Cum Eating Daisy Spice Likes Pussy To Mouth

Cum Eating Daisy Spice Likes Pussy To Mouth
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We come home soaking wet to an empty quiet house my hair is drenched and our clothes leak on the carpet floor. We must get into something dry before we catch a cold. Hopefully that security guard didn't follow us home. I mean there is nothing wrong with PDA, it was dark and no one else was there, so how does it affect anyone.

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Anyways, we are out of breath from running from him. At the same time, we are laughing hysterically at the whole scenario. I run up the stairs and say I'll be right back. I intend to go get some dry clothes for us so we could be comfortable. Secretly you follow me up the stairs, I go into my bedroom and leave a crack open only because I think no one is upstairs.

You watch as I go through my drawers. Then you are about to walk in when you see me pull off my wet shirt to reveal my lace black bra which I am about to change too. Then my pants slide off, sticking to my body because of the wetness. This lights your fire when you realize I am wearing a fiery red lace thong underneath and my bare butt is on the other side. You come up with an idea. You are now sure that there is no one else in the house or watching and storm in pretending to ask where the bathroom is.

With me in only my undergarments, I quickly cover myself with a pillow that does not cover much. You kinda stare but shyly look away. You say I'm sorry I didn't mean to. You say I should go and look me straight in the eye and turn slightly towards the door. I immediately put down the pillow and call for you to wait. I say I must give you your clothes. I walk to the other side of the bed to get them.

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Now you're totally checking me out. You want to stay but I give a feeling as if you should turn away. Then as I walk over to you to give you some clothes. I hand you the dry clothes and search for words. I say you know you really don't have to go. Then you say but I should because I have to change. I say you got boxers on you can change here. Then we stare in each others eyes speechless both of us.

You grab my bare waist and pull me towards you against your penis. We engage in a passionate kiss. We lean back and come into a wall. I begin to take your damp shirt off.


Your hands have moved up my body and now hold my head. We slide down the wall. You say there it goes as I look down I see a bulge in your pants and giggle. Then we maneuver ourselves to lying down. I sit on your erection. Then I throw myself backwards and you can see the thong line going down and around.

Your still in wet pants so you squirm out of them leaving your boxers. Then we slide out of that position, we tumble over and now you are on top of me. You get to take charge. First thing you take my bra off me and throw it somewhere. Half naked you run your wet cold hands up my tummy and tracing my breasts then down to my panty line.

You are not sure what to do here, I straddle my bent legs and that gives you the go.

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You pull it off and explore. As you Rub my privates you orgasm. Then you ask if you may and I nod.

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Your finger enters me and feels around I moan and juice. Then I sit up and kiss you again. You take off your boxers and we sit my legs are eagle spread and yours are over mine. Your thing is feeling around for a place to go. I push you down and now you begin to go farther in and I'm riding my cowboy.

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We are feeling so good at the moment and cant wait then I rest on your chest and You hold me. Feeling my naked cold boobs smoosh against your body feels just right to you.

We have now fully given ourselves to each other. We feel as if we are one flesh mushed together. You tell me to feel you out. I move slowly down your body playing and massaging and rubbing until I have found your ultimate sensual button. You shiver and begin to sweat as I begin to go to your inner thighs I kiss up, up, up, and now you are lifted and pull me back over you.

We are lying there and both exhausted from the energy we have put out. I look at you while I'm lying in your arms. We kiss lightly and I grab your hand and move it towards me and say "Put your hands on me baby" and place it on my breast. You keep it there and massage them and squeeze and then you begin to lick my nipples.

I play with your hair and you move your mouth down my body with slow kisses. You hands grab my butt and kiss my vagina all around it my inner thighs and move back up towards my breasts, sucking them. I think we have finished when you turn me on my side, keeping my bottom leg straight and top leg bent at the knee. You Position yourself between my legs, you lift my top leg and rest it on your chest, then you enter me. With this you get a wide open view of my privates and you penetrate deeply.

Then I squeeze my PC muscles as you thrust and this creates friction. Then I gasp and pull you down. I lie on my stomach, with my legs straight and spread slightly.

You lie over me, positioning your legs on both sides of mine.


As you enter me, I close my legs and cross them at the ankles. This allows me to feel the full length of your member and grip it tightly. With this we get to savor the feel of each other's body. Now as you rest I get to work my moves. I push you down face up with one leg straight and the other bent. Facing sideways my vagina up and down your bent leg almost sitting on you. With this my joy buttons are being pushed like crazy. But little do I know yours are having party.

It was more than love now for us.


We had gone so deep inside each others souls. We were both non-experienced, first-timers. But I say I wouldn't have done with anyone but you. We realize the time and O Shit! The parents are coming home soon. Time STAYS STILL when I'm in LOVE with you. That night will live forever. I love you Brandon! Summer 2004