Slut Wearing A Corset Gets Dominated

Slut Wearing A Corset Gets Dominated
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Today was a very tiring day at the office and I was so irritated of sitting in front of the computer the whole day. I just wanted to go home and make love with my husband. Yes, I am horny now, just by thinking about it. I unlocked my car door, threw my handbag inside, and buckled up the seat belt. It was around 8 in the evening and there was so much traffic in on the shorter road that usually take while going home so I drove my car on another road.

This diversion was a little longer but it was always deserted and that meant I could go fuck my handsome husband much faster.

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I was driving now with my left with inside my cunt and I pressed harder on the accelerator and exceeded the speed limit of that road. I didn't bother about this until I heard a police car siren just behind my car. Now, I was scared and pulled over the vehicle under a tree beside the deserted road and I cleaned myself with a tissue paper.

The cop advanced towards my car and stood near the door now. I opened the door and stepped out of the car, mentally cursing myself for over accelerating. I got of the car and saw the cop's face but he wasn't looking back at my face.

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Rather he was staring at my boobs and my hard nipples which were flashing themselves through the thin pink formal shirt. In an instant I knew that I needn't have to worry much about a fine or anything regarding my reckless driving. The cop ordered me to turn around and he put his hands on my hips and started moving them towards my ribs and then he reached my boobs.


He cupped them and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and turned my body so that I can face him. He bent over and kissed my boobs and licked them. He took his tongue towards my cleavage and licked up and down.


I was so turned on by his hot wet tongue and I was starting to cum again Without warning he turned me over and pushed me on my seat so that am leaning over with my upper body on the seat.

He reached down to my skirt bottom and pulled it up till my waist. The he unzipped himself and I could see from my peripheral view that his cock was really huge. He pulled my panty down and pushed his huge cock into my wet pussy and fucked me with all his force.

It hurt for a second but now, it felt so good. He was filling me with his unimaginably huge cock aand each stroke was so amazing. Every stroke he placed was so pleasurable and finally I came. Finally we both came together and I could feel his cum inside me.

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I broke into a loud orgasm and dropped completely on the seat and the cop fell on me. Both grasping for air and relishing the experience with a stranger. He got off me and zipped himself and dressed himself and was heading towards his car. I got up and did my wet panty and pulled my skirt down.

I took another tissue and cleaned myself near my pussy area and even near my boobs. I buttoned myself and sat in the car.At the same time my phone rang and I picks it up from my handbag which lay beside the driver seat.

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It was a call my husband, George. I told him that I'll be home in 20 mins. I saw that the police car was almost out of sight now. I thought about this little adventure of mine and shook my head and laughed a little. After 15 mins I reached home and my husband was waiting for me at the door. He pulled me closer and kissed me intently. Our tongues met and before I knew, he was carrying me towards our bedroom. I never really expected this to happen today and I wouldn't tell my husband about the little 'cop incident' by any means.

He practically rip off my shirt and threw it on the floor while he was kissing me. The next second my bra found the same place as of the shirt. He looked at my hard nipples and smiled. Be kissed me gently on both my nipples and then began to massage my big boobs slowly.

He was on top of me and I could feel the erection of his dick and I knew that he desperately wanted to fuck me now. I reluctantly pulled his shorts and his boxers down to his feet and relished the sight of his hard shaft.

I pulled my skirt and my husband's fingers found their way around the waistband of my panty. He pulled them down to my feet and I stepped out of them. He planted a soft kiss on my cunt hole and I moaned at his touch. George had always been great at foreplay, like always. But today he seemed to have lost all the patience.

My sexy smile was all the encouragement that he needed to skip the foreplay and just fuck me. As on a cue, he directed his hard cock into my pussy and pushed it harder and harder. His balls were hitting my Ass and he was pounding on me with feeling of wanting. 'Baby,harder. Fuck me like a slut', I screamed.

He increased the pace and knew I was hitting the climax. 'Ooooooooo, Fuckkkk youuuuuuu', I screamed as I reached my orgasm. George looked at his breathing was shallow as mine but he hadn't come yet. He pulled out of me and happily saw my body shiver after my amazing orgasm. After a few seconds I realized that George wasn't done yet.

I got up and sat upright waiting for his next move when he kneeled up on the bed, bringing his dick near my mouth. I always loved blowjobs and of course he knew that! So. I wrapped up his hard dick around my fingers and licked his pee hole. I could taste my own cum in my mouth which was so erotic. I licked the head of the dick slowly teasing it.

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Then I pulled his dick into my mouth completely. I could feel his balls almost touching my lower lip. He put his hand into my hair and gripped onto it. I started pulling his long dick up and down about three times when he let a groan and pulled my hair back. I increased my pace, now moving faster and more deeper, I took my right hand and started teasing his balls.

He always loved that move. I could feel his dick and balls shiver through out the entire mouth fucking process and I knew he would cum now. Instantly he let a heavy load of his thick warm cum into my throat and I swallowed it hard. I pulled his dick out of my throat area and placed it on my tounge, the juices were still flowing heavy and I relished on them, swallowing every bit of him.

'I want to tit fuck you baby', George said. To my surprise, I realized that we hadn't really tit fucked since a very long time. My face lit up immediately. He took his spent cock out of my mouth. He bent over and placed 4 fingers near my pussy hole and wiped the of my cum off my pussy and put it on each of my boobs.

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He wiped off the left over cum from my body and rubbed it all over my boobs and my midriff. I could see the effect of the slow rubbing and massaging was having having an effect on his cock as it was turning as hard as could get. After he had lubricated me enough, he pushed me completely on the bed such that I was sleeping and climbed on top of me.

He then placed his cock in between my juicy, succulent boobs and started to tit fuck me. He started tit fucking me faster and his dick could almost touch my lips, I pulled out my tongue and licked his pee hole just before he pulled it off. I was shiver under all this intense tit fucking and I screamed a ear wrenching orgasm. 'Yes baby, cum over face and my blobs', I said to him. He seemed to be surprised at this as immediately squirted a huge load of cum on my neck and shoulder.

He took his cock and put all the cum over on my face and my mouth was open partly and hex squirted another load directly into my mouth, I enjoyed the taste and swalled it.

Then he put all the left over cum on my boobs, midriff and even on my stomach and navel.

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This was the most amazing day in my life. Because firstly I got fucked by a cop who probably has a dick that could fill out any hole. Second, my husband made me cum twice and pussy fucked and even tit fucked me. Wow,this was truly an amazing day after which I dozzed off happily in my husband's arms! :') The End.

Hello readers! :') This is practically my first sex story so am a little new to the entire writing thing. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Keep rating the story and enjoy reading. Xoxoxo! :*