Horny locker room threeway for these eager homosexual guys

Horny locker room threeway for these eager homosexual guys
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A shift in the breeze told Samuel Bess that autumn had arrived. While he came to the park two blocks from his apartment dressed in a thin jacket that afternoon and expecting lower temperatures, the sudden cool wind was what officially signified the end of summer.

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In a few months the trees, grass, and sidewalks would be covered by a thick blanket of snow, and Sam's weekend strolls to this park would become significantly less frequent. Sam let out a deep breath as his dark brown eyes scanned the passerby's around him.

He was seated at his favorite park bench, reading over the New York Times while enjoying the last few days of reasonably warm weather. He watched a cute couple laugh as they passed him by without notice.

Their happiness was one he had never truly felt. Sam was pushing thirty-five and had yet to find a woman that would make him truly happy. He was certainly attractive enough, and had the wit and charm to win over the heart of a young woman if he put his best face forward, but Sam wanted something else from the woman he wanted.

Something he knew he shouldn't have. The yipping of the light brown Yorkshire terrier interrupted his train of thought. The energetic young pup scampered left and right, twisting its leash around the legs of its master. Sam would have tried to ignore the incessant noise had his gaze not fallen upon the owner of the boisterous pup. She looked about twenty-three, with shoulder-length auburn brown hair, and sweet, sparkling hazel eyes.

She was dressed in a blue overcoat with black buttons fastened tightly around her slim figure. Sam smiled as he watched her struggle to untangle the leash from around her legs.

She appeared to be losing her balance, as she twisted her body about, all while keeping her feet mounted on a pair of black high heels.

After finally untangling herself, the dog raced down the pathway, prompting its attractive owner to tighten her grip on its leash. Sam tried to remain incognito, keeping his face concealed behind his newspaper, but as the woman and her dog advanced down the asphalt pathway in his direction, it became very apparent Sam's presence would not go unnoticed.

Although the young woman made an effort to restrain the energetic animal, soon the dog was at Sam's ankles yipping vigorously. "Snuffy! Snuffy! Get back here!" the young woman hissed, but the dog was persistent. Sam lowered his newspaper and let his gaze meet the young woman's eyes. "Sorry," the woman said sweetly. Her smile was broad and beautiful. Sam could not take his eyes off her.

"He's just saying hi." Sam had experienced many run-ins with dogs an their masters in his life, and found 'he's just saying hi,' ranked right up with 'he won't bite' and 'he's just being friendly' as the most common expression uttered by dog owners upon meeting strangers. Sam elected to ignore the cliched greeting and instead address the opportunity that was now knocking. Sam bent down and scratched the young pup behind its ears. "Nice doggy," Sam petted the dogs' fur for several seconds before looking up at the face of the beautiful woman holding its leash.

"How old is he?" Sam asked. "Picked him up at the shelter three years ago when he was a newborn," the woman said. "Been my best buddy ever since. He's my guard dog." She laughed. "Yeah, I'd feel safer with this fearsome little fella watching over my place," Sam said. Sam growled playfully, prompting laughter from the young woman. "I'm Dawn Priestly," the woman said, extending her hand. "Sam Bess," Sam replied, taking her hand. Her skin was warm and soft.

As the wind shifted once again, Sam's heart skipped a beat as he smelled the aroma of her perfume. "I've seen you here before," Sam said.

"You live around here?" "Yup. I live in the apartments just across the street from Cider Lake," Dawn said. "Been there three years, ever since I got little Snuffy here. My old place didn't allow pets." "Quite a hike for you, isn't it?" Sam asked. "That's a couple blocks away." "I like the exercise," Dawn said. "Helps me stay in shape." Sam could not deny that.

Even through her coat Sam could tell Dawn had a fantastic body. Dawn looked at her watch and then back at Sam. "Almost Five.

I have to get going. Well it was really nice meeting you Sam," Dawn said. "I hope I we'll come across each other again soon!" "Pleasure is all mine," Sam said. "Come on, Snuffy!" Dawn said as she tugged onto the dog's leash, and they took off down the pathway. Sam watched as she walked away. She had a nice ass, Sam noted, and also a fine pair of legs. She must have been wearing a skirt under her coat, because her legs were bare.

Sam kept his eyes fixated upon her until she and her dog were completely out of sight. *** ***** *** "Dawn Priestly." Sam entered her name in the Google search bar as soon as he got home.

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To his disappointment, nothing promising came up. Sam took a sip of his beer, and set it aside. There had to be a way to find her. Something about Dawn Priestly captured Sam's interest. Sam wasn't sure if it was simply her beauty, her smile, or the way she laughed, but ever since his encounter with her in the park Sam had been dying to find out more about her. He wanted her.

Sam shifted through several articles, none of which seemed to pertain to the Dawn Priestly whom he was seeking. "Jim Priestly and Dawn Meadows." "Roger Priestly's Greatest Hits posted by user Dawn." "Christine Priestly's MyPlace page Comments by Dawn Robinson." None of the hits seemed relevant.

Although one did give him an idea. "MyPlace," Sam said to himself. Sam was not altogether familiar with the social networking site popular among young people, but he had heard of it.

Sam typed "MyPlace.com" into the address bar and after being overwhelmed by annoying ads and popups, decided this may be a good place to start searching. "Dawn Priestly" did not uncover any relevant results from a brief MyPlace search, but Sam knew there was a chance Dawn would not include her last name on her profile. The problem was, typing simply "Dawn" uncovered far too many results. Sam let out a sigh and took another sip of beer.

Maybe Dawn was like him. Maybe she was not "plugged in" to the trendy young, youth-oriented fads of today. No, Sam thought. She is young; she is pretty, and likely popular. Sam was convinced Dawn was somewhere on this site. He just had to search more. A thought came to his mind. He typed in "Dawn Snuffy" into the search bar, and lo and behold, a familiar set of hazel eyes stared back at him from his computer screen.

"Dawn Age 23, Location: Grand Blanc, MI, "pics of me and Snuffy at the Fourth of." "Bingo," Sam said to himself.

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Her profile was decorated pink with flying stars and hearts. A song by some popular male crooner played upon opening her profile, which Sam immediately shut off. Sam spent the next hour reading Dawn's profile up and down. He admired all of her pictures, although he was disappointed that none of the pictures showed her in the nude.

She did include one photo of herself in a bikini, but only from the waist up. She was pictured with two of her friends, all her smiling and holding drinks. Of the three of them, Dawn had the nicest tits, Sam thought. Sam stared lustfully at Dawn's ample cleavage, and inserted his hand into his pants and began to play with his privates. As he became more and more aroused, Sam found himself typing another address into the search bar: "www.womeninpain.com," Sam's favorite pornography site.

Sam found himself tantalized by the graphic images of naked women being tortured by masked men. He entered his personal password and opened a video depicting a young brunette, chained to a wall, and two men with hooks taking turns cutting the flesh from her naked body. Sam put on a set of headphones and turned the volume up high to hear her screams.

He used to play videos from this site on his speakers but the neighbors in the apartment next to his complained and filed a police report. Sam watched as the men in the video ripped the woman's throat out and her blood spilled onto their hooks.


Sam climaxed as he watched the helpless woman take one last breath and collapse. After Sam wiped up his mess, he clicked the back button back to Dawn Priestly's MyPlace page. As Sam stared back at Dawn's picture, her sparkling eyes and bright smile beaming at him, he couldn't help but smile back.

*** ***** *** Sam had been lying awake in bed for three hours when he decided he was going to murder Dawn Priestly.

It was not a simple decision for him. He had never taken the life of a human being before, but there was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to now. Having met her only hours earlier, Sam realized his feelings for her were so strong he was prepared to make the biggest decision of his or her lives.

He wasn't sure how or when. Her MyPlace page said her birthday was December 29. Sam decided he would set that as his deadline, so he would have to find a way to kill her before then. As for how, he would need time to think. He didn't want her to suffer too much, but a little.

He wanted to enjoy it, so she would need to be put under a bit of pain before he did her in. Sam imagined the grisly scenes he had witnessed at womeninpain.com, but Sam was not ready to commit an atrocity such as those. He didn't feel he was ready. Sam decided Dawn's death would need to be simple. A little sex, a little torture, and then he would end it. Nothing too complicated. No chickening out, Sam told himself, he was going through with this and there was no turning back.

Sam had made up his mind, and the planning for Dawn Priestly's murder was underway. *** ***** *** Sam awoke early the next morning and began to write up a plan and a list of items he would need.

Cuffs, he would need a way to restrain her. A weapon, preferably a handgun, mainly to coerce her into cooperating with him, not necessarily to finish her off. Knives of course, or other instruments to cause pain. He would also need a way to dispose of her body when he was finished, somewhere it would never be found. This one was tricky. Sam did not realize planning a murder would take so much work.

December 29 was only three months away, and Sam began to wonder if that would be enough time. Sam realized he would need to start watching her. He would have to track her down, familiarize himself with her daily habits, find out where she went, and when.

Sam would have to develop an acute understanding of every layer of Dawn Priestly's life if he ever intended to claim it as his own.

Sam shut his notebook, put on his coat, and decided to take a walk in the park. *** ***** *** Jaime Evans stopped at Dawn Priestly's cubicle as she waited for her to get off the phone. Dawn smiled and held up her index finger, mouthing the words "one moment." "Yes, I can have that ready for you," Dawn said.

"Should take no time at all. Thank you." Dawn hung up the phone, and looked up at Jaime. "Yes, Jaime?" Dawn said. "I looked over our progress, and, well, it looks like we might not have the Johnston Report done in time," Jaime said.

Dawn turned her chair in Jaime's direction. "Okay," Dawn said. "I'll tell Ron. Don't worry about a thing." "Psshh!" Nancy Oakwood, who was busy working in the neighboring cubicle, tsked at Dawn's remark. Dawn ignored her. "Well, he's on his way over," Jaime said.

"Hope he takes it well." Jaime walked away, trying to stay out of Ron's sight. Dawn quickly cleaned up her work area as Ron Finley, her supervisor, made his way towards her desk. She straightened her papers into a neat pile, and as she reached for a nearby file folder, she knocked her coffee mug off her desk, spilling coffee onto her lap. She was wearing a short black miniskirt and nylon stockings, and while she avoided spilling the coffee onto her skirt, the coffee soaked her stockings all the way through.

"Damn it!" Dawn cursed to herself, and grabbed a napkin and began wiping herself off just as Ron arrived at her cubicle. "Dawn! How are things with the Johnston Report?" Ron asked. "Just a moment Ron, I had an accident here," Dawn said. Dawn turned her chair to the side and began carefully sliding her stockings down her long, slender legs. Ron tried not to stare, even as Dawn pulled her skirt upwards so she could get better reach at her stockings.

"Sorry about that Ron," Dawn said, as she opened her desk drawer. She could feel Nancy's watchful eyes as she tucked her coffee-stained stockings into her desk drawer, only to remove a new, clean pair.

"The way things are going, it looks like we might not have that report done when you wanted it," Dawn said, as she began sliding a new pair of stockings on. Ron tried to maintain eye contact but felt his glance continuously shift down to her legs.

"We're working as fast as we can, but you have to be realistic, Ron," Dawn said, pulling her stocking farther and farther up her thigh. "There's only so much a few busybodies like Jaime and I can handle." Dawn ran her hands smoothly over her legs, and then looked back at Ron, who nervously shot his glance back towards her eyes. "Not a problem, Dawn," Ron smiled. "The project can wait a little longer.

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I know you'll do your best." "Thanks, Ron, you're a peach," Dawn smiled, and Ron walked away. After Ron walked out of sight, Jaime came back around the corner. "Nice save, Dawn!" Jaime said in relief. "You just saved our asses!" "You got to learn how to talk to people, Jaime," Dawn said.

"Yeah, 'talk'" Nancy muttered. Dawn peered into Nancy's cubicle. "Got something to say, Nancy?" Dawn asked. "No, nothing," Nancy said, and then coughed what sounded like the word 'slut.'" Jaime rolled her eyes.

"Don't mind her," Jaime said. "She's just jealous cause she never gets any male attention around here." "Never occurred to me," Dawn said. "Anyway, we're gonna have to buckle down and get the project done ASAP." "Another late night, huh?" Jaime asked. "I was going to do some shopping today, I guess I'll have to do it on my lunch break," Dawn said. "I would too, but that's my laundry time," Jaime laughed.

*** ***** *** It was 12:05 when Dawn arrived at the mini-mart just one block from her office building. Dawn grabbed a shopping cart and pushed it down the aisles, quickly grabbing the essentials she would need to survive for that week. After filling her cart with various produce, she was browsing the fresh fruit when she heard a familiar voice.

"Pineapples on sale this week." Dawn turned around in surprise. "Sam?" Sam smiled. "Nice to see you again, Dawn," Sam said. She looked even more beautiful than the day he met her. Sam admired Dawn's blazer and miniskirt. She looked absolutely fantastic.

"How you doing?" "A little hurried," Dawn said. "Doing shopping on my lunch break now." "It's a shame its come to that," Sam said. "How so?" Dawn asked, grabbing a pineapple and carefully setting it into her shopping cart.

"Well, isn't a lunch beak, for, I don't know, having lunch?" Sam asked. "In a quaint time in history, yes," Dawn laughed. "Seems to me we might all benefit from taking some time in our day to just relax, grab a coffee, you know what I mean?" "Yeah," Dawn said, glumly.

"Unfortunately coffee time for me is behind the wheel of my car or my desk at work, pretty much." "Yeah, same here," Sam said.

Dawn looked at her watch. "Looks like I got to get going," she said. "Sam it was really nice talking to you again, I hope I'll see you again soon." "Me too." Sam said. Sam watched as Dawn pushed her cart down the produce aisle. He would have given anything to put his hands on her body at that very moment, but he knew such an act was not possible at this time.

Soon though, Sam said to himself. Soon, she would be all his. *** ***** *** By mid October the weather had dropped to unseasonal lows, and Sam no longer continued his weekend strolls in the park. He had not spoken to Dawn since their run-in at the supermarket, and now three weeks had passed and Sam's plans for her were well underway. In the weeks since their last meeting, Sam watched her on a daily basis, monitoring every activity she did outdoors. He had her route from her apartment to her workplace mapped out and memorized, and even knew what stores she frequently shopped.

Meanwhile, Sam was doing plenty shopping of his own. "That there is a .40 caliber Glock 22," the store clerk said. "Favored by most police units around the United States, that sucker holds fifteen rounds and is considered the perfect pistol." Sam picked up the handgun and admired it.

"Is there a waiting period for this model?" "Assuming you got no criminal record, it's yours in three days," the clerk said. "Not a problem," Sam said. "I'll take it." *** ***** *** On November 1, Sam purchased a cottage fifty miles north of Grand Blanc. It was a cozy little getaway, in a secluded part of the forest, with no neighbors or troublesome police for miles.

"The previous owners installed an indoor Jacuzzi," the agent explained. Sam looked around the quaint house in awe.

It had an old fashioned fireplace, solid oak siding, and a spectacular skylight overlooking the den. "Does it have a basement?" Sam asked. "It isn't developed," the agent said. " Only concrete flooring, and brick siding." "I'd like to take a look," Sam said. The agent led Sam down a narrow wooden stairway. Sam felt right at home in the dark, dank basement. The agent flicked on a dangling light bulb and showed him around to several barren rooms.

"The previous owner didn't use the basement for much. Just a wine cellar I believe." Sam kicked a dusty piece of wood lying on the floor. "I love it," he said. Sam spent the next month renovating his new house. He build his own restraining hitch, a reclining bed fitted with sturdy iron shackles, and set up a weapons rack which he filled up with his favorite toys.

It took him several weeks to transport his favorite toys up to his cottage, being busy with his daytime job, but soon his new basement was now his personal dungeon, complete with knives, whips, spears, a branding iron, and even a room he filled from wall to wall with shards of broken glass. He doubted he would use all of these tools on Dawn, but he liked having all of them present for ambience. When Sam flipped his calendar to the month of December, he circled the date of December 27.

Sam swore to himself, that day would be Dawn Priestly's date with death. *** ***** *** Dawn Priestly was sound asleep on her couch when she heard a knock at her door. She awoke in a startle, and realized it was the middle of the afternoon and she was sprawled over her couch wearing only a t-shirt and panties. Snuffy stood in front of the door barking madly. Dawn quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and opened her apartment door, and found herself face to face with a deliveryman holding a bouquet of red roses.

"Dawn Priestly?" the deliveryman asked. "Yes, that's me." "These are for you." The deliveryman handed her the flowers. Dawn was dumbfounded. "Me? Who are they from?" "Dunno," the deliveryman shrugged. "The sender asked to remain anonymous." Dawn took the bouquet, and was at an absolute loss for words. "Have a nice day," the deliveryman said. "I will." Dawn said. She shut the door, and stared in amazement at her unexpected gift. Snuffy jumped about at her ankles, yipping at the aroma-laden flora.

"Down, Snuffy!" Dawn said. She took a seat on the couch, and sifted through the flowers, until she found a folded letter. Dawn's heart raced as she opened the card, and in the neatest handwriting she had ever read, saw the words: "Dawn, "Your beauty is greater than the loveliest bouquet I could send you. You are the light in my life, my greatest joy. I love you." That was it. No signature. No return address. Just a random bouquet of roses from a man who evidently thought the world of her, and she could not even begin to guess at his identity.

Ron? She thought for a second. No, no, it was definitely not him. Ron might have had the hots for her, but he wouldn't do this. Even if her birthday and Christmas was approaching. Dawn placed the flowers into a vase and set them on her kitchen table.

It was a mystery that would be resolved another day. *** ***** *** Dawn should have known something was awry, because Nancy gave her a dirty look as she walked into her office building the following Monday. Dirtier than usual, that is.

since Nancy always made it known she did not care for Dawn. Her question was answered when she arrived at her desk, and found a silver necklace placed on the surface, with an envelope tucked underneath.

Jaime approached behind her, having obviously already seen the gift and curious as to the identity of the sender. "That is beautiful! Do you have a new boyfriend you haven't told me about?" "No!" Dawn explained, setting her purse upon her desk. "I got some roses at my apartment last Saturday too. I don't know who's sending me this!" "Oh my God, you have a secret admirer!" Jaime shrieked.

"Jaime, please, you're not in seventh grade anymore!" Dawn said, though she was a bit anxious herself. Dawn picked up the necklace and placed it around her neck, making her look twice as fabulous to Nancy's disdain. "Open the envelope! Open it!" Jaime said. Dawn took a seat at her desk and opened the envelope.

In the same handwriting as on the note that came with her bouquet, the envelope read: "Dearest Dawn, "Your eyes sparkle like the moonlight. I long to feel the breath of your kiss. I live every day to tell you how I feel myself, but that day will have to wait.


With much love," No name was given. "I don't get it," Dawn said. "Who is this guy?" "Why are you fussing, aren't you happy?" Jaime exclaimed.

"You are so lucky, I want one too!" "That's because you're not sleeping with the boss," Nancy mumbled. "It's not from Ron!" Jaime and Dawn said at the same time. "Whatever," Nancy said. Dawn walked over towards Nancy angrily.

"Hey, listen, I don't know what I did to earn the title of Office Tramp in your eyes, but it wasn't sleeping with the boss," Dawn said. "I have never, nor will I ever have any involvement with Ron or any other manager in this office!" Nancy looked up at Dawn. "Then you're very naive," Nancy said. "How am I naive?" Dawn demanded. "Oh please! The way you lick your lips when he's around, your short skirts and low cut blouses, the way you bend over so he can check out your tits and ass!

Don't tell me you don't do that on purpose sweetheart, I wasn't born yesterday." "You know what?" Dawn said. "I'm going to ask him. Right now, straight up." "The floor is yours," Nancy said, and resumed typing.

Dawn marched down the hallway towards Ron's corner office, and Jaime followed close behind. Dawn knocked briskly on the door, and entered. "Yes, Dawn?" Ron asked. Dawn dropped the envelope onto Ron's desk, and held up her necklace for him to see. "Ron did you send me this necklace?" Dawn asked. "No," Ron said. Dawn looked back at Jaime. "Really?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, Dawn what is this about?" Ron asked. "You didn't send me flowers on Saturday?" "No! Dawn honestly, I did not!" Ron said. Dawn picked the envelope off his desk. "Thank you," she said. "That's all I wanted to know." Dawn and Jaime exited Ron's office.

"Then who?" Jaime asked. Dawn looked around the entire office and sighed. "I have no idea." *** ***** *** Sam kept his face hidden when Dawn emerged from her office building. He waited around just long enough to see the silver necklace around her neck, and his business was finished. Sam kept his back turned as he took off in the opposite direction, smiling the entire way.

She liked his gift! Sam's pulse raced as he made his way down the sidewalk. Only one more week until his deadline, and Sam had all of his preparations in place. He waited until 8 in the evening before he made his way to Dawn's apartment building.

A friendly neighbor let him into the building and soon Sam made his way down the hall to the outside of Dawn's door. It was too soon for her to learn his identity, but that time would come soon. Sam slid an envelope under Dawn's doorway and bolted for the exit. *** ***** *** Sam did not sleep the night before the 27th. He still did not know for absolute certain that Dawn would show up at the designated location when he wanted.

By morning he was in a sweat, with images of Dawn racing through his mind. All the preparations at the cottage had been made. Sam was certain that no one would ever discover her body or his identity.

He left his apartment at 5pm. His Glock was secured safely in his jacket pocket. He double-checked to make sure it was loaded and ready. Sam got into his car, and drove out of his apartment complex for his first and last date with Dawn Priestly. *** ***** *** Dawn slid her slender body into a brand new black strapless dress. She examined herself in the mirror. Her dress was cut low, it showed plenty of cleavage, and was tight enough to complement the curve of her sexy ass.

It even had a long slit up the side for her bare leg to peek through as she walked. Dawn applied another layer of lipstick across her mouth and made a kissing motion in the mirror. "Well Snuffy, here goes nothing," she said. Dawn placed the silver necklace around her neck before double-checking the envelope she found slid underneath her door the previous week. "My Darling Dawn, "I feel the time has come that I reveal myself to you.

Just as I can no longer hold my feelings for you inside, neither can I conceal my identity. Please meet me on Thursday, December the Twenty-Seventh at six in the Evening at L'Olivier, and I will meet you at the entrance.

You will know me when you see me. I love you with all of my heart." Still no signature. Yes Dawn knew that would make it all the more exciting when she finally came face-to-face with her admirer. Dawn leaned down to pet her dog. "Mommy's got a date tonight, sweetie-pie," Dawn said. "Be good." Dawn left an extra bowl of food out in case she did not come home until the morning. Snuffy yipped furiously as she made her way to the door. "I said be good!" Dawn said.

Dawn stepped out of the apartment and shut the door behind her, with Snuffy still yipping as she left down the hallway of her apartment complex. When Dawn arrived at L'Olivier at ten minutes to six, her heart was racing. Who was this guy? What if he isn't the sweet guy his letter seemed to suggest he was? Dawn tried to put her fear behind her as she pulled up to the valet. "Name please?" the valet said.

"Dawn Priestly," she said. "Oh yes, of course," the valet said. Dawn was delighted at how far her blind date had gone to make this a romantic evening for her. Dawn emerged from her car and handed her keys to the valet. It was only a few feet to the entryway. She carefully stepped towards the doorway, worrying her nervousness might make her slip and fall flat on the pavement. Dawn stepped towards the entrance, through the doorway, and into the restaurant.

*** ***** *** She was more beautiful than Sam had ever imagined she could look. When he saw her in her gorgeous black dress, her hair tied back into a stylish bun, Sam thought he might pass out from the shock. Their eyes met, and Dawns heart skipped as fast as Sam's.

"Sam?" Dawn exclaimed. "Hello Dawn," Sam said. "You look absolutely stunning." Dawn was at a loss for words. "You're- you're" "Yes, it was me, Dawn," Sam said. Dawn stared back at him.

Sam looked rather handsome, dressed in a rented black tux. Dawn didn't know what to say to him. "Sam, I-" "Please Dawn," Sam said. "I made reservations for us. Have dinner with me." Dawn took a deep breath.

"Okay," Dawn said. For Dawn, it was one of the most awkward dates she had ever experienced. She considered Sam to be far too old for her, yet with all of this effort, all this sweetness, he had done it just for her. Dawn decided she had to see this one dinner date out.

She would decide how to handle the situation when it was over. "How's work?" Sam asked. "Oh, it's okay," Dawn said. "You got a lot of my coworkers wondering about you when they saw that necklace." Sam smiled. "Well, you'll have quite a story to tell them tomorrow, won't you?" "Actually, I won't be going to work tomorrow," Dawn said.

Sam looked up in surprise. "I took the day off," she said. "Saturday is my birthday." "Oh I see," Sam laughed. "How old will you be then?" "Twenty-Four," Dawn said.

"And proud." "Hmm," Sam muttered. Most women he knew lied or were ashamed of their ages. One more reason Sam knew Dawn was special. "Well, Happy Birthday, in advance," Sam said. "Thank you," Dawn said. To Dawn's surprise, she had a very pleasant dinner with Sam. Even though he was not her type by any means, she had to admit by the end of their dinner that she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent with Sam.

The waiter brought the check, which Sam insisted on paying himself. "Well, I'd like to thank you for dinner, Sam," Dawn said. "You are a truly sweet man." With that, Dawn gave Sam a soft kiss. Sam felt his heart jump into his throat. Her lips were so soft, and so sweet. Their dinner was now over. Sam could feel the excitement stirring in his pants. Their real date was about to begin. As they made their way to the exit, the valet brought Sam's car to the driveway.

"Ready to go?" Sam said. Dawn turned to Sam sadly. "Sam, I'm really sorry," Dawn said. "I had a really nice time tonight but I can't take this any further." Sam felt his heart sink. He knew she should have expected this. And in fact, he was quite prepared. "Dawn, please," Sam said. "Let's just go for a ride. Just you and me." "Sam, no," Dawn said. He could tell by her face she was serious.

Sam shot a glance back at the valet. He was busy going to get another car. "Dawn, I have a special surprise for you," Sam said. "Sam, no more surprises," Dawn said. " I had a nice time but you're not my type!" Sam removed the Glock from his jacket and pressed the muzzle against Dawn's stomach. "Dawn, you're coming with me tonight," Sam said. "Get in the car." Dawn took one look at Sam's handgun and her blood ran cold. *** ***** *** "Sam, don't do this!" Dawn cried.

"Please stop the car, let me out!" Sam pointed his gun at Dawn's temple. "One more word, I'll blow a hole through your head." Dawn shut her mouth and Sam continued driving.

Sam knew she would not be able to remain calm, so once he was out of the city, he pulled over to the side of the road and ordered Dawn out of the car. "What do you want from me?" Dawn cried.

"I'm sorry I can't reciprocate your feelings, please, think this through!" "Shut up!" Sam screamed. He unlocked the trunk of his car, and Dawn saw what was inside. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" Dawn screamed.

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The assortment of ropes, pliers and tie wraps laid out neatly inside Sam's trunk sent Dawn into a crying frenzy. "What are you going to do to me? What do you want, Sam?" "Hold still!" Sam shouted. Sam took one tie wrap and bound Dawn's wrists behind her back. He then placed a gag in her mouth and tied it shut.

"Get in the trunk," Sam said. Dawn gave Sam a pleading last look.

"I said get in, Dawn," Sam said. Dawn climbed into the trunk of the car, trembling as she pulled her body together into a fetal position. Once she was securely inside, Sam sealed the trunk shut. *** ***** *** Dawn couldn't tell how much time had passed when the car stopped moving.

It seemed like hours that she had been crammed into the compact trunk. The chirping of crickets in the nearby forest were all Dawn could hear when the trunk finally opened. Sam stared down at her. He was no longer wearing his tux, instead hew was dressed in a flannel shirt and blue jeans.

Sam looked her over to make sure she was still secure. The tie wraps were still securely around her wrists, as was the gag in her mouth. "Get out," Sam said. Dawn climbed out of the trunk, though she had a bit of difficulty having her hands tied behind her back and wearing high heels, but she managed, and dropped her high heeled feet upon the gravel driveway of Sam's picturesque cottage.

Sam untied the gag from Dawn's mouth. She took a breath before speaking. "What is this place?" Dawn asked, panting. "Somewhere where we won't be bothered," Sam said. Sam kept his gun trained on Dawn, and with his other hand, unlocked the front door.

He ordered Dawn inside before locking the door behind them. "Welcome to my humble abode," Sam said, with a quiet chuckle.

He took a pair of pliers from his pants and cut the tie wrap binding her hands. Dawn looked around the interior of the old-fashioned homestead. Sam turned on a light on its dimmest setting, and then ordered Dawn into the den. It was a pleasant little home, Dawn would have appreciated it more if not for the circumstances. "Sit." Dawn took a seat on the sofa and waited for Sam's next command.

He took a seat on the easy chair opposite Dawn and kept his gun trained on her. "Dawn," Sam began. Dawn froze in terror. "Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I wanted you. I've lusted after you for so long. Tonight, you are going to make my every fantasy come true." Dawn's expression first went to shock. "Sam, please!" She whimpered. "I don't want to do this why are you making me do this?" Sam rose to his feet and pressed the barrel of his gun to Dawn's forehead.

"Here are the rules, Dawn," Sam said. "When I tell you to do something, you will do it. If you don't, I will hurt you, and I will hurt you very badly." Dawn tried to back away but her body was up against the backrest of the sofa. She cried for several seconds. "Dawn?" Sam asked. "Yes?" "Are you with me?" "Yes." "Good." "Please I'll do whatever you want just don't kill me please!" "I'm not going to kill you, Dawn," Sam said. "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

Sam smiled, but only on the inside. "Dawn, I think you have a beautiful body. It's so shapely. So sexy." Dawn did not reply. "Dawn, I would like to see your body. Fully naked." Dawn stared back at Sam, saying nothing. "Is that okay, Dawn?" Sam asked. Dawn nodded. "Good," Sam said. Sam backed away from Dawn and took a seat on the easy chair. "Go on, take off your dress," Sam said.

Dawn leaned forward and removed her heels. Her toenails were painted a deep crimson. The looked very pretty in Sam's opinion. Sam watched in excitement as Dawn rose to her feet, and carefully pulled her black dress up over her head and removed it from her body. She was wearing only a silky black thong underneath, and no bra. Dawn covered her ample sized breasts with her arms as she turned to face Sam, who watched in in pure amazement.

"You are beautiful, Dawn," Sam said. "Simply gorgeous. Now take off your panties." Dawn took her arms away from her chest, and exposed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were round and thick. Dawn took hold of her skimpy panties, and slid them down her legs towards the floor. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed, and the same color as on her head.

Sam grabbed his cock and gave it several gentle strokes as he watched Dawn stand naked before him in his den. She was still wearing the silver necklace he had sent her, but he decided to let her keep it on. He ordered Dawn to turn her back so he could check out her ass.

Dawn obeyed. Her cheeks were round and firm. Sam gave his cock a few more strokes, and then told Dawn to face him once again. "Dawn, I want you to lie down on the sofa," Sam said. Dawn trembled as she took two steps backwards, and sat her bare ass onto Sam's sofa. She lifted her legs off the floor and lay her entire body across the sofa. Dawn didn't move.

She remained motionless with terror. Sam rose from his easy chair and approached Dawn. He stared down at her, passing his eyes over every inch of her naked body. Dawn squirmed uncomfortably under his leering eyes, and covered her breasts with her hands. "Dawn, I want you to hold completely still," Sam said. "And you have to place your hands on your sides." Dawn's breathing escalated as she removed her hands from her chest, leaving her bosom exposed.

"What are you going to do?" Dawn asked. Nervous did not begin to describe her tone of voice. "I'm going to bite your breasts, Dawn," Sam said, and upon seeing her response, added, "no, no, no fidgeting, you have to hold still sweetheart." Dawn did her best to remain calm as Sam stooped to his knees.

Had his hand not been securely around his pistol Dawn may have considered taking the opportunity to fight back, but being that he was well armed and in close proximity to her Dawn decided to wait. "That's it, hold still, hold still," Sam said very slowly and calmly. "Yes, that's a good girl." Sam leaned forward, and placed his mouth around Dawn's right breast. Dawn shut her eyes tightly when she felt the wetness of Sam's lips around her nipple, trying to block out this moment from her memory.

Sam took great pleasure in sucking Dawn's tit. He sensually ran his tongue on and all around her nipple. Soon her nipple became stiff and hard, and Sam sucked it for several seconds. It tasted good. Sam removed his lips from Dawn's right breast and began to lavish his attention on her left. He did the same thing, licking her nipple softly and sensually for several seconds and then sucking it. Sam then proceeded to chew on her nipple, very lightly, with his front teeth. Dawn's nipples were very sensitive, and she began to squirm in discomfort.

Sam placed his hands on Dawn's body, so as to discourage her from fidgeting, and he gradually began to bite Dawn's breast harder. "Sam, you're hurting me!" Dawn moaned. Sam opened his mouth farther, and gave Dawn's entire left breast a hard bite.

She screamed. Sam pressed both of his hands against Dawn's torso, all while keeping the gun trained on her head as well. Dawn grasped the sofa cushion with her hands, trying to find a way to tolerate the pain. Even as Dawn's screaming continued, Sam kept his teeth clenched around her breast, and sank his teeth even harder into her tender muscle.

"Sam! Please stop! Please stop Sam!" Dawn cried in agony. It wasn't until Sam could taste Dawn's blood against his lips that he decided to release his clasp. Sam looked down at his work, and saw bloody teeth marks all around Dawn's left breast, with her blood dripping down her underarm onto his sofa. Sam pulled a hanky from his pocket and wiped the blood from the upholstery. "Are- are you done?" Dawn asked, panting. "Nope," Sam said, placing the bloody hanky aside.

"Still got some bitin' to do on righty, don't I?" "No, please!" Dawn pleaded. "Don't bite me again Sam please!" Sam placed his hands on Dawn's torso once again, and placed his mouth around Dawn's right breast.

The swelling in her nipple had gone down a bit, so Sam licked it once again until he got it nice and stiff. Sam then proceeded to bite the tip of her nipple, just enough to get a good grasp on it, and then pulled his teeth away to stretch it. Dawn attempted to lean forward, but Sam kept her upper body pressed against the sofa to stretch her nipple as far as he could get it.

He was only able to stretch it a few inches before it split and burst, causing her blood to dribble down her bosom once again. Dawn was screaming and sobbing, begging Sam for mercy.

Sam wiped up her blood once again, but his excitement at witnessing Dawn in all of her painful agony aroused him greatly. He briefly considered raping her right there on the couch, but decided against it. Dawn's rape needed to be done where she could be properly restrained. "We're going to go down into the basement now, Dawn," Sam said. He took Dawn by her hands, and pulled her to her feet. She stood very still, her sobs having gradually subsided. "You go down first, Dawn," Sam said.

"Leave your clothes here, you won't need them." Sam led Dawn from behind into a narrow stairway that led down to the basement. As Dawn descended the stairway, dank, drafty air brought out goosebumps all over her naked body. The wooden stairs were cold against Dawn's bare feet, but the fear she felt at that moment was colder than anything else in the house. Sam kept his gun pointed at Dawn's back as he followed her down the narrow stairway. When Dawn felt her feet touch cold concrete she stopped.

The musty smell of the old basement filled her heart with dread. Dawn mentally prepared herself for the very worst. Sam flicked on the hanging light bulb, and Dawn gasped as she laid her eyes on the torture devices around her. "Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God!" Dawn whispered to herself. "No, now, don't worry dear," Sam said.

"I won't be using all of my toys on you tonight. I would like you to step over to that restraining post and bend over as far as you can. Dawn was shaking in her skin as she approached the strange wooden device in front of her. She walked directly behind it and wasn't sure what to do. She turned back to look at Sam. "It's a simple device," Sam said. "Just bend over the top of it, the straps on the sides will secure your arms and legs in place. It won't hurt; it's just going to keep you in place so I can have sex with you from behind." Dawn trembled as she leaned over the side of the post, and placed her hands into the restraints.

"I'll need you to spread your legs apart for me Dawn, nice and wide now," Sam said. Dawn did as she was told, and spread her legs to the edges of the retraining post. Sam kept careful watch as he secured the restraints around her ankles, and then around her wrists. Once Sam was satisfied that Dawn was tied into place, he set his gun aside. "Now then, let's get started shall we?" Sam said.

Sam dropped his pants, and simply admired the sight before him. Dawn's legs were wide open. He could see her pussy lips dangling, just waiting to be fucked. Sam walked up behind Dawn, and placed his palm against her hip. Her skin was so soft, he ass cheeks were so round and firm, Sam felt his cock erupt into a massive erection. Sam stepped forward, and thrusted his cock into Dawn's pussy. She gasped upon the impact.

Her pussy was so soft, so tight; he lost control of his body as he rocked his pelvis back and forth. Dawn couldn't take the intense pain and screamed out in agony. Her pussy wasn't wet enough, and Sam was having trouble getting pleasurable friction from her.

Sam withdrew his cock, and removed from a nearby tool box a bottle of lubricant. He squirted a bit onto his cock, and then, noticed Dawn's round little asshole sitting open and waiting for him. Sam took the bottle of lube and inserted the nozzle into Dawn's anus, and squirted a good amount up inside her rectum. He withdrew the bottle and carefully maneuvered his cock inside Dawn's ass.

Dawn screamed once again, but this time the feeling was much smoother, much more satisfying. Sam began pounding Dawn; fast and hard, rubbing his cock in and out of her asshole back and forth, and the feeling was immensely satisfying.

Dawn, however, was in considerable pain. She had never been fucked in her ass before, although many of her dates had tried to talk her into it. Dawn shut her eyes, praying for the experience to end. Sam showed impressive stamina, and managed to continue assbanging her for several minutes without slowing.

Dawn took a deep breath once she felt Sam finally come. He kept his dick firmly between her cheeks until he blew his entire load into her ass. He lingered inside her for several minutes, waiting for all of his aftercum to seep into her anus as he pondered what he wanted to do to her next. He stared down at her bare back. Dawn's helplessness was what made this so exciting. Sam felt powerful, in control. Sam ran his index and middle fingers up her spine, feeling the curve of her backbone.

Dawn trembled in terror. She didn't dare speak a word; instead she prayed that this nightmare would soon come to a close. Unfortunately for her, it would. Sam zipped up his pants and retrieved his handgun. Sam had gotten everything he wanted from her. Everything that is, except her life.


Sam placed his Glock against Dawn's temple, and placed his finger on the trigger. Dawn screamed. "Oh God, please, Sam no!" Dawn shook with terror. "Don't kill me!" Sam wanted to do it. He wanted to shoot her right there, blow her brains all over his basement floor, and give himself the greatest climax of the best evening of his life.

But Sam had a plan already set, and this was not part of it. "Dawn," Sam said. "Do you want to live?" "Yes!" Dawn said. "Please, please, don't shoot me!" "Then I need you to do something for me." Dawn gulped. "Anything," she said. Sam smiled. He crouched down and began to unfasten her arm and leg restraints. "I want you to take a walk with me," Sam said. Dawn was very sore from the forced anal sex, but she managed to pull herself to her feet and face Sam. Her eyes were stained with tears, and her face was still filled with fear, both of which excited Sam greatly.

"Upstairs," Sam said. Sam marched Dawn up the stairway and back to the main floor of the house. He led her to the front door and instructed her to open it. "May I have something to wear?" Dawn asked. "It's very cold out." Sam shook his head. "Where we're going is not very far. You won't need any clothing there." Dawn fearfully opened the front door, and cringed as the cold air brushed against her still naked body.

Sam pressed his gun against her lower back and thrusted it forward to keep her moving. The gravel pathway stung her bare feet as she attempted to walk upon it. Sam pushed the gun harder against her back to keep her moving quickly. He led her away from his house and into the foreboding forest. Dawn kept her arms wrapped tightly around her torso to keep warm as she attempted to navigate between the twisted and gnarled trees around her.

"How much father is this place?" Dawn asked, before cringing as she stepped on a pinecone. "Keep walking," Sam said. Dawn began to lose track of where she was in the forest, not even sure if she would be able to find her way back to the cottage from where she was, but Sam apparently had the instincts of a dog, and pressed on unimpeded.

Dawn didn't want to do anything to anger Sam, but her anxiety got the better of her. "Sam, tell me, where are we going?" she demanded. Sam held the gun to the back of Dawn's neck. "I said keep walking," Sam said. Dawn trembled. They pressed on. Dawn's feet were now in considerable pain from stepping on pinecones and pine needles. Her naked body also accumulated a large number of scrapes from bumping into trees and sharp branches in the dark, but Sam remained close behind to make sure she did not stray from their path.

They continued to walk for several minutes, and Dawn was nearly exhausted. Sam's pulse raced as they grew nearer their destination, knowing that his plans for Dawn were almost complete. As they made their way through the last clump of trees, Sam's heart was pounding furiously as a clearing came into view.

"Here we are, Dawn" Sam said. "What is this place?" Dawn asked. "Go ahead, take a look," Sam said. Dawn stepped forward into the clearing, trying to make out what it was they had come all this way to see. And then she saw it. Lit softly by the dim moonlight, in the center of the clearing, was a large pile of dirt, with a shovel protruding from it.

Next to it, was a hole in the ground, six feet deep. It was a grave. Her grave. Dawn's heart sank, and her face filled with terror. "Oh my God!" she said, panic-stricken. "Oh my God, you're going to kill me!" Dawn stared at Sam in terror, who stepped towards her with his gun raised. "Dawn," Sam said. Dawn tried to speak but no words could come out. "Dawn, I've been obsessed with you since the day we met.

Your beauty, your charm, it's captivated me for months. All this time I've been wanting to make you mine forever.

Tonight, you will be." Tears poured from her eyes as she stepped backwards, but Sam stepped towards her, keeping her little over an arm's length away. "Sam, please don't," she begged. "Please don't kill me I'll do anything you want. Anything, just don't kill me." Dawn had never been more desperate in all her life. "I'm sorry, Dawn," Sam said. "But it has to end like this. I can't let you live." "Please!" she screamed.

"No one will know about tonight! I won't tell the police, no one will know, it'll be our secret, a special secret between to two of us!" "No," Sam said.

"Dawn, I need you to get down on your knees." "No!" Dawn pleaded. "I don't want to die! Please, please don't let me die here!" Dawn was now sobbing uncontrollably. Sam tried to find a way to console her.

"Dawn if you cooperate with me I will make it quick and painless," Sam said. "If you don't, I'll make it very painful, now what's it going to be?" Dawn sobbed and shook her head. "What's if going to be, Dawn?" Sam repeated. "Do you want it to be fast, or do you want to suffer?" Dawn looked Sam in the face pleadingly. "What do you want me to do?" she said.

"Turn towards the grave, and get down on your knees," Sam said. Dawn turned to her side, and dropped to her knees. She held her arms against her chest and squeezed them tightly.

Sam walked up behind Dawn, and pointed his gun at the back of her head. His hand trembled. He could feel his pulse pounding inside his head as he prepared himself for what he was about to do.

"Don't do this, Sam!" Dawn said. "Don't do this Mother Mary Jesus don't do this!" Dawn began to whisper a prayer she had learned as a child. Sam kept his gun locked on Dawn's head, his finger on the trigger. He had to do this. A cloud shifted, and moonlight shined down, allowing Dawn to see the very bottom of the grave. The cold, dark dirt stared forebodingly back at her. She continued to sob. Sam stared sadistically at Dawn's trembling naked body. He thought back to her picture on her MyPlace page, and the rush he had gotten when he first concocted his plan to murder her.

He imagined her screams, and the rush he'd gotten from kidnapping and raping her. He thought about how much he'd enjoyed marching her through the dark, cold woods, bare naked, to her death. He'd enjoyed every minute of it. He was ready. "Happy Birthday, Dawn," Sam said.

"I hope you like the present I got for you. I'm going to give it to you now." Dawn closed her eyes as Sam squeezed the trigger. The explosion rocked Sam's entire arm as the bullet shot from the barrel and passed through Dawn's skull, killing her instantly. Dawn fell face first onto the cold dirt, next to the gaping grave next to her.

Sam stood motionless for several seconds, shocked at what he had done. Smoke seeped from the barrel, and Sam could hear the sounds of frightened animals in the nearby forest fleeing.

He lowered his arm to his side, and stared down at Dawn's body. She lay very still. Sam dropped on his knees and held his fingers against the side of her neck. He could not feel a pulse. He had done it. Dawn Priestly was dead. Sam placed his open palm against Dawn's lower back. Her skin was still warm. Sam sat down next to her, took her hand, and held it for several minutes. He rolled her over and stared at the front of her body. She still had plenty of body heat left in her.

Sam rested his hand on Dawn's thigh, and sat with her in the forest clearing for several hours. When Sam was ready, he rose to his feet, and grabbed Dawn by her arms and pulled her into the grave.

Her body dropped loosely down into the cold dirt. Sam did his best to straighten her limbs to make her look somewhat natural, and then took up the shovel. "Good bye Dawn," Sam said, taking one last look at his first victim. She was still wearing the silver necklace he had given her.

Sam decided to let her take it with her. Sam took a shovel full of dirt from the pile, and dropped it down on top of Dawn's corpse. It almost hurt him, seeing his beloved Dawn covered in soil. Sam suppressed his feelings, and shoveled all of his dirt pile into the grave.

The sun peeked out over the horizon as Sam finally finished filling Dawn's grave. He patted the shovel against the surface, and covered the dirt with leaves and twigs. He took a minute to breath in the morning air, and carried the shovel with him back to the cottage. Sam's cottage looked very peaceful in the pale morning light.

Sam placed the shovel back in his shed, before returning inside his cottage. Sam felt like a new man as he walked in through the doorway. He kicked off his boots and made his way into the den. Dawn's dress was still sprawled out over the couch, and her panties still lay alone on the floor, next to her heels. Sam picked up the two garments, and smelled their pleasing aroma. Although he didn't want to, he would have to dispose of all of these garments if he hoped to get away with his crime.

Sam spent most of the morning scrubbing and cleaning. He washed up all of the blood he could find, and disinfected all of his instruments with bleach. By midmorning he returned to his car for a long ride home.

*** ***** *** Sam thought of nothing but Dawn as he drove down the freeway back to Grand Blanc. As much as he now felt she was a part of him, there was still a bit of a longing.

It hurt that he could not kill her again. Sam was starting to regret having disposed of her dress, but he knew it was for the better. Feeling a bit of a hunger, Sam stopped at a small roadside cafe. Sam entered the front door to find a cheery, well-lit restaurant, complete with the checkerboard tablecloths and the chalkboard with the day's specials scrawled on it.

Sam took a seat in one of the booths and picked up a tall plastic menu that was tucked behind the salt and pepper holders. He could hear the quiet chatter of other patrons, and he peeked out over the top of his menu to see a pretty waitress quickly scurrying up and down the aisles with a small notepad.

She was wearing a white blouse with a yellow apron strapped around her waist, and a short poofy red skirt. Although Sam only got a glimpse of her, he noticed she had shimmering blonde hair and fantastic legs. Sam read over the menu, pausing every few seconds to peek up over the top to see if he could catch another glimpse of the blonde waitress.

Every few seconds she would appear again, and attend to another table and refill the coffee cups. Sam resumed reading the menu. "Hi there, how you doing this morning?" Sam looked up from his menu to see the blonde waitress standing at his table, smiling down at him. "I'm doing great, thank you," Sam said. "I'm Heidi, I'll be your server," she said. "Are you ready to order?" "Yes," Sam said. "Yes I am."