wanted to serve him as faithfully and utterly as Mom did. Only I would do it better than her. I pushed the sheets down, exposing his six-pack abs. He could be model on a romance novel. Dangerous and strong, with a beautiful woman—me—swooning in his arms.

Oh, I would swoon for my hunky daddy. All my friends thought he was the sexiest man. The sheet slipped over his cock, hard like it was every morning. Mom would wake Daddy up with a blowjob, and so did I know. She asked me to take care of him. But she didn't expect me to take over all her wifely duties. I scooted down the bed, pushing the sheets down farther, and stroked his cock. I loved how thick it felt.

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My asshole clenched, remembering his dick spreading me open, fucking me so hard, so deep into my bowels. I licked my lips then leaned over and ran my tongue up his shaft all the way to the very tip.

I swirled it around and brought a low groan from his mouth. "Are you sucking him?" Sun whispered. I looked up. Her head rested on Daddy's chest, her dark, slanted eyes open.

I nodded my head. "I have to wake him up right. Look at how hard his cock is. He needs relief." "Let me help." I grinned at my friend and nodded my head. She slithered down the bed, her dark nipples hardening. She pressed against his left, muscular leg, her nipples kissing his thigh, and her tongue flicked out, licking the tip.

She purred as she swirled her tongue about the crown, gathering his precum. "Mmm, that taste good," she panted. "Salty and delicious." "Yep," I giggled.

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She licked again and then her lips sealed over the top of his crown, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. I smiled and nuzzled at Daddy's hairy balls. I sucked on into my mouth, playing with it as my eyes watched my best friend pleasure him. She moaned around his cock, her body undulating, rubbing her wet pussy against his shin. Her spicy musk drifted to my nose and a wet gleam shone on Daddy's leg where her cunt had rubbed against him.

I also had a pussy growing hot and juicy. I sucked on Daddy's other ball as I rubbed my aching nipples into his muscular flesh.


They tingled as rubbed them up and down, shooting wonderful delight down to my pussy. I purred as my cunt grew hotter. I squeezed my thighs together, massaging my little clit. "Oh, your dad's cock tastes amazing," Sun whispered. "And you get to do this every morning." "Until Mom gets back." Which was supposed to be in two more weeks. I didn't want to think about Mom. I wanted to enjoy Daddy for as long as I could.

I licked up his dick and reached the top. I played with the mushroom-shaped head as Sun stroked his shaft. My tongue stroked the spongy crown, gathering more precum. Then Sun leaned in and nibbled on the other side. Our tongues and lips brushed as we sucked on his wonderful dick. My hand seized Daddy's long shaft beneath her hand and we stroked him together. We moaned. It was so hot when our lips touched or our tongues brushed.

We nuzzled at each other, sharing quick kisses in between pleasuring his dick. The flavor of Daddy's cock lingered on her lips. It was so exciting. "Damn, this is the best sleepover ever," groaned Sun. "Better than one of Donna's lame parties." "Her dad isn't as sexy as mine." "No," Sun groaned. Then she swallowed the tip of Daddy's cock. Sun bobbed her mouth, sucking as much of his dick into her mouth as she could.

Daddy groaned. I glanced up and saw his eyes watching us. "Morning, Daddy," I beamed. "Mmm, morning," he groaned. "I see you're both being such good girls." "Always, Daddy," I beamed as Sun sucked harder, noisier. Her saliva dribbled down his shaft, wetting our hands as we stroked him. It was hot feeling Daddy's eyes on us as I leaned over and licked at his shaft beneath Sun's sucking lips.

My tongue brushed my friend's mouth. I kissed and nibbled on the sides of her lips as she bobbed and pleasured him. His groans grew louder. My free hand cupped his balls, full of his incestuous seed.

I couldn't wait for him to cum all over our faces. "Such good girls," he groaned as he stroked my braid. A pleased shudder ran down to my dripping pussy. I squeezed my thighs tighter together and nibbled and sucked on his shaft as Sun bobbed her mouth faster and faster, eager to give Daddy every ounce of her pleasure. And then the phone rang. It was Mom calling, I could tell by the ringtone.

So chipper and cheery, just like her. Sun popped her mouth off Daddy's cock, her eyes wide, her lower lip trembling as Daddy reached for his phone charging on the nightstand. "Don't stop," he commanded as he picked up his phone. Daddy gave us an order. I sucked his cock into my mouth, tasting Sun's saliva on it. I bobbed my mouth. My cheeks hollowed. Sun leaned down and licked at his shaft, but her eyes were still nervous.

She couldn't believe he was answering the phone while we blew them. "June," Daddy said. I couldn't quite hear my mom's words, only the sound of her voice. A thrill went through me. She was taking care of her parents after my grandpa's hip surgery, and I was taking care of Daddy with my mouth and sharing my best friend with him.

Mom never did that. She never brought Daddy the tight, barely legal cunt he craved. I did. I sucked harder, bobbing my head as Daddy listened to Mom updating him on my grandparents. I swirled my tongue about his dick and savored the flavor of his precum leaking into my mouth as I pleasured him. "I'm glad your parents are doing well," Daddy said.

"When do you expect to be home?" I didn't catch the answer, but Daddy said, "No changes. Okay." Pause. "Yes, Melody is being a good girl.

She had Sun spend the night." Daddy laughed. "Yes, yes, they've both been such good girls. You would be proud of Melody." I smirked. Mom would be furious if she knew I was sucking Daddy's cock. My pussy ached. I wanted to masturbate, but a good girl only cums when Daddy orders. I slid my mouth up his cock until I held only the tip, then I swirled my tongue around it.

Daddy groaned. "And have you been good?" he asked. "No masturbating." Mom's answer brought a smile to his lips. "I knew you would be good. I missed you." Her answer sounded throaty. "Yes, I am. I'm pretending you're sucking me. That your mouth is wrapped right around the tip and swirling about it." Daddy stared at me, and I realized a new game was about to begin. Sun sucked harder on his balls as I kept my tongue swirling.

Daddy groaned as Mom gave an answer. This was so wicked. Mom thought they were having phone sex. "And then your mouth slides down, taking more and more of my cock," Daddy groaned. "Like the good girl that you are, June." I obeyed. I slid my mouth farther and farther. My tongue slid along the shaft. And then his dick brushed the back of my throat. I sucked and pleasured him. Sun's fist, sliding up and down his shaft, brushed my lips while she flashed me a wicked smile.

"Your dad is crazy," she mouthed. "Yes, you deep-throat it." Daddy's hand tightened on the back of my head. "Relax your throat and swallow every inch of my cock like a good girl." My mom's throaty response was loud and clear, "Yes. I love deep-throating your cock, Master." Daddy's hand was firm on the back of my head.

He wanted me to take more of his cock. I had heard of this. Girls at school whispered about deep-throating. I had to please Daddy and be a good girl. Besides, if my mom did this for him, then so could I. "Yes, yes, relax that throat and swallow my cock," groaned Daddy.

"Do it," Sun hissed. I relaxed my throat as Daddy's hand forced my mouth down his cock. I angled my head, letting his dick slid into my gullet. It was so hard. I wanted to gag. I smiled around his dick, remembering a trick I had learn to suppress it. His dick slid deeper and deeper.

Into my throat. It grew harder to breathe as my little throat constricted about his dick. "Yes, you're taking every inch of my dick," groaned Daddy. "Such a good girl." "Always," Mom moaned, her voice loud.

Was she masturbating? She thought Daddy was talking to her. I wanted to shove my hand between my thighs. I would cum in seconds. I fought the urge as my lips pressed into Daddy's curly pubic hair. I took every inch of his cock down my throat like a good girl. A surge of pride shot through me. I moaned and shuddered about his cock. The urge to masturbate swelled in me.

It was so hard to resist the hot urge. Especially as Daddy let out a groan of pure satisfaction. "You wicked slut," Sun whispered, nuzzling into my ear. "You swallowed every inch of your dad's cock. Ooh, you are amazing." "Damn," Daddy groaned. "You did it. Daddy's good girl did it." "Yes," my mom hissed.

She was on speaker phone. That was why I could hear her so clearly now. "Now start bobbing," Daddy groaned. "Fuck that hot mouth up and down my cock." "I will, Master," moaned Mom. And so would I. "Do you like my hot mouth sliding up and down your cock, Master?" Daddy groaned as I slid my mouth up his cock. It popped out my aching throat. I sucked the entire way until only the tip was in his mouth.

And then he pushed me back down. His dick pressed at my throat. I swallowed him again. It was easier this time. My throat stretched. His cock dived down my esophagus. I moaned and hummed, pleasing him, loving his groans as Mom moaned in the background, masturbating, thinking she was having hot phone sex. My fingers curled. I needed to cum so badly. My pussy burned.

"Do you like my mouth sliding up and down your cock, Master?" "Yes. You're doing so good. Such a good girl." "I love to please you, Master." "Your mom is a freak," Sun giggled in my ear. "I love it." So did I. Daddy fucked my mouth up and down, pushing on my head and pulling on my braid. Faster and faster.

He groaned and squirmed, the muscles in his chest rippling. Sun went back to nuzzling at his balls, massaging them, building up the cum. "Are you going to cum, Master?" moaned Mom, her voice breathy. I could hear her fingers working in and out of her wet pussy. "Are you going to cum in my mouth? Or do you want to dump it on my face?" "Your face," groaned Daddy. "I want to cover my good girls with my cum." "Yes, yes, yes," Mom hissed, not hearing the plural on girls.

"Do it. Cover your slave with your cum. Reward your good girl." "Yes," Daddy growled. He ripped my mouth off his cock by my braid. The pain flared. I loved it. Sun pressed her cheek next to mine as we jerked his cock. We aimed it right at our faces. Daddy's face contorted. He growled into the phone as his pleasure built. "Cum on my face, Master!" "Yes," I mouthed. "Do it, Daddy." "Fuck," he snarled and his dick erupted. "I'm cumming! I'm covering your face." Thick, hot, salty jizz splattered our faces.

Daddy's dick erupted and bathed us with lines of his cum. He grunted with each one while Mom moaned in the background. The cum dribbled down my face to my lips.

My tongue flashed out and captured the incestuous seed. Then Sun kissed me. I moaned, our cum-stained lips working together as more jizz dripped to our mouths.

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We shared it, our arms wrapping about each other. Our naked breasts touched, our nipples kissed, as we enjoyed Daddy's cum. "Yes, yes, yes. Oh, Master, may I cum?" moaned Mom. "This is so hot. I haven't cum all week." "You may, slave," groaned Daddy.

"Yes, yes, yes," Mom moaned over speaker phone as Daddy watched us kiss and lick and enjoy his cum. Our tongues explored each other's faces, licking, gathering up every line of his spunk that we could find. I loved the salty flavor of Daddy's jizz on my mouth. "Oh, Master, I love you," Mom purred, clearly savoring her orgasm. "I love you," Daddy answered, his voice soft. "I miss you." "Miss you, too." My body trembled as I rolled on top of Sun, our naked bodies pressed together as we stretched over Daddy's legs.

We squirmed. My hard clit brushed her pubic mound, sending a spark of delight through my body. "But I'm glad Melody's taking care of the house and you." "She's a good girl," Daddy said, watching us hump our pussies together as we kissed. "I have to go. I need to start breakfast." Mom sighed. "I miss you so much." "Bye," Daddy said and hung up. Then he grinned. "Do I need to take a hose to you two?" "No, Daddy?

May we cum?" "No." "Fine, Daddy." I moaned, forcing myself to roll off of Sun. it was so hard. I needed my release so badly.

Sun let out a frustrated moan. "Please, Daddy," she begged. He shook his head. "I'm taking you shopping. I want you both on the edge. No cumming until I say so." "Yes, Daddy," we both groaned together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was awkward walking into the mall with a vibrator shoved into my pussy, held in place by my panties. It was thick and every step shifted it around inside me. It had a small tongue pressing on my clit, designed to stimulate it along with my pussy. It was a special vibrator with a built-in Bluetooth.

Daddy could control it remotely with an app on his smart phone. Sun walked with a wide-legged gait beside me, her first ever butt plug inserted into her ass.

I put it in myself after tonguing and lubing her ass after breakfast. She had made the cutest sounds when I inserted it into her rear. Like mine, it was also Bluetooth enabled, with a little glowing, blue light on the butt plug. Modern technology was amazing. We walked on either side of Daddy when we entered the mall.

My nipples were so hard beneath the spaghetti strapped top I wore. With no bra, they were so obvious poking against the pale-blue material. My brown hair was combed and neatly braided once more, falling down to the top of my ass and swaying with my gait. And my poor pussy was on fire. I had been on edge all morning. Showering with Daddy was torture. Sun and I had to wash his magnificent body while our poor pussies were on the verge of erupting. Then he jerked his dick and watched us wash each other.

He came, splattering our bodies with his jizz as we rubbed each other's cunts and fought off our orgasms. He loved it. I could see it in his eyes. Watching us strive to be good girls and not orgasm, to submit to his wishes, made him so excited.

It was what he wanted from us. It was how we showed him our love. And even though it left me a horny, frustrated ball of sensations just itching to explode, I loved being denied. I knew when I did have my orgasm, it would be spectacular. It would be a mind-numbing release that would leave me quaking. It would be worth it. Sun and I cooked breakfast together. Well, I cooked and Sun tried to help.

She was helpless in the kitchen. She never let her mom teach her, rebelling against her family's traditional ways, only to end up wanting to be like that for Daddy. To serve him with me. She found it hot to pour him coffee and make sure his needs were met before ours.

Then Daddy whipped out his toys. They were brand new, fresh from the package. Apparently, he ordered them on Monday and they arrived at his office yesterday. A wonderful surprise for us. Something my mom hadn't experienced. The first place Daddy led us to was the jewelry store.

He walked in and went straight for the choker style necklaces. He browsed them while Sun and I stood behind him, trembling and squirming, both of us on fire from walking with our sex toys. Finally, Daddy found one he liked, a thin, gold chain with a unicorn charm dangling at the end. He held it up. "Do you know the significance of this, Melody?" "No, Daddy." "Think about your Mom. What does she always wear?" I frowned, my eyebrow furrowing.

I pictured my mom—a brunette like me, her braided hair falling down past her ass, hazel eyes, delicate face, busty in her conservative dresses, and a heart-shaped locket hanging from a gold choker.

"Mom always wears the locket," I said. "It's her slave collar," Daddy answered. "She wears it to show off her submission to me." "And is that my collar, Daddy?" I stared at the unicorn, trembling. "Do you want it to be? If you accept it, it means you'll always be my slave." "Even when Mom comes back?" Daddy didn't answer me. He just stared at me, waiting for my answer. "Yes, Daddy." "Then you have to earn it.

You have to prove to me that you're my submissive. My good girl." "Haven't I?" I swallowed. "You're doing a wonderful job so far." He stroked my cheek. "And what about me?" Sun asked, biting her lip. "You're just having fun.

This isn't what you really want." But Daddy grinned at her. "Of course, any time you want to have fun and pretend to be my good girl, you're welcome to, Sun." She smiled and nodded her head. Joy rippled through me. I was Daddy's true good girl. "Now here's some money. Go, shop." Daddy pulled out two fifty dollar bills, both crisp and fresh, and handed one each to us.

I beamed at the money. "Anything?" "Anything," he nodded. "I'll be in the food court." Fifty dollars to spend on anything. I grinned and then Sun and I darted out of the jewelry store. My vibrator shifting in my excited pussy.

We burst out into the mall concourse, our flip-flops slapping on the tiled floor, and giggled at each other. "Where should we go?" I asked. "I need makeup," Sun grinned.

"And a new purse." I nodded my head and we headed through the mall. We darted into a boutique and browsed for makeup, giggling at the different colors of lipstick. She found a bright-blue one and I rolled my eyes as she sniggered.

We worked through it, examining everything. I snagged several tubes of lipstick, a bright red one, my favorite pink, and a darker maroon. Sun found eyelash wings and giggled as she imagined her long, flowing eyelashes as she fluttered her eyes. "You'll make all the boys cum in their pants," I giggled. "That's the plan. Now that my cherry's gone, I'm going to have fun." "Well, I just need to please one man," I grinned. We wondered into the small jewelry section, and Sun giggled as she noticed the nipple piercings.

She grabbed a pair of silver barbell-style piercings and held them over the nubs tenting the front of her pink tanktop. She did a hip shake.

"Do you think I would look hot with pierced nipples?" "So hot," I grinned, and then I snagged a bellybutton charm with a dangling, teardrop, fake ruby. I pulled up my top enough to expose my bellybutton and held the small, white placard with the charm against it, shifting my hips, the charm dangling. "Ooh, yes, that's so you," she grinned. "Do you think Daddy would like it?" "Maybe a clit piercing." Sun grabbed a ring off another rack.

"Look at this." She held it against her jean shorts. "Imagine this glistening right here." An older woman glanced at us and shook her head. Sun stuck her tongue out at her and the woman stomped off. "Prude," Sun muttered. "Ooh, yes, I need this. I have to find a way to get my clit pierced." "I don't know if Daddy would want that. It might ruin the girlish look of being shaved." "True." Sun shuddered and put it back.

Then she gushed, "Oh, my god, look at these earrings." The vibrator hummed to life inside of me. I gasped in shock. I had almost forgotten it was in me. I had worn it for over an hour, my pussy getting used to it. And then my stomach contorted. I groaned, grasping the shelf for support as the vibrator churned my insides. "Oh, fuck," Sun gasped. Her back straightening, her hands reaching behind her to grab my ass. "oh, my god.

It's humming. Oh, fuck. That's.that's." I nodded my head. I had felt nothing like the humming, churning, vibrating bliss flowing out of my pussy. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as I fought against the pleasure coursing through me. The teasing tongues vibrated against my clit, stimulating the bud, sending jolts of bliss racing through me. I squirmed, my hands clenching on the shelf. "Oh, damn," groaned Sun. "Oh, wow, that's good." "We can't cum," I groaned.

"We have to be good girls." "Shit," Sun panted. "Fu." her words trailed off. "Are you two okay?" a woman said behind us. I turned and a woman in her late thirties, a name tag pinned to her blouse, gave us a motherly smile.

My cheeks reddened as the vibrator hummed inside of me. Could she hear it? I could. It sounded so loud. "We're fine." My eyes widened.

The last word rose in a sharp octave as the vibrator hummed even harder, churning my pussy to a hot froth. "Just goofing off." "I understand," the woman said. "But you need to be mindful of the other patrons." "Yes," Sun squeaked, her voice tight, her slanted eyes wide. "We're.sorry." "Oh, what a cute pair of earrings," the woman said, not realizing we were both on the verge of cumming.

"They would look gorgeous on your small lobes, dear." "Thanks." Sun's face contorted.


"Are you sure you're okay?" Sun just nodded, biting her lips. Her flushed face broke out in a sheen of sweat as she squirmed. I knew what she felt. Bliss radiated out from my pussy. An orgasm swelled through me. I wanted to cum so badly. And then my phone chirped. A text. I fumbled it out, knowing who it was from. I looked at the screen. "Cum." "Yes, yes, she's fine," I moaned as I obeyed Daddy. I stopped fighting my orgasm. I shuddered before the older woman.

She could be my mother. It was so wrong. I clenched my hands on the shelf as I relaxed myself into the bliss. "So fine," groaned Sun through grit teeth. "Th-thank you." My orgasm exploded through me. The humming toy intensified it. The ripples of bliss shot through my body, filling every inch of me. My knees buckled as a moan escaped my lips. I collapsed onto the floor, groaning, shuddering, writhing in ecstasy.

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"Are you okay?" the woman gasped, clueless that I was having the orgasm of my life. The bliss hit my mind. Stars danced before me as I stared at the floor. My spasmed about the humming device. My poor pussy felt numb from the wonderful vibrations. The toy kept buzzing, kept pleasing me.

The orgasm wouldn't stop. It kept pouring through me. I fought so hard not to scream out how wonderful it was. The woman knelt, touching my shoulders. Her words fell on deaf ears. Just the fact she watched me and didn't know what was happening intensified my ecstasy.

It was so much. Daddy was so cruel and wonderful all at the same time. He tortured me. My fingers scratched at the linoleum. More groans escaped me as I squirmed. My tart musk filled my nose as my pussy juices soaked through my panties and dribbled down my thighs.

The woman stroked my shoulders, her hands so soothing and so erotic all at the same time. And then the vibrations ended. I sucked in deep breaths as the pleasure faded. I sat up, giving the woman a flushed smile. "Sorry," I said. "Just something.I ate." "Oh, you poor thing." "But I feel better now," I groaned. "Let me help you up." I nodded, my legs wobbly after my orgasm. Sun stared at me with wide eyes.

She still trembled and squirmed, her butt plug teasing her. "Did you cum?" she mouthed. "Yes," I breathed. "Wow." Sun nodded her agreement. "Do you need anything?" the woman asked. "Water?" "We're fine," I said, my cheeks burning with embarrassment now. She had seen me cum. Sun and I paid for our purchases. She squirmed the entire time, her butt plug humming happily away inside of her.

We headed to a different store to buy our new purses. As we browsed, Sun leaned over and whispered, "It's humming faster and faster. Your dad keeps upping the settings. This is torture." "I bet," I whispered. We bought our new purses and left the store. We were almost out of money now.

Poor Sun trembled and bit her lip, fighting off the sensation in her ass. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were begging for mercy.

The humming returned to my pussy. A dull buzz, just enough to make my eyes widened and a small gasp to escape my lips. I squirmed as we walked through the mall, my breathing quickened, my nipples so hard I thought they might rip through my top.

"It's starting for you again?" Sun groaned. Her face contorted and she clenched her teeth. "Damn, damn, damn. I want to just cum. I'm not his actual slave, like you. I don't have to fight this." "You don't," I agreed.

"But it's so hot," she groaned. Her hands pressed to her belly. "Fuck, I'm on the edge. I need it so badly. I can't believe how amazing this feels vibrating in my ass." I leaned over and gave her a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. Then my phone chirped. I broke away and pulled my phone out, reading the text from Daddy. "We need to go to the fountain." The mall had a huge fountain of splashing dolphins all squirting water out of their playful mouths.

People threw coins in to make wishes all the time. I loved to do it. I shoved my hand into my purse as we rushed to the fountain, my vibrator humming faster and faster, and fished out a coin. I knew the wish I would make.

A large crowd, as always, gathered by the fountain. People tossed in coins as they passed. The splashing water echoed over the buzz of their talking voices. Daddy sat on a lone bench at the edge. It was a quiet spot in the fountain area, no stores nearby, so not as much foot traffic where he sat. A good place to people watch. Sun and I stopped before him, squirming, groaning, our faces flushed.

Poor Sun rubbed at her jean shorts, her fingers stroking her groin. She had such a prominent cameltoe right now, her pussy plump and engorged, a wet spot soaking through the denim.

"Come sit on my lap, Melody," Daddy said, pulling aside the bag he had on his lap. "Be a good girl and plop that ass right on Daddy's big dick." His cock was exposed and covered in glistening lube. I bit my lip and looked around. No one was watching us. I turned and Daddy's hand went beneath my skirt. He pulled my panties to the side as I sat down gingerly. The tip of his dick slid into my butt-crack. I groaned as I shifted, guiding it to my sphincter. I sank down on him.

"Oh, fuck," Sun panted as I sank slowly down onto Daddy's cock, the vibrator humming away in my pussy. My eyes bulged. I had taken his cock last night. He was thick. But now the vibrator also filled my pussy. I had both holes stuffed. It made his cock feel even thicker in my ass. I bit my lip to avoid moaning and drawing attention to us as I settled down on his dick, my skirt hiding how obscene we were right now.

"There, that's my good girl," Daddy groaned. Then he looked up at Sun. "Why don't you go make a wish in the fountain? After you do, you may cum." Sun looked over her shoulder at all the people. "I.I have to." Daddy nodded his head.

Sun swallowed and pulled a coin out of her jean shorts pocket. She held it in her tight fist as she marched to the fountain, her ass swaying. I groaned and shifted on Daddy's cock, stirring it in my ass as Daddy pulled out his phone and tapped the screen, controlling our toys. "Oh, Daddy," I gasped as the vibrator hummed louder. "You can cum, too," Daddy whispered in my ear. "Thank you, Daddy," I moaned, my heart racing. People passed us by, but no one commented on me sitting on my daddy's lap.

Yes, eighteen was too old to do it, but I didn't care. Not with his dick lodged into my ass. This was so hot. No one knew the taboo incest going on right beneath their noses. That my barely legal cunt was stuffed with a humming vibrator and my daddy's big, thick dick filled my ass.

It was so hot. I squirmed and clenched down on his girth. My nipples tingled beneath my top as my clit ached from the vibrations.

I wanted to scream as my orgasm swelled. I kept shifting, my body twisting at the naughty pleasure. I was Daddy's good girl. His sex slave. I would do anything for him. This had to prove I was worthy of a choker. Sun reached the fountain. She tossed in her coin. Daddy tapped the phone, pushing up a slider to its maximum setting.

My vibrator didn't hum louder but I saw Sun's legs tremble through the people. Then she fell to her knees and screamed out her bliss. People paused, staring at the girl kneeling before the fountain, gasping and moaning. Her ass wiggled. I caught sight of it between people's legs as they watched her. I groaned, my hips shifting more. Daddy's hands grasped my waist and slid me up his lubed cock. My bowels burned at the friction. My pussy ached.

The vibrations were amazing. My clit was teased as Daddy's strong arms bulged. He fucked me like a sex toy up and down his ass, the crowd distracted by Sun's loud orgasm.

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"That's it, slut," Daddy groaned. "Make Daddy cum before we're caught. Make him explode in your tight ass." "Yes, Daddy," I panted, my head lolling. This was so hot. No one glanced at us as Daddy slid my body faster and faster up and down his cock. I trembled and gasped, the pleasure building in side of me. My top slid up, his hands gripping my bare belly, so strong. My head lolled back. The pleasure swelled inside of me. I had permission to cum, too. I bit my lip, not wanting to be loud like Sun, and shuddered as my pussy and asshole spasmed.

The friction increased in my bowels, adding to the bliss exploding in my pussy. The humming vibrator teased my clit and churned waves of rapture through my body. I grunted, "Daddy, Daddy, yes," beneath my breath as my body churned with pleasure.

"Oh, Daddy, this is so hot." "Yes," he groaned, sliding me faster and faster. I loved it. His dick felt as good as the vibrator. My legs kicked and my toes curled against my flip-flops I clenched my teeth as the rapture swelled in me.

My body squirmed as the pleasure increased. And no one noticed. They were all fixated on Sun. Murmuring, wondering what was wrong with her. Several people knelt beside her, comforting her.

She raised a head, her orgasm past, but she still trembled. No one knew she was a naughty slut, too.

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"Work that ass," Daddy grunted, sliding me faster. "We don't want to get caught. You need to make Daddy cum." "Yes, Daddy," I panted, the vibrator churning another orgasm through me.

I groaned and grunted, my hips swiveling as Daddy fucked me on his cock. It was so hot. His dick stabbed so deep into me. I moaned and gasped quietly. My eyes stared at all the oblivious people. We fucked right under their noses. "Cum in me, Daddy," I groaned. "Flood your daughter's ass with your cum. Do it before we're caught. We'll get in so much trouble. You're such a bad daddy for doing this to your daughter." "Mmm, but you're such a good girl for letting me." "Yes, yes, you're good girl," I panted.

"I'm yours, Daddy. Yours. You own me. Anything you want. I'm your slave.

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Let me be your salve. Cum in me and let me be your loving slave." Daddy groaned. He slammed me down his cock. His hips bucked beneath me while his hands squeezed my sides. I gasped as his cum splashed into my ass.

Hot, thick spurts of incestuous spunk filling me up in the mall. No one knew. It was our taboo secret. I loved it. My back arched as my bowels milked his cock.

I moaned through clenched teeth, my orgasm peaking inside of me. Daddy groaned as the final spurt erupted into my asshole. His hands relaxed. "Oh, that was good," he panted. "So good." His hand fumbled for his phone on the bench. He shut off the app. My vibrator died. "You need to get off me before anyone notices." "Yes, Daddy," I panted. I quickly rose, groaning as his dick popped out of my asshole. I pushed my panties back in place, capturing the flood of his jizz while he quickly zipped up.

"Go check on Sun," he said. "I'll be at the car." I nodded, my coin clutched tightly in my fist. Daddy stood and walked away as I pushed through the crowd to my friend. Sun stood on wobbly legs. "I'm fine," she told everyone. "I'm so sorry. I get.these stomach cramps sometimes. It was a bad one." "We should call your parents," a woman said. "Or 911," groaned a man. "No, no, I'm fine." She spotted me.

"There's my friend. We were just leaving. Right?" I nodded my head and reached her. I gave her a friendly hug.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Sun beamed at me. "Absolutely." "See, she's fine," I said. "My dad's waiting to pick us up." The crowd broke up around us, walking away, a few giving us strange looks. I didn't care. Let them suspect Sun came. None of them knew I had my daddy's cum leaking out of my ass and flooding my panties.

I threw my coin in and made my wish: Let me be Daddy's sex slave forever. Sun hook her arm with mine, her shopping bags clutched in her hand. Daddy had taken mine. "So, how was it?" "The best," I answered as we walked away from the fountain. "And how was cumming in front of half the mall?" She grinned. "I think I'm an exhibitionist. I kept cumming and cumming as they watched me. Some were filming." "You wicked slut," I laughed. "You're one to talk with a load of your daddy's cum in your ass." I beamed at her.

As we walked out of the mall, I knew my wish would come true. I would be Daddy's sex slave. He wouldn't need Mom at all.

To be Continued.