Kelly brook nikki nievez sloppy anal some

Kelly brook nikki nievez sloppy anal some
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Laying on my side, gazing out the sliding glass doors to the balcony, I doze off with you entwined around me. When I woke up a while later, it was to the delight of your hard erection between my legs, and your gentle snores in my ear.

That powerful rod had to be ridden, and I squeezed my legs together, and began to ride it gently. You moan softly, then reach down, and guide yourself into my already wet hole, slowly easing yourself in and out. Your thrusts become more intense, faster, deeper. You reach down with your free hand and tease my clit as you drive your huge, hard cock deep within me. My orgasm is building and building. a dam about to break. building until I feel that rush of hot cum fill me.

Now I am free to have my own huge release. I moan as you continue to hold me in your arms rubbing my clit until I can take no more, and give into the waves of delight passing through me. "What a way to wake me up," you moan softly, with that slow smile on your face, slowly licking our combined juices from your hand.

I noticed a merry twinkle in your eye. Hmm. what are you up to?


You got up, went over to the small refrigerator in our room. You are back in a few moments with a glass of chilled champagne for each of us. Sitting beside me, that smile is dancing across your face. I chuckle softly. "Remember my fantasy of totally eating out a freshly shaved pussy? Will you let me?" I gaze at you, knowing you have wanted to do this for a long time.

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I hand you my glass, kiss you on the lips, and allow you to lead me into the bathroom. The tub has a huge surround, about 18 inches wide of cool marble.

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You lay me down, with one leg on either side of the tub. Pinching a nipple, you take a washcloth and completely wet it under the hot water. You wipe the remains of our lovemaking off my pussy, then rinse it out. "Hmm. let me get the scissors and trim your hair back. It will be easier to shave that way." I squirm only slightly as you begin to clip away my curls. When you are satisfied, you take that freshly rinsed hot washcloth and lay it over my mound. You dabble a finger into your champagne, run it around an erect nipple, then hungrily suck on it.

You know you are driving me crazy. Finally, you remove the washcloth, and spread shaving cream all over my pussy. The sudden coolness after the heat of the washcloth make me gasp. You pull a brand new razor out of your kit, and begin removing my hair in smooth strokes, first the top of the mound, and then after spreading my legs farther apart, the sides of my gash.

I moan as you insert a finger deep within my cunt, then stretch my lips and shave them. Soon, you pull your fingers away from my newly bald pussy, and wipe the remaining shaving cream away. "You look good enough to eat," you say as you help me up.

Let me make you an ice cream sundae while you go lay down." I hear you rustling around, getting the whipped cream from the fridge, warming something, gathering the makings. You are back at my side minutes later, but your hands do not contain dishes of ice cream. You have a sly smile on your face as you slowly dribble hot chocolate sauce all over my tits, a small line of it down my belly, and more onto my clean pussy.

I moan with delight. Now, the whipped cream. on my tits, and more onto my pussy.

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You even remembered the cherries. one on each nipple, another on my decorated mound. You slowly cover a cherry with cream and chocolate and offer it to me before lowering your head to my tit and lapping it eagerly, exciting me as you eat all the sauce from around my nipple first, then take the entire aerola into your mouth, nibbling on it.

Waves of pleasure radiate. as you bite it gently, then move on to the other tit. Lapping, licking and sucking, you work your way down, playing and teasing with my tits as you go. You pause for just a moment, reaching behind you.


You pull a nipple away from my body, then place a nipple clamp in the extended tip. I gasp at the sensations. not pain, but pleasure. You tweak the other nipple, stretch it out, and encase it.

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"I know how much you love to have me play with your tits. figured you would love this." you murmur as you go back to the task of eating my chocolate and whipped cream covered pussy.

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You use your fingers to scoop up some of the sundae, then feed it to me. You gently twist one of the nipple clamps as you turn your attention to removing the rest of the goo from me. You lick and suck and lap all the sundae from me, finally finishing it off.

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Spreading my legs wide, and holding my cunt lips far apart, I moan deeply as you finally take my engorged clit into your mouth, and begin sucking on it, then nibbling. Still holding my lips wide apart, you slowly insert one finger, then two.

You thrust slowly as you flick your tongue across my clit. Then, you pull your fingers out, take your mouth from my clit, and ram your tongue into my hot box as deep as you can.

With your wet fingers on my pleasure spot, it is only minutes until I am wracked by waves of a deep, huge, orgasm. My scream starts deep within my throat, and emerges as a low yell. You slow your pace down, but do not stop, and the orgasm continues. so intense that my legs begin to shudder. "Now that was delicious." you pronounce as you lay beside me, holding me as my orgasm begins to subside. I know now it is your turn to be tantalized, and I slowly get up to rewarm the sauce.

I am suddenly hungry for chocolate. I return to the bed, jar of sauce in hand. You are already laying back on the bed, relaxing with your eyes closed, semi-erect cock in the air. I smile as I allow the hot sauce to drip down your cock, then top it with the last of the whipped cream and a cherry.

You open your eyes and look down, chuckling. "Looks like you are going to dine on banana split!" I take that cherry and feed it to you, just as you did to me. I begin to lick at the whipped cream, then get down to the chocolate on the head of your growing member. You jump as I gently bite the head of your cock, then resume licking my way down, all around. I hungrily suck all the sweet stuff up, then take your cock deep within my mouth.

Sucking and stroking, I work you closer and closer to an orgasm. I stop to play with your balls, gently squeezing them, then taking each one into my mouth as I stroke your shaft with my hands. You put a hand on my shoulder, your sign that you are cumming, but this time, I ignore you. I continue to stroke until your hands are back at my shoulders, holding me in place as you squirt a load of cum into my mouth.

I swallow eagerly as you continue spurting, then finally pull back as your cock begins to deflate. "Now, that is my favorite flavor!"

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