Guy masturbating with blow up dolls gay Making out is never enough

Guy masturbating with blow up dolls gay Making out is never enough
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**I was trying to make this a quickie for you. Please vote and leave feedback if you like the story.** My daughter Lisa brought home her friend Candy for the first time. My daughter Lisa is about 5'2" long black hair with a very slim body.

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Her breasts are a full B cup, which is large for her age and body. Her stomach is very flat and her ass is amazing. She loves wearing tight jeans and midriff shirts. She drives me crazy and she knows it. She came home after school with her new friend Candy. Candy is about 5'5" long blond hair and a great body too. She looked to be a nice B cup with a great ass.

Lisa Hey dad, this is Candy.


She is in my home economics class. Me Nice to meet you Candy. Candy Yes sir, nice to meet you too. Lisa Dad, can Candy spend the night? Her mom and dad were going out of town and she didn't want to be left alone. Me I don't see a problem with her staying with us.

The girls ran off to Lisa's room giggling. A little later Candy came out of the room with a small bag. Candy Do you like candy?

I made some in class today. I smiled at her. Me I would love to eat some fresh Candy. (hoping she would get my meaning) She blushed and took a piece out of the bag and gave it to me. I put it in my mouth and swirled it around with my tongue. Me Mmmm. I could eat Candy all night. Candy smiled at me and turned running into my daughter's bedroom. I heard talking and lots of laughter. After dinner we settled in to watch some movies.

The girls wanted horror, so we watched some scary movies. My house is small, with a small living room. The heater was down the hall and didn't fully heat the house. Lisa was laying on the couch with a blanket on. I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV leaning back against the coffee table. Candy was sitting on the love seat behind me and the coffee table. I heard a noise and Lisa telling Candy there wasn't enough room for the both of them.

Candy jumped from the couch and grabbed the blanket off me, getting under it and sitting down in front of me. The blanket was large, but she didn't do a good job of putting it back to fully cover us. I reached across her body to move the blanket, accidentally brushing her breast.

Me Sorry, I need to get the blanket back into position. Candy It's not a problem, I was too cold. Thought Lisa would warm me up, but I guess there wasn't enough room. Me It's OK. This house is never warm enough in the winter. As we watched the movie, Candy and I both re-positioned a few times. The last time I left my right hand on her stomach. She didn't complain, so I left it there. It felt nice holding her teen body close to me. Her hair smelled amazing, which was good because it was in my face the whole time.

Suddenly Candy got up and ran to Lisa's room. When she returned she was wearing one of Lisa's midriff shirts and some loose shorts. Again she jumped under the blanket with me. Adjusting the blanket and moving around left my right hand back on her stomach, but my thumb was now touching the bottom of her right breast.

She jumped a little, when a scary scene came on at the same time. Me Are you OK? Candy Yes, it just scared me a little. Me (whispering in her ear) Do you want me to move?

Candy slowly shook her head no. Me (whispering in her ear) Did you change clothes and take your bra off just for me? Candy nodded yes. Another scary scene and she was squirming. This caused my hand to move up onto her breast. Me Did that scare you? Candy Yes, but I'm OK now. Me - (whispering in her ear) Do you want me to keep holding you? Candy nodded yes. I moved my left hand onto her stomach and moved it around, feeling the wonderful skin of a teenager.

I slowly moved my left hand up to her left breast when another scary scene came on. She jumped a little. Me Are you OK? Candy Yes, it is alright now, it just scared me a little. Me - (whispering in her ear) If you want me to let go, just tell me. Candy (whispering) No, please hold me. With that I began moving my hands over her breasts and giving them light squeezes. She would shiver when my hands touched her nipples. I moved my right hand to the outside of her thigh.

Her knees were bent, allowing me to touch the outside of her thigh and rub under it as well. After a few minutes of this I asked. Me - (whispering in her ear) Did you remove your panties for me too? Candy got up from the floor and ran into the bedroom.

I thought I had gone too far, but in a minute she was back under the covers.

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She grabbed my left had and moved it back to her left breast. She grabbed my right hand and put it back on her thigh. Candy (whispering) I took them off for you.

I slowly stroked Candy's thigh and breast. I moved my hand down under her thigh until I touched her ass cheek, then back up to the knee. I moved my right hand to the inside of her left thigh. Me (whispering in her ear) Are you scared?

Candy nodded. Me - (whispering in her ear) I will stop any time you don't feel comfortable. Slowly I stroked the inside of her thigh, allowing my hand to brush under the shorts. Candy's nipple was hard and her breathing sped up. I ran my hand across the front of her shorts and let the back of my hand rub the inside of her right thigh. Coming down her thigh, I let my hand slip inside her shorts and brush against her mound.

That sent another shiver inside her. I slowly stroked her outer lips, feeling her pussy getting hot and wet. Me - (whispering in her ear) I wasn't lying, I would love to eat you all night.

Have you ever done that before? Candy shook her head no. Me - (whispering in her ear) If you come into my room after Lisa goes to sleep, I will show you what it feels like to have a man eat your pussy. Candy nodded. After the movie, Lisa wanted to watch some more. Candy insisted on going to bed. I went to bed and lay there masturbating to what had happened earlier. My cock hadn't been this hard in a long time. I started nodding off when I heard the door to my room opening.

Candy slipped inside. She was wearing the same clothes as before. I had left my table lamp on, just in case I would get lucky. Candy started to get under the covers. Me Take off your clothes first. I want to know that you are serious about this. Candy quickly took of her shorts showing me a bare pussy.

She pulled the shirt off her head revealing her pink nipples. She climbed in to bed and snuggled next to me for warmth. Me I'm not going to do anything to hurt you. If you want to stop at any time, just tell me.

Candy I will tell you if I want you to stop, but I know I won't. With that I kissed her lips. Slowly and tenderly at first. Then I allowed my tongue to lick her lips. She opened her mouth a little and let my tongue in.


We kissed for several minutes. My right hand caressing her breast and moving over her flat stomach. I ran my hand under her back and cupped her ass, this brought a moan and harder kissing from her. I ran my hand outside her thigh to the knee and then on the inside back to her mound. I slowly rubbed my hand up and down her bald pussy. Candy was moaning louder now and almost biting my tongue. I slipped a finger inside her and felt her hymen.

I slowly fingered her to an orgasm.

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Her body was shaking. She broke the kiss. Candy What was that? Me That was an orgasm. Have you touched yourself before? Candy Only in the shower. I don't touch myself like that. I will start doing it though. I kissed her neck and down to her breasts. There was enough there to play with, but not much more. I kissed and sucked on her nipples. This brought rapid breaths from her and goosebumps on her skin.

I kissed my way down her stomach and the tops of her thighs. I spread her legs and kissed inside her thighs to her pussy. Her aroma smelled wonderful. She was shaking at this point. When my tongue ran from the bottom of her pussy to her clit she shook with another orgasm. She grabbed my head and was holding my mouth onto her pussy.


I continued to lick and suck her into another orgasm. I slowly pulled my face away. Me You have such a wonderful pussy. I hope to eat it every chance I get. I slowly slid my finger into her. She was so hot, wet and tight. I worked my finger in and out, then added another finger. I licked her clit while fingering her and brought on another orgasm. Candy OH GOD STOP. I quickly pulled my face and fingers away. Me I'm sorry, did I hurt you? Candy No, but I can't take another orgasm right now.

I slid up to her face, holding it in my hands and slowly kissed her. Me Do you want to give me your virginity? Candy Yes. But be gentle. The other girls in school go on and on about how much it hurts.

Me I will take my time and it will only hurt a little. To make it easier, I am going to use some lube. You are wet, but this will really help.

I lubed up my cock and slid it up and down her slit. I slowly pushed the head inside. Candy I think it's too big. It's going to hurt.

Me Just lay back and relax, I will take it slow. I am going to go in until I reach your hymen. Then I will go in and out slowly until you get used to it. I will wait for you to tell me when you are ready. Candy OK, but go slow like you promised. I'm scared. I slowly pushed the head inside again and pushed until I felt resistance. I pulled out nice and slow and then back in. I did this for a few minutes. Candy OK, I am ready. Me This will hurt a little.

I am going to push hard and break your hymen. You will want me to pull out, but the best thing is to leave me inside you until the pain subsides. Then I can start going slow again. Candy OK I slowly pushed in and out a few times and then quickly thrust in and broke her hymen.

I was ready and quickly moved my hand to Candy's mouth to muffle her scream. Her eyes went wide with the shock. I slowly started to pull out and push in a little at a time. Soon I was pulling almost all the way out and burying my cock inside her.

I was playing with her pretty pink nipples and kissing her deeply. She had two orgasms on my cock. Me I have to pull out now, I need to cum.

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Candy How are you going to do it? Me I am going to put it in your mouth and you are going to suck on it. Candy Eeeew. I heard other girls in school talking about sucking boys dicks.

I don't know if I will like it. Me Remember how good it felt with my mouth on your pussy? Candy Yes Me Don't you want to make me feel that good? Candy Yes Me OK, then put my cock in your mouth and pretend it is a Popsicle. Just lick it and suck it. I will let you know when I am going to cum. Pull all of it out of your mouth except the head. Keep your lips tight around it so none of my cum escapes.

Try to swallow as fast as you can. Candy nodded her head, I could tell she still wasn't sure about this. I pulled out of her and stood on the floor. She knelt in front of me with wide eyes looking at my cock. Candy It is too big to fit in my mouth. Me It's not too big. Start slow and take as much as you comfortably can and then pull it back out. Lick it with your tongue and suck on it as well. Candy nodded her head and slowly started licking the head of my cock very tentatively.

Slowly she put the head inside and sucked on it a little. Candy This isn't too bad. She put my cock back in her mouth and started working it in and out. She quickly got half of it in with no problem. Me You are doing great. Get it nice and wet and see how much more you can get in your mouth. Candy nodded and started sucking me again. She quickly got my cock covered in saliva and was more than halfway down. She pushed her head forward and had my entire cock in her mouth. Candy Like that?

Me OH YES, like that. I can't believe you didn't gag. Candy Me neither. Me OK, change of plans. You keep sucking my cock and when I an ready to cum, I will put it all the way in and cum down your throat. That way you won't taste it as much. Candy Does it taste gross? Me No, I just thought for your first time you wouldn't want a mouthful of cum. Candy OK. If that is what you think is best. She began sucking my cock again, burying her nose in my pubic hair.

I told her I was going to cum, to hold her breath and swallow my cock and cum. I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth.

I buried my cock in her throat and pumped load after load into her throat and belly. After I finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She gasped for air. I quickly bent down and gave her a long loving kiss.

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Me That was incredible. Candy Yes, I can't wait for next time.