Sexy asian ladyboy loves bareback fucking and milking

Sexy asian ladyboy loves bareback fucking and milking
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This is a fictional gay story in which I have tried to express the feelings of a growing gay boy who wants some fun with some other boys. All the names of the characters in this story are fictional and the story includes some sexual activities amongst boys who are aged between 11 to 16 years old so if anyone gets offended by such material of young gay boys please don't read and for the readers I request do give comments on the story so that I will be able to write better stories in the future.

Vicky was 16 years old and he was a beautiful boy he was average height smooth body and he had very beautiful eyes as well.

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He was very popular in school amongst all the girls and the boys but he just had friendship with all and never had anything else although almost everyone wanted something more from him. Vicky had two younger brothers Jim and Kyle and they were 13 and 12 years old they were also beautiful kids and they both had hairless smooth bodies just like their elder brother Vicky and they normally used to hang out with their three friends who were also their neighbors and three of them were brothers as well.

They were also young like Vicky's brothers between 11 to 14 years of age and their names were Sam, Paul and Joe.

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In holidays Sam, Paul and Joe used to live at Vicky's house and when their parents were away Vicky was responsible for them. One day Sam, Paul and Joe were staying at Vicky's home and Vicky was in charge as neither the parents of Vicky nor the parents of Sam were at home. The children were not allowed to play outside when parents were away so they were getting bored. They asked Vicky a several times but they were not allowed by him to go outside.

Vicky was gay and he wanted someone with him to please him but his brothers and their friends were always together he couldn't get anyone alone and with 5 of them together he had no idea how to separate them but all of a sudden Vicky thought of something.

He knew that the boys were getting bored and he had an idea to cheer them up.

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All of them were very cute so he planned to have something with all five of the young boys. He asked the boys to play a game he said the he will be the evil and the rest of them will be good and they have to get him and when the evil is caught he is always fucked in the ass, he said this in a funny manner so that the boys don't get offended.

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The boys were really bored so the agreed and started playing and they kept playing trying to catch Vicky and finally they did so. Vicky: ok I am caught. Sam: now you will get fucked in the ass hahaha The rest also started laughing.


Vicky: ok then do it boys what are you waiting for The boys were amazed at this there was a sudden silence. They were looking at each other but Vicky was horny and he wanted all five of them and he again asked them to beat him the boys started doing so first they beat him a little then they started to undress him Vicky asked them to get naked as well and all of them did so.

Now there were five boys ready to fuck Vicky.

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He was lying straight on the floor two of the boys inserted their cocks into Vicky's mouth. They were young kids so didn't have huge dicks so it was easy for Vicky to take two dicks in his mouth the boys were also enjoying this and they started to make dirty noises.

Sam and Paul: oh yes common Vicky suck us oh yes it feels so good oh yes suck us you evil boy. Kyle and Jim were sucking his nipples and Joe who was the youngest of the all started to fuck him the ass.

Joe: I am going to fill you with goodness and you will not be evil anymore. Vicky was moaning in pleasure sucking cocks getting fucked and also getting sucked.


Soon Vicky got his mouth full of cum with young boys juices the two boys sucking him cum on his chest and his face and the boy fucking him cum in hiss ass.

But this wasn't enough for the boys they were again horny and changed positions and fucked Vicky one by one in the mouth and ass. Vicky got what he wanted he was drenched in cum and now the boys were again circling around him to shoot their loads again on him and they all shot their loads on Vicky again covering him with cum.

Now all were tired and were lying on the floor Vicky didn't cum but he was also tired after the fucking he got from the boys.

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There was cum all over Vicky he loved it he had cum filled mouth, ass and this was what he wanted or may be even more he was lying on the floor then Jim stood up and said, Jim: we almost forgot to suck the evil out of Vicky. He started sucking Vicky's erection and Vicky shot the best load of his life in his brother's mouth.The boys had a wonderful time together, vicky liked getting fucked and filled with cum. Now everyone was tired but they liked what they did so much that their cocks were still erected and all of them were still horny and were planning to do dirty things in the future.

To be continued ……&hellip. Will write more if people like it, wish I was in Vicky's place and the story was real.

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