Fick meine haarige Muschi mit dem strapon

Fick meine haarige Muschi mit dem strapon
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A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter One: Virgin Connection By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Cherise Tol Via Village, The Kingdom of Athlos I hurried with my chores. My eyes were drawn to the dark edge of the Rothin forest. My family's farm lay right on the edge of the dark woods. Silver flashed between the trees. A unicorn had neared the edge. Everyone in the village whispered about the dreadful, horned unicorns that roamed the large woods. Everyone who risked the forest always spoke of catching glimpses of the creatures and were thankful to make it out alive.

Everyone believed the unicorns killed those that trespassed. But I knew the truth. Unicorns were majestic creatures. They were just shy. They would only approach a virgin girl. They feared men and their dangerous appetites. When a unicorn spotted a human, they fled unless they were pure like me.

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I was six when I met Willoweyes. I had been playing on the edge of the farm, my short skirts flying about my bluish legs while my golden hair flowed behind me. They said humans outside the Kingdom of Athlos didn't have pale-blue skin and shimmering golden or silver hair.

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I always thought that was strange. Willoweyes had a slivery coat that caught my eyes. I bet my light-red eyes lit up as I behold her beautiful sight for the first time. Willoweyes had deep green eyes that fixed on me, a short horn, ivory horn rising between her eyes. Before meeting her, I had always thought horses were majestic creatures, but they seemed like mangy dogs compared to the grace and beauty of the foal. With a squeal of joy, I rushed to her.

We spent the afternoon frolicking in the forest. At the end, she had transformed into a girl and gave me a big hug. "I'm so glad we finally met," she told me, speaking with a melodic tone. "I've been smelling your purity for weeks. I finally had the courage to come to the forest edge." "You were afraid?" I had asked in shock. "But.but." My mind had been filled with tales of dangerous unicorns. I had realized that my parents' stories may not all be true.

It was a revelation for a six year old. "I know you're different," she had smiled. "I'm Willoweyes. My dam named me that because of my eyes." "They are pretty eyes," I had giggled. "I like yours.

So red. They contrast with your lovely skin." I had laughed and had then put a garland of wild flowers about her head, the crown resting against her small horn—even as a human, she still had her horn.

From that day forward, we were the best of friends, but only so long as I remained a virgin. At first, that was easy. We were innocent children, but as we aged, boys began to take notice of me. I resisted their attempts at clumsy seduction—nothing would keep me from my best friend.

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A week ago, I had reached a marriageable age, eighteen, and my parents pressured me to accept Anton's marriage proposal. So far I had refused, and my parents were disappointed that I hadn't been betrothed for a year or longer. I was eager to get out into the woods and see Willoweyes. Now that I was considered an adult, I had more responsibilities on the farm.

It was like my parents wanted to drive me from their home and into Anton's arms. He was a strong man, a year older and already taking over much of his father's farm.

They had a lot of acres of fields and were prosperous. Every farmgirl and village maid wanted to be Anton's bride. They all glared at me. I wished them well in trying to claim him. I didn't want him. Silver flashed through the trees. Willoweyes gambled back and forth, catching my attention. It had been a week since I had played with her in the woods, and she missed me. Luckily, my parents had gone to the village.

If I could finish my chores, nothing would stop me from having an afternoon of fun with my unicorn. I carried the slop bucket to the pig pen. It was full of half-rotten meat, potato peels, ends of carrots, and other leftovers.

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They snuffled and snorted as I approached. I dumped the garbage into their trough, and they all happily munched away. I smiled as I headed to the barn. I needed to muck out the stables and curry down the plow horse.

Our milk cow mooed as I entered, and the chickens clucked as I past their pen, many of the hens sitting in their nests while the rooster proudly walked back and forth. "Mr. Rooster," I nodded my head. I liked to pretend he was a lord and the hens were his subjects.

I always showed my respect before I moved deeper into the barn. I led the cow and the plow horse out of their stalls and cleaned them out.

It wasn't my favorite chore, but it had to be down. Our animals deserved to be happy and healthy. Then I combed down our plow horse's coat. He was dun brown, so boring compared to Willoweyes's silvery coat, and his mane was a boring black. And tangled. I hummed as I ran the brush over his coat, eager to finish my chores and see Willoweyes. Now that she was fully grown, like me, I could ride her on back.

I had done it a few times, and it was so much fun. I liked the excitement of her muscles rippling beneath my thighs, and this curious, naughty itch had formed between my legs. I had heard girls giggle about playing with their pussies and cumming.

I had never been much interested. I didn't swoon over a handsome man's broad shoulders like they did. I knew a few even grew excited over the softer curves a woman. I did sorta understand that. Willoweyes's human form had matured, too, and she had nice breasts, bigger than mine. I had small little bumps, but Willoweyes had these round orbs that looked so soft. The tiny itch grew between my thighs and my cheeks reddened.

What would it be like to touch her soft breasts? Mine were firm, with tiny nipples. They hardened as I thought of Willoweyes's breasts, my nipples pressing against the rough cotton of my brown dress. My hips shifted as I absently brushed the plow horse. Would Willoweyes like me to touch her breasts?

It was only to satisfy my curiosity on how soft they were. Not sexual. I had to be pure. The plow horse nickered and stamped his hooves. He snorted, bringing me out of my thoughts. "What's wrong, boy?" "Hey, Cherise," a deep voice said behind me. I groaned. "Anton," I sighed, turning to face the young man. He wore only his woolen pants held up by suspenders, his bare chest rippling with muscles.

His skin was tanned a darker blue by working shirtless. I guess he had a handsome face, his smile broad and his dark-red eyes staring at me with heat. "I saw your parents in the village. I thought you might be lonely." "I'm not," I answered, sweeping back my golden hair before I led the plow horse back to his stall. "But thank you for your concern." No sense in being rude. "I think I understand why you keep refusing my proposal," he said.

"Oh?" I couldn't tell him the truth that I wanted to protect my maidenhead for as long as possible. I didn't want to lose my friendship with Willoweyes. "And?" "You're scared." "What?" I frowned as I closed the stall. I kissed the plow horse on the nose. "Scared of what?" "Of surrendering your maidenhead." He moved to me, so tall.

I swallowed. "You're afraid of the pain of your cherry popping. But I know how to help you out." "I." My throat went dry. I looked around as he took another step. I backed up, bumping against the stall door. He stood over me, pinning me in place. "What are you doing?" "Claiming my bride." I was shocked when he kissed me. His lips were hard against mine, moving with insistence. I trembled, not sure what I should do. I had never been kissed before.

His whiskers rasped at my soft lips. I didn't like how forceful he was, pushing me back against the stall door. It rattled as I squirmed. His hand grasped the hem of my skirt, drawing it up my thighs. "Anton," I asked, shuddering as my skirt rose higher and higher. "Please." "Shh," Anton whispered, his finger pressing on her lip.

"Just relax. "I'll make you feel good." I moved my head. "I don't want you to. Please.please stop." My skin crawled as his rough hand caressed my upper thigh.

My stomach tightened as his fingers moved higher. His lips pressed at my neck. He was disgusting. I didn't want him. My hands pressed on his shoulders, trying to push him away as his fingers neared my pussy. I strained, but he was so strong. His lips nibbled. He moaned in delight as his fingers brushed the folds of my pussy. Tears beaded in my eyes. "You have to stop.

I'm a virgin." "I know." His thick finger pushed through my labia. I bit my lip and shuddered as he brushed my hymen. "I.I can't lose my maidenhead," I gasped. "Please!" "Why not?" he asked. "I know you're afraid.

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I'll make it mostly painless. I love you, Cherise." But I don't love you. I glanced out the barn at the forest. I couldn't see Willoweyes. Anton's scent would have scared her off, driving her deeper into the woods. I should be with her. But if he took my cherry, I would never see her again. How could I get out of this? How could I stop him? "Please, Anton," I moaned. "I'm not ready." His grin was so cocky. "Sure you are.

Look at you. You're ripe for the plucking." "I.I.I want to be a.a virgin when I'm.married." "So you'll marry me?" he asked. My heart tensed. "You'll.let me wait until our wedding night if I do?" His hand withdrew. "You're parents will be happy. I love you." I nodded my head, my body shuddering as he stepped back. "Guess I'll swing by Lydia. She'll be happy to take care of things." He patted his cock. Lydia was a slutty farmgirl that spread her legs for any boy.

"Fine," I swallowed. "I.I'm looking our wedding." I wanted to throw up. Anton gave me one last kiss; I tried hard not to vomit. The tears came the moment Anton left. I had bought myself at most a month. A month to spend with Willoweyes before I had to go to Anton's bed and be his wife.

I would never see my friend again. I would never ride on her back or make crowns of flowers in the forest. Every day, I would stare at the forest and know that my lost innocence had driven us apart. It wasn't fair. Tears burned my eyes. I ran out of the barn. My body felt so dirty. Maybe it was already too late. Maybe I was already soiled.

I raced across the pasture towards the forest. I hiked my skirt over my ankles, desperate to get to the woods. "Willoweyes!" I shouted as I burst into the woods, branches tearing at my clothing. "Willoweyes! I'm here!" My voice echoed, startling the birds. I ran deeper, my heart thudding in fear. Where was she? She shouldn't have fled too far.

Right? Unless I had been soiled by Anton. He touched my pussy. Maybe I wasn't pure any longer. My vision blurred as the tears poured down my cheeks. I couldn't loose my unicorn. "Please, Willoweyes! I'm here! Don't abandon me! I'm still a virgin! He didn't soil me!" Please, let me still be pure. I didn't realize where I was running, my feet leading me to the small pound dotted by pussy willows It was a beautiful glade, the sun shining on the pure water, white lily's blooming on their pads.

Pure water. I needed to be clean. I needed to wash Anton off of me. Then Willoweyes would come back. My fingers ripped at the lacings of my bodice. I fumbled at the knots, desperate to get naked. Desperate to cleanse myself of his despicable touch.

I ripped the lacing, no longer caring about my dress. I was panicked, my heart racing. "Please, don't leave me, Willoweyes!" My dress fell off my body. My golden hair trailed behind me as I leaped into the pond. The water was cold, shocking some of the fear from me.

It rose to my mid-thighs. I bent over and splashed water on my pussy, washing away Anton's foul touch. I couldn't be his wife. I couldn't bear to be his, to share his bed. What would I do? I scooped more water up, splashing it between my thighs, glad at how cold it was. I scrubbed at my pussy, the water dripping down my thighs. My body shook. Where was Willoweyes? Was I stained? I rubbed harder. I splashed water on my neck and face, scrubbing everywhere he touched me.

"Please, come back to me," I sobbed. "Please, Willoweyes!" "Why wouldn't I come?" Willoweyes walked up to the pool, her coat shiny silver, her horn ivory, the tip golden.

Joy burst inside me. "You're here! Praise the gods!" "Of course I'm here." Amusement flashed in her dark-green eyes as I waded through the pool to reach her. I threw my arms around her neck, burying my face into the soft fur of her neck. "I.I thought you would hate me." "How could I ever hate you? What's wrong?" "It was Anton." Willoweyes let out a loud, snorting neigh.

"Yes, I smelled him. That's why I didn't come right away. I.I was scared of him. He's so.manly." Willoweyes tossed her mane, the soft, silvery hair caressing my face. "He.touched me." I trembled.

"He.rubbed at my pussy. I tried to stop him." The tears returned, burning down my cheek. "I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop him." "You still have your innocence," Willoweyes answered, pulling away to stare into my eyes, her sharp horn bobbing before me. "You're still sweet and innocent.

You have been spoiled you. You can't hurt me." I hugged her, pulling her muzzle to my breasts. Her horn slid past my neck. Willoweyes was always so careful with her horn, never wanting to hurt me. I stroked her mane as her soft fur rubbed on the soft slops of my breasts. "Thank you. Thank you. I want to be pure and innocent for as long as I can." Only a month. And how much time would I have to slip into the woods?


I had my chores and there would be preparations for the wedding. What if today was our last time together? Why did I have to grow up? Why did Anton want me? Why not Lydia. He fucked her all the time. Why couldn't he just marry her? She loved to spread her thighs, eager to surrender her pussy to him. My arms tightened around her neck. This was my unicorn. I never wanted to give her up.

I never wanted to shed my innocence. I wanted to stay in the woods with her. But it wasn't my place. I had a duty to my family to marry. I needed to help Anton and raise his children like a good wife. My tears continued to flow, matting her hide. "Why are you so sad?" Willoweyes asked. "I don't want to talk about it." I took a deep breath, stifling my tears. "I just want to enjoy today. I haven't seen you for a week." Willoweyes shifted her head, her snot brushing my hard nipple.

I gasped as electricity shot down to my pussy. Her head shook, caressing my other nipple. That was so nice. I played with my nipples when I masturbated, but my fingers never produced such shocking bliss. "Yes! Let's have fun," Willoweyes answered, her rubbery lips brushing my nipple. Then she nipped me.

For one moment, my nipple was engulfed by her lips, surrounded by wonderful warmth before her teeth gently pinched my nub. I gasped, "Willoweyes!" The unicorn pulled away, rearing on her legs. "You needed cheering up. The forest is a place of joy, not tears." I beamed at her. "You naughty unicorn. That was my nipple." Willoweyes nodded. "Yes. Hard and pink, jutting out like a little treat just for me." I giggled, a part of me wanting to ask her to nibble some more, another part scared of being wicked and driving Willoweyes away.

She was an innocent unicorn and every day my lusts grew, putting naughty thoughts into my mind. "Let's ride," Willoweyes neighed. "Let's get away from the forest edge and all the nasty humans." "Yeah," I smiled, stepping out of the pond. With practice ease, I scrambled onto her back.

I had ridden her bareback many times, but this was the first I had done it naked. I didn't want to wear my dress; I wanted to be naked and innocent like Willoweyes. I shifted on her back, her soft hairs rubbing at the excited lips of my pussy.

Willoweyes shook her head and her body shifted beneath me. I gasped, her muscles writhing and massaging my pussy. Heat washed through me. My nipples ached and my clit peaked out, teased by her silken hairs. "Willoweyes," I whispered, shifting.

"Maybe we should." "What's wrong?" Willoweyes asked. "I." Fear clutched me. "Nothing." "Then let's ride free!" neighed Willoweyes. With a cheerful whinny, Willoweyes galloped forward.

I gasped, my pussy grinding into her ticklish furs. I leaned down, Willoweyes's mane caressing against my face. The unicorn's muscles shifted and bunched beneath me, rubbing on my hard clit and my hot labia. My virgin pussy clenched as I let out a moan, trying to fight the growing desires inside me. I couldn't succumb to them. Not while I was riding Willoweyes. The woods whipped by us. They were dense, but Willoweyes galloped with grace, nimbly weaving through trees and brush to keep a single branch or thorny vine from brushing us.

It was exhilarating. My breasts jiggled with every leap and my pussy ground into her luxurious back. I wanted to bite my lip to fight my pleasure. My pussy bounced and ground on her back. My thighs clenched as I squirmed. The hot itch grew in my depths. I groaned as it swelled, slowly devouring my body. "Isn't the forest beautiful?" Willoweyes whinnied, her voice excited. "It's so wonderful today!" "Yes!" I moaned, my pussy growing wetter. "So beautiful! So wonderful!" Daylight flashed by.

The forest a blur. I couldn't concentrate. My clit throbbed against her wonderful hide. I leaned back, gripping her flanks with my thighs as the pleasure built and built. I undulated, adding more sensations as I slid along her wonderful hide. "So wonderful!" I moaned, the sensations rushing up to my mind.

They washed through me. I had to stop. I had to stop rubbing my hot pussy on Willoweyes silky hide. But she felt so good. My pussy ached and throbbed. I needed more. I needed that wonderful release. "Oh, Willoweyes!" I gasped.

"Oh, yes! Keep galloping! I love it!" "You sound so happy!" whinnied Willoweyes. "You've been so sad lately." "I have been! And I do feel amazing! This is wonderful! I love being with you, Willoweyes!" "I love being with you, Cherise!

I miss you! You don't come anymore." "Oh, yes! I'm about to cum!" My fingers ran through my golden hair as the pressure built. I shuddered and spasmed. "I'm about to cum so hard!" "Are you okay?

You're not making sense." "I'm perfect!" We burst out of the forest into a lit glade. Butterflies burst into the air from the beautiful wildflowers. I threw my arms wide as I came. The pleasure washed through my body, feeling me up. My pussy gushed juice out of me, flooding Willoweyes coat as I was consumed with delight.

It was a perfect moment of ecstasy.


I spasmed on her back. My head swam with bliss. I swayed and teetered. I was too lost to my pleasure to try and stay up. I fell. The soft meadow heather rushed up. I rolled on it, coming to rest on my back as I moaned out my bliss.

"Yes!" I gasped. "Oh, yes." "Cherise!" Willoweyes neighed in fear, rounding on me and rushing forward. My eyes widened as the pleasure died. I came on her. I soiled her. The tears came. I buried my hands in my face. Why did I do that? Why was I so weak? I needed to be innocent for her. I would lose her. "Cherise?" Her shadow fell on me. Through gaps in my fingers, I witnessed her change. Her legs grew into slim arms and coltish legs.

Her silvery hide became pale, lustrous skin, and her shimmering mane became flowing locks. Her eyes were still green, set in a porcelain face. Only her ivory horn, blending to gold at the tip, betrayed her inhuman origins.

"Are you hurt?" Willoweyes asked. My friend's breasts were large and pillowy. Shame filled me. I wanted to touch them. "I.I.I." Her soft breasts pressed against my side. Her arm slipped around my shoulders. She pressed against me. "Talk to me." "I." Why was this so hard.

"I.I don't want to be married." "Married? You mean mated?" I nodded my head. "I have to. It's expected of me. And.I'll have to have sex. And then you won't like me anymore. I'll be soiled and disgusting." Another big sob racked my body.

"I am disgusting. I.I orgasmed on your back while riding you." "I know." Willoweyes nuzzled against my ear. "I could feel your heat on my back.

I never heard it called cumming before, but I've certainly felt that delight." I blinked. "You've.masturbated?" "Of course," she giggled. "Look at my horn.

Like you, I'm matured. I'm ready for mating." "So there must be some boy unicorn that wants to take your purity?" "We don't have boy unicorns," she giggled. I lowered my hands and turned to face her. "Oh. Right, you're a child of Las. You only have one sex, right?" I had heard the priestess of Firmare preach about the dangers of Las's children.

The God of Lust had indiscriminately masturbated and spilled his seed across the world, birthing monstrous races that were either entirely male or female. Willoweyes stroked my cheek, brushing away my tears.

"You are beautiful, Cherise." I sniffed. "What?" "You smell wonderful. I love the scent of your excitement. I loved the feel of your hot flesh rubbing on my back. It was wicked and delightful." "'s not pure." "You're always pure so long as you never let another creature touch you. A unicorn can never soil you." Before I could answer, her lips were hot on mine. It was such a different kiss than the one Anton inflicted on me.

Her lips were wet and delightful. They stirred a molten heat inside my depths. My warm went around her neck, pulling her tighter against my mouth. I shuddered, the itch returning between my thighs as we shared this wonderful moment. I sighed into her kiss. It was such an innocent expression of love. I had loved Willoweyes since I met her, but now I was discovering that I loved her. It was a fiery heat the beat in my heart and spread warmth through my body. My hand found her side. Her skin was so silky.

I slid up, her body trembling beneath my curious fingers. I moved higher and higher. I trembled as my fingers brushed the bottom of her breasts.


They were so soft. I just wanted to squeeze them. I shuddered when Willoweyes's trembling fingers stroked my thigh. Heat rushed up my body. Her fingers grew more bold, her hand squeezing my thigh. I felt emboldened.

I sighed into her kiss as my hand moved up and grasped her wonderful, round breast. I squeezed. My fingers sank into her firm tits. Willoweyes moaned into my kiss as I kneaded her pliant breasts. My fingers slid up her orb. The unicorn shuddered as I brushed her nipple. She had bigger nipples than me. I rolled them between my fingers, loving how hot her kiss grew.

Willoweyes lips pressed harder against me. She pressed me onto my back, the soft grasses tickling me. Flowers blossomed around us as her soft body pressed against mine. I trembled as my excitement grew. Willoweyes's hand slid up my thigh, nearing my aching pussy. My toes curled. I kissed my unicorn harder as her delicious fingers rose higher and higher.

Willoweyes brushed my curly pubic hair, her finger almost on my pussy. I moaned into her lips, my pussy clenching. Her finger brushed my folds. Delight ran through my body. I shuddered as she stroked me. Her touch was light, delicate, and made my body writhe in delight. "Willoweyes!" I gasped, our lips finally breaking from our wondrous kiss.

Her smiling face hovered over mine as she stroked my folds, her finger caressing my maiden head. "You are so pure and silky," Willoweyes purred.

"And you're so wonderful!" I leaned over and sucked her pink nipple between my lips. It was her turn to roll onto her back as my passions mounted. Her nipple was hard and wonderful between my lips. She had a spicy, cinnamon flavor. "My darling Cherise," she gasped. She pulled her finger and brought it to her lips, tasting my tart pleasure. I loved the taste of her skin.

I kissed over to her other breast, taking the moment to press both against my cheeks. I rubbed her silky, pillowy mounds against me, sighing in satisfaction.

They were wonderful. I squeezed them, her hard nipples caressing my body.

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She squirmed. Her hot pussy rubbing on my flesh. What did she taste like? I savored her nipples, kissing back and forth as her thigh pressed against my pussy. We humped each other, smearing our hot, juicy sexes against each other's thighs. A rush of delight filled me as she gasped and sighed my name.

Her voice was so sweet. The golden tip of her horn sparkled in the sunlight. "I love you, Willoweyes," I gasped. She beamed at me. "Let me show you how much," I gasped. It was pure instinct that led me to kiss down her thighs. Her skin tasted so wonderful, that spicy cinnamon tingling on my lips, that I burned to find out if she tasted equally delicious between her thighs. A hot, spicy musk tickled my lips as I worked lower and lower, my golden hair fanning out across her ivory stomach, sparkling in the sunlight.

"You're so beautiful," she moaned, stroking my hair. Her large breasts heaved and her face blushed with passion. I nuzzled at her stomach. She had a cute, innie bellybutton. My tongue dipped in, swirling around her flesh. Her hips bucked, smearing her hot pussy against my breasts, my nipple sliding through her folds. Tingles rushed down to my own sex.

I squeezed my thighs, my anticipation building. Her green eyes trembled as I pushed her thighs farther apart, my lips kissing at her pubic mound right above her spicy pussy. The heady scent of her salty, cinnamon-spiced pussy wafted through my nose. I savored the scent, breathing it in before I lowered down and took a nice, long lick up her pussy.

Her body contorted and her toes curled. I reached the top of her clit, flicking it with my tongue, before I bent down and took another wonderful lick. "Cherise!" she gasped as I nuzzled through her folds. "Oh, yes! I dreamed of this so many times." My tongue took another long lick through her folds before I parted them with my fingers.

She was pink and had no hymen. "You're not a maiden?" I gasped in shock. "I am!" she purred. "But unicorns aren't human. We don't need a piece of skin to prove our purity. We are pure!" I sighed in relief, then leaned in and took another lick, my tongue sliding into her tunnel. Her wonderful, cinnamon-spiced juices coated my lips and tongue. I pressed in deep, my nose brushing her folds.

My every inhalation was full of her scent. It was wonderful. My right arm wrapped around her hip so I could play with her clit. Her legs spasmed when I rubbed her pink nub as my tongue swirled through her petals. Her gasps were so sweet. I rubbed her harder. I knew just how wonderful caressing my clit was—Willoweyes enjoyed it just as much. "My wonderful Cherise!" she moaned, her back arching, thrusting those wonderful breasts towards the blue sky. "Oh, yes! Mmm, that's wickedly delicious." "So delicious!" I moaned in agreement, burying my tongue back into her pussy's sheath, my finger rubbing faster circles on her clit.

"Oh, yes! Mmm, your lips! So wonderful! My sweet Cherise! My beautiful maiden! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna erupt on your lips!" Her body writhed and her thighs spasmed about me. "Oh, yes! A little more! Cherise!" Her moan echoed through the forest glade as her body bucked and heaved.

Her pussy spasmed around my tongue, clenching as the delight burned through her body. Spicy juices poured into my lips and down my chin.

I drowned in them, happily drinking the flood of my unicorn's passion. I squeezed my own thighs together, eager to be touched and loved. "Oh, Willoweyes!" I panted as she trembled. "That was so much fun." I licked my lips, savoring her taste.

I wanted to be coated in her juices. Willoweyes nodded her head, her horn flashing. She sat up, her tits jiggling, and grasped my face. She pulled me to her lips. We kissed, her tongue sliding about, gathering up her own juices. My hands found her tits again, squeezing them as we shared our love.

"Wow," she panted when she broke our kiss. "Mmm, I do taste delicious. But not as good as you." I gave a wicked laugh, my pussy on fire. "Would you like a better taste?" She nodded her head and kissed me again.

I moaned as she changed into a unicorn. Her lips grew larger, thicker, her teeth nibbling at my tongue. Her body swelled, her ivory skin becoming a pristine hide. Her tail swished and her hooves stamped as I arched my neck to keep kissing her muzzle. "You are so gorgeous," I smiled when I broke the kiss. Willoweyes whinnied in delight. She nudged my shoulder with her muzzle and I laid down. Her thick lips sucked on my nipple, engulfing most of my breast as she nibbled and sucked.

Her tongue was thick. I gasped and squirmed in delight. "Oh, that's wonderful," I moaned, stroking her muzzle up to her horn. I stared up at the blue sky as her lips moved about my body, her long, silvery mane sweeping across my flesh.

I giggled as her fine hairs tickled me. She nibbled on both my nipples before working lower and lower. "You're so ticklish!" I laughed as she nuzzled my stomach, my pussy clenching in delight. "That's nice, but my pussy really needs your attention." "But your so fun to tickle," neighed Willoweyes. "You make such delightful moans." "My moans will be even more delightful if you lick my pussy." Willoweyes laughingly whinnied. Her muzzle moved lower. I shuddered as she nuzzled at my pussy with her thick lips.

Her wide tongue licked, caressing every part of my pussy at once. I gasped, my hips bucking into her tongue. My nipples throbbed and my fingers seized them as my unicorn took a second and third lick, neighing her delight. "Oh, yes!" I gasped. "That's so good!" "Delicious," agreed Willoweyes. I didn't fight the pleasure that built inside of me. I squirmed and let it flow through me. Willoweyes wouldn't leave me if I came with her. I could make love to my sweet unicorn and remain forever pure, forever with her.

I didn't have to marry Aidan. "Yes, yes!" I gasped as her tongue brushed my maidenhead over and over as she devoured me. "You're so wonderful! I'm going to cum." "Already! I've barely started." "You're amazing!" I shuddered, grasping her horn. "Don't stop. Keep loving me! Make me cum so hard!" "And I can drink all your juices down!" neighed Willoweyes. "Uh-huh!" I panted, squirming on the grass. "Oh, yes! You'll get to drink so much of my juices." I was free to be with Willoweyes.

I was free to love her. Her tongue swiped across my clit. I exploded inside. "Yes!" I screamed, squeezing down on her horn as my hips bucked into her mouth.

Willoweyes whinnied and neighed as she drank down my juices. The pleasure rushed through my body. I let it consume me. It was the best orgasm yet—my unicorn gave it to me. I spasmed on the grass and watched the blue sky spin above me, woolly clouds drifting past. "Oh, yes!" I groaned as the pleasure died down. Willoweyes lifted her muzzle. My eyes widened. "You have a cock!" I gasped. Beneath her legs dangled a hard, thick dick.

It had to be bigger than any humans'. The village boys always loved to whip theirs out and show them off. I had even seen an adults before. This dwarfed them all. A strange, hot passion burned through me. "But you're a girl unicorn." "I'm just a unicorn," she neighed. "We only have one sex. I need a cock to breed my mate." "Mate?" I asked, trembling.

"Will you be my mate," Willoweyes asked, her green eyes wide. "Ever since I met you, I hoped you were the one, the human I would mate, my broodmare." I licked my lips. "Then we would always be together?" Willoweyes tossed her head, her version of a nod. "Yes. Be my mate. My mare." "By all the gods, yes!" I gasped in delight. "Oh, yes! I'll be your mare! I'll mate with you." I want that cock in me.

Never once in my life had I felt such an overwhelming lust before. My pussy dripped with juices. I ached in the depths of my body. Her thick cock, almost the size of my arm, swung back and forth as she looked around. "There, that rock is perfect." "For what?" I gasped. "For you to kneel on so I can mount you," Willoweyes smiled. "So we can mate and make a foal." "Our daughter?" Willoweyes nodded. "Our beautiful foal." I scrambled up and raced to the rock.

It had a mostly flat surface. I knelt on it, ignoring the discomfort. My pussy was too on fire to care about anything but mating with my unicorn. I shook my hips, my pussy clenching in delight. Willoweyes galloped over to me, neighing in delight. "Oh, Cherise, I knew it. You're my mare! You're so wonderful." I grinned at her.

"I've loved you since we met." Willoweyes nuzzled into my pussy, taking another lick. Then she drew back and lowered her head. I gasped as her sharp horn caressed my asscheek. I shuddered and looked over my shoulder, biting my lip as the tip of her horn moved to my pussy. "Do you trust me?" she asked. "Yes!" I gasped.

Her head pushed forward. Her horn's sharp point pierced my maidenhead and entered my pussy. I groaned. There was almost no pain. My maidenhead parted before her sharp shaft with painless ease. My pussy clenched down on her spiraled horn as new sensations rushed through me.

"There," Willoweyes proudly said, pulling her horn out. "You can never be soiled. My horn has purified you." I gasped. Her horn, which had been ivory and slowly blending to gold at the tip was now becoming solid gold. The horn seemed to absorb my virgin blood and juices, spreading the gold until her horn was one single color.

Willoweyes neighed in delight. "Mate me!" I gasped, trembling in delight. I felt so pure inside. I was her mate, her broodmare, and I was ready to be bred by my unicorn. Willoweyes mounted me. Her forelegs gripped my sides beneath my underarms while her hard cock pressed against my pussy. Her soft, underbelly hairs tickled my back. She neighed and whinnied as her hips thrust, her cock sliding around my pussy, trying to find my hole. I reached between my thighs and grasped her thick shaft.

She was hard and soft at the same time, her dick throbbing with her heartbeat. I maneuvered her wonderful cock to my hole. I was so tiny. Would she fit. I trusted her. "Cherise!" Willoweyes whinnied in triumph as her cock pushed forward.

"Willoweyes!" I shrieked in delight as my pussy stretched and stretched. Her cock was so thick. My body shuddered. Pain and pleasure mixed in my pussy as she worked deeper and deeper into me. I moaned, clamping down on her cock. She was so thick. So wonderful.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have her. "Oh, yes! Willoweyes!" Her hips thrust harder. Her cock slid deeper into me. My eyes widened. She was so deep in my pussy. I was so full. I groaned as her dick impaled me. I gasped and spasmed as she drew back, the tunnel of my pussy clinging to her hard shaft. She thrust in again. I screamed in bliss as she stretched out my pussy and set off every nerve I had. I was in heaven. There was nothing I could compare this bliss to. I rocked my hips, matching her thrusts, eager for every inch of her thick shaft.

"Yes, yes!" I gasped. "Breed your mare! I love it! Harder! Give it to me! I'm gonna cum so hard!" Willoweyes worked her cock in and out of me. It pistoned me. My orgasm crashed through my body. My pussy spasmed about her wonderful dick.

She fucked me harder and faster, neighing as my pussy writhed about her. My juices trickled down my thighs. I was so hot. They were pouring out of me as I was fucked over and over. My screams of bliss echoed through the glade. The entire Rothin forest had to know I was being mated by my unicorn. Her thrusts ignited wave after wave of bliss through me.

I kept cumming. They piled one on the other, hammering into my mind. "Yes, yes! I love your unicorn cock!" I screamed. "I'm so glad you wanted me!" "I love you, Cherise!" she gasped.

"Oh, yes! Your pussy is so hot! My cock is bathed in your love! Yes! We're making such a beautiful foal!

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Oh, yes!" "Mmm, give it to me! Keep slamming into me! I love it! Breed me!" Willoweyes neighed in delight. Her cock slammed into the depths of my pussy, the thick tip pressing on my womb.

I shuddered as her cock throbbed. A hot flood of cum filled me. It streamed out of her cock, splattering against my insides. My pussy convulsed about her cock as one last orgasm filled me. Her seed filled me. My womb would quicken with our foal. That night, I slept naked in the forest with my unicorn.

Anton would have to find himself another farmgirl to marry, I was already claimed. To be continued.