Mature harlot india summer gets nailed hard

Mature harlot india summer gets nailed hard
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"uuuuhhh" Sam woke up with a yawn. There was a note next to his bed. "Went on our honeymoon be back in at the end of the summer. You will be spending your summer with your cousins. Have fun, love mom&dad", Sam read out loud.

"YES", Sam exclaimed. He was exited because he had an extremely hot cousin (Morgan) that he always had sexual intrest in. He masturbated to a thought of Morgan in the shower then got his things ready and then began walking to his cousins house.

He arrived and was greeted by everyone. Uncle Rob was the single father of Morgan and Mike. Mike was turning 18 soon an he was heading to college. Rob worked from 5pm to 4am. Mike was nearly never home and he was already heading down the wrong path because he took up chewing tabacco and smoking before he could even drive.

Sam thought he was into weed, too. Morgan was almost always home, she only left to go to a gym on the weekend. Sam went to the gym every morning. Everyone left exept for Sam, who was setting up his temporally room in the attic.

He got tired so he went to watch some T.V. About an hour later Morgan came home, putting her purse on the coffee table and plopping down on the sofa next to Sam. "RING RING" Morgan's phone went off and she bent over to get it.

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Her tight teen ass was about a foot away from Sam's face. She wiggled her ass side to side trying to find her phone. "Is she teasing me?" Sam wondered. The ringing stopped and Morgan sat back down. Sam had a full-on boner and Morgan noticed.


Before Sam could hide it Morgan grabbed it and began stroking his cock through his pants. "Do you like that" Morgan asked. Then she took of her top, then her pants. "Do I look good" Morgan asked. She had long slender legs and and her ass fit perfectly with them.


Her tits were nice, but not grown to there full potential. Sam slid off his pants and his shirt. "You look great, now let's take this into the bedroom. Sam laid her on the bed. She took off her bra and her panties. He kneeled before his cousins virgin pussy.

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He licked between her tits and down to her pussy. She had shaved her pussy hair. He began to lick her pussy while playing with her nipples.

She was about to cum and Sam could tell. "uh uh uh oh yes yes YES EAT ME EAT MY PUSSY FUCK YES OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING UUUUUUUHHHH!" Morgan screamed. After Morgan calmed down from her orgasm she still wanted more.

"Do you have a condom" she asked. "Shit, no" Sam said frustrated. "It's fine, just fuck me I the ass", Morgan suggested. With that Sam took off his boxers reveling his 9 inch penis.

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Morgan sucked it and got about 7 inches of it in her mouth. Then Sam flipped her over on her stomach and Morgan raised her cute ass. Sam went in slow but was interrupted. "You pussy, I can take it. Fuck my ass hard, I want it and I know you can give it to me", she exclaimed. Sam began thrusting as hard as possible. Morgan's breathing soon began to get heavy. Sam was about to cum and so was Morgan. "OH FUCK ME FUCK MY ASS I LOVE IT IT FEELS SO GOOD FUCK FUCK ME FUCK ME YES YES YES FUCK ME GRAB MY TITS AND RIP MY ASS APART UUUUUUUHHHH FUCK YES", she yelled.

Morgan felt Sam's warm sperm in her asshole. Sam pulled his dick out and Morgan sucked his dick. Sam nearly came again and Morgan swallowed all of it.

They laid there, tired. "Oh shit. I'm fucking retarded.

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I have been on the pill for nearly a year. Sam, will you naked my virginity", she said. Sam didn't say anything, he just smiled.


Sam took his dick and put it at the engrave of his cousins vagina. He put it in and pushed until he felt her barrier that blocked his way. "Are you ready", Sam asked. "1, 2, 3, go", Morgan said. Sam's penis ripped right through her hymen. "Let the pain go away and then fuck me. Now", Morgan said. Sam began to thrust hard and fast. Soon he and Morgan were about to cum. "FUCK ME OH MY PUSSY THIS IS SO GOOD OH MY PUSSSY UUUUHHHH", she screeched. Sam filled her pussy with his seed.

Sam pulled his dick out and once again Morgan sucked his dick.

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His juices filled her mouth. She swallowed it all. Then he put his dick back in her pussy and they went to sleep. They woke up 3 hours later. They got a shower together, sucking and fucking.

When they finished they made dinner and watched a movie. They watched one of the underworld movies. The girl in the tight leather got Sam horny. Morgan noticed his boner. She recurs into his pants and began to give him a handjob. He came all over Morgan so she had to change. She went upstaires to change clothes.

She came back down in new clothes, but they were different. She had on a tiny tank top that barely covered her tits and she wasn't wearing a bra. She had shorty shorts on that were so small they looked like a thong, she also wasn't wearing panties.

She sat down and called someone. "Cassie watsup. Nope, no. Do you wanna come over? Good, wear the outfit. No the other one, yes that one. Ok see you soon. Bye" Morgan said. About an hour later there was a knock on the door. Morgan walked away and came back with Cassie. Cassie had blonde hair unlike Morgan who had brunette hair. She was taller than Morgan and had fully developed tits. She had a nice tan and was probably the hottest girl he has ever met.

The outfit she was wearing was crazy. It was a short dress that was super tight. She wasn't wearing a bra so her nipples stuck out and she wasn't wearing panties so Sam could tell that she shaved her pussy. "Hi I'm Cassie, you must be Sam", she extended her arm and Sam shook her hand. She jerked his arm towered her and his hand ended up on her tits.

Sam was shocked. THE END (or is it)