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Hi! I know its been way too long since I post chapter 7. :P Or you might be a new reader? Welcome!

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For chapter 1 to 7, please visit my list of stories. (Click at my name, nerdyangel up there! And it will bring you there! Or just read my "synopsis" down there of what happened in the previous chapters! :P *DISCLAIMER* Any sexual act done by the characters are purely fantasy.

It doesn't reflects any teachings or religions. If you enjoy this, please VOTE POSITIVE!! And if you did not, please comment why so I can fix it in my next stories! :P ENJOY! ********************** Previously. Lily is a newlywed hijab girl who just moved in with her husband Kyle. Then she started to hear weird noises from her neighbor's house. Thinking that the wife might get a bad treatment from her husband, Lily decided to ask her. Instead, what she found is the noises are from sex.

Which is alien to her because as far as her concern, sex in her life was mostly silence. Then, Matt and Sara (their neighbors) showed her what sex truly is. This opens the sexual awakening in Lily's life. As she started to fuck with her boss at her workplace, a security guard, and some other sexual encounters.

(read full chapters to find out more!) But being a good neighbor, Sara and Matt decided to do the same to Kyle. Sara showed Kyle how to properly fuck, and find out that the reason Kyle holds back in bed with Lily is because she thought Lily is too innocent and fragile to fuck hard.

This leads to Kyle's own sexual awakening too. And in this chapter, you will see the conclusion and the end game of Matt and Sara for Lily and Kyle. :P ************************* LILY Kyle has gone to the convention as myself just done having my shower. It's Monday. Because I followed Mr. John to the convention for 3 days, he recompense my weekends by giving me today and tomorrow off days for me. I am wearing a long a bit tight dress, or abaya some might call it.

But instead the traditional loose ones, the one that I wear is a bit tight at the waist, showing the shape of my hourglass body, giving the hint of my bubbly rounded ass. And there's also some tiny sparkles patterned at the front of the dress. With that black dress, I wear a soft pink hijab around my head, covering half of my breasts. A few months back, I would never thought I will be wearing something as tight as this. I hear the door knocked. I grab my small purse and open it.

To see Matt standing there. All lean, and wearing a buttoned up blue long sleeved shirt with his long black pants. He smiles. "Ready.?" As his eyes lingers on my body. I nodded. "How about Sarah?" I asked as I lock the door behind me, following him to his car.

"Oh, don't worry about her, she is having her own… fun" I smile at him. I can still feel a bit sore from yesterday's foursome at the hotel. And today, I know Matt will have his way with me too. And I love it. He said he have a surprise for me. Making me anticipate a bit more than usual.

Because the last time he surprise me, he took me to the glory hole and have a lot of cocks in my mouth that day.

And in my pussy too. He take me to a lingerie store. He asked me to pick one that I like and I did. And at the same time he buy a white one for me with a bride theme.

I thanked him as we drove off to our real destination. The Blue Garden Hotel. As Matt drives looking for a parking space, I thought I saw Kyle's car. But it must have been the same model. I didn't see the license plate. We parked, we checked in and we get into our room.

I took a quick shower by myself as I still keeping my hair secret, exclusively only for my husband. And he respect that, saying that the hijab makes me look hotter. Then I get in the white bridal lingerie that he bought me.

Without me knowing, he also gives me a matching white hijab. I open the door as I see him already naked, sitting on the edge of the bed. His hand stroking his big fat cock. The first cock that pop my cherry properly. That shows me what fuck is all about.


I bite my lips, wanting to jump on that cock and let it impales me. But I keep my composure. I take my steps as the matching white heels making that sexy knock noise with every steps. My legs are wrapped by the thin white thigh high socks, gartered up to my waist. I am wearing a matching white panties that barely covers where my pubic hair should be if they were not shaved off.

My hourglass shaped belly moves as I walk, getting up, my 38C juicy breasts cupped underneath my white bra. And my hands are wrapped with matching white gloves reaching my biceps. My white hijab perfectly wrapped around my head, covering half of my breasts but still I know he can see them jiggles. I smile with my red lips, as the white veil clipped on my hijab sways on the back of my head. "Who are we playing today Matt.?

I'm your bride.?" I asked in a naughty voice. He chuckles. "No, baby… But you'll know. Soon… Now get on your knees and suck this cock." He said as he smile.

I didn't answer because I feels my pussy is too wet and horny from this tease. I kneels between his legs as my palm runs on his thighs. I look up at him as I brushes my red lips on his tips, teasing. I take out my tongue and lick his shaft, tasting him again as my fingers slowly wraps around his cock, stroking him up and down with my sexy eyes meets him. I slowly open my mouth as I let his tip rests on my bottom lips.

My eyes looking up at him naughtily. I know he love seeing me. The contra of the innocent, conservative hijab with my slutty looks and lingerie. There is something wrong but yet it feels so good about it. And without waiting long, I move my head forward as his thick fat cock slides between my soft Asian lips.

His cock reaches back and kisses the back of my throat. I wrap my lips around his shaft and suck him hard, my tongue swirls around his shaft as I move my head back and forth, while my hands are now on his thighs. "Ummm, fuck Lily… You are getting better at this. He groans gladly. I look up seeing him grinning.

His hand on my head, firm but not rough. He knows how to hold my head without messing my hijab. He start to control my pace, back and forth. I suck his cock gladly as I feels the thickness and the size filling up my mouth and my throat, getting deeper and deeper.

Something about today making him a bit rougher than usual. I gagged a bit as I feels my eyes watered. He keep going on. He then start to fuck my mouth as my hands now are on his thighs for support. I gagged yet I sucked and I sucked his cock out of lust.

I wanted his cum. I wanted his cock. Fuck I am a whore. I am slut! The wet sloppy noises filling up the room with my moans and his groans. Then he pulls his cock out of my face and slap my face with it.

Making a mess on my face. I open my mouth wanting more. "Ohh ahh. yess… I like it when you do that Matt." I told him naughtily. He smile as slaps his thick meat harder on my cheek before he put his cock on my face. Letting it rest there as he look down at me lustfully.

"Fuck, Lily&hellip. You're such a hot girl…" He said as I chuckles hearing that. I wrap my fingers around his cock and stroke it back and forth. "Then, fuck me Matt… Use my pussy. Use my body… Fill me up with your cum… Please…" I said smiling naughtily. Almost begging. I grins as he grab my hands. He pulls my body up and I squirmed a bit, shocked. He put me on his lap with his legs now between mine.

He squeeze my ass lustfully, feeling his fingers digging in my ass's flesh as his lips meet mine. Our tongue swirls around each other lustfully, moaning into each other's mouth as I wrap my hands around his neck, pulling myself closer and tighter as now I sits directly on his throbbing shaft. I grinds my panties covered soaking pussy on his hot throbbing cock as we keep kissing.

He loves to tease me. Fuck! My breath is getting heavier as my palm runs on his athletic carved chest. Our lips eating each other's out as he grab my hair and pulls my head back. He then kisses my neck, sucking it, enjoying my hijab covered neck. Making him more lustful. "Ohh Matt… Ahhhh." I moans loud. Then I hear someone else's moaning too. I stop the move yet Matt is still squeezing my ass as he grins my body on his.

That moans sounds familiar. And it come from the room next to me. "Ummm, do you hear that Lily…? Want to see who can moans louder.?" He tease knowing what I hear.

I smile naughtily. The thought of competition is turning me on more. "Umm, then fuck me deep and hard and I'll show her how good you are in bed." I tease more.

He smile as he grab my ass and lifted me up. He push me on the walls where the other room is on the other side. He smile as he doesn't even bother to take off my panties. He slides the panties aside as he rub his big fat cock on my pussy lips. Our eyes meet. "Fuck me…" I whisper. And with that, he shove his big fat cock in me in a single thrust. Making my body arched backwards on the walls.

"Ohhhhhh~~!!!!" I moans loud. Not just to compete, but with the pure pleasure from Matt's cock that is filling me up. "Ohh fuck yes Lily… Moans for me… Show them how good we are." I smile as I wrap my hand behind his neck and grab his short hair with my glove wrapped fingers.

I kiss him on the mouth lustfully as I start to bounce myself on his cock. Our breath meets as our tongue swirls naughtily. I break the kiss with a wet loud moans. "Ohh yess. Ahhhh ahhh ahh fuck me fuck me fuck me!!" I groans as moans loud. Matt lifted my ass again and bring me to the door where the room connected with theirs. Yes, I just realized our room is connected. He thrusted his cock deep into me, slamming deep into my womb as his cock makes my ass slammed onto the door.

Making it banged hard with every fuck. Turning both of us on as I feels his cock throbs in me. "Ohh fuckk yess!! Ummphh!! Fuck me!! Ahhhh!!" I moans loudly as my breasts jiggles underneath my hijab hard. He reaches my breasts and squeeze it lustfully over my soft white lingerie.

"Do you remember the surprise I told you, Lily.?" He whisper to me. I nodded as my pussy squeeze his cock tighter. "Yes… yes Matt.

Ahhhh!" I moans loud. "Are you ready for it…?" He tease more as his cock pounds deeper and harder into me. "Yess Matt yess!" I look into his eyes with lust and curiosity. Wanting to know what the surprise are.

He grins as he slide his hand onto my back and reach for the door handle. He opens it as his cock still impales in me, and my legs are wrapping around his waist. He takes me to the room where the source of the moans are.

He brings me into the room and slams me down onto the bed. "Ohhh fuck… yes&hellip." I moans as he keep fucking me hard. I look to my side to see who are fucking next to us. My eyes widens as I see Sara, she is riding a guy. A familiar guy. She moans naughtily as her body bounced up and down on his cock. I look at the guy laying down next to me and our eyes meet. "Kyle?????" ******************* KYLE 30 minutes ago. I wrap my hands around Sara.

I love my wife, Lily. I really do. But I really hope she is sluttier like this. Sara's tongue swirls inside of my mouth, kissing me passionately as she stroke my cock inside of my pants. She just arrived, and within minutes we are already kissing like hungry seals. I grab her brunette hair as I grab her ass with my other hand. I lifted her up and throw her on the bed.

The way I never treated Lily with. "Ummm, Kyle, you really have changed right.?" She tease as she starts to unbutton her white long sleeved buttoned shirt. I helped her and quickly unclasped her bra, removing all the clothes of her upper body. "Thanks to you, Sara…" I moans as I push her down lustfully. My hand roams on her neck as I kiss her lips passionately. We moans into each other's kisses.

My hard bulge grinds on her thighs as her hand wraps around my head. Then she push me off making me fall on my back on the bed. She chuckles as she stand up. She undo her tight office skirt and undo her panties.

Revealing her trimmed wet pink pussy. "Ummm… Fuck Kyle…" She moans as she position herself sitting on my face. I never thought I will do anything like this but here I am, with my head between her legs. I can smell her sweet scented pussy. And her soft wet lips pressing mine.

I take out my tongue and start licking her pussy lips and clit, tasting her, eating her as I grab her bubbly ass.

"Ohhh fuckk yess Kyle. Ahhhh. yess… eat me… ahhhh… fuck&hellip. Don't you want to do this to your wife too…? Ahhhh" She moans more teasing me. Yes. Yes I wanted too! Fuck her pussy must tastes really good! I eagerly licks her pussy as my tongue starts to slide between her pussy lips. Fucking her tight wet pussy as her juices drooling all over my face and chin. "Fuck, yesss Kyle!!" She moans louder and louder as she grinds her pussy on my face.

I spank her ass hard as I eat her thoroughly.

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I breathe into her cunt as I feels her warm mount is grinding harder and more on my face. "Ohh yess yess you're going to make me cum Kyle yess yess yess!!" She moans loud. Her voice echoed in the hotel room as she bucks her hips on my face.

I keep sucking, eating and swallowing each drop of her juices harder and deeper. Until she screams. "Ohhhh yesss Im cumminggg Kyleee!!! Fuckkk!!! Yesss!! Yesss!!" She groans as her body arched backwards. Her hair falls on her shoulders as her breasts jiggles, then I feel it, her pussy bursts with her orgasmic cum all over my face and mouth.

I suck it as much as I could and lick all over her mount. Cleaning her up. Fuck, she tasted good. I wonder how Lily will taste. She slides herself back until her pussy mount perfectly rested on my bulge. She smile naughtily as she leans and kisses my lips. Tasting herself. Oh, she love that. She love that so much. Our tongue swirls into each other's mouth as she suck my tongue and lips. "Ummm…" She moans as her blue eyes meet mine dark browns.

"Umm, tell me&hellip. Kyle… Other than me… And that intern girl… Who else did you fuck…? Who did you cheat with on Lily…?" She asked in her naughty voice as she starts grinding her pussy mount on my bulge. Making it throbs. I blushed a bit. "Well… Urm… A client…" Her eyes widens hearing that.

"Let me guess, married…?" I nodded. She grinds a little bit more. She put her palms on my chest pinning me down, even though I am not going anywhere. "What do you think… If, Lily… You know, are like me…? Fucking other guys around…?" She asked in her naughty voice. This is not the first time Sarah implanted that idea into my head. And again, the picture comes through my mind.

"S… she wouldn't…" I said. Her hands roam on my chest. "Well… What if, for the sake of the argument…? When you are out… She learn what fuck is all about… But… She is afraid to share it with you because… it's not your way…? Or she thought so…" She smile naughtily. As I feels her pussy mount grinding harder on my bulge. Making my breath heavier. "N… no…" I said denying myself.

But then again. Sometimes Lily looked a bit odd lately. She started to wear tight clothes, and sometimes when she get back from work she walk a bit differently. And there's one time when I feels her hand on my cock when I am asleep.

Stroking me. "What will you do to her&hellip.? Will you… hate her…? Or… I don't know…" She said as she leans, licking my ear lobe. "Fuck the hell out of her…? Like you always wanted too?

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Like she always wanted too.?" She tease more. "F… fuck.!" I groans as I know now why she is pinning me down. She chuckles. "So I thought… You love that don't you? Having your conservative, hijab wrapped wife secretly… a slut…?" She slide herself back just enough to expose my soaking bulge from her pussy juices.

Her hands slides from my chest to my belt. She start to undo my pants. I nodded. Admitting. "Yes… I… I wanted her to be a slut… My slut… Don't tell her that…" I said innocently.

She chuckles as she slides her hand into my pants and pulls my hard fat cock out. She stroke it up and down as she let her spit drools from her lips onto my tips. Before she rub it all over my cock. "Oh… Kyle… I don't think I have to tell her that…" My eyes widens hearing her. Is… is that true? Is Lily truly a slut?

My cock throbs in her hand imagining that. She smiles naughtily before she lifted herself up a bit, and slowly, let her pussy lips swallow inch by inch of my hard rod into her. Her body arched a bit as she closes her eyes. She said that my cock is not as big as Matt but something about my cock makes her pussy appreciate me as much.

And that's more than enough. I grab her ass as she start to pound on me. Bouncing her ass on my hard thick cock. His breasts jiggles hard with her rhythm as she moans louder and louder.

"Ohhhhh fuckk yesss yess ahhhh fuckkk ummphhh!!" She moans loudly as she look into my eyes. "Imagine I'm Lily… Kyle… Ahhh&hellip. Fucking another's guy like this… Ahhhhh. Pounding on another man's cock.!


Ahhh. Like how you pound another wife's naughty pussy!!" She moans. And every word turns me on more. Fuck Sara!! I grab her breasts as I pulls her body on mine, with her ass still bending pounding herself on my cock. We kisses naughtily. "Oh if she is really a slut, I will fuck her really hard like she deserve it!!" I groans as she chuckles. "Ahhh yesss… That's what I wanted to hear Kyle… Ahhhhhh!!" I moans louder.

Then I hear something else. A moans too, not an echo. But from the other's room. I look at the door that connected with the other room. Is someone in there? But my mind get pulled back by Sarah as she grinds her busty breasts on my face. I suck her breasts hard as I squeeze the other one. "Fuckkk. ahhh yess yess ahhhh fuck me fuck me!!" She groans naughtily and roughly as I feels her ass jiggles and pounded on my cock hard, making my cock impales into her pussy deep touching her womb.

"Ohhh yess. Kyle!

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Ahhhh I have a surprise for you… Ahhhh… We, have a surprise for you…" She said as she keep pounding herself on me. I look into her eyes with curious and lust. "What is it…?" Then the door opened. Sara keep pounding on me, making the room echoed with her moans and the wet slapping noises of our fucking. Then I see a familiar figure, Matt? With his cock clearly in a woman's pussy. Her back facing mine cause her legs is wrapped around his waist and his face buried on his neck.

Moaning. She is wearing a bridal lingerie. And I thought it was just a veil, but then I see it. She is wearing a hijab! C… can't be… Matt lay her down next to me before he spreads her legs and pounds her rough and deep like a slut. Making she moans and squirms in every pound and fuck.

"Ummphh ahhhh. Sara…??" She look at Sara, then me. "Lily????" My eyes widens in shock. "Here comes the bride, Kyle." Sara and Matt grins naughtily as they are now both on top of us. ***************** LILY My eyes widens seeing Kyle, naked with Sarah on top of her. Yet I can feel Matt's cock is ravaging my pussy so good! My face blushed as we look into each other. Speechless. Then Matt grab my chin and pulls it forcing my face look at him.

"Fuck your pussy is getting tighter, seeing your husband fucking another woman… Ahhhh just like you… Ummphh!" He groans as he push my legs up, lifting my ass high before he fucked me rougher and deeper. "Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Matt!! Ahhh!! Ahhh! Yess!!" I can't help but moans lustfully. I grab the bed sheet tight from the overwhelming pleasure. And yes, the fact that seeing my husband is with another woman, and the fact that he knows finally who I am really, turns me on so much.

I look besides me again seeing Sarah kissing Kyle. "Ummphh. They why don't you show your wife… What you have learnt, huh…?" She said before she lifted her body up. My body rocks with Matt rhythm as I moans.

I can feel Kyle's stare into me. With mix feelings. Making me embarrassed, shy and guilty. Then with my shock he pulls Sara's down and spread her legs wide just like mine.

And start to thrust his cock deep into her pussy. Making Sara moans loud and her body arched in his first thrust. My pussy squeeze Matt's cock tighter as Sara takes my hand, she grab it tight as she look into my eyes.

"Ohhh Lily you have such a great husband!!!" She moans as her body rocks with the same rhythm with mine. Matt slams deep into me making gasped again. "Ahhh so do you… Ahhh fuck Matt. Ahhh!!" All four of us groans and moans in the hotel room, fucking like crazy. The bed rocks and creeks with our body jerked everytime they both slammed their thick fat cock into us.

The wet slapping noises is filling up the hotel room together with our lustful moans and groans. "Fuckk I'm cumming!!!" Matt groans. "What?? Me too!!" I moans in lust as I grab the bedsheet. "We are not getting left… behind!

Ahhh!" Sara moans loud as she grab her busty tits. "Fuckk!! Yesss!" And Kyle. Both of the guys thrusting their cock into us harder and deeper and rougher before my body jerked and arched. "AHhhhhhh!!!" I moans loud as my pussy bursts into waves and waves of orgasm, I can hear Sarah had hers too. "Ohhh fuckk yess!! Umpphh!! Matt!! Matt!!! Cum on my face!!!" She moans. Matt pulls his cock out of my pussy. "Ohh I will dear!" I can see Kyle about to pull out his cock before Sarah wrap her legs around his waist and pull him in.

"Oh you are not going anywhere, mister.! Cum in me!!" She moans. And with that both of the guys erupted. Matt strokes his cock and shoots loads and loads of thick creamy cum all over Sara's face while Kyle thrust his cock hard into Sara and I can feel his orgasm throughout his body. Filling Sara's up.

All four of us pants. Sarah then turn her face covered cum to me. I blushed. She leans in and kisses me on the lips. Our lips meet, I can feel Matt's cum all over her mouth, and her tongue slides into my mouth. I suck it softly as our tongue swirls around, making wet naughty noises. Then she break the kiss. "Ummm… You got a very… hung husband, Lily… Now you can fuck him… I taught him how…" She wink as her breath is still heavy. Then she look at Kyle.

"Now you can have your way with your wife properly, Kyle…" She said. Making Kyle blushed. Then Matt lifted Sarah up. "I'm sure you guys have things to sort out…" He smiles as he carry his naked wife back to the room where we came from and close the door.

I look at Kyle as he stands there. Looking at my body. "I… I'm sorry Kyle…" I said apologizing as I push myself up. Sitting on the bed.

My white hijab is a bit mess but still intact properly. My veil falls on my back as my handful tits still properly squeezed underneath my bra even after being ravaged by Matt. I tightens my thighs a bit, feeling shy to my husband as my legs are still properly wrapped by the thigh high socks.

He sighed. He sits next to me before he take my hand. "I… I'm sorry too… I… I should… I should give you what you deserve… But… I'm too afraid that you will freak out. So… So I hold myself back…" he said, admitting.

I nodded. "Yeah… me too Kyle… Urm… I never know about sex until… Urm… Matt and Sara showed me…" I bite my lips. Kyle put his hand on my thighs. "I love you…" He said softly as he kissed my shoulder.

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I nodded as I tear a bit. Feeling lucky to have such an understanding husband. "I love you too Kyle…" I replied truthfully. Kyle grab my hand and kisses it.

"So… how many guys have you… fucked…?" He asked as he look at me. I can see his cock hardens again. I bite my lips blushed, having our first sexual conversation since marriage.

I tried to count. "That many??" Kyle shocked. Knowing I take a bit too long to count. But not in a mad way, in more amazed way. I blushed. Feeling ashamed that my husband finally know me as a slut. I bite my lips. "Urm… You?" I asked shyly. "Four…" He said. I slap his hand playfully. "You are a perv!" I said as I chuckles. "And you are a slut." He said teasingly. Not words we usually use before.

But we know we will keep using it from now on. We look into each other's eyes with love. This might be a weird way to rediscover our relationship but it feels right.

"I guess I know why Matt bought me this… bridal lingerie…" I said as I look at him. "Why…?" "Because today… I am officially, your proper wife…" I said smiling. I take his hand and kiss it. "Kyle, would you… marry me?" I asked shyly as my face blushed.

He grinned. "Yes I do…" He replied as he pulls my chin and kisses my lips. Softly, and with love.

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And our kisses becomes more and more intimate, and with lust. For the first time, we start to kiss lustfully. His hands roams on my hourglass body, squeezing my tits over my white bra, as his other hand roams on my socks wrapped thighs. Then I push my tongue into his mouth, as he suck it softly. Then before we know it, we are swirling our tongue around each other's with such lust and passion.

He push me down and starts to undo my bra. He throw it across the room as he keep kissing me I chuckles as I run my hand down and start to grab his cock. I stroke it slowly, feeling it is getting harder and harder in each stroke as his body pin me on the bed. Then he slides down before he cupped her lips on my hardening nipples. I can feel her warm wet mouth sucking me lovingly yet with lust.

A pleasure I never felt before even with all the guys! Then I slowly reach for the pin on my hijab, to take it off, but Kyle grab my hand. He look up with his face on my jiggling tits smiling. "Let your hijab on this time, Lily. You look beautiful in it with the lingerie." I smiled. Obeying. Then I put my hands on his head as he start to savagely eat my rounded breasts, kissing, nibbling, and sucking.

The way he always wanted to but never had the chance before. His hand keep squeezing my breasts as his other hand properly explores my lewd body for the first time. My body arched in lust as I spread my legs with instinct.

Then he slides down more trailing his kisses all over my fair skinned flat tummy, before he reaches at my wet horny pussy. We both know that Matt just fucked this pussy, but neither of us care. He smile at me before he dives between my legs, and start to kiss, lick and suck my wet pussy. "Ohhh Kyle!!" I moans loud as I squeeze his head, pushing his face more onto my pussy as his tongue and lips skillfully touches, teases, lick and suck my hard sensitive clit and my pussy lips.

Turning me on more and more. More of my naughty juices started to drool all over my ass and my bed sheets. I grab the bed sheet tight as I feels Kyle fasten his pace, eating my pussy in lust. "Ohhh Fuck Kyle! Ahhhh Sara is a good teacher!! Ummphh!" I moans loud knowing Sara is the one who taught you all the skills. And I am in debt with her. I moans lustfully as my toes curled. I can feel his warm breath and moans onto my pussy, pushing me more and more to the edge.

"Ohh Kyle!! If you keep doing that!! Ahhhh!!" I think he knows where I am going with that as he fastens his pace. His tongue and mouth swirls fast and deep between my pussy lips and on my clit.

"Ahhhhh!! Ummphh!!" I moans hoard as I grab the bed sheet and push his hard between my legs, as my pussy explodes in such an orgasm, drooling my pussy juices all over his face and his mouth, making his mouth and chin covered in my pussy juices. He cupped his lips on my pussy lips, sucking and swallowing every drop of my juices leaking from my pussy.

I pant in disbelief that my husband just did that. I smile at him with amazement. "Ahhh… ummphh… I wish you did that to me on our first night…" I tease. He chuckles as he push himself up and kiss me on the lips. We kiss lustfully as I taste my own juice on his mouth. I wrap my hands around his neck as I look into his eyes with love and lust. "Now, fuck me, my dear husband…" I said teasingly in lust. He then grab my thighs and spread it wide as he keep his eyes on mine.

"My pleasure, dear wife" He said as I can feel his thick hard tip brushing my sensitive pussy. Making me twitch a bit from his tease. Then slowly, he pushes his hot thick rod into my tight pussy. My pussy squeezes his cock tight. Welcoming his cock properly. "Ohh yesss!!" I moans as I cried a bit from the pleasure and the happiness. I remembered how every cock that entered me, I wish it was my husband's. And now it is. I bite my lips as we kisses while I feel his thick cock keep spreading and filling me up perfectly.

Like we are supposed to. He doesn't wait long before he started to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy. He holds my right legs up as he keep kissing me.

We moans into each other's mouth as I wrap her neck. I can feel his cock reaches deep, deeper than before as it kisses my womb hard. I can feel his force is hard and wild but yet his tip giving me a pleasuring deep kiss on my cervix rather than rough slam like the guys before. He then break the kiss as he pulls himself back. He grab my legs as he started to pound my puss harder and deeper.

"Ohh fuck Lily yess yess. I always wanted to do this! Not just a fucking missionary!" he said as I nodded. "Yess! Ahhh I am yours Kyle!! Ahhh Ahhh!" I moans loud as I grab the bed sheet tight. I squeeze my tits with my other hand holding it from jiggling too hard with Kyle's wild yet loving motion onto me. Then without warning he pulls me up and flip me around with his cock in me.

He bend my ass over as he spank my ass hard. "That's for being such a naughty slutty wife!" He groans as he spank again. "Ahhh yess!!! Ahhh Kyle!!

Punish me!! Umphh!!" I moans hard as I feel his palm smack my ass hard, not from anger, but from lust. And I like it. He then spank me again as he start to fuck my pussy from behind. His cock throbbing harder as his shaft goes faster, making wet slapping noises sewn with our moans.

Mostly mine. I am happy with this! I look over my shoulder as he leans in and kisses me again. Our tongue swirls lustfully as our body moves in such a lustful rhythm, making the bed rocks. Our body unites properly for the first time. I grab the bed sheet as tight as I could while his cock thrust and slammed in me. Feeling his hands grabbing my handful juicy tits with my nipples between his fingers. My body arched. "Ahhhh Lily I'm going to cum in you! Ahhh fuck!" He groans as I nodded.

"Please please please, fill me up with your cum my dear husband!" I begged as I moved my body against him. That pushes me and makes my explodes in orgasm for the second time from my husband!! My body jerks as my pussy squeezes his cock tight, making my pussy burst and squirt all my naughty juices all over his cock and the bed.

That might have done the trick because after a few more thrust after that, his cock slammed deep and swells before erupted with loads and loads of thick creamy warm cum in me, filling me up with all his seeds, seeping into my womb. Making both of us pants and moans in such pleasure. Pleasure we both should get from each other's. I can feel his warm cum pooling inside of my tight pussy. He pulls it out and both of us falls on the bed.

We chuckles as we wrap around each other's. Something I never did with any other guy before. Our noses are rubbing each other with lust, with a kiss planted on our lips every now and then. I smile happily as I cried a bit. He wipe my tears. "What's wrong, baby?" He asked with such a loving tone, as always. I shake my head off. "No, I… I'm just… Happy." I said as I chuckles but I cried a bit more. He smiles and wipe more of my tears and kiss my lips softy. "So am I…" I leans in and rest my hijab wrapped head on his chest.

Then I noticed something. He is getting hard again. I smiled. "I never knew you have such a stamina, Kyle…" I said teasingly as I slowly grab his pulsing cock. He kisses my hijab wrapped head. "Because I thought you can't handle it" I chuckles as I push myself up and climb on top of him, with his cock rested on my pussy lips.

"Oh? We will see about that." I winked. Knowing we will have so much fun from now on. ************* LILY It's been a week since that hotel incident. Kyle and I had a very passionate, rough, and loud sex every night. As we heard Matt's and Sara's moans on the other side of the wall. We owed them a lot. Kyle and I had come to an agreement. Where we both are open to have sex with anyone that we want. As it turned out that the thing turned us on more than we thought.

And it will keep our sex life active just like our neighbor. I am smiling as I look up at Kyle's face. While his cock in my mouth. I fasten my head, bobbing up and down on his cock making wet slurping noises as he moans. While my body rocked with Matt's motion, fucking me from behind, pounding my pussy deep and hard as my tits jiggles underneath me. As before, I am still wearing my hijab whenever I am around other men.

I suck my husband harder as the pace from Matt's thrust is getting deeper and harder. Pounding in me. I look at my side as I keep bobbing my head and I see Sara is naked and knocked out from being fucked by those two stallions. Her face and tits are all covered with Matt's cum and her pussy is drooled with Kyle. And it's my turn. I can feel both of their cocks are throbbing hard, they moans and groans.

"Oh fuck Lily I am cumming!" My husband groans. "Fuck me too!!" Matt moans too as he thrust deep and fuck my pussy as deep as he could before both of my mouth and my pussy is filled with their loads and loads of thick hot cum in me.

I gagged as I swallowed as much as I can, with some drooling on my chin. And some dripping on the floor. Kyle pulls his cock out and rub his cum coated cock all over my face.

I smiled naughtily as my pussy squeezes Matt's cock hard, milking him. Then with a sudden move, Matt thrust his cock deep, pushing my womb and makes my body arched in lust, before myself explodes in another orgasm for that night. All of us pants on the bed.

I am between Matt and Kyle. Sara wakes up as she smile lustfully. Resting his head on Matt's chest as I do the same to Kyle. "Thanks, guys… We really appreciate it…" I said panting as I feels Matt's cum still pooling in my pussy.

They both chuckles. "Don't mention it. I leans a bit and kiss Sara and Matt on the lips. "Oh by the way…" Sara said as she smiles naughtily. Pulling our attraction.

"What is it?" I asked curiously. "There are newlywed couple moving in next to our apartment. And we were thinking&hellip." Sara and Matt smiles naughtily. I grins at Kyle as he nodded while he grab my ass. "Count us in." ******************* END *did you enjoy that??

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