Horny girlfriend is ready to begin sex

Horny girlfriend is ready to begin sex
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Christmas was just around the corner and for the first time in at least four years I was on time with my shopping. This year I managed to get a whole three weeks off from work, bliss and joy would surely follow. My beloved girlfriend Maria had arranged it at her work to be free as well for two weeks so we could spend some real quality time. You better believe that I was looking forward to it.

That night we were decorating the Christmas tree when her phone rang. I recognized the ringtone, it was Jennifer, her best friend since fifth grade. She had come over from Hawaii to Amsterdam to get a little reprieve from her messy divorce. We had met before and she was a really nice woman, kind and decent with a nasty sense of humor. To have her call my girlfriend now would probably mean something was wrong.

Curious as I am, I stepped closer to eavesdrop. Unfortunately, the call ended before I could pick up any hint of what was wrong. The look on her face however meant doom for my Christmas plans, she looked guilty.

"Darling" she started and I knew there was trouble somehow. "I have to ask you something that you know I normally wouldn't, but its Jenny soo." "Okay" I said "What do you want to ask of me?" "Well, you know she won custody of their daughter Megan" she continued dragging the actual request out.

At that point I knew my Christmas plans would either be screwed or altered beyond my pleasure. "She has come with her, she was supposed to stay at Jenny's parents place but something about a boyfriend has made that impossible." She then looked at me with her girly pleading face and hammered the coffin nail down. "Jenny really needs to unwind so I offered to go with her this weekend to the spa we arranged and that you would look after Megan." Dumb folded I just stood there, unable to answer.

"I know that you planned things differently for us, but if it wasn't Jenny I wouldn't have asked her." She paused a bit before continuing "I promise I'll make it up to you, big time." Her hand moved to my cock and started to rub it through my pants, grinning in a delightful way.

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"Okay okay, I'll look after the tike while you go relax with Jenny" I said, knowing that the making up part would be very special indeed. So I had to wait a few days, we still would have more than a week together. Next Friday night Jennifer and her daughter Megan arrived at our home. Maria opened the door as I was putting the final touches on the impromptu guest bedroom, my hobby room. Some things were not meant to be viewed by anybody else but Maria and me.

Meeting them in the living room, I was shocked to see the shape Jennifer was in. She looked haggard and tired, having lost at least 20 pounds and she was never a big woman.

Her smile was warm enough as she hugged me, thanking me for my sacrifice in her behalf. Mumbling something that it was okay, I saw Megan standing behind her. That was not the girl I remembered from the pictures they had sent us.


This was a little ferocious fox. She was the American variant of a punk rocker, at least in dress code. Maria and I still are frequent visitors of the underground clubs that play that music, but we lean more into the Gothic industrial. Megan was dressed as a Rocket queen, black leather high heeled boots, two pairs of stockings worn over each other, the top one a fishnet and the bottom one bright glossy red. A short leather skirt on top of that, a PVC corset showing her ample breasts and torn fishnet gloves.

I couldn't see how long they were as she still was wearing her long leather coat but her face was clear as day. Bright red hair, cut in a layered style hugged her face.

Piercings through her eyebrow, nose and lower lip as well as at least seven earrings alone in her left ear. I didn't doubt that she would have a tongue piercing as well. Her pale blue eyes stood out in stark contrast to the heavy black eye makeup she wore. Dark glossy red lip stick matched the slightly pouting lips perfectly. Jennifer released me from the hug, kissing me on both cheeks.

She thanked me again and then she and my girlfriend got their bags and left, leaving me with a 17 year old rebel in the house. "Wasn't your choice either eh?" I asked her while I got her coat. "No way" Megan replied "I was supposed to hook up with Jake for some r&r and now I am stuck in boredom city in the middle of nowhere, no offence Mr.

Raymonds." "None taken Megan" I said "but please call me Mike otherwise I'll really feel like a dinosaur." She grinned at that "Not a fossil yet are ya?" "You'd be surprised missy, but I'll let you in on a secret, this may be boredom capital for you but" I let it hang for a moment for a more dramatic effect "sixteen is the legal drinking age here." Her eyes shot up and she asked "For real?

No kidding?" "For real, so what do you want to do these two days and we'll see if we can make it happen." She sat down on the couch, looking at our Christmas tree before she turned to me and answered "I would like to go clubbing tonight, is that possible?" I looked at my iPhone scheduler to see what clubs would be playing her kind of music tonight. The closest thing was Industrial night at the Korsakoff, an underground alternative club.

"Would Industrial suit your taste?" I grinned at her.

Her face lit up saying "You're kidding, really? That would be so awesome." "No problem kiddo, I just need to change and we can go, however, not a word to your mom okay?" She nodded with a big smile, the look of relief on her face told me that things had been rough on her as well. Quickly changing, I grabbed my matted latex sleeveless, a pair of black worker pants, a succubus buckled belt and my trusty black army boots.

I transferred enough cash to my chained wallet and hooked it on my belt. A quick stop in the bathroom for some gel to spike my hair and I was ready.

When I walked back into the room, she was talking on her phone. She turned to look at me and her conversation stopped. I could hear the other person, a girl, still talk on the other side but Megan had her mouth open in surprise and had lowered her phone. She closed her mouth and continued the conversation, apologizing for her not paying attention just now. Her eyes went over me in a way that resulted in some inappropriate reactions from my body.

Blood rushed down and my dick grew to stand by size. She must have noticed it because she stared a bit too long at my crotch. Discretion being the better part of valor, I walked out of the room to get our coats. When I came back she had finished her conversation and looked at me with a tilted head, thinking hard and analyzing me.

"So" she started "will you be dad or date tonight?" That stopped me right in my tracks, I hadn't considered that. I was more than twice her age so it might come up, either way was fine by me as it wasn't likely that we would be asked. "I'll let you decide that when and if it comes up okay?" I responded, allowing her some leeway if she met a nice guy.

She grinned and walked towards me, taking her coat saying "Thanks, I'll let you know." The club was crowded even at this early hour. It wasn't a big club but it had atmosphere and good bouncers so Maria and I were frequently there, part of the old school crowd.

Megan liked it and we took up seats at the bar near the filled dance floor. She was scoping out the crowd, noticing the differences between what she knew and this place. It didn't take long for me to meet up with some friends and I introduced Megan as a friend.

My friends took an instant liking to this hot young yank and all offered her drinks and dances. Each time, she whispered me for permission when it was a drink, for the dances she did not.


Her favorite drink was Vodka pure and before midnight she was over ten shots, grinning madly and having a great time. A few times I got pulled to the dance floor as well, usually for a mosh or a slam dance. She would stand at the side of the pit, cheering me on but not joining. When I asked her about it she told me that it was way more violent than what she was used to.

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A few more Vodka's later, she really opened up and started to chat away about her life, boyfriends and of course the divorce of her parents. When she started to talk about sex it became a bit uncomfortable for me but she seemed oblivious to it. Luckily for me, one of her favorite songs blasted out of the speakers and she pulled me onto the dance floor.

The song was Marilyn Manson's Slutgarden and she started to dance with me in a slutty manner. I followed her lead and it didn't take long for her to get me aroused.

Cursing the absence of my girlfriend, I knew that later tonight my right hand would get some extra exercise. When a friend tried to cut in Megan rode me even closer, leaving no doubt that she was claiming me.

Rubbing her ass against me, letting her hands flow over my body and grinding her pussy on my leg just to tell her off. She paused and turned to face me when her hand went over my cock. It was very hard and she didn't miss it.

Letting her hand slip, she continued her dance with even more gusto, her eyes never leaving mine as I watched her dance with me. When the song ended, I was about to leave the dance floor with her when Spiders started to play by System of a Down.

She held out her hand, a smile on her face and beckoned me to dance to this song as well. Taking it, she moved in closer, wrapping her arms around my neck waiting for me to pull her closer still with my hands on her ass.

When I didn't respond fast enough she took them and placed them on her ass, pressing her pelvis against mine. "Can I ask you something?" she whispered loud enough to be heard over the music.

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"Sure" I said, nodding to make sure she understood. "What's behind the red door?" she asked coyly.

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My mind raced to come up with something but nothing came to mind, I decided to play for time and find another way out of the question because I knew for sure that she would know what a darkroom was so I asked her back "Why do you ask?" "One of your friends asked me if I would join him there" she said without missing a beat.

"What did you tell him?" I worriedly responded. "I told him no, that you were my date for tonight and I would only go there with you, I figured it was a darkroom or something of a kind and it wouldn't be fair to you if I had fun while you couldn't" she answered me smiling. "So" she continued "from the look on your face I take it I was right and it is a darkroom." "Yeah it is" I said "but Maria and I have never been in there so I cannot tell you what else happens in there." "Bummer" she said but then smirked and asked "Want to find out?" Not waiting for my answer, she pulled me to the side of the dance floor and went through the red door.

I stood there for a few moments weighing my options. There was no way in hell that I would leave her there alone but I could hardly make out in there with a sixteen year old.

Maria and I like to swing from time to time but this was her best friend's daughter. Sighing, I went through the door following Megan. The room I entered was lit by red and yellow neon light, giving it a low lit warm feeling.

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There were stalls, about 2 by 2 meters, closed off by thick curtains. The music from the other side of the door was playing from the speakers here as well but less loud. It took me a few seconds to spot where Megan was, her body obscured by a curtain, only her head showing. Her face lit up when she saw me enter and I wondered what the hell this little hellion was planning. Moving over to the booth she occupied, she pulled me in and closed the curtains.

"If I was Maria, what would happen next?" she whispered to me. "Do you really want to know?" I asked, hoping to persuade her not to take this too far. "Yes I do" she said with certainty. "Very well" I sighed and told her "if she was the aggressor as you are now, she would kiss me while freeing my dick, jack me of a bit and then suck my dick until I came." "Then she would kiss me again, swapping cum with me until we swallowed and then I would do the same to her, finger fuck her a bit, then eat her out till she came." "After she had come, she would make me hard again and I would most likely fuck her against the wall, in either her pussy or ass, depending on what mood she was in." When I was finished, Megan's face was flushed and her hand was underneath her skirt, rubbing her pussy.

"That was really hot" Megan said moving her hand to her mouth, licking her fingers slowly. "Thank you, now may I ask you a question?" I asked her. "As long as it's not truth or dare" she grinned wickedly at me. "It's not, why are you doing this, I mean, I am flattered that such a hot young girl would even consider me as a sex partner but you hardly know me and I am way older than you." Megan considered my question carefully before answering. "Fair enough" she said "First of all, you treat me like a person, not a burden.

Second, you are so hot for me and yet you restrain yourself even when I throw myself at you and finally, there are a few things you don't know about what happened back home before the divorce. I promise to tell you later, just not now and not here. I am feeling good about myself for the first time in a very long time and I don't want to spoil this mood by getting emo okay?" I nodded and said okay. She was visibly relieved I wouldn't press the point and moved towards me.

"Look, just pretend for a moment that I am someone else than my mother's daughter." She took my hand and moved us back to the wall, her body leaning against it with me in front of her.

"I don't give a rats ass about your age, I think you are a very handsome and honest guy and right now I need some TLC from someone, I would like that someone to be you." Her eyes were scanning my face, looking for a clue as to which way my decision would swing. A little TLC I could do, that would be bending not breaking Jennifer's trust.

Megan must have picked up a hint because she smiled, wrapped her arms around my neck and parted her lips to kiss me before I had even said anything. With her heels she was just a little shorter than me and she closed the distance quick. "One sec" I quickly spoke before our lips met. She held of an inch from touching with her lips and waited, her breath warm and moist on my mouth. With her body so willing and so close, I felt my resolve weaken fast, a little time was what I needed.

"Megan, I would love to give you the TLC you crave but here? Is this the place for it?" I asked her. Her eyes were locked into mine and I felt her tongue slip over my lips, wetting them. "I guess not but" she answered slowly "I would like to fool around a bit here, just to be able to say that I did it in a Darkroom in Amsterdam." With that said she pressed her kiss through, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

Using her hands on my neck she really forced our mouths together, pressing hard from her side. Her tongue was pierced and for me it was the first time I ever kissed a girl with one. It was a fun sensation and after a little hesitation, I kissed back as hard as she gave.

My tongue playing with her piercing in her tongue and in her lip, pulling and biting it. Before I knew it my hands were on her ass beneath her skirt feeling her cheeks up. She purred in my mouth and pressed even harder against my dick. Megan broke the kiss first, both of our pulses racing and our faces betrayed the heat we were feeling. "We can go to your place shortly but there is one thing I really want to do here before we leave and I need you to say yes." Megan whispered softly to me, her fingers stroking my neck gently.

At that point I was so worked up I said yes before thinking it through. She smiled, kissed me on the lips again and pushed me a bit back, my hands slipping of her ass. Crouching down she deftly undid my buckle and started to unbutton my pants. I was about to stop her when she looked up and said "You said yes, don't spoil it okay, it's my gift to you." Looking in her eyes I could see the need she felt for me to let go and allow her to do what she wanted.

"I don't want to take advantage of you Megan, not in any way that you might regret tomorrow." "Tell me that I am not" I continued while she slowed down unbuttoning my pants. She looked me straight in the eyes saying "Mike, if you'll let me, I'll be the one taking advantage of you, the entire night if I have my way and tomorrow as well." "I understand that you don't get it, my needing this now but allow me to follow my feelings, I swear, honest to God that I will tell you all about later okay?" Not answering verbally, I undid the last few buttons and pushed my pants open, trusting her.

"Thank you" she said and she pulled my boxers down, freeing my hard cock. She grabbed it with her left hand at the base and pulled me a little closer. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock as she slowly pulled back my foreskin, the scent of my pre cum strong on the air. With a quick movement she engulfed my cockhead in her mouth, the warm sensation and the tickling of her piercing made me moan out loud.

My head turned towards the ceiling as she started to suck my raging hard on in earnest. Bobbing really fast up and down she spread her saliva all over my shaft, making it wet and slippery. It was one hell of a sloppy blow job but she knew what she was doing. She did not assist with her hand, letting her tongue and lips do all the work, applying suction and releasing in a perfect rhythm. At one point she made me cry out when she actually deep throated me, something that Maria never managed. I could feel her smile with my cock buried in her throat, she was definitely pleased with having evoked this reaction in me.

She kept working my cock slowly towards what would be an intense orgasm when I smelled her arousal. Looking down I could see her right hand under her skirt, moving franticly. I smiled when I whispered between gasps "I'll lick those fingers when you are done okay, not you." A grunt was the reply I got and an increase in movement between her legs.

A few moments later she let go of my cock with her mouth as she fell back against the wall screaming "Oh my god, yes, yes, yes" turning her head left and right. Her left hand still on my cock she started to jack me off slowly.

After a few moments her breathing calmed down and she shifted into a higher gear. Her hand flew over my moist shaft, twisting around my cockhead, closing her hand again and moved back down. Her screams had really done it for me, her young voice making me feel like a dirty old man, the kinkiness of it all pushed me over the edge even quicker. In a loud moan I announced my orgasm to her, she looked up and smiled seeing my face set in look of pure ecstasy. She quickly sat a bit up pushing my cock between her breasts down in her corset.

The warm and sweaty flesh of her tits engulfed my cock and the edge of the tight PVC corset narrowed my cum channel making the sensation of my throbs even more intense. It felt almost like a burning sensation each time I shot my load.


My cum pooled in her corset between her breasts as she took my dick out and started to suck the remaining cum out of me. I shuddered when she licked my sensitive cockhead and deep throated me one final time, holding my cock in her throat for almost 30 seconds before releasing it with a gasp.

"That was amazing" I said to her with a huge grin. She stood up and held her right hand up, smelling strongly with the scent of her juice. "Thanks, yours is the biggest I managed to deep throat so far and thanks for not pushing my head down on your cock, I know men like to do that but I really hate it." She said, pushing her fingers one by one in my mouth.

I licked and sucked them all clean, making her sigh a few times. "So, your place now?" she said smiling as she licked her finger that she just had stuck between her breasts, licking my cum of it.