Ria Sakurai is close to a massive threesome porn show

Ria Sakurai is close to a massive threesome porn show
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Rob was doing well. He was making a killing off the drug trade, yet he always wanted more. A well paying group form the Cartel was coming in, and he needed to impress them.

"What do I need to do to impress these men? How do you impress men that have everything" he asked his friend. "What impresses all rich men, Rob? Pussy," he friend remarked. "Pussy?' Rob replied, 'You mean Whores? Get them some whores?" "No, Rob. Rich men can always get whores. What's harder to find is young, untouched, pussy. Ahh, the Crim De la Crim." "Billy, you're a fucking genius.

But where do I find a young virgin eager to give it away in this town?" "Eager? Where's the fun in that? You need to think like a gangster, Rob. They want something young to violate, humiliate, make them feel powerful." "I like where your going, Billy.

Anything evil you want to share running through that mind of yours?" "Well, you know, we deal a lot of product through the high schools; I'm sure if we put the right pressure on someone, they will be more than willing to give up a virgin for the cause." "Well, in that case, Billy, I've got a job for you," Rob replied. "We'll get right on it, Boss Man," he said with a laugh. Just a few days later, Billy got a call: "We found a girl.

She claims her friend is a virgin for sure. We can put some pressure on her, if needed." "Great, get her to send you a picture and forward it to me first." "Give me a few minutes and I'll get right back to you, Billy." The phone went silent, then, not five minutes later a photo popped up.

Billy got hard staring at the picture. It was of a high school girl, leaning against an oak tree. She had soft flowing light brown hair. It was straight and ran down past her shoulders,with long bangs almost over her eyes.

Her eyes and smile was what got him. It was an innocent, giggly smile, large and wide, beneath cute squinting dark eyes. She wore a white blouse, with just a glimpse of a youthful pert set of breasts. One foot was braced against the tree, knee up. A dark pair of tight jeans hugged her youthful frame. The photo screamed innocence. "Make it happen," he texted back.

"Have her bring the girl to our club, Friday, then leave when I say." He showed the photo to Rob. "Damn, I'm gonna want to fuck that," Rod said. "Well, you better not, at first,' Billy mentioned, 'But come to the club with me Friday. We can play with her some; You know.Get her ready. I have a plan for that too." Rob swing his arm around his buddy, "You know; The world's gonna be ours someday, Billy." Later, at the club, Rob and Billy watched the two walk in.

"There they are," Billy pointed. A silly, slightly overweight blond walked in. She was holding hands with another girl. 'Even better than the photo,' Rob mused. The girl's flowing hair almost matched the color of her beige Capri pants. The pants hugged a perfectly tight, rounded little ass. Her blouse was a brownish orange with a 'V' neck. It clung to an exquisite set of youthful breasts. A little creamy cleavage was just visible; Teasing to the lustful eye.

The men undressed her with their eyes. She seemed hesitant as they approached their booth. "Come, let me introduce you to Rob and Billy," her friend said. Julie pulled her aside; "Bridget, they look old enough to be your father," she scolded.

"Oh Julie, don't worry. We don't have to hang with them all night. They can buy us drinks, and we won't get carded." "Bridget, aren't you the tease," she giggled. The club was loud. They had to almost scream to make their introductions. The men quickly ordered them drinks after they sat down. "You're a beautiful young girl, Julie," the one called Rob said, brushing his hand over hers.

"Thank you," she blushed, quickly drawing her hand away and taking a large gulp of her drink. She coughed at the strong burn of the alcohol. "You ok, Sweetie," he said running his fingers through her soft hair. "Sorry,' she said, 'This one is strong. I'm not used to it. I don't drink much." Bridget laughed; "It takes her awhile to loosen up." "Tell you what; Why don't you girls go dance, and I'll order you something a little sweeter, Darling." "Thank you," Julie said, taking Bridget's hand and quickly pulling her up to the dance floor.

"Bridget, those guys give me the creeps. He keeps putting his hands on me," she said. "Their harmless," Bridget explained. She knew better, but had been warned to follow the plan. You don't cross these people. "Their just men being men, Silly.

Ignore it, just dance and have a good time. The attention should feel good. I never get come on to like that." "Aww, Bridget, you're beautiful too." "Then come on, lets tease them some," Bridget giggled.

She pulled Julie close and began dirty dancing with her, knowing the men's eyes would never stray from their target. In away she felt good that it was Julie they wanted and not her. She dared think of their plans. Billy had palmed her some blow earlier, and she intended to stray to the bathroom soon to ease her mind. Julie laughed as her friend mockingly ran her hands over her, cupping her bottom and pulling her close. The dance floor was packed, and they constantly brushed up against other bodies.

Suddenly something sharp stung her ass. "Ah, Shit!" Julie cried reaching back to rub at her hip and glancing in all directions. "What's the matter," Bridget asked. "Something fucking stung me." "What? On the dance floor?" "Yes,' Julie replied, rubbing her ass, 'It hurt." "Let's go to the bathroom and have a look," Bridget said.

Once in the restroom, the two girls crowed into a stall. "I feel silly doing this," Julie remarked drawing her Capri's down for Bridget to look at her ass. "They will just think we are have wild lesbian sex in here, Lover," Bridget laughed back. "You do have a nice ass." "Oh, hush, Bridget. Do you see anything?" "It is kinda red, but looks ok. You are not allergic to anything are you?" "Like bees? No. It is starting to feel better already.

Just a little warm. Let's go, I can use another drink. We stay in this stall too long and people will talk." "What, no kiss? You're just going to show me your ass with no kiss?" Bridget teased. "Tell you what. You run along first, I'll be along in a minute. We can't be seen leaving at the same time and I need to pee." "Ok, but don't be too long, those old men make me nervous," Julie said rushing out. Bridget drew a sigh of relief and fished out her packet and mirror.

'Finally, a few lines. That's all I need,' she told herself. Upon leaving the restroom, Julie was feeling a lot better; Much more relaxed than before. She caught herself just standing there staring at the blinking lights and dancing bodies in awe. Her thoughts were interrupted by Rob. "Hey, there you are, Beautiful. Where is your friend?" "She's still in the bathroom," Julie replied. "Then let's dance, Sweetheart," he said, taking her hand and pulling her to the floor.

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He gave her no option, so she took has hand and followed. Julie had forgotten about her fear of these men.

The music and the attention felt good. She tossed her hair back and went with the flow, giggling like a little girl. Bridget went back to the booth to find only Billy.

"Where is Julie?" she asked. "Come here," Billy said patting the seat beside him, 'Sit down. They're out there, dancing." Hesitantly she sat next to the man. He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and cupped a large breast.

She knew better to resist. "Look at them, Aren't they arousing?" he asked. Bridget couldn't believe her eyes. Her virgin friend was all over the man. Her arms were wrapped around him, slow dancing, and looking up dreamily into his eyes.

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His hands were cupping her Capri's, his fingers digging in to her ass and pulling her into his crotch. Billy took Bridget's hand and drew it to his own crotch. She discovered that his shaft had been freed and her small hands were forced around its heated length.

"Stroke me for awhile, Girl, then I want you under the table sucking my cock. You understand?" "Yes, Sir,' Bridget answered, 'Can I have more Coke?' "Yes, Bridget, all you want." On the dance floor, Rob had the drugged seventeen year old in his hands. Her beautiful squinting eyes looked up at him. He drew the hair from her face. "Kiss me, Sweetheart," he spoke. Julie was unsure why but she lifted up and placed her lips on his.

The man was old enough to be her father, but she did not care. His strong arms felt warm, comforting in her fogged mind. The kiss was deep and powerful; It made her body yearn for more. She had never felt this kind of tingeing inside.

His hand moved from its grip on her Capri's to the small of her soft back. She shivered as it slipped lower, sliding beneath the waistband, under her panties to cup the naked cheeks of her firm ass.

He was much taller than her. The large hand dug deeper, lifting her up by the firm cup of her ass. It wormed its way lower as his kisses increased. He sucked in the breath of her short gasps. There on the dance floor, his hand was reaching inside her pants, feeling the dampness of her virgin sex below. "You're a hot little girl,' he told her, 'I can feel your moist cunt.

You're going to be so fun to play with. Come now, Let's get you back to the dark table, where we can be more free with your body." His hand pulled from her Capri's and he slapped her on the ass. She rubbed at the sting, wondering just how much more free he could be. Julie traveled in a daze back to the booth, Rob helping her along the way. He pushed her into the seat next to Billy. The man had a strange pleasurable look on his face.

Rob sat close on her other side, squeezing her between the two men. His arm went over her shoulder casually shifting his hand to her right breast.

"W.Where is Bridget," Julie weakly asked. "See for yourself, Darling," Billy said, moving his hand aside and shifting the table back. The virgin gasped in shock. Her friend was on her knees under the table, one hand was on the man's cock, stroking it into her soft lips.

"B.Bridget," she choked out. "Shh, Don't bother her. Let her work,' Rob replied. 'Have you never seen a cock sucked before, Julie?" "N.No,' she stammered, 'I never." "Look at it, Look how she works it in her mouth, getting it all wet and shimmering," he said. While he talked his hand worked into the neck of her dress, slipping beneath her bra to feel a naked breast. The little breast was soft and hard; Her tiny nipple stiff and erect with arousal.

Rob toyed at it with his fingers. Her small chest rose with pleasure. Julie knew it was wrong, but she couldn't draw her eyes away from the scene. It was the first cock she had ever seen. It made the heat rise in her loins. "You like watching, Don't you Julie?" Rob said. With his other hand he began to release the snap of her Capri's.

"Y.Yes.D.Don't do that.Not here," she fussed, trying to weakly pry his hand from her pants and the virgin treasure below. He easily moved her drugged hand away and slipped his into her damp panties. "Spread your legs, Julie, I'm going to make you feel good. You should cum when Billy does." "Cum? Cum?" she questioned, before sucking her lower lip and weakly opening her thighs to his touch. Rob nearly came just touching her tight box.

She was so damp, yet his finger would hardly fit in. He only wished he could see what her cunt really looked like. But that was ok, he would get her all into the light soon. Playing with her was fun. He turned her head to him and once again kissed her lips, noticing the whole time that her eyes never left the scene below the table.

Her ass arched back to his hand, as it feverishly rubbed her young bud. Bridget's young lips were taking in all of Billy's cock now.

She sucked him like a pro, breathing through her nose, as he filled her tight throat. If making him cum was going to get her more Coke, then cum he would. "Oh yes, Baby,' he moaned, 'Work it. Work it. It's coming, Baby.

It's coming." Rob nodded to Julie then whispered something to his friend. Billy nodded back then spoke to Bridget below. "Look here, Honey. When I cum, I want you to hold it there.

Don't swallow. keep it in your mouth, ok?" She nodded back with a smile, never stopping the movement of her lips. Billy groaned, watching the young blond's cheeks balloon with his cum. "Now, up here," he said patting the seat beside Julie as he moved over. Bridget sat next to her friend. She had a shocked look on her face as she saw Rob's hand moving between Julies spread thighs, his other hand kneading a naked breast.

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Julies mouth was open in tiny gasps of pleasure. "Go ahead, Bridget, kiss her. Kiss her long and hard," Billy said. Bridget had never been a lesbian, but her cute friend always turned her on in some curious way; Maybe it was just the Coke.

She turned Julies face towards her, looked into her beautiful eyes and pressed her lips down. The young girls mouth opened allowing Bridget to push the cum inside with her tongue. Julie's hips arched off the seat. Her body shivered in Rob's grip. "Damn, You're making her cum, Girl. Keep kissing her. Look at that Billy. Is that hot or what? We've got a winner here," Rob remarked. The kiss lasted till both girls faces were slick with spit and cum.

Julies cunt still twitched against Robs fingers. "Her whole crotch is soaked, Man,' Rob said, 'Even the seat is wet." "Let's get her out of here,' Billy spoke, 'I wanna taste that shit. It smells marvelous from here." "Get up, Bridget, time for you to go," Rob said.

Suddenly Bridget looked up, hoping no one else had seen the show. Only a few smiling faces grinned back, making her feel like a total slut. "And Julie?" she asked. "You know the plans. She stays with us. Time for you to leave,' Billy harshly replied. "Now get out, Bitch." "What about my." "Some one will bring it by tomorrow. Now out." he repeated. She shrugged, took her purse and crawled away.

"Bridget.Bridget. Where is she going," Julie weakly cried only partly in the real world. "She's fine, Little Girl. You're coming with us. We're going to show you good time." Julie had no recollection of leaving the club. Billy rode the whole way in the backseat while Rob drove. She nestled onto his shoulder while he worked his hand under her shirt, feeling up her young aroused tits. "Damn, this cunt is so innocent looking. I just want to fuck her right now." "Now, Billy, you know we can't do that.

She has to be for or friends. We really need those connections." Rob could feel his own hardness busting at the seems as he viewed the two in the backseat.

"Maybe you can make her cum again and get her to suck your cock? That should be ok." "You're the Man," Billy grinned back. "You hear that, Julie?' he said, nudging her head to his, 'I can make you cum again, and you get to taste my sweet load.

You liked it, didn't you?" He worked his pants down and released his stiff prick, before once more unsnapping the virgin's Capri's. She moaned as his fingers touched her moist sex. "That's right, Julie, you are still so wet. You like your little button rubbed?" "Y, Yes," she whimpered back. He took her right hand and placed it on his shaft. "Yes, Baby, wrap your fingers around it. Yes, it's warm.

You're holding your first cock. Stroke it for Daddy," Billy teased. "Come here," he coaxed leaning back in the seat and pulling her head to his thigh. Her body lie sideways across his feet, her head inches away from his cock, her tiny fingers still stroking the shaft. Billy still managed to keep his free hand in her cunt, teasing the precious jewel. "Now open those eyes, Julie, look at the beautiful flesh.

I want you to bring your lips down and taste it; Just like you kissed your friend." Rob couldn't believe it. He heard Billy's groan.

The drugged girl was doing it; Really doing it. "Oh, My God she's got a mouth, Rob. You've got to feel this later." "Quit teasing me, You Bastard. I don't want to cum in my pants. That would be embarrassing,' he laughed, 'I'll have my fun with her in the basement. We still have plenty of time to get her to the party." Billy stared in awe at the young girl. Her face was exquisite. Lovingly her lips worked at his stiff meat, sliding it back and forth into her heated mouth.

Her little Capri covered legs scissored in arousal is her clit danced in his hand. The sweet perfume of her arousal filed the back seat. He could feel her cumming; Her tiny groans tingling the length of his shaft. he grunted loudly, releasing the seed from his balls.

Her beautiful cheeks filled up; Her eyes wide in shock at the power of his eruption. He cupped her face in both hands and turned her face up in the seat, holding his spewing cock to her lips. "That's it, Baby Girl, swallow it. Drink it all down." He watched her head tilt back and her small throat flex. She swallowed her first mouthful, then there was a small burp. A large amount of white cum came cup from around his shaft and spilled down her soft cheeks. "Oh, A little too much for your little belly, Darling," he said petting her long hair.

"Oh, God you're perfect," he groaned. They entered an empty parking garage and carried the drugged girl in their arms to the elevator. "You will love Miss Starr, Rob. She has been an excellent asset in the local prostitution business.

She came well recommended. They say she excels in prepping new ones." Reaching the bottom floor, they turned to a door to the right and rapped. A beautiful older lady opened the door. She was of mixed race, maybe Mexican and Asian, with long flowing raven hair.

The silk dress she wore was more like an emerald robe. It was quite obvious that an exquisite naked body lay underneath. Her large dark-skinned orbs crept gently from the low neckline. "Gentlemen, do come in.' she waived, 'I do a lot of my prep work here." The two men surveyed the room; The young girl drooped lifelessly between their shoulders.

The room was a weird cross between a Medieval dungeon, Chinese palace, and medical hospital. "Oh, this must be the girl," she stated with an aunt-like amusement. She lifted the girl's head, staring into the beautiful blinking eyes, then glanced up and down her young, womanly curves. "You have chosen well. So happy to be of service to you," she said. "Please, carry her to that red, draped table there and lie her down." A waist high, table sat off to their right. It stood under a bright light.

It was metal, possibly surgical steel with a covering mat of red velour. The woman began removing the girl's clothes as they talked. Still the two men could not remove their eyes from the womanly charms of the young virgin.

"Your party is not till late tonight, correct?" "That is correct, Miss Starr," Rob replied. "That is just wonderful. We will perhaps have plenty of time to prep her.

It is enjoyable when you take your time," she explained. Julie's head rolled back and forth and to the side weakly as her shirt and bra were removed. next came her shoes, socks, and the tight Capri's; Which the older woman jerked from her legs while motioning Billy to hold the girl's torso. He could not help to get himself a few occasional feels of her soft breasts. Ever so slowly the girl began to blink her way out of the drugged slumber. She slightly fought, as the damp, light blue panties were tugged away from her soft brown mound.

"Good, you didn't kill her with the drugs. Some people I have worked for were really careless with their doses. It's a shame to overdose a virgin with out seeing her fucked," she stated. "Here,' she said, handing Billy a set of leather, buckled cuffs, 'please attach these cuffs to her wrists, Under the table, behind her head, you will find a bar that pulls straight out and locks, slide it all the way out, and latch her wrists." After that, Miss Starr took over.


She ran a single strap around the girls smooth abdomen and strapped it tight. Next, the removed to Gynecological legs from the table and locked them in place.

"W.What are you? Where is this place? Who are." Julie began to weakly ask.

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Miss Star was quickly at her face, holding her cheeks in a tight, painful grip. "We'll have no questions. I will get my answers from your body, Girl," she said.

Quickly, she forced a golden ring gag into the horrified girl's mouth, then strapped it behind her head. After that, only strange noises and spittle came from her lips. "Now, let's spread these legs and see if you've been a good girl. You would hate to have had them waste their time all night." Taking the girl's weakly kicking feet, she easily manipulated them into the spread stirrups, strapping them there.

Julie jerked but could do nothing but slightly lift her hips, erotically from the soft table. Her breasts were small, yet full and pert. Little reddish-pink, nipples rose like hard erasers from the soft skin. Her belly was flat with an elegant slit of a belly button that rose and fell from her labored breathing. Below it was a slightly risen mound of light brown curls, neatly trimmed over her tiny damp petals of womanhood. Her young vulva was still glistening with her nights many orgasms.

The smell was musky, yet held a sweet perfume of unavoidable arousal. That aroma could send even the most religious of Monks into fits of evil lust. With the coldness of a mad doctor, Miss Star pushed an icy instrument into Julies sex and began opening it up with a small turn-screw. Julie grew red with embarrassment, as the woman gestured the two men to look between her wildly spread thighs, viewing all of her hidden charms. "There it is, Gentlemen. Her hymen is indeed intact. You have yourselves a virgin.

I beautiful one at that. If she is not too used up, I'd like a chance to own her when you're done." "I'll give that some serious thought, Miss Starr. To tell you the truth, I have not thought about the afterward till now," Rob replied. "Feel free get undressed, watch, make yourselves comfortable," she insisted. Reaching above, she rang a small bell from an overhead cord. Four exotic young prostitutes came giggling in. "Make the men feel at home, Girls, but don't block their view." Julie's head rested on her tied arms, giving her a perfect view between her spread thighs at the evil woman standing there.

As the woman ran one of her soft hands over her quivering flesh, she reached below the table. The hand came up with a plastic pail and a long clear hose. The tip of the hose held a long, sinister-looking plastic needle. "You're going to a party tonight, Little One,' the woman explained, 'I'm here to prep you. You need to be fully empty.

Can you feel that little hole I'm rubbing now? It's your pee hole, Darling, and this long needle goes right in.there." The young girl screamed as the rod tore through her urethra. After a click of the hose, the sound of liquid running into the pail filled their ears. She continued caressing the girls lower abdomen with her free hand. "That's it. Let it all go.

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Girl. Empty yourself out for us, then we can continue." When the trickle stopped, Miss Star, wiped the girl off, removed everything, lowered her legs, and attached new leather cuffs to the girl's ankles. Another bar slide out from the table and she momentary, cuffed both legs there. Then running off for a few seconds, she returned with a large, roll-away, standing mirror and a stand holding several large red bags with hoses. The mirror was stopped behind the girl, then angled towards the men and their whores.

"I want the men to see that beautiful ass of yours, but your face as well," she explained to Julie. "Now let's roll you over to your side." Leaving one ankle attached at the end of the table, Starr released the other and rolled the girl over, keeping one hand on her ankles, the other over her naked ass.

The men peeked to the mirror grinning at that perfectly shaped, small ass, wriggling under the woman's caressing hand. It was young and firm, with cute dimples, and a slight apple shape. As they watched, the woman pulled a cable from the ceiling, latched the girl's remaining ankle, and flipped a hand switch, forcing it to rise towards the roof. Julie shook her head in horror and disbelief, as the leg rose, stretching her sex open to all.

Her beautiful ass exposed the mirror behind. When the cable stopped, Julie was left struggling on her side, one leg flat, the other lifted high in a cheerleader pose. The tendons in her thigh strained. Starr fumbled with all the hoses and bags behind her, than sat another larger bag on the floor.

Taking a tube of thick lube, she began to work it, first over a long nozzle, then the tight, oval muscle of the girl's anus. "Have you ever had an enema?" Miss Starr questioned the horrified girl. In response she violently shook her head making unintelligible noised through the ring gag. "Mine are marvelous, you won't even have to leave the table. Right here, with these hoses and switch, I both fill you up and empty you out, as much as I want.

I will go and go until I feel the fluids run clean." She ran a finger across the little girl's clit. "I like to make sure the process is both painful and humiliating," she added with a pinch to Julie's hidden bud.

Julie groaned, as the long nozzle with its attached balloon was forced deeply through her bowels. After insertion it was pumped up, ensuring a tight fit. One hose ran up to a heavy bag, the other down to the one at the floor. About partway down that hose was a small pump ball. Both men watched the erotic show in pleasure while mouths expertly worked on their stiffened pricks. "Now, Honey,' Miss Starr explained, 'The first one is a mixture of mineral oils, Epsom salt, and carbonated water.


It will stay inside, work its way into your lining, while eating away at any stools you may have. It will have to liquefy enough so that it passes through the additional hose to the floor. The gas in the carbonation will also help with this, besides making things very uncomfortable for you, Little Lady." Without farther wait, she reached above and unclasped the first clamp.

"Watch her face, Gentleman' It added to her humiliation. Also, you will notice the flexing of her ass. She will try uselessly to stop the flow to her bowels." She caressed her hand over the poor girl's trembling belly, "There it goes. It is very powerful at that height. You will not be able to staunch the flow. Watch and you will see your little belly grow." Julie sobbed.

The woman was right. The flow was like a faucet on high. Her lower belly began to tighten and stretch out over the table's surface. Her weak ass muscles tightened and squeezed but the effort went was for naught.

She could feel the many bubbles running around inside her, and hear the beginnings of grumbling in her guts. While the liquid still flowed, the sharp cramps began. Her young eyes looked pleadingly back at the woman. "Already?' the woman asked, 'Yes, I do feel the cramps inside you. You are small, no wonder they come so soon. Anyway, there is still a quart left.

We will wait till it's empty." The woman's words were like a stake through Julies heart. She could only imagine the pain to come. Once the last of the bag gurgled into her belly, Miss Starr changed out that bag for another, watching the girl moan on the table. After about 15 minutes, she leaned down from behind the girl, her hand on the larger clamp.

She ran a finger through the virgin's soft hair. "You look in terrible pain, Honey,' she teased, 'Are you ready to let everyone see you shit your insides out that tube? Eyes open, Darling; Look at the men." The clamp of the large tube was released, and Julie groaned aloud. Loud rushing fluid could be heard gushing through the tube and splattering into the bag below.

The first was one long wave, then smaller gushes could be heard, as the girl tried to hold back. As Starr pumped the bulb, more was forced out. "Let it out. Let it out. The more you hold in, the more gallons I will fill you with. The next is ready to go; Less oil, more of soda and alcohol.

Guaranteed to burn a little." The woman was correct, the next gallon was like fire to her guts. She was made to hold that in another 15 minutes. After that the mixtures became weaker, until the last several were just water. Each time Miss Star inspected the hose for clarity. Finally, the hoses were removed and the girl cleaned up, washed, and perfumed. Both men had emptied themselves several times into the available whores while watching her degradation. Strapped flat on the table, legs slightly spread, the girl shivered up at the group gazing down on her naked flesh.

"The last thing left is to install fear in the girl,' Miss Starr explained. 'As you know, while the pleasure of orgasm on the girls face was so very erotic; The look of fear is ten times more pleasing to the eye." "Isn't she already highly frightened. You have tortured her. She knows we could kill her at anytime," Billy asked. "She needs a special fear. One that will carry with her through her ordeal.

Just watch; I have just the thing," Starr smiled. She went to a cupboard and returned with a black wooden box. The box she sat on the table next to Julie's head. The straps were tightened across Julie's body, then a second one was strapped over her thighs.

The box was opened revealing a glass syringe and three adjoining vials. "These come from one of the best fertility clinics in the country,'Starr explained, 'The first is a strong mixture of hormones, the next two are a mixture of hormones and powerful fertility drugs. On women in the 35 to 45 range, it gives them an 80 to 85 percent pregnancy range.

On someone as young as you, Darling, it can bump that range up much higher." Julie looked back, eyes wide in horror. She watched helplessly, as Miss Starr prepped the first vial, rolled her hip back, and stabbed the needle into her naked thigh.

The burning fluid slowly emptied inside her body. With a alcohol pad, Miss Starr wiped the spot, and rolled Julie back. She could feel the warm liquid moving through her bloodstream.

Before prepping the next vial, Starr ran her fingers over the girls pert breasts tweaking the hard nipples. "That will make these swell some, maybe tingle. You will feel flushed." Her fingers left Julie's breast and lingered in the soft curls of her bush.

"The hormones will prep your body for sex. Your little lips will begin to swell and become puffy. You will become damp, as your body produces its own lubrication.

You may want to thank me for that, as the first cock opens you up." The next vial was prepared and Miss Starr rubbed a spot on Julies abdomen with the pad; It was not her thigh this time, but a soft place above the juncture of her left thigh, midway, lower left of her belly button.

"This spot is closer to your sexual organs," she announced before stabbing the needle down and pressing the plunger. After that, the last shot was given on the other side. One of the naked whores rolled in a strange metal apparatus that was placed beside the table.

"I will let you gentlemen borrow this. It is perfect for presentation. A little help with her, if you will," she asked. The apparatus was black metal. The square bottom frame had four sturdy lockable wheels. Its majority consisted of a single curved bar with one flat, short, metal seat in the middle and a hollow head rest on one end. The bar and frame held several strong, eye bolts and loose hard rubber straps. The bar was one long arc, from the front metal of the frame to its dipped back head rest.

Leaving the leather cuffs and ring gag on Julie, they lifted her naked body from the table, and began stretching her out over the frame. First her ankles were slightly spread and latched to the frame above the front wheels. With her bare ass resting on part of the small, metal seat, her arms were pulled down and latched to bolts above the rear wheels. At last a strap was ran across her forehead, locking her face up on the head rest. This left the young girl, naked, face up, knees slightly bent; Her body arched backwards, cunt and pert breasts thrust skyward.

She jerked uselessly, able to move only slightly. "I like to add this," Miss Star stated.

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She picked up a vibrator with a two inch rounded head. It fit into a ring below the seat. Opening the young girl's petals, she nestled it into the crease and flipped the switch. The girl gasped as the low hum sounded.

"It has fresh batteries, but a cord is below, if you want to plug it in for presentation," she smiled. "Simply throw a canvass over her and roll her where you wish," she said brushing her hands. "You have been a Godsend, Miss Starr," Rob thanked her. "All I ask is that you remember me. Bring her back if there is anything left. I could use a girl like her." Billy took Julie's shoulders and rolled her towards the door. "You ready for your party, Sweetheart?"