Hunks in heats are sharing moments of hawt homosexual oral sex

Hunks in heats are sharing moments of hawt homosexual oral sex
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The Ground Rules Mom was still nude on the couch when I got done cleaning up the mess. She smiled dreamily and told me to come sit on her lap. I had always dreamed of seeing her nude and now I had not only seen her but had her fuck me too. I walked in and sat down on her lap. She said "Now we have to lay down some ground rules if we are gonna keep doing this baby.

The first thing I need to know though is if you really want to be a real slut honey. Do you want to suck cocks, take them in your little ass and let men cum all in you and on you? Do you want to be dressed like a little slut, with make up and everything? Is that what you want baby?" I was almost drooling but I was scared that she'd be disappointed too.

I said "I don't know mom. I like the idea but." "But you think Ill think less of you for wanting to be a little girl?" "Yeah" I replied. " Well baby I'm surprised this hasn't happened earlier to be honest.


You've never really had a Dad around, and Ive always thought you were a beautiful boy. You've always had beautiful hair and eyes. The only reason I've never suggested anything like this is because I thought you were too young and because I know what a cock you have on you.

Id hate to deprive some lucky gal of that thing." She was running her fingers through my hair and stroking my cock while she was talking, I was in the 10th circle of heaven. I was hard and relaxed. "But if you are determined to be my little slut." I was nodding vigorously "I am mommy, I wanna be you little slut.

I wanna be a little sexy slutty girl. I wanna suck cock and swallow more cum and maybe let guys fuck my little ass. I also wanna fuck little boys and girls though too. What do I do?" She smiled and started stroking my balls. It felt sooo good. "You do both baby. You can be a little slut for me and eventually you will have you own little sluts.

Ok?" I nodded emphatically with a big goofy smile on my face. "alright well go get dressed, your sister will be home soon and I need to start dinner and get your rules ready, ok baby?" She kissed my forehead and I ran to my room to get dressed. The rest of the night flew by with Mom and me exchanging knowing looks. After my sister went to bed my mom called me into her room. She was wearing a nightgown that covered her but just barely.

She had a smile on her face and was sitting with her back against the wall, writing something braced on her knees. She motioned me over beside her on the bed and patted the covers. "Come her beside me baby." She finished her writing and turned to me.

"I have your rules here honey." I was eager to read them as I knew that they would lead to me becoming a little slut and help me create other little sluts for myself.


There are a few of them here honey. I hope you can follow them all. She smiled slyly and knew she wanted me to break some of them so she could punish me. 1.You are my property and will do exactly as I say. No matter what the consequence. I will not demand you to do anything that will permanently damage you. 2.Failure to do exactly as I say will result in a punishment commiserate with what you have refused. If you refuse to suck a cock, I will tie you down and let a large group of men fuck your face.

3.You will be trained to satisfy me with your mouth, and your ass. This means that I will teach you to suck cock and swallow cum, even to deep throat long thick cocks. You will also learn to take the largest cocks deep into your ass. 4.You will dress like a slut with clothes I provide you. 5.You will fuck who I tell you to and no one else. 6.You will not cum unless I tell you to.

7.I will teach you to wear make-up, how to wear high heels and how to be a slut in general. I read the list and was excited, I could hardly wait.

I was also confused and a little scared of such large cocks. I had seen some online that were HUGE. I looked up from the list and told my mother "I cant wait. When can I start? I don't know if I can take those big cocks though." She smiled and patted my head. "I know you cant, yet, honey.


But you will. We will stretch that tight little asshole out until it can take the biggest of cocks deep inside of your belly." She patted and rubbed my belly and I was confused.

I must have looked it too because she kinda laughed. "Well your ass connects to your stomach eventually, but don't worry you can take a long cock before it hurts you baby.

As far as when you can start, I thought Id start your ass training tonight if you think you can take it." She looked at me questioningly. "I think I can mommy. What do I have to do?" I was worried my poor little ass couldn't take anymore. "Well I have something for you to wear to bed tonight" My heart jumped.

"Actually I have 2 things." She went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of lacy, sexy panties and I moaned. I couldn't wait to wear something so sexy.

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Then she reached back into the drawer and pulled out a thin long twisted piece of plastic with a handle on the end. She held them up for me to see.

"You like baby?" she said as she smiled. "Yeah but whats that thing?" I pointed to the swizzle stick, kind of confused. "This is the beginning of your ass training, baby.

You put this end in your ass until this end stops.

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I want you to wear it to bed with this pair of lacy panties." "Ok Mom." I stripped naked and bent over her bed while she lubed up the swizzle stick. "Now pulled your cheeks apart and relax that cute little ass baby." I pulled my cheeks apart and she slid the stick into my ass slowly. It felt pretty good for the first few inches, then it felt like it was in my belly button, and finally I felt the handle against my asshole. I let go of my cheeks and turned around. "How does it feel baby?" "Its ok.

It doesn't hurt but I can feel it in my belly." "Well you'll get used to it. If your asshole isn't being stretched Ill get you a thicker one tomorrow. What do you think? Do you want a thicker one?" I wanted to say no because my ass would get stretched and hurt but I knew she wanted that and I really wanted to be able to take thick cocks.

I loved the way they looked and just thinking about them made my mouth water and my ass ache. "Yes please" She laughed "Spoken like a real slut." She leaned in and kissed my mouth. "You are such a good little girl." My cock was growing harder and harder. "Its time for your panties baby" She handed them to me and I stepped into them and puled them up around my little waist. They were a little big and my cock stuck them out in front but the felt so good on my ass and cock.

"Nice look baby. I like your cock sticking out. Do you want to cum baby?" I did,so badly.

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I wanted to squirt right there. As I was stepping into the panties I could feel the swizzle stick moving in my ass, it got me so horny. "I do mommy. I wanna cum." "Too bad. You cant cum again until I make you. Go to bed baby. And keep that stick in your ass." I was so shocked I cold barely move. I wanted to cum soo bad.

But I went to bed. I awoke in the morning to my ass hurting sharply. I went to grab the stick but there was a hand in the way. I looked back. I was laying on the bed on my stomach I rolled to the side and saw mom there with a big smile. She was nude again, on her knees and was pulling the stick out of my ass.

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"Morning honey, I see you kept it in all night." "I did mommy but it hurts now." "Don't worry baby its coming out. I see you didn't cum either.

Good girl." She pulled my head toward her tits while she ran the other hand down my back to my panties. She ran that hand under them and pulled them down till the stick was clear of the panties. "Here baby. Suck my tits while I pull it out." I was I awe. Mom had such big tits and they were right there and she was asking me to suck one. I opened my mouth and put the nipple in my mouth. I moaned.

"There there honey suckle it hard if you want." She started pulling the stick out of my ass and I did suck hard. She moaned as the stick came out and I moaned too. "Does that feel better baby?" I murmured "Mmhmm" into her tit. She patted the back of my head. "Do you want to cum baby?" I murmured again. "Sit up then and let go of my tit." I did so but reluctantly. "I want you to jerk you dick off for me baby.

Keep the panties on and stand up and jerk your dick all over my tits honey." I couldn't believe it I was getting to cum in front of someone, my Mom, and on her big tits too. I grabbed my cock and started jerking. "There you go baby, jerk it all over these great big titties" She kept encouraging me and grabbing her tits and squeezing them and stroking my balls. I came in just a few minutes and all over mom's tits too.

She pulled her head back and let the cum splash all over her tits while she held them. She leaned forward and asked "Did it feel good baby?" "God yes momma. It felt soo good." "You like seeing your cum all over mommy's tits?" "God yes, mommy, it looks so good." "Come here then." she said.

She motioned me down to floor beside her. I knelt in front of her. She said "You want to taste my tits again baby?" "Oh yes mommy" I was elated at the idea of sucking her tits again. "Then come here and suck all your cum off of them baby." I started forward but was unsure.

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I never really tasted my cum that much before. I must have hesitated because she grabbed my head and shoved it onto one of her tits. I could feel her lean her head back in victory and ecstasy as I started sucking a licking all my cum off her big tits. She kept my neck in her hands and ran my head around like a cleaner. I licked it all off and sucked her nipples. When I finally had it all off she held my head to one of her nipples while she fingered herself into orgasm. She looked down at me and asked "Did you enjoy all that cum baby?" At first I didn't but eventually I did.

I liked the taste and the texture, and the feel of her skin in my mouth as I cleaned it. "I did Mommy" "Did you like helping me cum baby?" "Always Mommy" "Good slut. Now get ready for school baby." Thats how it all started.