Smalltits les cutie fingering tight sappho

Smalltits les cutie fingering tight sappho
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Sue's First MFM This is another true story in the continuing saga of JayBird69 and Sue's sexual exploits BTW posted stories are not chronological. I guess I need to list them in order one day. Those of you that have been keeping up with our stories are aware that Sue beat me to the punch telling about our first MMFF, or swap, encounter. I am taking back control however and am going to tell about the first time she had no other woman competing with her for action from the men.

She has told me that is thinking about writing another story because thinking about the incident got her wet. This is the story of our first Male, Female, Male episode. After Sue had been fucked by a man other than me I continued to tell to her I wanted to watch her taking it.

When we swung there was always another female involved that I was playing with so I seldom got a chance to watch her and the other man fuck as we usually fucked in separate rooms. Plus I could not interact with her as I was doing the other woman. She agreed at last to let another man fuck her sometime with me watching BUT set up some constraints. One of which was that she chose the person and the time.

I had no problems with that and kept looking forward to the day I could concentrate on watching her get fucked. And perhaps both of us guys doing her at the same time. I would get hot just thinking about it. Frank, made up name of course, but have to call him something, and I met when we were in Vietnam and got to be friends.

He was a single guy, heavy set, and a lot of laughs. I am not good at describing a man's looks so you will have to be just go along with me on this. We did not maintain contact after VN, but one day, long time after, I ran across him at a gas station. We immediately recognized each other. He was still in the military and was stationed in the town where we currently lived. Of course I invited him over, and he met Sue.

They got along great. Frank's apartment was a short distance from our house and he took his laundry to a little place a few blocks from us. He got in the habit of dropping off his laundry and coming to our house until it was done. We would have a few drinks and talk just about any and everything. Sue of course was with us during the drinking and talking.

BTW at no time did anyone get drunk. Just enough to feel good and lower some inhibitions. I noticed that Sue began wearing more and more revealing clothing. Her blouse would be unbuttoned,her legs spread with a short skirt etc, generally showing off. Frank being a gentlemen tried not to look. Or at least not get caught looking, but I could tell he was having a "hard" time. Sue teased Frank about not having a girl so probably not getting lots of sex.

She told him I had some good photos that would be great for him to stroke to. She reminded him that I could have any kind of sex I wanted from her any time I wanted it. Poor Frank did not know how to handle all her talk about sex. One afternoon she went much further.


After Frank had been there for a while she came into the room wearing a blue lace outfit with nothing on underneath it. You could see the dark circles around her nipples and her red pubic hair was obvious.

You could see right through it when she got between you and a light. Which she made sure she did with Frank a often. Frank tried to be cool but I could see a bulge in his pants. I am not stupid and I knew what was going on. So after letting her prance around and show herself off I asked, "Would you like to have sex with Frank?" "Yes!" she replied. With no hesitation "Well, let's all get naked" I said.

"Don't you think you should ask Frank if he wants to do this?" she said "Frank, What about it. Do you want to fuck her?" "I have been wanting to fuck her for a long time." he said. "Are you sure it is OK? You're not joking are you? Don't get me all hot and bothered and then say no. Do I wear a rubber? Can I cum in her?" "OK with me. And from the looks of it OK with her too.

Look Frank I am sure you do not have a STD, being in the military and all and would be treated by now, and she is on birth control so as far as I am concerned you can cum in her if you want.

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Also she loves the taste of cum so you can cum in her mouth too. Just let her know in some way you are fixing to shoot." Sue had removed the skimpy blue outfit and was totally nude.

Her red pubic hair set off her pouting pussy lips and her her nipples were standing tall and looked hard This was before most women shaved or trimmed their body hair. She had a full thatch of cunt hair. Frank took his clothes off and while he had not shriveled completely he had lost his hard on. Now this is not as unusual as one might think. Having sex with a woman with her husband in the room and watching would make most people nervous.

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Real life is nothing like fantasy life. In fantasy life the man always has a rock hard huge cock. The woman is capable of taking the largest cocks in her mouth and ass. Both can fuck for hours and cum bucket loads. In real life men are nervous, some have a problem keeping a hard on, some cum as soon as get inside the woman. Most women can't take a huge cock for the first time without a lot of trying.

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Some may find the taste of cum to be unpleasant. Most do not like cum to be spurted on their tits, face or ass. Fantasy and real life sometimes bear no relationship to each other. Frank was nervous. Sue went and sat next to him on the couch. She reached out and started playing with his cock and balls. His dick was still not hard. She told him she understood and there was nothing to be ashamed of. If he did not fuck her tonight he would next time.

She continued to fondle his dick and he was watching me like a hawk. He hesitatingly reached out and started fondling her tits. With no "bad" reaction from either me or her he started feeling her pussy and putting his fingers in her. Frank was beginning to realize this was real. He was going to have sex with this good looking woman. A life was coming back into his cock and it began to set up and look around.

Frank's dick was average size with a nice wide head. As soon as Sue saw it was getting hard she took it in her mouth and started sucking. I don't mean she was just letting him mouth fuck her, thought she was letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

She was sucking, and sucking hard.

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Her cheeks hollowed out as she put a lot of suction on his cock. Especially the head. Her sucking was bringing more blood to his dick and soon it was good and hard. Frank had a funny look on his face as he watched me watch my wife suck his cock. As soon as she had his dick hard she swung one leg over his lap, and putting the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy slid down on it.

His cock disappeared in her hole. She was good and wet. As soon as his cock got all the way in her she started riding him, going up and down on his cock. She took her left breast in hand and placed it in his mouth. His lips latched on her nipple while one hand fondled the other tit.

With his other hand he squeezed her ass Sue threw her head back and rode him faster and faster. His hips rose from the couch pushing his cock deep in her body, She ground her pussy against him, being sure to rub her clitoris against his plunging cock.

It was difficult to tell who was fucking who. I knelt behind her and ran my fingers down the crack of her ass.

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She moaned as my fingers caressed her puckered ass-hole. I put one finger into her wet cunt as he continued to fuck her. I felt his cock rubbing my finger as he went in and out. I took my lubricated finger and put it in her ass-hole. Shoving it all the way in. I felt his cock through the tissue between her ass and cunt. I started finger fucking her ass to the tune of him front fucking her He pushed his cock in and I pushed my finger in.

He would pull out of her cunt and I out of her ass-hole. Both were making grunting and animal noises. I was in heaven watching her take his cock into her cunt. I had been waiting for this for a long time and at last I was getting to see her close up getting fucked. It was amazing watching his dick go in and out, coated with her juice each time it slid out.

My cock was iron hard, but I was too busy to let it out of my pants. I did think about fucking her ass while she was getting it from the front, but thought I would wait until the next time. I was happy enough to just to watch her taking his dick and did not want to interrupt anything. I felt her ass ring tighten around my finger and knew her cunt was tightening around Frank's cock.

She would do this when she started to cum. I knew her cunt was milking his cock. I had felt that many times on my dick. I felt his dick jumping with my finger in her ass-hole.

I knew he was pumping his cream in. Her pussy welcomed every drop. Sue continued to ride him until his cock softened and slipped out of her hole.


Once his dick was out of her Sue got up and said that she had to go get a towel because she did not want to leak on the couch. When she left the room Frank looked at me and said, "You are not mad are you." "Course not." I replied. "I don't understand how a man can watch his wife get fucked and let someone cum in her without getting angry." I explained out sexual philosophy to Frank and tried to explain how much I enjoyed watching Sue get fucked.

"If we invited you over for grilled steak night I would enjoy watching you enjoy your steak. If you eat our steak it will cost the family money. When you fuck Sue it won't cost the family anything and I enjoy watching you enjoying fucking her, and she gets to enjoy it too." Sue came back in the room and heard what we were talking about.

"Look Frank", she said. "I like sex. I have enjoyed your company since you have been coming over. I thought it would be nice to fuck you and I thought you might like it." "Oh I do." Frank said.

"It is just I have never had sex with someone with someone else, let alone her husband, watching." "You want pay back? Tell you what. You can watch us have sex." Sue said.

With that she knelt before me and started undoing my belt and zipper. Soon she had my cock free and put it in her mouth and started sucking and sliding her mouth up and down the shaft. I was still half hard from watching her get screwed. I immediately got an iron rod for a dick.

Frank stared at her mouth as she licked and sucked my cock. She was not quiet about it either. Sucking and slurping noises filled the room. I could tell Frank was enjoying watching a sex show that was much better than any porn. Frank got up and knelt next to her as she went to town on my dick. He watched closely as she continued to mouth fuck me. I saw his cock begin to twitch. Soon he had a rather good hard on. Stroking himself he moved behind Sue and began playing with her ass and cunt as she sucked my dick.

Looking at me he said "May I fuck her again?" "Ask her." I replied "Just so you know", she said. "I am not going to stop sucking hubby so if you want to fuck me you are going to have to do it while I am sucking him." He moved behind her as she continued sucking my cock. Her nude ass was up in the air and he spread her pussy lips.

He shoved forward and he must have penetrated her as she gave a little grunt as he went in. She didn't miss a beat sucking my cock. Frank was rapidly moving his dick in and out.

He reached around and started playing with her titties as he continued to fuck her doggie style. From the way she was shoving her ass back at him and the way she was sucking my cock I could tell he was getting to her. I felt my balls began to tingle and knew my orgasm wasn't far away. Sue continued sucking.

I took her face between my hands and held her mouth on my dick and started pumping cum into her. She swallowed rapidly trying to get all my cream down. Frank continued fucking her and she reached another orgasm. This one was a BIG one.


Sometimes after a good cum Sue's clit got extremely sensitive. She had told me once that it was like my cock after I came. After I finished cuming my cock head was too sensitive to be sucked.

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I wanted her to quit sucking because my dick was too sensitive for her to keep going. She had explained hers was the same way After she had came Frank continued to fuck her. He did not know or care that she had a sensitive cunt after having an orgasm. Sue was twisting around like a hooked fish on a line as he continued to pump her. She was saying Oh God! Oh, God! And just Oh! Oh! Frank held her by the hips, not letting her pull off him and fucked away.

I know he fucked her hard for at least twenty to thirty minutes before he emptied his balls in her again. After he shot off Sue lay down on her stomach and told Frank that he must have shot over a month of cum in her. Frank just laughed. She told him about her sensitive cunt and told him she liked a little break when she had an orgasm. He said he was sorry, but not in a believable way.

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Sue was fucked out. We talked for a while and Frank left a happy man. Before he left Sue explained the "rules" to Frank. He couldn't have sex with her unless I was present He could not tell anyone what was happening. If she said stop he had to stop.

She would not do anything involving pain, shit, or piss. We all were to remain friends and he would not get to have sex with her each time he came over. Frank said he understood. Sue and I discussed Frank fucking her and I told her how much I appreciated her letting him and how much I enjoyed watching them.

She told me that she had thought about fucking Frank for a while and wanted to do it just because I wanted it. Said she really wasn't hot for him at the beginning. She was going to seduce him with me watching, let him fuck her so I would be happy. But after they got started and he was actually fucking her she admitted it felt real good and the fact I was watching her get stuffed made her enjoy it more.

As we talked about Frank fucking her she started getting hot again. Her cunt was no longer so sensitive so I spread her legs and fucked her missionary style.

She had a medium cum as I unloaded in her. Her pussy was wet and slippery with Frank's cum. When I unloaded she was filled with cream and it started leaking from her pussy. Frank did not get to fuck her every time he was over but Sue and I talking about it always got us horney. Sometimes me telling her what I saw from my perspective, his cock going in her pussy, how she would greedily suck his dick, how his prick would throb as he pumped cum in her, would make her cum by talk alone.

She especially liked hearing about me watching his dick going into any of her holes. Over time Frank became one of the best pardners we ever had. He loved fucking Sue and she enjoyed him. He was not homophobic and was had no problem putting my dick in Sue's pussy or ass or had any problem with me handling his.

Sue loved the fact that sometimes we would eat her as she was being fucked by the other. I think that was her most loved sex act, to have her clit licked and be fucked at the same time. Once when we both tried to get our dicks in her pussy at the same time our cocks naturally came in contact with one another with nothing said about that.

[We tried several times to put our two dicks in her pussy at the same time, but it never was as easy as the porn videos made it seem. We never got a good rhythm going either. Neither was it a favorite of Sue. Now one in her ass and one in her cunt, that was great.] All-in-all he was a great pardner. We were sorry when we had to part. We did get to enjoy several years of great sex though.