Mika knows how to fuck

Mika knows how to fuck
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Precious Gem Twins - Chapter 7 - First Time Our vacation was non-stop sex with all sorts of girls and some guys. The first week passed by as a blur of bodies in our cottage, mostly naked. Sapphire was fantastic to have around, as sometimes I'd fuck her holes while we watched Ruby and Diamond with whoever they brought back to the cottage.

One time we had a nice orgy of all girls going on while keeping the blinds open on the window and we had all of the boyfriends and husbands watch.

The girls also tried out several cocks, and we even found one shemale at the resort which was a night of fun for all of us. Then one night as we had a group of couples over and we were enjoying drinks, there was a knock at the door.

Sapphire was in the kitchen and I was close to the door so I answered it myself. What awaited me was a bit of a surprise. It was Vali and her daughter Hannah.

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Vali smiled at me a big grin. I had first spotted them on the beach during at the start of the second week of our vacation. There were a number of topless women on the beach at any given time, but they were all with their boyfriends or husbands. But I noticed these two girls, one blond curly haired and one with long brunette hair, down the beach heading to some lounge chairs in the sun. The blond one quickly popped her bikini top off, revealing very perky small breasts, and I could tell even from such a distance that her tiny nipples were hard.

Her friend took her top off eventually too, but her tits were much bigger and hung down with puffy nipples. Both were quite slim and the brunette was much taller than her blond friend, making her look even skinnier. I figured it was a couple of friends vacationing together. I enjoyed checking them out as I relaxed in my own chair, and even pointed out the pair to Ruby and Diamond when they came over to me and they approved and admired them from afar with me.

Later in the beachside restaurant, I spotted the two topless sun tanners getting food, though they were now covered.

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I went over to that area to check them out while pretending to look at the food, and that was when I got my first pleasant surprise. They weren't two friends vacationing together, they were mother and daughter! I felt like a dirty old man, as the blond daughter I could tell was in her teens, so she was around half my age.

But damn did she have nice tits. And her mom was hot too. I followed them around a bit at the buffet tables, but eventually rejoined Ruby and Diamond and told them of my discovery. They laughed and teased me a bit. Back on the beach I saw them, and they were topless again! I took great pleasure in spying on them. After awhile, a couple of guys came up to them, and judging by the body language and interactions, it seemed to be the husband and son of the couple. Soon they headed off all together and I was left alone with my fantasies.

So imagine my delight when I opened the door to find mother and daughter standing there. "Hi, how are you tonight? How can I help you?" I asked them. Vali replied "Would you mind if we came in and could talk privately" noting that we had guests. "Sure, follow me" I replied and I guided them to our private bedroom. Once we got to the bedroom and door closed, Hannah sat down on the couch and closed her eyes, while Vali came right up to me and put her arms around me.

While I was pretty sure she was married, I didn't mind if she was interested in fooling around. Also once she was this close to me I could tell she was a bit tipsy.

And that clued me in that Hannah was actually quite drunk. "I know you and your friends have quite a naughty reputation, and I was hoping you could help me with something" Vali started off. "Umm, ok, what's on your mind" "I want your girlfriends to seduce my daughter. She doesn't know the pleasures of being with another woman yet" she said quite bluntly.

Nothing like some alcohol to get rid of inhibitions! "Wow, ok. I'll have to bring them in to talk to them about it. I'm not sure if they will, as she looks a bit young.


And when did you have in mind" I was a bit shocked that we were talking about this right in front of Hannah, but perhaps she was intoxicated enough that she wasn't listening. "Right now. And I want to watch too" Vali told me as she pressed her body more firmly into mine, and I could feel her nipples hardening and poking against my chest. "OK, let me see what I can do. I'll be back in a few minutes" I told her as I disentangled myself from her arms and leg. I went out to the living room and politely explained that there was a bit of a minor issue we had to deal with and if we could get together tomorrow night instead.

Everyone was understanding and they all were headed back to their own units within a few minutes. I even gave Sapphire the night off.

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Once the place was empty, I explained to Ruby and Diamond what Vali had told me. They had big smiles and were quite excited. "You aren't uncomfortable with her being younger?" I asked them. Ruby replied "Not at all. My sister and I were fingering each other when we were 10, and for our 11th birthday we ended up having the same guy take both our cherries. He was the dad of one of the kids at our party." I was a bit shocked to hear about such young sex, but it was also exciting and explained why they were eager.

"If anything, we feel Hannah is starting out late!" Diamond exclaimed. So we headed off to our room together. When we entered, I noticed Hannah wasn't on the couch anymore, and I feared that she was reluctant and was hiding. But then I saw that her mother had obviously gotten her prepared for our return. Hannah was laying on our bed, wearing only small black bikini panties and a bra, with each wrist handcuffed to the headboard.

She wasn't struggling either. Then I looked over to the other couch and saw Vali sitting and waiting, though she also was partially disrobed, wearing some small panties and her sundress draped over her shoulders covering her breasts.

I made introductions all around, though Hannah wasn't really fully coherent.

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Ruby and Diamond asked Vali what she wanted, and she reiterated what she had told me earlier. The sexy twin sisters were only more than happy to oblige, and they headed over to the bed quickly, each taking a side.

Their hands began roaming over the slim teenagers body, stroking her arms and legs and stomach and face. I noticed there were staying away from her tits and pussy for the moment. Hannah started letting out little 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' and her body was slowly writhing in response to their touching, but her eyes remained closed.

The girls began to step it up and started using their lips and tongues on Hannah now too. I sat down beside Vali as she was reaching under the loose cloth and massaging her breasts. I asked her if she wanted some help with that, and she didn't turn away from the show, but guided one of my hands to her lovely breasts to replace hers, and I began gently massaging and squeezing and playing with her nipple.

With my other hand I pulled the sundress off her shoulders and set it aside. I put my legs on either side of her and sat behind her then, pulling her back against me. I placed my free hand on her other breast then, so I was cupping her from behind. I could see one of her hands moved down between her legs, while the other stroked my leg as we watched the show on the bed in front of us.

One of the sisters had opened Hannah's bra, and now they both zeroed in on her small pert breasts, licking all around the little mounds, teasing the very hard nipples with flicks of the tongue. Hannah was very much enjoying all this attention, but I wasn't sure if she was fully with us and wondered if she thought she was just dreaming.

I could see that one of the girls had a hand between Hannah's legs, rubbing her under her panties, and soon Diamond was pulling down those panties. I got a wonderful view of her fully shaved teenage pussy.

It was already swelling up and flushed, so she was very excited and turned on. Diamond was using one hand to rub Hannah's pussy while continuing to suck hard on one of the girl's nipples.

Vali asked me if Ruby and Diamond ever played with each other, and I smiled and told her they were very very loving sisters and did everything together.

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At that, Vali asked them if they could stand up and sensually disrobe each other before going any further. Well those two don't need to be asked twice and they got up and stood before us and began kissing. Vali spoke to her daughter in Russian, and suddenly Hannah was watching the sisters too.

All three of us looked on as the petite twin sisters put on a sexy show, with lots of kissing and fondling, slowly pulling the clothing from each other (not that there was much to start with) and kissing the newly exposed skin. I was rock hard from all this, and I'm sure Vali could feel it poking her in the back. Her nipples were swollen with tiny hard tips that I longed to lick, but our position just didn't allow for it. Hannah was sitting up partially, but being handcuffed she couldn't do much to herself, but I did see her attempting to grind herself into the bed.

I'm sure she was quite frustrated watching this show before her. The twins finally got down to their panties, and they took turns pulling them down and then tonguing the naked pussy before them. Finally they stood up and looked at us, smiled, and then headed back to the bed with Hannah.

Ruby laid her back down and began kissing Hannah deeply and playing with her small breasts, while Diamond got down between the teenagers legs. I could tell when she first applied her skilled tongue, as Hannah's body flinched and she drew in a sudden gasp, followed by a cute moan. Then Diamond really went to town on licking Hannah's pussy, making the girl writhe and squirm and squeal and cry out even through Ruby kissing her.

It took just a few minutes of this intense pleasuring when Hannah's entire body went rigid and she began a high pitched constant squeal. As her first orgasm rocked her, she began some violent spasms, and after the first I saw Diamond pull away and I thought maybe she had been kicked, but when the next spasm happened I saw liquid flying through the air from between the teenagers legs and I realized that she was squirting and it had probably caught Diamond by surprise When I looked at her I could see her face was quite wet with Hannah's juices and squirt.

My cock was throbbing watching all this action and playing with Vali's tits. As she watched Ruby and Diamond change places on her daughter, Vali stood up, dropped her panties and then climbed back on the couch on all fours. I didn't need to be told what do to, so I knelt behind her and positioned my cock at her pussy.

She was extremely wet, though it was still slow going entering her as she was quite tight. Either she did special exercises, or she was the victim of a man with not much endowment.

As I worked my cock deeper and deeper, Vali gasped in pleasure, enjoying it. At one point she exclaimed how good it felt to be fucked by a real cock again. Vali never stopped watching her daughter as the twin sisters continued to engage in a 3some on the bed with her. Now Ruby lay between her legs, and Diamond had climbed up and was actually spreading her own wetness over the teenagers lips, encouraging the girl to taste her pussy.

Tentatively, Hannah reached her tongue out and began licking Diamond's cunt, taking her first taste.


Diamond giggled and encouraged the girl to continue, which she did with more and more enthusiasm. What helped was Ruby's tongue tasting Hannah's juices and I could tell she was also probing her with at least a finger. Before long, Diamond turned around so she still sat with her pussy on Hannah's tongue, but now she could watch her sister licking Hannah too. She began really grinding herself into Hannah's tongue, I'm sure nearly smothering the girl under her.

Ruby also was enjoying watching her sister ride the young girl as she was fingering Hannah's pussy. She also was fingering her own pussy, so I had an idea. I grabbed a handful of Vali's hair, and began pushing her from behind, forcing her off the couch. We carefully got to our feet and I moved her forward towards Ruby's open legs, all without pulling my cock out of her. She quite eagerly dived into Ruby's wet pussy as I continued fucking her from behind.

Now we were a 5 person pleasure train! Diamond began soon to quake and moan, and she bore down on Hannah's tongue as she had her orgasm. As it subsided, she rolled off and smiled and laid back to enjoy the rest of the show. Next Vali began to shake all over and she began to scream into Ruby's shaved pussy, and that then drove Ruby over the edge and she too cried out in orgasm. Then I got a very dirty idea. I took another handful of Vali's hair and pulled back hard, taking her away from between Ruby's legs.

I told Ruby to go join her sister and enjoy the rest of the show.

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I shoved Vali hard from behind, pushing her forward towards her daughter's open legs and very wet pussy. Vali gasped and resisted. "Go ahead, you know you want to. Taste your little girl. Lick her pussy. Give her an orgasm that only a loving mommy can!" I pushed her head down towards Hannah's dripping cunt.

As Vali's tongue dove in, her daughter gasped and looked down at her mother licking her horny slit. "Oh god mommy! It feels sooo good. I don't want you to stop.

Please please please oh god don't stop make me cum again!" Hannah cried out. That must have driven Vali over the top as she dived in even more eagerly. It also soon brought her second orgasm, which made her tight pussy clamp down even harder. I couldn't stand it anymore and I let loose with my own orgasm, crying out and cumming deep in her pussy.

Hearing our cries of pleasure and having her mom eating her, it finally was too much and Hannah went rigid all over again and screamed. Her bodyquakes then erupted as she began to squirt again, though Vali didn't pull away and I could see her juices spraying her mother's face. I fell to the side, my still hard cock slipping out of Vali and our shared juices running out of her as she collapsed too and rolled to the side.

I could then see just how wet Hannah had gotten her. Vali's entire face was wet, with some of it dripping off her chin and her lips, which were in a silly grin. Hannah just laid there, breathing heavily. After a minute or two, Vali climbed up the bed and held her daughter, kissing her and running her hands over her naked little girls body.

Soon Hannah was kissing her mother back, and I laid back with the twins as we watched Vali and Hannah begin to make love again. Vali quickly unlocked her daughter's wrists from where they were handcuffed to the headboard, and soon they were embracing in a deep kissing session, with hands roaming all over each other.

We watched as the mother and daughter maneuvered into a 69 position with Hannah on top, and they licked and fingered each other. Seeing these two together like this was incredibly passionate and erotic. I realized that Hannah was probably licking up some of my cum that was still oozing out of her mother's pussy, and between that and watching these two going at it, I got hard again. Since I'd already had Vali, I decided I wanted to try out her daughter.

I climbed up behind Hannah and as Vali saw my cock coming into position, she reached up, grabbed my cock, and guided it into her mouth. I couldn't complain much, as she had very good oral technique. I decided to see just how good she was, and I pushed forward until my entire 7 inches were in her mouth and down her throat.

I pulled all the way back and then pushed it deep again, and she didn't gag once! Then I pulled out her mouth and told Vali to suck my balls as I entered her daughter. I then placed my cock head at the teenagers very wet pussy hole and began to push. Fuck, if her mom was tight, Hannah was nearly virginal! It took a bit of pressure, but then the head of my cock popped in. Hannah raised her head from between her mom's legs and cried out sharply as she felt me enter.

But I took it easy after that, and her moans of pleasure were muffled once she returned to pleasuring her mother who laid under her. I was slowly pumping in and out, deeper and deeper in that incredibly tight teenage cunt. And Vali was doing an amazing job of sucking on my balls, one after the other. It felt so good, I actually asked her to stop before she sent me over the edge too early, and I could tell she returned to sucking on Hannah's clit, as I could feel the young girls pussy spasming now around my fat cock.

Even without the attention to my balls, I didn't last much longer, and soon I shouted as my cum began to shoot deep inside Hannah. And feeling that plus her mother's tongue on her clit, it drove the 15 year old over the edge again and she had yet another orgasm, crying out loudly and her body shaking violently.

As I pulled out of her, I saw Vali quickly and greedily begin to lick up my cum as it leaked out of her daughter's pussy and she was swallowing it all too. I helped her out by pulling Hannah into a position so she was sitting up, with her juicy slit over her mother's tongue. Vali really seemed to enjoy it and before long her daughter had another, smaller orgasm.

After that we all were exhausted, though I wished that we had a large shower area that we could all shower together in. In the end, the twins and I went to the other bedroom to sleep while we left mother and daughter laying in each other's arms for the night.

In the morning, I awoke to hearing Hannah's voice sounding excited or panicked, and her mother obviously trying to sooth her. I threw on some shorts and walked out into the living room to find the pair sitting there. I greeted them and asked if everything was alright.

Hannah spoke up "What we did last night can't be right, and I can't believe you did all of that to me!" "Well you sure seemed to enjoy it then, in fact I think you enjoyed it 4 times" I shot back with a smile. "Ummm, well, I was drugged" Hannah retorted.


"Hannah, have you ever squirted before when you orgasmed?" I asked her. "Oh my god no" "Well you did last night. Twice. And once all over your mom's face.

So I think you more that just enjoyed it against your will" I told the young girl. "I think you are just uncomfortable with the fact that you liked it so much. Why don't you go in and talk to Ruby and Diamond for awhile about it, as they have worked out their feelings long ago" "Umm, ok" and Hannah headed off to where I had left the naked twin sisters in bed.

Meanwhile, Vali and I sat down and had some breakfast. Once her daughter was out of the room, she took off her sundress and sat there in just panties, which I didn't mind at all. We talked about her life and she told me that she loved her husband and he provided well for them, but he was a lousy lover and had a small dick. She also said that she was pretty sure he was sterile, as both her kids were not his, but from affairs on the side she'd had, but none of them knew including her husband.

But he did let her have her affairs, as she is a very sexually charged woman and he can't keep her fully satisfied, so with an open relationship, everyone is happy.

I asked her if she enjoyed her daughter so much last night, would she ever want to seduce her son. She smiled and said that was next on her list, and she hoped that she could get not only our help, but also wanted her daughter to be involved. We talked for awhile about some ideas how to get it to happen in the next couple days.

After awhile, we noticed that Hannah was still in the other bedroom with Ruby and Diamond, so we decided to go see how things were going. As we got to the door, we could hear moaning, so we had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

I decided to open the door so Vali and I could see. What we found was a sexy little chain of pussy eating going on. One of the sisters was lying on the bed on her back while her sister lay between her legs licking her pussy. Then Hannah was straddling the face of the sister on her back so her own pussy was being licked. None of them really took notice that we were watching them now, as they were all lost in their own pleasure.

Seeing Hannah's writhing body was very erotic. Her small tits were tipped with rock hard nipples which she was pinching herself as she enjoyed the pleasuring she was receiving between her legs. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in her own world. I asked Vali if she'd like to join in with her daughter, to be polite, but she said she'd like to just watch us all, and sat down on the couch with her panties already stripped off and one hand rubbing at her pussy hard.

Nothing like a sexy mother to encourage me to have fun with her daughter! I walked up behind Hannah, reached around, and began playing with her tits for her. It was almost like she was expecting it, as she leaned into me once my presence was felt. I moved around so I could get my mouth on one of those hot little teenage nipples and took it into my mouth. I proceeded to suck on it hard while flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth.

She definitely enjoyed this, and soon I was straddling the body of whichever sister was licking Hannah, just so I could get at both her tits at once. We continued like this for quite some time, as I really love small tits. At one point, a hand grasped my cock and began stroking it for me, not that I needed any help getting rock hard with this hot orgy going on.

Then I decided I wanted to fuck Hannah again, so I climbed off the twin I was on and went around behind the teenager. I pushed on her shoulders firmly so that she began to lean over. Soon she was on her hands and knees and my cock was rubbing at her little pink slit. Though it wasn't quite so little anymore because it was so swollen, and it was very pink, and very wet!

The sister under her moved from tongue fucking the teenager to flicking her tongue over her clit. I began pushing my cock into Hannah's tight pussy, and found that I was able to glide in because of how excited she was.

As I began pumping slowly, it was less than 10 strokes when Hanna's body began convulsing as her orgasm crashed into her and she cried out in ecstasy. Her orgasm also made her pussy clamp down on my cock hard, almost to the point of pain, but I was glad that her pleasure was so intense. As I continued to fuck her, Hannah soon voiced a request to me. "I want you to fuck me in the butt.

Take my ass cherry" I was quite surprised, but who was I to turn down this beautiful girl's offer. So I grabbed some lubrication, and started to work a finger into her ass. After about 10 minutes of fingering, and her having another small orgasm, I placed the head of my cock at her puckered hole.

The sister licking her pussy knew what was coming, so she grasped Hannah tightly as I began to push. At first it wouldn't budge, and Hannah was crying out in a bit of discomfort.

Then suddenly the head of my cock pushed past the entrance of her ass, and Hannah let out a shriek and flinched. I stopped moving then, and stroked her back and soothed her and told her to relax.

The girl under her also continued to lick her pussy. After a minute or two, I felt the teenager begin to move her hips against the intrusion in her ass, so I began to move in rhythm, pushing a little bit with each cycle. After a few more minutes of this, I had most of my cock buried in her backside. She was extremely tight, and I was enjoying this a whole lot more than she was I figured. I looked over at the couch, and Vali had followed us along, and she had fingers in both her her holes, jamming them furiously in and out.

I'd have to try to fuck her ass too before they left for good I thought to myself. Then Hannah began to have another orgasm, as her body tightened up. The pressure on my cock which was deep in her ass was incredible and I could barely move it. And as Hannah screamed out in her own orgasm, I finally let loose with my own, cumming deep in her ass.

It felt so good filling her, and I really didn't want it to end, but I was also tired. So I pulled out and joined Vali on the couch. At that point, two things happened that surprised me.

First, Hannah sat up and planted her gaping ass on the tongue under her, and had the cum in her ass licked out of her. The second was that as soon as I got close to her, Vali jumped up and gulped my cock down her throat, still covered with my cum and her own daughter's juices. What a mother and daughter slut pair! Eventually we all got cleaned up, and the 3 younger women had breakfast, and we had a lovely talk about what other fantasies we'd love to explore with one other. Sadly, we would have to wait for another time, as Vali and Hannah had to go join the rest of their family for the day.

But we did talk about how to seduce Hannah's brother and came up with a game plan for a few nights later. But that's another story.