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Nina Hartley classic porn star
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Melody's New Life Chapter Two by BrettJ © 2010 All throughout dinner, Eric Prince kept looking at his gorgeous daughter and his sex-kitten wife, wondering what was going on in their hands.

Well … Melody's head, because Ariel's hand kept reaching under the table and fishing for his cock and stroking it. Some men might find it annoying or teasing, but Ariel never teased if she played with your cock or did a sexy little song and dance, you knew Ariel was in the mood to fuck and you'd better be ready. Melody was looking very lovely tonight, in a sophisticated, cream-colored dress that matched her dark hair and eyes and the slightly more olive tone of her skin, which she'd inherited from Eric's side of the family.

She combined the best of both worlds, Ariel's and his own and was growing into a ravishing beauty. Ariel had teased him that when Melody gave the word, he was likely going to be Melody's first fuck.

As his wife's hand manipulated his cock, he hoped that time would arrive soon because wrong or not, he bet Melody had the kind of pussy her mother did, a real snapper!


"Are my girls ready to go or would you like to stay and have dessert? Eric asked, hoping Ariel would nudge their daughter into going home so they could get the evening over and he could get his teasing, slut-wife into bed and stuff her full of cock.

"No darling, we've got a special dessert waiting at home, it's something the birthday girl wanted very much," Ariel said, placing her hand on her husband's and squeezing delicately.

There was a delightful little sparkle in those green eyes of hers and Eric knew once the dessert was done, he and his wife would be turning in and tearing up the sheets. He always knew when Ariel was in the mood to fuck … because she always was!

Melody smiled conspiratorially at her mother, she and Ariel were going to give Daddy one of the best treats of his fucking life! Eric couldn't take his eyes away from his daughter and wife as they walked away from the restaurant and towards their car.

Other patrons of both genders were watching and all Eric could think was suffer folks, they're all mine!

Ariel kept up her teasing all the way home, it was a 30-minute drive and Melody was chatting animatedly. If she noticed her mother's actions, it didn't seem to bother here, but then, they had always been a demonstrative family, believing that if you loved someone, you showed that love. Eric had always been very touchy-feely with his daughter and she often sat on his lap and wiggled close.

He loved the feeling of her round little ass on his lap, Ariel might have got the legs, but Melly got the butt. The girls were still in a giddy mood, likely because of Ariel's consumption of champagne (and they'd let Melody have some as well, no one at Gaston's would have dared question Mr.

Prince) so they were feeling no pain, although both his girls were naturally happy most days. Ariel told Melody that she wanted her help with the dessert in the kitchen, so they went away and left Eric alone in the Living Room. Ariel came back into the room a few minutes later, puzzling her husband. "Where's the dessert?" Eric asked. "Melody's bringing it," Ariel said, snuggling close and rubbing her husband suggestively.


He didn't mind her getting his motor going again, but her timing needed work if they were going to have cake or some other dessert with Melody in a few minutes. "What do you think Daddy? Do you think you could enjoy this kind of dessert?" Eric's eyes practically sprung out of his head as he looked at his daughter.

She was in a black corset with a tiny black thong, expensive fishnet stockings, expensive black high heels and her makeup had been done impeccably Ariel's work, no doubt. Eric's mind clued in right away, this was to be the night. Melody had chosen him to take her virginity and if he knew Ariel, his hot, perverted bride was going to watch their every move!

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Eric got up to move towards his daughter, but she walked towards him with a confident, sensual sway he had never seen her use before. Melody had changed, it was apparent.

She sat on his lap and wiggled against him, this time he felt her intent, she wanted to arouse him. "That feels nice, Princess," Eric told her. "It sure does, Daddy," Melody giggled. "I've been getting off on sitting on your lap for a couple of years now." Ariel laughed, her daughter had the sex drive of both herself and Eric, as she well knew. Teaching Melody about sex had been a sexy, wonderful romp, watching the little whore get fucked for the first time was going to be even raunchier.

She wasn't planning to be just a voyeur either, once they got heated up, Ariel was going to jump right in! "Your cock feels so nice Daddy and Mommy says it's a fucking huge piece of meat," Melody said, using the lewd bedroom language she had learned from her mother.

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"You going to give me your cock? I hope so, Daddy. Melody wants to suck your cock, lick your cock, take your cum and once Mommy and I get you all hard, you can fuck me any way you want. Any way you want to Daddy, I want to be a slut for my Daddy." "Are you sure about this, Melly?" Eric asked, giving her one last opportunity to back out, although he hoped to hell she wouldn't take it.

She didn't. "VERY sure Daddy, I've been thinking about this for weeks, I knew today had to be the day. Let me take it out Daddy, let me see your beautiful big cock, let me suck it while Mommy watches," Melody insisted. Ariel winked at her husband and daughter as Melody unzipped Eric's pants in a slow, teasing manner. She had been tempted to use her teeth, but thought that might be a bit too cheesy. At long last, Melody held her father's thick, veiny cock in her hand, the object of her fantasies for the past few years.

The 16-year old knew she'd never been hornier in her life, even the earlier lesbian romp with her mother hadn't gotten to her this much.

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She inhaled and then her mouth closed over it as she began to suck her first real cock. From the onset, she loved it. Having a real cock in her mouth felt great, she'd practiced a bit with toys, but no one could have prepared her for the sensation of having a hot, veiny, thick slab of beef in her mouth. She began to whirl her tongue around it as best she could, hoping her Daddy was pleased and her mother was getting off on watching. Ariel's fingers were already under her dress and stroking the downy red curls of her pussy.

Despite every naughty thing she had done with Eric and other members of her family and his family, nothing had ever gotten to her like seeing their daughter give her Daddy head. Melody seemed to be made for cocksucking, she was really giving it her all, giving Eric her full focus and Eric's hands were running through her thick, dark hair as she took him in.

She hoped he wouldn't cum too soon, but she had confidence in her husband's sexual stamina. When it came to sex, Eric Prince was a King in bed. Many of her girlfriends raved about his cocksmanship, Ariel was always more than willing to share, providing the lady was either willing to share her own man or herself. Most of the time, Ariel preferred having the lady join them, because few men measured up to her husband in the bedroom and there were so many sexy ladies in their area to choose from.

Ariel teased that they must put something in the water, because once the local women started to hit Melody's age, they became sexy little honeys! No one was sexier than Melody, Ariel watched her daughter and husband playing and was thrilled at the sight. Melody was so sexy in that outfit, she thought she would be when she picked it out for the girl.

As Melody got older, she sensed Melody would be as hot for naughty undergarments as she herself was and she had some she could hand down to Melody and looked forward to taking her daughter shopping. Melody's face revealed a look of sheer ecstasy as she sucked her father, she still hadn't stopped or choked, despite the size of Eric's cock.

Watching the sweet little teenybopper sucking his cock like a depraved slut really turned Eric on, but he knew he couldn't take too much more of this. Not only that, he wanted Ariel to get in on the action. "Ariel, baby … can I assume some of this little whore's training is your fault? You got to her first, didn't you?" Ariel smiled, her face revealing an impish grin much as it had over 17 years ago when she first seduced him.

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"Well darling, she did tell us she wanted to screw both of us and I wanted to make sure the first time you got together was good for both of you. So yes, I gave her some pointers. Was she good?" Eric grinned.

"Good?! The little bitch practically sucked my cock off by the root." He patted his daughter's head gently. "You're amazing baby, but we've still got lots of time to make your birthday special." He unlaced the corset a bit, watching his daughter's perky tits spring free. Then Eric slid the thong off her pussy, revealing a neatly trimmed "Vee" that she and Ariel had styled earlier that day.

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Eric grinned. "Baby, I haven't had you suck your mother's cunt yet, now have I?" Melody shook her head "no", thrilled at what she expected to occur next.

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"All right then, I know your Mom's a greedy, impatient little whore … not that I mind … so why don't you eat some of Ariel's pussy while your Daddy fucks you at last. Normally, I'd have you fuck me on top, but I love your gorgeous little butt baby, so I'm going to fuck you from behind and you can really dig your tongue into Mommy's pussy.

Do a good job baby and don't worry, I won't hurt you." Melody wouldn't have cared if he did hurt her, all the 16-year old wanted was to be fucked by a man with a good, hard cock that knew what he was doing. She'd listened carefully most nights and when she heard her parents screwing, she fingered her pussy to climax after climax.

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For months, she didn't really know who she wanted more her sexy, vivacious Mom or her intense, sinister father. Luckily, she didn't have to choose, for both of them were going to be fucking with her from now on. Melody trembled as she felt her father behind her, gripping her hips.

Ariel was already naked, looking more radiant than she had the first time she made love to Melody. "Are you ready, Princess?" Eric asked. "GOD Daddy, YES. Just put it in and FUCK ME!" Melody cried out, hoping she hadn't bitten off more than she could chew. Her Daddy's cock was the biggest thing she'd ever seen. But she hadn't, for the moment Eric's cock slipped into his daughter's pussy, it was if it belonged there. She felt warm and sensual almost immediately, like magic, there was no real pain, just a heated sensation that began to blaze into a fire.

With her face buried in her mother's pussy, licking the way she knew Ariel liked, she just concentrated on pleasure, her parent's and her own. "Oh baby, you're a real woman now, one of us, a slut for Mommy and Daddy, are you happy?" Ariel asked through gasps of air.

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Melody's tongue was hitting all the right spots and hidden crevasses. Melody couldn't speak, but the fire in her eyes and the tears trickling down her face answered the story. She was in a Never-Never land of sexual bliss, where things would be this way forever. "Our little girl is our little fucktoy now Eric, just like we'd hoped and she wanted. Isn't it lovely, do you see how nicely she's eating my pussy, mmm, she's licking me like my pussy is full of ice cream," Ariel teased.

"It tastes even better Mommy, it tastes like sex," Melody giggled. "It can't get any better than this, Daddy fucking me from behind, Mommy's juicy pussy for me to eat. I love this, I really love this!" The way the former virgin was fucking him back let Eric know that was no idle boast. She had her mother's innate sexiness and combining their gene pool, Melody would be unbeatable in just a very short time. Eric was happy that he'd be around to witness his daughter's sexual blossoming, she was already delectable and sexy, he knew she would grow into a truly stunning woman, as had her mother.

"Harder Daddy, harder, fuck me Daddy, fuck your little whore-daughter like you MEAN it!" Melody shrieked, grinding her tight young pussy around his cock. Eric had been worried at first about hurting her, but from the way she was screwing him back, that had been a needless concern.

"Isn't she wonderful Eric, you have no idea how hot you look, fucking our little girl," Ariel sighed as Melody's slender tongue dipped in low and scooped up more pussy juice. "You two . I'm blessed, god Melly, fuck Daddy, that's it, you little bitch, I'm going to cummmm!!!" Eric groaned.

He pulled out of Melody's pussy and shot his load, glazing the faces of his daughter and wife, who had joined her to suck Eric dry.


Eric watched as Melody and Ariel fell back on the bed, insatiable little nymphs both. He knew that as long as he had these two sexpots in his life, he could live happily ever after.