Paris hilton bath 2 by dj nilo

Paris  hilton  bath  2 by dj nilo
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Taking My Sister Part 3 As I sat in the decent sized wardrobe in my sisters room, waiting for her to finish her shower and come back into the room, I went over the events of the day after I had walked into the house. Walking in on my mom fucking a big muscley black guy was a shock to say the least, even though it was a real turn-on, followed by my sister staring at my hard-on and then walking past me naked with obvious lust in her slutty little eyes making me even harder.

These events would culminate in me hopefully seeing her naked again or maybe even more with a bit of luck. After ten minutes or so I heard the shower stop and the door open and close.

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Melanie spent another ten minutes towelling off and then I could hear her feet padding down the hall towards her room. I held my breath in horny anticipation of Melanie's arrival in the room.


She came in with no towel on, completely naked in her 10 year old perfection. She walked more gracefully than a high level super model and her little tits jiggled ever so slightly as she walked.

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She glanced over at the wardrobe and I was sure she knew I was in there watching her but I kept as quiet as possible. She kept walking slowly up to her bedside cabinet and bent over exposing her sweet ass and the lower lips of her pussy to my hungry eyes.

They bulged out like those toy eyeball squeegee things you used to buy at the cheapo shops in town. Melanie bent over even further and reached into her drawer and pulled something wrapped in a sock out.

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She unwrapped the package in the sock and I could see it was a seven and a half inch purple dildo with a vibrator built in. I had seen a dildo in school when someone's older brother had come in to collect them from my class and his bag had split wherein the dildo his girlfriend had put in there fell out in front of my desk. Back to Melanie However. She put the sock down and held the dildo up, examining it closely and stroking it gently.

She lay down on her bed with her pussy and ass facing towards me as she slowly turned the dildo towards her little pussy. She started rubbing it up and down her slit before sliding it in gently.


After about five minutes I couldn't take it anymore and began stroking my cock rapidly. Melanie must have heard something because she stopped and stood up.

I was shitting myself that she would find me sitting there stroking my cock. She started coming towards the cupboard as I tried to manoeuvre myself away from the door I had been at.


It was a futile attempt however as she opened the door and saw me sitting there with my cock hanging out in my hand. "Hey Matt." "Uhh." 'Shit' I thought into myself as Melanie took my hand and pulled me out of the wardrobe. I fell against her and my cock pressed against her stomach as my left hand groper her tit.

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Melanie moaned and pressed her mouth against mine, our lips mashing together and our tongues lapping over the others as I ran my hand over her tit and my other over her pert little ass as her hand fell down between us and grabbed my stiff member and began stroking it fast. I pushed Melanie back onto the bed and jumped on top of her and slipped my hand down between her legs as I had done all those years ago in the bath.

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I began finger fucking my sister again and slipped down her body to start licking her juicy slit. My tongue found her clit even though I didn't know what it was, flicking over it gently as my fingers pumped in and out of her tight snatch. "Yeah like that Matt, "Melanie Said in a whispered voice, "Finger fuck your sister like that, don't ever stop." I kept on going bringing her to an extreme climax where she squirted beautiful clear pussy juice all over my face and hands, a lot of it getting on the sheets, absolutely soaking them.

Melanie screamed out very loudly and thrust her pussy against me forcefully as I slid my fingers out of her. I dragged myself up Melanie's body and began kissing her again.

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She slipped her way down my body as I turned over to let her on top as she began stroking my thick throbbing member and slip her soft velveteen little mouth around my cock and started sucking hard and fast. I couldn't old this for long as I burst a huge load of white steamy sperm into my sister's eager mouth, her swallowing it all with great gusto.I finished spewing my load into her mouth and she clambered up on top of me whereon she dipped her pussy onto my cock.

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We both moaned in delight as my cock penetrated Melanie deeply and we began fucking hard in the cowgirl position. We kept at this for a good twenty-five minutes until we both came at the same moment, my hot cum filling her up and her warm flowing pussy juice streaming freely down my member and onto my crotch and legs. As Melanie raised herself off of my cock her door opened and in walked Mom, "Melanie I've told you to stop taking my fucking dildo, How many times do I -!" She paused as she took in the scene before her and her mouth dropped in shock.

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"What the fuck do you two think you are doing?!"