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Young amateur sucking big dick
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David is a dick, he is a dick to his brother, he is a dick to the pizza delivery guy, he is basically a dick to everyone. It didn't matter that even though he was successful in his job and he travelled a lot for it, it meant that he could be a dick in many different languages and countries. What he didn't know as he was bartering with an elderly stall holder in Mancora, Peru that this was the last person he wanted to annoy.

Even though the elderly gentlemen tried to be honest and offer his wares at a fair price David always went that one step too far and even insulted him and so the stall holder went for a very special piece that he kept hidden.

He was so enraged that he didn't warn David about the very dark powers the ornament had and with a very wry smile on his face as he took the guy's money and handed over the ornate figurine. David thought nothing of it and certainly didn't ever expect the horrors that he would now be unleashed on his brother and his family when he handed the statue over a week later.

He just smiled and couldn't help himself eyeing up his gorgeous sister-in law and their very beautiful three daughters. He chatted inanely about work and everyday life but really he wanted nothing more than to escape and fuck his latest tinder date.

He was proud of himself lasting another 20 minutes with his brother but he was glad to be free and had already sent a text to see if he could get a little booty call before bed time. He didn't think much of the statue or what his brother's family was going to endure as he skipped away he just carried on being a bit of a dick. As Paul took a large sigh of relief as he finally closed the front door to her brother and didn't pay a second thought to the ugly looking statue his brother left in the front room.

He was tired and knew that he had a rough day at a work tomorrow plus he had to get the girls ready for school as well, as Helen would be leaving early for her conference. He slumped down in his big comfy chair and switched around the TV hoping to find something to watch and didn't really notice as his two daughters walked into the room.

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They were already for bed and went to get a glass of water before sitting on the sofa in their shorts and comfy tops. They both sat on either end and watched TV without really saying a word. It had been fun with uncle David but they were all glad when he left. Without too much to watch they didn't last long and kissed their father good night. As they went upstairs Paul felt very tired and a little strange as his mind wondered. He snapped out of his day dream as his freshly bathed wife walked in to the room.

She smelt amazing and his groin started to react in a way that he hadn't done in a long time. He watched as Helen sat down on the opposite seat and noticed as she crossed her legs revealing a lot of leg and he got properly stiff.

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He shifted in his seat and couldn't take his eyes off his wife's long and beautiful legs he didn't say anything just stared. She didn't notice and just sat watching the TV again not really noticing anything but she also started to feel a little strange, flushed and maybe just a little horny.

It must have been the bath, but Helen was definitely feeling it. She shifted in her seat and uncrossed her legs, her white towelling robe opened a little and showed more of her porcelain skin and Paul was transfixed looking between her legs.

A little confused as to why she was feeling this way, Helen glanced over to her husband and she couldn't help but notice how hard he was looking at her she opened her legs just a little and his eyes lit up even further. Paul stood up and moved next to his wife, she didn't move and didn't complain and he kept on staring at her. He settled down next to her and slowly moved his hand to her thigh and started to slowly rub her leg.

She reacted quite subtly and opened her legs just a little bit more no words, just a passive acceptance of his intimacy. Paul didn't take long to move his hand further up her warm, smooth legs and he could feel the heat as he got closer to her white panties.

She moaned a little and he slowly cupped her mound. She met his hand movement and raised her midriff to grind against him. Her robe spread even further apart and so did her legs, she wanted this. He rubbed her with more pressure and bent down to kiss her thigh and he could smell her scent. He pressed his finger deeper and her pussy easily succumbed, with a swift rip Paul removed his wife underwear and started to push further in.

He started a rhythm and he added his tongue to her clit this only made Helen more vocal and she moaned every time he inserted his fingers inside of her. He was sucking, licking and finger fucking his wife and didn't notice the noise his normally quiet wife was making and even if he did he certainly didn't seemed to care he just kept up the relentless pounding of Helen's very sloppy pussy. He stopped and prepared himself to fuck her and didn't notice as his eldest came down the stairs to find out what all the noise about.

Gabby was still groggy as he moved down the stairs and stopped dead when she saw what her father was doing so forcefully to her mother. She didn't call out, she didn't make a noise, she stood transfixed and was affected by the scene, so she silently sat on the stair and watched as her father took down his trousers and moved between her legs, she just got a glimpse of his erect cock and held her breath, she had never seen one before and she found it arousing to say the least.

Her father wasn't mucking around and quickly thrust into her mother and the force seemed to make its way across the room and into his 17 year old daughter's body sitting in the dark. She couldn't move as her father got faster and faster impaling his seven inch cock into her mother her mother was groaning and just lied back and took his rigid pounding. Gabby's hand moved to her chest as she continued to watch and found that her nipples had got very sensitive and hard, she liked the feeling and was getting very turned on.


She grabbed her breast and even though she wasn't a big girl she had a very pleasant hand full this was amazing and she was hypnotised watching her dad's arse move in a reciprocating motion. Her other hand slowly moved down to her legs and moved the white material of her sleepwear out of the way and gave her easy access to her own body. She slipped a finger between the white cotton of her panties and her shaved pubic area and easily parted her virginal lips.

She gasped a little as she started to rub her herself, gently at first but was emboldened as the pleasure started to radiate from her pussy. Gabby was close to losing herself, she wanted to feel more, she wanted to feel her dad's cock.

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The shock of thinking that didn't slow her down, it didn't send her running away it made her fingers work harder and her breast get squeezed harder than before she splipped a finger deep inside her wet pussy as her body tensed. Gabby let out her first moan of a climax, she was breathing deeply and kept her finger inside as she came down from that amazing high. Paul was building an amazing pressure inside of him and was having the most amazing fuck of his life; he felt like a porn star as he lasted way more time than usual and his wife never had more than one orgasm when they normally fucked.

He wanted this to last forever so he took her legs and moved then upwards so he could get as deep as he could Helen didn't complain and moaned louder as he put her legs against his chest. Helen's pussy felt amazing and he had a great time massaging her tits and arse as he fucked her; he even played with her puckered arsehole and she responded by a jolt but not the normal complaints when he had tried to play with her arse before.

He moved his finger around and even started to break her barrier to add a double penetration to their amazing session. Gabby was panting away as she watched her dad fingering her mother's arsehole and she wanted more, so her finger started again and she pinched her nipples even harder. Her climax was close again and building quickly, as her dad withdrew from her mother and instructed Helen to kneel in front of him. Helen quickly moved on to her knees and looked up at her husband as he wanked his cock over her.

She was so close to his cock she slowly opened her mouth to accept what was just about to land all over her. She was just about to close her eyes when she noticed a little movement in the background Helen didn't stop but kept her mouth open and refocused her eyes to try and see what the movement was.

She could see a body in the dark and she knew is was one of her daughters. She could make out a regular movement but didn't panic, she didn't try and cover herself or stop her husband from dumping a huge amount of cum all over her. Her eyes started to adapt to the light and she was surprised to see that the movement came from her nether region. Slowly she realised that her own daughter was wanking over her and her husband fucking and she was just about to see her own mother getting covered in spunk.

Paul moaned and he grunted as he literally shot his load over his wife. He was shaking from his core as rope after rope of seed landed on her face and mouth. She quickly took his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean all the while keeping an eye on Gabby fingering herself on the stairs.

She had the most amazing orgasm as she sucked his rigid cock clean of cum and watched her daughter as well. They both fell apart back on to the sofa and they just tried to catch their breath. Helen and Paul had just had the best sex of their lives and they were shocked and didn't speak; they did however notice as their eldest daughter tried to slink back upstairs.

They didn't try to cover up - they just called her name. They don't know why they didn't feel the need to cover up but they sat there as Gabby walked into the room. She stood in front of her naked parents and tried not to look as her father's spunk dripped off of her mother breasts.

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She stood ashamed, standing in a t-shirt which barely covered her white panties and most definitely showed her incredibly erect nipples. 'What were you doing on the stairs?' Paul looked at his beautiful daughter standing with her legs crossed a little trying not to show her the very damp patch on her panties. She couldn't really speak and certainly didn't want to say why she had got the thrill of a lifetime watching her father fuck her mother basically because she didn't know why.


The whole family were doing things they never dreamed of, but didn't know it or even care. 'I am so disappointed that you were sneaking around and you don't even say anything' Paul was getting a little angry with his daughter's silence, who didn't even look up. Losing his temper, 'Lay face down over your mothers knees; she is going to spank you for being a very naughty girl'.

Gabby raised her eyes and stared at her father but didn't say a word as she bent over her mothers legs and placed her arse up and was ready for her punishment. Helen moved herself so she was ready to punish Gabby. Paul moved so that Gabby's head was laying on his lap.

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Smack, Helen's hand came down hard on to her daughter's arse; she kept her hand there a little before repeating her smack. The pain Gabby felt shocked her and she started to weep, but the noise didn't stop her mother's hand repeatedly smacking her now reddening arse. The pain grew and her arse started to radiate heat and it surprised Gabby that a feeling started to grow in her groin and the weeping changed so that ever new hit made Gabby moan.

Gabby body squashed against both parents bodies as the next spank hit her red arse. She moved a little further and grabbed hold of her father's leg as the hits kept on coming down. She didn't really notice that her head was even closer to Paul's stiffening cock and was only just covered each spank revealed more and more and it was only a couple of minutes away from much better access.

Gabby was losing it as her arsed got a tanning her legs were spreading and she grabbed her father's leg as her moans got longer and louder. She was clenching between smacks and her top had risen so more and more flesh was on show. She didn't really notice that the time between each hit was getting longer and the more time her mother's hand stayed massaging her rear end.

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Helen was rubbing her daugher's arse and started to push her panties to one side to get better access to her pussy and boy could she feel the heat from Gabby. She could smell her arousal as well and lingered over her arse and slipped a finger deeper into her daughter.

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Gabby didn't care that her own mother was starting to finger fuck her and it only raised the noise coming from her body. Her pussy was wet and easily took her mother's finger and the extra stimulation made her squirm around so that her hand found Paul's now very stiff cock. She slipped her thin fingers around his shaft and instinctively started to play with him, slowly wanking. She loved the feel of it and now her stimulation was getting her closer to peaking.

Gabby was being fucked and was fucking her mother back harder and harder as her pleasure grew; her moans were loud and she couldn't help but move her head so that she could slip her father's rock hard cock into her mouth.


She took the whole shaft inside of her mouth and didn't stop; no gag reflex just a new found need to swallow as much of her father's cock as possible. Gabby withdrew his cock and went back to slowly wanking him before going back down and sucking him again. Her cunt was now full of at least two fingers and she could hear how sloppy she was; she wanted the cock inside of her and she wanted the fingers to go deeper, she was sucking harder and with more vigour now.

Her moaning was interrupted when she stuffed her mouth with his massive cock and started to lose her mind; she just wanted more. She spread her legs as wide as she could and wanted more inside of her, she wanted to take the cock and was hitting her peak as her father's hand came around her head so he could take charge of the blow job. He wasn't gentle and grabbed both sides of her head and trust his cock hard down her throat.

The shock and the change of pace from her father made Gabby pause but only for a second but was ready as the next time her father forced his cock into her mouth. He wasn't polite or gentle; he used his daughter's throat to get as much pleasure as he could and the sight of her arse raising up as his wife inserted even more fingers inside of her was bliss.

Paul shut his eyes and continued pushing himself inside of her and he felt her mouth start to clamp down on him as her orgasm started to show. It just started to build and in unison her body felt every insertion, felt every trust and she just lost her shit a wave of shear joy engulfed her and her whole body shook. She clamped her mother's fingers with her pussy and felt her father come inside of her mouth she swallowed and swallowed and finally came down and didn't spill a drop.

She let her father's cock fall out of her mouth and tried to catch her breath as her mother also stopped her onslaught. She stayed and laid across their laps and just tried to work out what was going on. She was spent and she should have been disgusted and violated or a million other emotions after being abused by your parents but she just wanted more.

She slipped away up the stairs and didn't look at either parents as she did and didn't notice that the small statue in the lobby was emitting a glow and a low hum.

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If she had been thinking at all clearly she might have worked out that this was the reason why she was now a sex toy and wanted to have more.