Amateur passenger fucked by the driver

Amateur passenger fucked by the driver
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"I hope you saved some for me" the Mistress says as she turns to face her Master, lacy nightgown swirling and settling over her curves for barely an instant before he pounces, tackling her to the bed with a deep, passionate kiss. She moans a weak surrender into his mouth as he rises to his knees over her, slowly unwrapping her with disciplined hands, baring her perfect body to him.

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Her sensual curves bear a beautiful network of red, pink and purple lines where he's marked her, just as his body now bears her own mark. He takes a moment to appreciate her beauty before he lowers himself down to her neck, kissing her softly, tenderly, making a little trail of kisses slowly down her neck, over her shoulder, into her generous cleavage.

He kisses, licks and nibbles a slow spiral across her left breast, feeling her heart speed to a thunderous gallop as his fingertips caress her right, lips and hand reaching the nipple at the same time, fingers and teeth pinching gently but firmly, tugging the full orbs playfully by the most sensitive bits, then letting them slap back down before reversing, his mouth now closing on her right nipple as she grinds her wet, clenching pussy eagerly against his stomach.

He wraps his free hand tight around her waist, a little squeak of confusion and pleasure escaping her list as he pinches her nipples again, slowly building her pleasure like an artist composing his masterpiece.

She whimpers with desire, clawing desperate handfuls of the silken sheets before he finally releases his grip on her waist, kissing slowly down the tense muscles of her stomach, licking her bellybutton suggestively, looking up to see her head thrown back with helpless desire.

He pins her thighs to the bed with his strong hands as he kisses the last few inches, letting her thrashing stop before placing the next kiss, her pussy clenching and breath ragged with anticipation, pleasure and wanton lust. He moves his hands slowly to her slit, pulling her labia wide open, his breath cool on her exposed pussy, his head slowly, slowly approaching. She whimpers louder, almost sobbing with desire when he finally places a soft kiss on her quivvering clit, spasms of pleasure wracking her perfectly-tuned body, waves of ecstacy washing over her like ripples in a pond, all the way out to her fingertips before echoing back.

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He kisses her again, timing it just perfectly to coincide with the reverberations from the last wave, then licks her trembling clit, harmonics building inside her as waves of pleasure collide and amplify each other, tears streaming from her eyes at the intensity of it, every nerve howling at the power of the sensations and crying out for more.

He kisses her pussy passionately, sucking hard on her juicy peach, tongue lashing her clit relentlessly as she climaxes, then climaxes harder, then harder still, her body wracked by a seemingly endless march of orgasms.

Suddenly he stops, climbing up over her writhing form, arms braced to either side of her head as he gazes down at her, the head of his throbbing cock rubbing gently against her labia. "Yes," she whimpers, "take me." He smiles back down at her mischeviously. "Beg me." "Please Master, don't leave me like this I'll go mad, finish what you've started, fuck me Master, make me yours, I surrender to you completely." He grins broadly, then kisses her passionately as he thrusts deep inside her, the sudden intense pressure against her G-Spot making her climax immediately.

He pumps into her gently at first, enjoying the spasms of her tight pussy before he begins thrusting slowly but firmly, the full measure of his cock grinding against her clit all the way in and all the way out.

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She whimpers anew with helpless pleasure as she thrusts back with all her might, his former slave's eagerness to please even beyond exhaustion inspiring him to do the same. She regains her strength with surprising speed, rolling him onto his back and mounting him, arching her back and caressing her breasts for his amusement as she rides him slow and hard, building his pleasure just as artfully as he built hers, letting him savor every moment as they writhe together on the sheets.

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He moans her name low and long as he finally climaxes, collapsing spent on the bed. She pulls a damp lock of hair from her face as she continues pumping him, drawing out his climax for a blissful eternity before she dismounts and collapses into his arms.

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His fingertips caress her glowing, wounded skin as he kisses her softly and appreciatively again and again, whispering softly to her "You were incredible." "You trained me well, Master." "The part with the cock ring? Amazing. Oh gods, so brutal, how you teased me." "Thank you Master.


I particularly liked the speech you gave our Slave before blindfolding her. The things that must be going through her head." "Mm-hmm.

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And just think how we can torment her in the morning." He sighs heavily. "The bit with the crop has me a little worried. Going in for one last blow after the proverbial buzzer; I had thought we trained her better than that." She squeezes him reassuringly.


"She is just young Master, give her time. She will learn.

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Besides, they're more fun when they're disobedient," she giggles mischeviously. He smiles and kisses her again.

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"True. And after tomorrow morning if she isn't begging for mercy." "She will be, Master.


Trust me, I have just the thing."