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It had been prepared for the party and hung in the entry way for decoration and use. It was currently blindfolded and gagged. Its arms crossed and bound behind its' back pulling it shoulders back so its tits stood out. Its tits where tightly bound at the base and the tied to the display hook in the ceiling pulling it up.

The long spreader bar between its ankles spread its legs wide the bar locked into the floor mount so that it couldn't move. It had large bells clamped to its nipples that had rings that hung below the bell.

It had fresh crop marks on its ass, thighs and tits. It heard the staff set up a table near it before the house went quite. It waited, the pain in its tits growing. The doorbell rang the first of the guests for the party. It heard the master speak "yes it is for the pleasure of the guests. There are signs on the table along with items for use.

it does not know what the signs says as it will be more fun to surprise it." "No there are no limits on it, but remember you have all night" It felt hands on it body and then fingers in its cunt "oh yes, it is always wet, it fact it will get wetter as it gets more use.

No, I don't restrict orgasms as I like the sounds it makes and it always pleasures me." A lash hit its tits as the same time that the cat hit its cunt from behind. It screamed into its gag as it was whipped and beaten by the guests. When the lash stopped weight was added to its nipple bells. Randomly it was beaten, whipped, and lashed as the guests talked.

Weights hung from its bells and cunt lips fingers and cocks had been pounded into its ass and cunt until cum and sweat dripped from it. "Dinner is serviced master" said a staff member. "If you will please join me in the dinning room everyone." master said. "John, please take it down and clean it up a little before bring it to the dining room, but leave everything but the spreader bar in place." It walked behind the staff member following the leash on its collar into the dinning room the weights swinging from its tits and cunt as it did.

It was brought to masters chair "down and stay" it was told it knelt on the pillow by masters chair and the gag was removed. Master let it slip from a glass of wine and fed it bites of food as he talked to the guests petting it and playing with its tits as he wished. It felt something at its cunt lips "sit" as it sat back a wine bottle slid into its cunt. Its weight rested on the top of the bottle where it was to wide to go into its cunt. It waited it tried to ignore the pain building in its tits and cunt but tears began to leak from its blindfold.

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"Alright pet you have been good, Open wide." a large o-ring was forced behind its teeth opening its mouth wide and buckled in place. Then a penis gag was put thru the ring and buckled on. "After dinner drinks and entertainment in the living room. Come pet" master helped it to its feet leaving the wine bottle and lead it into the other room. "Down and present" it quickly knelt, knees wide sitting back on its heels chest out and head back.

"Yes it is has been in training for awhile and it is getting much better." Master reached down to remove the weights from its cunt lips. It groaned with the pain as the clamps where removed but stayed in place. Next master loosened the binding on its tits but did not remove them. The blood rush causes the nipple clamps to hurt even more. Before it could adjust master slapped its face hard on both cheeks and released the nipples clamps.

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It screamed into the gag and swayed in place but managed to remain upright but cum run from its cunt from the pain orgasm. Master stroked it tits as he talked and let it calm down.

"Oh yes it cums very well from pain alone that is why I let it cum whenever it can. Oh no it will be good for a number of cums yet before it becomes incoherent but it will still cum even when unconscious. It is the only one I have had that does that. Now you may fuck it any way you want I have a treat for you when everyone it done with it. To fuck its mouth remove the outer gag the ring is large enough for everyone to fit thru." "Oh no you can be as rough as you want as long as you don't permanently mark it.

Yes, you can remove the blindfold if you wish, in fact let me take it with me." Master removed the blindfold and waited for its eyes to open "be good pet" and he walked out of the room leaving it for the use of his 4 friends.


For the next hour it was fucked and beaten into many orgasms it had be fucked in every hole by each man a couple of times until it was limp and the men where tried. It was laid out over the foot stool legs spread and head hanging when master came back. He had watched it all on the security cameras so he knew when the men had left it.

It was well marked and covered in cum with it running out of its ass and cunt. He led his mastiff "Bull" into the room. The men just watched as Bull headed from its limp form. It didn't react at first to Bulls rough tongue as he became to lick the cum out of it. Master waited until it began to respond to Bull before moving over to it. It realized it was not master licking and it and lift its head and so the huge dog.

It started to move away and shake its head be master grabbed its collar.

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"Time to breed" it shook its head and tears formed in its eyes. "Yes pet that is what it is for to fuck anything master wants and to entertain his friends as it is fucked by Bull." He rolled it off the stool onto the floor he lifted its ass and spread its legs pressing its head into the floor so that it couldn't move. Bull was trained for this so he waited for the master.

"Mount" Bull was on it in a second he hard fat dog cock ready. Bull found its cunt on the first try he drove his dog cock into it with brutal force driving deeper until he was able to force his knot into its cunt.

Bull fucked it with hard fast strokes as his knot grew it cried as it was raped by the dog and the pain of the knot increased Bull fucked it for about a minute before he came. He collapsed on its back for a minute before dismounting it but his knot held him in its cunt so he turned around and sat down.


Master released it and then went to Bull. "Good Boy, good dog" "come and they all watched as Bull drug it around the room by the knot in its cunt. It was still crying and drooling from the O-ring in its mouth.

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After about 5 minutes Bull's knot was finely able to be pulled from its cunt. It was placed in the breeding position in the middle of the room as the men talked and then dressed. It remained there as master walked his guests out before returning for it.

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He clipped its leash on and unbound its arms and tits. He rubber its arms until it could move them and then stood. "Crawl only" He led it outside into the yard and walked it around a little.

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It knows if it wanted to pee or shit it would have to do it now. It squatted and did its business as master watched it. The cum from his friends and the dog ran out of it as it peed. Its ass had been cleaned out before dinner and then used hard so it didn't have to shit. Master walked it over to the cleaning station and turned on the hose. He run the cold water over it cleaning off the sweat and cum and then pushed the hose into its cunt and then ass so they were cleaned out also.

He then let it be under the blower until it was not dripping. Master let it thru the house and up the stairs to his room. He snapped his finger and pointed at it bed on the floor next to his. After it lay down he removed the leash and clipped the chain to its collar and went into the bathroom. He has left the O-ring in its mouth because he wanted to fuck its mouth before he went to bed.

He got ready for bed and removed the dildo and ass plug from the freezer part of his frig and got the harness for them. "Up" he told it as he entered the room it was quickly on it knees and he feed his hard cock thru the O-ring and began to fuck its mouth in deep hard strokes. On the third stroke he drove the icy ass plug into its ass quickly followed by the dildo. He put the harness on to hold them in place as he fucked its face.

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When he had it on he grabbed it head and began to fuck it hard. He buried his cock deep in its throat and poured cum down its throat.

He held it until it began to struggle from lack of air before releasing its head. It licked his cock clean as he withdraw. He then released the buckle on the O-Ring. He had a hard time getting it out of its mouth he rubbed its jaws until it was able to open and close them he then gave it its binkie, a cock shaped pacifier he had made for it.

"It was a very good pet today, master is pleased." It beamed with happiness at his words of praise. "Good night pet" and he crawled into bed and turned off the lights as it lay down on its bed and pulled up it blanket.

Master reached over the side of the bed and petted its head as he fell asleep.