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Part 14 The Climax When Sarah returned to the bedroom, Dr. Henry was standing near the bed, talking to the two white men. "Ah Sarah, you're just in time," Dr. Henry said, turning to face her. "I was telling these guys what I want you to do. By the way, this is Carl and this is Mike." Mumbled greetings were quickly exchanged.

"Now what I told them is this I want you to do a two-on-one scene, you know a DP like you did last week. Are you going to be ok with that?" Sarah nodded slowly, remembering her experiences with the black men and Dr. Henry at his ranch. "You mean you want me to have sex with both of them.

. now. .

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. with Jim here?" She gestured toward her husband sitting with Laura on a nearby couch. Dr. Henry replied, "Yeah, that's what I want." Moving closer to Sarah, Dr. Henry gently took her arms in his hands and looked directly into her eyes. "Look, I understand that having sex in front of you husband is unusual, but remember," he continued, "my intent here is to get you engaged in sexual activities that will stimulate your body to produce hormones and encourage ovulation.

Do you understand? Is that ok with you?" Sarah hesitated and then nodded. "I'm sorry for whining all the time, but despite everything that has happened, I'm still brand new to this. I'm still learning to become comfortable with it all." Dr. Henry draped one arm over her shoulders and pulled her close to him. "Sarah, you need more self esteem.

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You are a natural. I have never had a patient with more innate sexual ability than you, and besides, in this session, all you have to do is let nature take its course. Surrender your body to these guys and let them take you wherever they want to go. Can you do that?" Sarah looked at the two men and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, I guess I can . . at least I'll try." Dr.

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Henry gave her a fatherly squeeze, "Good, that's my girl. Ok, here's what I want you guys to do. Start out doing oral. One of you," he motioned to the two men, "Use your tongue on her pussy and Sarah, you take the other in your mouth.

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You guys can switch whenever you want, ok? In fact, it might be nice if you switched a couple times. Whenever you feel like it, Carl, I want you to begin fucking her. It would probably be best if you did it doggy, ok?" Sarah nodded her understanding along with the two men, and realized again how 'clinical' the whole discussion was.

She had never thought about planning sex before, but Dr. Henry was mapping this whole scene as if it were a dance sequence or a movie scene. Again, his approach to the process seemed odd somehow, but she couldn't grasp the meaning of it. As quickly as her suspicion was aroused, it disappeared. "Mike, when Sarah gets on her hands and knees to let Carl fuck her, I want you to lay on your back and position yourself so that she has to crawl between your legs to suck your cock.

Got that? And Sarah, don't move too quickly to take Mike in your mouth. Let Carl penetrate you and fuck for a few seconds before you start to suck Mike, ok?" Once again Sarah and the two men nodded their heads. Dr. Henry continued. "I want you guys to switch off again, and don't get so involved that you cum right away.

I want this scene to end as a DP not a premature ejaculation from two horny dudes." Gesturing to the two men, he added, "Do you think you have enough control to do all that?" "Oh yeah," replied Mike with a leer on his lips, "we can do that, can't we?" He punched Carl on the arm to emphasize his comment.

Carl's response was a juvenile push back at Mike. "If you're asking whether I can fuck this woman in the pussy and the ass," his eyes devoured Sarah's body as he spoke, "the answer is, Hell, yes!" Knowing that Sarah was still a little unsettled about performing in front of her husband, Dr.

Henry moved to gain some control over the bubbling testosterone of the two inmates. "Now listen you guys, Sarah is not some street hooker. She has not had a lot of sexual experience so you can't treat her like the pros you might be used to. Take it slow and easy with her, and if she asks you to stop, you stop, go it?" A look of disappointment briefly flashed across their faces, but both agreed to take it easy. "Alright everyone, enough talk.

Let's get going.


Sarah, I want you up on the bed, lying on your back with your legs crossed at your ankles, ok?" Sarah moved into position. "Turn a little more this way," Dr. Henry directed, moving her to the light.

"That's good, now when I turn the camera on, I'm going to pan down from your face to your legs. When I give you the sign, spread your legs. Alright, are we ready? Here we go, the camera is on." Sarah watched as the camera lens focused on her face and slowly began to move down her body. There were noticeable pauses as it captured her breasts and her groin, but after several seconds, Dr.

Henry pointed his finger at her. "Ok," he said, "open your legs." Sarah complied. The unflinching eye of the camera remained locked on the very essence of her femininity.

"That's nice, a little wider." Her legs opened, fully exposing her aroused sex to the camera and the aroused men. "Mike, get in there and use your tongue and Carl move onto the bed and let her suck your cock." Neither man needed to be given additional instructions. Mike moved into position first and began to lightly trace his fingers along the inside of Sarah's thighs, moving towards her pussy lips then retreating back to her thighs.

The sensation tickled at first, but soon the feeling became erotic as his fingers edged closer to her moistening slit. After just a moment, his forefinger came in contact with her labia and began to move slowly up and down the length of those rapidly swelling lips. Her labia separated slightly allowing his finger to trace across her sensitive tissues that were still moist from her secretions and the residual sperm left by Rafe just moments ago.

Sarah moaned softly as new warmth spread rapidly across her groin. "Oh, she is nice and wet," Mike announced, slowly inserting his finger into her love canal. Sarah moaned a little louder and a little deeper as his finger alternately entered and withdrew from her body. Carl had been lying on the bed next to Sarah with his pelvis positioned close to her face. Reaching his hand out to Sarah's head, she opened her eyes at his contact, briefly surprised he was so close.

With a voice dominated by his lust, Carl commanded, "Open your mouth." His hand directed her face to his groin.

Sarah took his rigid dick in her hand and opened her mouth, taking his cockhead between her lips. "Uh-h-h, that's good," Carl muttered through clenched teeth. Sarah turned at the waist, moving her upper body to a position that would allow her to take more of his cock into her mouth.

She began to move up and down on his organ, taking a little more of him with each downward movement. Carl responded by thrusting his pelvis to meet her lips, pushing deeper into her mouth.

Mike's tongue continued to tease and torment Sarah's clitoris. Each pass of his fleshy organ over her sensitive bud caused a mini contraction of her womb and heightened her sexual tension. Soon, he established a regular rhythm and Sarah's hips responded by thrusting against his mouth. Sarah's body appeared to be divided into two separate beings from the waist down, she was responding to Mike's stimulation of her sex, while her upper body was focused on consuming as much of Carl's cock as possible.

Carl was the first to crumble under the sexual pressure. "Oh God, you gotta stop," he said the reluctance plainly evident in his voice. He grasped Sarah's shoulders and pushed her away, his cock separating from her mouth with a wet popping sound. Not fully understanding Carl's predicament, Sarah captured his cock with her hand and moved to take him back into her mouth.

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"No, you gotta stop, or I'll cum. We have to switch before it's too late." He scuttled away from Sarah and moving to the other end of the bed, pushed Mike away from her pussy. "Let me taste some of that before you use it all up," he said, positioning his mouth over her sex.

Mike moved quickly to place his cock between Sarah's lips. "Oh God," he moaned as he felt her draw him fully into her mouth. Sarah grasped his cock with her hand and began to move her head in a slow, steady up and down motion. "Oh God," Mike moaned again, his vocabulary limited by the pleasing warmth of her oral cavity. Meanwhile, Carl's tongue had very effectively replaced Mike's and was creating havoc with Sarah's pussy.

Each time he contacted her clit, pleasure radiated through her body. Her hips rose up to meet his tongue in a futile, but concerted effort to increase the oral stimulation she was receiving.

As Carl continued to lap at her labia, Sarah closed her eyes, her breathing became irregular, her nipples hardened to a point that was almost painful. She could no longer focus on the cock that was urgently thrusting in and out of her mouth. Taking the organ from her mouth she began to moan softly. She placed one hand on Carl's head to help maintain contact with his tongue. In seconds, her moans changed to groans, and then .

. her restraint collapsed and her body repeatedly convulsed as waves of orgasmic pleasure saturated her being. She thrashed on the bed for a second or two as the intensity of her orgasm began to subside, but before the feeling was fully dissipated, she opened her eyes and looking up at Mike said, "I need you inside me right now." Mike remembered that Dr.

Henry had given them some fairly explicit instructions on how he wanted things to go, but seeing the look of unadulterated lust on Sarah's face, Mike was not going to waste any time trying to remember who was supposed to do what and when it was supposed to happen. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life had just asked him to fuck her, and he had every intention of complying with her request.

Pushing Carl roughly out of the way, Mike moved swiftly between Sarah's legs. Taking his cock in one hand he guided it to the entrance of her sex.

Once his cock made contact with her labia, Sarah bent her legs at the knee and drawing her legs up toward her chest, granted access to the deepest reaches of her womb.

"Unh," she grunted as she felt his cock plunge completely into her receptive pussy. Mike's groin was pressed flat against her abdomen, the sparse patch of pubic hair perched at the top of her pussy was completely intertwined with the bushy dark curls surrounding the base of his cock. Mike did not maintain full penetration for long. In short order he was thrusting his cock in and out of the young wife.

Each inward thrust was hard and almost violent, as if he intended to burst past Sarah's pubic bone and skewer her spine with his raging cock. Sarah met each of his thrusts with one of her own. Her hands clutched at his back and buttocks, fingers clawing at his skin as if she was trying to pull him even deeper into her body.

The room filled with the wet, slapping sounds of energetic sex. Jim, Laura, and Dr. Henry were stunned at action occurring in front of them and at Sarah's transformation into a wanton, sexual being.

Laura and Dr. Henry knew something like this might happen because they had observed more subtle changes in Sarah's sexual behavior over the course of the past two weeks. They saw her move from a na?, demure housewife into an experimental phase where she had to be coaxed into having sex with strangers.

But today, she had seemingly made a monumental leap to a woman consumed by the need for sexual gratification. Jim was beyond stunned. He was in shock as he watched his wife give her body completely over to raw rutting. The phrase "making love" had no relevance to the actions of the man and woman he saw on the bed. They were fucking, pure and simple fast, hard fucking, that's all it was. Each body was straining to take as much pleasure from the act as possible, with little or no consideration to the other partner.

Sarah couldn't read Jim's thoughts, but if she could, she would have been in complete agreement. The most important thing in her life at that moment was to keep the cock plunging deep into her body.

She was close to another orgasm and if the cock currently invading her pussy continued to do so for just a few more minutes, she would experience sexual bliss for the second time in less than 30 minutes. She tightened her grip on Mike's back, straining with all her strength to pull him deeper into her womb. She tried to draw her legs even further up to her chest, seeking to shift her hips and allow his cock to penetrate one more millimeter. "Oh God! Yes. .


yes. . don't stop. . please don't stop," Sarah panted through clenched teeth. "I love this. . deeper, please deeper. Oh yes. that feels so good. More. . please more.

Oh yes. . I'm cum-m-m-ming1 Oh God, I'm cuming!" The room spun, her vision clouded, and Sarah experienced the most intense orgasm of your young life. Her hips rose off the bed, lifting Mike with them; the muscles of her vagina clasped at the cock inside it; her breathing became highly irregular and labored; her heartbeat soared; her chest flushed bright red; all the nerve endings in her groin flooded her brain with feelings of indescribable pleasure; and for a moment, time stood still as she savored the exquisite pleasure of sexual nirvana.

At nearly the same moment, Mike plunged his cock completely into Sarah one final time. At the absolute deepest point of his penetration, his balls emptied and he experienced the pleasure/pain of his own massive orgasm. His cock erupted, repeatedly jetting thick dollops of cum into Sarah, splashing millions of sperm throughout the length of her vagina.

Within seconds, Mike was drained literally and physically. Even though he was reluctant to leave the warm, wet confines of Sarah's pussy, he withdrew his cock, rolled off her body and onto his back. With a huge sigh, he exclaimed, "Damn, that was good!" "Get the fuck out of the way. It's my turn now!" Carl nearly shouted as he began to move onto the bed to replace Mike between Sarah's legs. Dr. Henry reached out and laying his hand on Carl's shoulder said, "What a second.

Sarah, are you ok? How do you feel?" "Don't mess with me, man. I am gonna fuck that woman." "Take it easy," Dr. Henry cautioned. "You'll get your turn in just a minute. I still want my DP scene, and I have an idea. So sit down for a minute." Carl scowled, but he turned and sat in the nearest chair. "Talk to me Sarah. Are you ok?" In fact, Sarah felt more content and satisfied than she had ever felt in her life. The sex had been great and she was still basking in the aftermath.

"I'm fine," she allowed, "a little tired, but I'm just fine." "I am very glad to hear that. Considering the show you just put on, I am a little surprised you are even conscious." Sarah giggled a little embarrassed, "I'm fine, really." "Ok then, why don't you go wash up a bit?" "That might be a good idea." Sarah pulled herself to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and using her hands to try to bring some order to her mused hair, rose to her feet and padded into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Jim!" Dr. Henry beckoned for Jim. "Jim, come here, would you?" Jim had a perplexed look on his face and was still trying to process what he had just seen. Laura, sitting next to him on the couch, nudged him with her hand. "Dr. Henry wants to talk to you." "What? Me? Oh, he wants to talk to me? Sure." Jim stood and only then realized that he was wearing no pants and that his boxers were still down below his knees where Laura had pushed them when she gave him that wonderful blow job earlier in the evening.

He reached down to pull up his boxers. "No, kick them off. You aren't going to need them," commanded Dr. Henry. Jim hesitated a moment then obeyed and walked over to where the Doctor was standing near his camera.

"Jim," Dr. Henry began. "Do you remember I told you that I want the husbands involved in this therapy, too?" Jim nodded. "Well, this is good time for you to get involved." "You mean you want me to.

. ." "Yeah, I want you to lose the shirt, get in bed, and have sex with your wife." "But I don't know if I can. . " Gesturing down to Jim's nearly erect cock, the Doctor said, "It looks to me like you have all the right equipment and that what you have seems to be functioning." "Well. yeah. but there's all these people around." "Listen, Jim. Your wife just completed one of the most incredible acts of sex that I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen plenty of sex.

She didn't seem to mind that she had an audience. You just need to ignore the fact that we're here and concentrate on Sarah. Can you do that?" "Well, sure. I guess so." "Ok then. When Sarah comes back, I want you to get on the bed and lie on your back. Then I want Sarah to get on top, ok? I want her to be in control; let her set the pace, ok? Got that?" Jim nodded. "You've got the easiest job in the world for the next few minutes all you have to do is lie on your back and let that beautiful woman fuck your brains out.

Think you can handle that? If you have some doubts, I'm sure I can find one or two guys in the room who would gladly take your place." Jim had never had such a demeaning conversation about his wife and immediately felt defensive. His anger flared briefly, "Listen Dr. Henry, I am as good a man as any of these guys no one needs to take my place. And more to the point, my wife is not some kind of whore who's here to pleasure any of them, and I am not at all happy with your inference that she is." As the words left his mouth, Jim realized how bizarre the situation had become he was angry about Dr.

Henry's reference to his wife having sex with these strangers, but yet, he had just watched her do that very thing. His world was very confused at the moment. One voice in his head was telling him this whole deal was wrong, very wrong. But the other voice kept reminding him how important this was to Sarah and how very disappointed she would be if the therapy failed.

Dr. Henry knew immediately that he had gone too far and began to apologize. "I'm sorry Jim. I didn't mean to say anything bad about Sarah at all. She has been a real trooper here and her cooperation is exactly what we need for the therapy to succeed. Again, I am very sorry that I offended you or insulted Sarah." As Jim calmed down, the thought did occur to him that Sarah seemed to have made the adjustment to having sex before a crowd.

And if she could do it, then he was just going to have to struggle through, too. "All right, I'm ok now, and I can do what you ask." At that moment, Sarah walked out of the bathroom. "Great," said Dr. Henry, "because here comes Sarah now so we can get started." All eyes in the room turned toward Sarah as she re-entered the room.

Her face was freshly scrubbed but still flushed from the recent activity; her hair was brushed, and she looked as if she had just stepped out of a refreshing shower.

She had an inviting smile on her face as she approached Jim and Dr. Henry. As she drew closer, Jim noticed that something seemed different about his beautiful wife. She just seemed more radiant than normal, but he just couldn't quite figure out what it was. Even though they didn't communicate, Dr. Henry had the same thought, but unlike Jim he knew exactly what the change was Sarah had discovered sex and her nude body told the story. Her posture was upright and proud; her stride was confident and purposeful.

Even though there were five men in the room, she made no attempt to hide her body from them. Deep inside, Dr. Henry knew she was proud of the fact that her body was on display and that she was inspiring lusty thoughts from every male in the room. "I'll bet you were talking about me, weren't you?" Sarah asked as she moved to Jim's side, hugging him with obvious affection. Looking down at his growing cock, she chided, "Are you happy to see me or is that a banana you're carrying?" Before Jim could find the words to reply, Dr.

Henry responded. "As a matter of fact, Sarah, we were talking about you and as you might guess from Jim's current state, it involves him." A new sense of excitement surged through Sarah. "You mean. you want Jim and me. . ." The Doctor chuckled, "In addition to being incredibly sexy, you're smart, too.


Yes, I want you and Jim to have sex. Is that ok with you, because if it isn't, I am sure I could find someone else who might be interested." His hand waved in the direction of Carl who was sitting nearby, still sulking that he did not have an opportunity to fuck the young wife moments before.

In response to Dr. Henry's gesture and the suggestion that he would soon be a participant in this gang bang, Carl smiled and said, "I'm ready." Unfortunately for Carl, his hopes were dashed just as quickly as they were raised.

"Oh Dr. Henry," Sarah replied with genuine enthusiasm, "That's a wonderful idea! I really like it." "Well, I'm glad you approve of my selection, now let's get busy, shall we? Sarah, I've already told Jim, I want you on top, so he is going to lie on his back and I want you to straddle him and take control, all right?" Sarah's smile was so big it nearly split her lips.

She nodded her understanding, and taking Jim by the hand, led him over to the bed. "Are you nervous, honey?" She asked as she turned to face him, pressing her body against his. "Yeah, I am. I mean, there's all these people watching. . .," "I know, it is weird isn't it? But don't think about them," she said as she slipped her hand down to his groin and lightly grasp his cock. She could feel it begin to regain some of the rigidity that had been lost during the conversation with Dr.


"Once we get on the bed, it will be just me and you, no one else will matter at all. I'll make sure of that." Lifting up on her tip toes, she kissed him, all the time maintaining a firm hold on his sex. "OK, I'm ready," said Dr. Henry from behind the camera. Sarah looked quickly over her shoulder at the camera and playfully shoved Jim onto the bed. Jim wasn't expecting the push and ended up sprawled spread eagle on his back.

Sarah quickly moved on top of him, her legs astraddle his thighs. She leaned forward to kiss him, her breasts brushed his chest, her tongue plunged deep into his mouth.

She broke the kiss and said, "I love you." But before Jim could gather his wits to respond, Sarah had already begun to slide down his body.

She did not stop until her mouth was hovering over is now fully erect cock. Taking him in her hand, she lifted his penis to the full upright position. Her hand began to move smoothly up and down his shaft.

Jim groaned with pleasure. "Oh, you like that do you?" Sarah asked playfully. Her hand continued to stroke him. "I love your penis. I've loved it from the first time I saw it, but I was too embarrassed to tell you.

Now, that's changed. I feel like I can tell you anything about sex." Jim wanted to respond, but his cock had stolen all the blood from his brain and the only sound he could muster was an unintelligible jumble of vowels and consonants that Sarah accepted as confirmation.

"Good and since I can tell you anything, I want you to know that I really want to take you in my mouth and taste you." With that, Sarah parted her lips and sucked her husband's cock into her mouth. Jim experienced a moment of dizziness from the euphoria, but recovering quickly, he began to move his hips in rhythm with Sarah's head, thrusting up when she plunged down, and moving away from her mouth as she raised her head.

The net result was a very satisfying face fuck that Jim wanted to last forever, but he could already feel the pressure beginning to build in his balls. Sarah knew Jim was enjoying her orally because all the other guys who had received oral sex from her told her how good it felt, but she wanted his cock inside her pussy.

Sensing the tension increase in Jim's body, Sarah knew he was beginning that inexorable march toward an orgasm. She let his cock pop free of her lips. Looking deeply into his eyes, she said, "You can cum in my mouth later, but right now I want you inside me." She slowly crawled up the length of Jim's body, making sure to rub herself against him as much as possible as she moved.

Finally, she reached a point where her groin was lying flush against Jim's, her pubic bone pinned his cock against his stomach. Keeping her eyes glued to his, Sarah raised her hips off her husband, and reaching down between their bodies, guided his cock to her entrance. Wedging his cockhead just inside her labia, she slowly lowered herself on him, forcing his cock deep into her body.

Dr. Henry had his camera positioned at the foot of the bed, aimed directly at the junction of the two bodies. Jim's legs were spread and Sarah had positioned herself so that she was crouched on top of Jim's cock. With her knees pulled under her slightly, she could easily rock back and forth on his organ. This position also served to position her ass just perfectly for what was about to happen. The viewfinder was filled with the image of Jim's thick cock splitting the swollen lips of Sarah's receptive pussy, and an unobstructed view of her brown, tightly puckered asshole.

Carl was standing next to Dr. Henry, thoroughly mesmerized by the erotic sight. "Damn," he whispered under his breath, but loud enough the Doctor could hear. "She is some kind'a woman." Dr. Henry reached over and picked up a bottle of massage oil he had left on the nearby night stand. Handing the bottle to Carl, he said, "That she is, and it's your turn now." Carl understood immediately and his face lit up with a huge smile.

"I always did like the back door," he said as he opened the bottle and began to massage the oil onto his rapidly rising cock. "Remember," Dr. Henry cautioned, "despite everything you've seen, she is still relatively inexperienced. I don't want you to rape her; in fact, I'd like you to take a long time. She has a beautiful ass, enjoy it." Sarah continued to move her hips forcing Jim's cock in and out of her vagina. Both of them had been captured by the moment and were oblivious to anything around them.

Sarah had her head nestled into Jim's neck, her mouth near his ear. "Oh Jim, you feel so good. I love sex and I especially love having sex with you." To emphasize her point, she purposely ground her groin into his. He responded with an extra deep thrust into her womb.

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"Oh?" Sarah exclaimed, suddenly startled. She rose up slightly and looked over her shoulder to see Carl moving into position behind her, his hands began to caress her ass. Jim felt the bed move and he tried to raise his head to see what was happening. "What's going on? Who's that?" He asked feeling someone move between his outstretched legs. Sarah smiled down at Jim, her face flush with excitement. She realized what Carl was about to do. She placed a finger across Jim's lips.

"Shhh," she shushed him. "It's Carl." Jim was still searching for an understanding. "What's he gonna do?" Sarah nestled her head back into the crook of Jim's neck, and in a throaty whisper said, "Don't worry about him, you just keep doing what you are doing. I'll let you know what Carl is up to." As Jim relaxed a bit and began to concentrate on moving his cock in and out of his wife's pussy, he could feel Sarah adjust the position of her legs slightly, changing the angle of her hips.

Jim was obviously aware of Sarah's movement, but had yet to grasp the fact that Sarah's movements served to make her ass more available and even more inviting to Carl. Carl applied some oil to his middle finger and placing it between the cheeks of her ass, began to massage the sensitive area all around her asshole.

After lubricating the area, he gently inserted his finger, pushing past her sphincter. With a steady pressure, the finger was soon fully inside Sarah, his palm rested flush against the curve of her ass. Sarah inhaled sharply as his finger penetrated her asshole.

Only a thin membrane now separated his finger from Jim's cock. "What's wrong?" Jim asked, becoming concerned. "Shhh, nothing is wrong," Sarah replied. "Carl put his finger in my. . my. . ." Carl's finger began to saw in and out. "Oh my God! He has his finger in your butt. I, I can feel him." Jim exclaimed, finally understanding that Carl was getting ready to fuck his wife in the ass. "Honey, it's ok," Sarah murmured softly into Jim's ear. "Really, it is." "But he's gonna. . he's gonna fuck your ass!" Jim exclaimed, spitting out the words.

A small moan escaped from Sarah's throat in response to the dual stimulation. She snuggled her head further into Jim's neck, and putting her lips closer to his ear, whispered, "Yes, I think he is." Jim was becoming more and more flustered.

"But. . but. . he can't." "Oh but he can, dear. Remember, I've done this before." Jim was taken aback. "What? When did you do this?" Sarah raised herself up briefly using her arms for support. Looking directly at Jim she smiled and said, "You know. I told about last weekend, remember? I told you how I did this with the other men Dr.

Henry arranged." Carl withdrew his finger and applying more oil, began to push two fingers into Sarah. "Ummm," Sarah moaned again, lying back down on top of Jim. Carl began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her ass. Sarah picked up the rhythm with her hips, pushing back against his hand to maximize each penetration. Jim could feel Sarah's movement and stopped his own thrusting, content to let Sarah move for both of them. Carl's finger play continued for a few more moments, but with each passing second, his desire was increasing in direct proportion to the strength of his erection.

And by now he was sporting a "blue steel" erection. Withdrawing his fingers, he applied a liberal quantity of oil to his cock and moving closer to Sarah's lovely ass, placed his cockhead at her well lubricated rear entrance. "Are you ready, baby?" Carl asked. In reply, Sarah arched her back, making her ass an inviting target for Carl's raging cock.

With a firm but insistent pressure, Carl pushed his dick into Sarah's ass, smoothly penetrating the constricting muscles at her entrance. Jim's eyes were glued to Sarah's face and he was able to translate every action of Carl's assault just by observing her expressions. He saw the look of concern as Carl's cock was poised at her asshole. He watched her brow furrow as the cockhead began to gain entrance to her bowels.

He saw the flush of pleasure as Carl pushed fully into her back passage, pressing his groin flat against her butt cheeks. All those expressions occurred in seconds, but they were a revelation to Jim because in those few seconds, he came to understand that the sexual Sarah he was holding was a completely different woman than the na?

Sarah he had married. Meanwhile, Carl, though completely unconcerned with Jim's insight, was totally focused on the amazingly tight ass grasping his throbbing dick. He pushed his dick into Sarah as far as he could, and began to rhythmically fuck in and out.

He was pleased to feel her meet each of his thrusts. Carl didn't have any previous experience with DP, and it took him a few seconds to understand that in addition to the snug confines of the young wife's ass, he could also feel her husband's cock as it moved in and out of her pussy, and he liked that added sensation.

The thought passed through his weak mind that some people might think it was a little gay to derive pleasure from the feel of another man's cock, but he discarded that as reveled in Sarah's thrust against him. As Carl began to establish his rhythm, Sarah moved her head so that her lips were close to Jim's ear. In a breathy whisper only he could hear, she began to describe what was happening to her.

"Darling, this feels so good. I think I like anal sex and I love having two cocks in me like this. When we get home, I want you to fuck my ass just like Carl is doing, ok?

Will you do that for me?" As she finished that question, Sarah leaned in to kiss Jim, swallowing his answer. With no opportunity for an oral response, Jim tightened his arms around her and began to thrust deeply into her pussy, trying to time his thrust in opposition to Carl's.

"Oh yes-s-s-s-s," Sarah hissed breaking their kiss. "It feels so good when you do it like that. Don't stop. Keep going, you'll make me cum." Jim was building toward his own climax and needed no further incentive. His thrusts lifted Sarah off the bed which enabled Carl to maximize the depth of his penetration as she fell back onto his thrusting cock. Feeling the increased penetration, Carl increased the ferocity and frequency of his thrusts. Sarah, of course, knew what this increase activity meant and whispered to her husband, "Are you ready to cum darling?

Carl is going to cum soon, and I want you to cum, too." Carl was eager to oblige and after just a few more strokes thrust fully into Sarah and with a yell of relief, sperm fountained from his cock, flooding her ass. "He's cumming in me right now," Sarah moaned. "Oh god, he is filling me up! Please, darling, cum for me. . cum for me now." With a grunt and a mighty thrust, Jim felt sperm surge up the shaft of his dick and gush into his wife's waiting womb.

Feeling his release, Sarah experienced another intense orgasm. The muscles of her ass and vagina clutched hungrily at the solid shafts filling her body as she convulsed with waves of intense pleasure. Both men held their positions, each seeking to force themselves even deeper into her receptive body. After a minute or so, Carl withdrew his softening cock from her ass, leaving a thick string of his cum to drip down onto the shaft of Jim's cock.

Jim was slowing moving his still rigid dick in and out of his wife's pussy which meant that some of Carl's sperm was quickly transferred into Sarah to mix with sperm that did not leak out of her pussy begin to pool on the sheets.

With that as an opening act, Sarah's weekend was off to a breathtaking start. Over the course of the next two days and nights, she was almost constantly engaged in sex.

She eagerly accepted two and three men simultaneously; she had sex in the shower; she allowed Rafe to fuck her doggie style at the breakfast table; she had sex with Dr. Henry as she lay next to Jim in their bedroom. If she was not accepting one or more of the six men, she and Laura were engaged in girl-girl activities that had a noticeable effect on the recovery times of her male partners. Sarah had become totally liberated by her exposure to Dr. Henry, and she loved the freedom.

No one knew it at the time, of course, but over the course of the weekend, one of those tiny chromosome laden bundles survived the violence of its ejection and despite the incredible odds, made its way to the top of Sarah's uterus where it encountered an egg just leaving one of her fallopian tubes.

At any point in the future, Sarah would continue to give Dr. Henry's therapy all the credit for her successful pregnancy. But in point of fact, it was pure dumb luck. And given that she would have sex with Rafe, William, Carl, Mike, Dr. Henry, and her own husband over the course of the weekend, Sarah never knew for sure who the father of her child was. She suspected Mike was probably the father, because the orgasm she experience with him surpassed any other she had that evening, but while that was in point of fact an accurate guess, she had no evidence to support her theory.