Blonde PAWG gets rammed hardd

Blonde PAWG gets rammed hardd
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True to One's Nature by Millie Dynamite © Copyright 2018 by Millie Dynamite It's true, I'm a fucking genius.

I have literally gotten away with murder, several killings if the truth is told. I enjoy ending lives, especially the lives of beautiful girls. You know the girls I mean, the ones that are so beautiful that men are afraid to approach them. The ones that look down their noses at everyone I find the most fun…the most enjoyable to rape and kill that is. Admit it friend, you've thought about it.

Choking the life out of some snobby, stuck up whore that thinks she is above you and your kind. Come on now, you have a dark thing you want to do.

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Everyone has their own dark fantasies, their desires that they know would freak-out anyone that found out about them. Those closely guarded secret wants they would never act on, the only difference between you and me, I satisfy my urges. I'm I worse or better than you? You who burns in your fantasies you are too ball-less a fuck to fulfill your dark lust.

Taking a bitch against her will, that's a blast. Killing the worthless cunt after, that's living large. I remembered this one girl from a convenience store, I'd tried to buy her a soda, but this little ghetto street urchin, BITCH, would have none of it.

The girl called me a creepy cracker perv. That putdown, no matter how accurate it might have been, sealed the cunts fate. I waited for her, watched for that teen sex machine to come out of the store.

I didn't have to wait long. She sauntered from the store and strutted down the side of the street. A dark pixy, a young, sweet berry who thought, no she knew, she was too good for the likes of me. I followed behind her ready to pounce. Ebony skin, a darker shade of night than the moonless sky gave this dreary, distressed, poverty laden neighborhood.

The whites of her eyes, the silvery t-shirt, pure white cutoffs, and her pearlescent teeth stood in stark contrast with her dark, silken skin. The young, future neighborhood whore stood there, a big smile on her face, her hand waving in the air at some other…nigger in this godforsaken land of despair. He halfway acknowledged her and moved on the opposite direction. The dark lynx saw my car at that point, turned her pleasingly plump, round ass toward me, and began to walk faster away, time to act.

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You see, I'd have this black alley cat. Pushing the pedal to the floor, I gunned my car around her, twisted the wheel and slammed the brakes. The car bounded up on the sidewalk, screeched to a stop.

In a flash, I jumped out the door right in front of her, balling up a fist, I swung hard. Not too hard, wouldn't want to break anything, not yet at least, my fist connected with her jaw and bitch plunged to the ground.

Only then did I look around, no one saw what happened. I get impetuous sometimes, a rash decision could be my undoing.


That notwithstanding, no harm and no foul this day. I picked up the 4-foot-10-inch, 90-pound bundle, loaded her into the back seat of my Town Car, and zip-cuffed her. The dark cat was caged, I could have my way with this wild panther at my leisure. I left the dirt and grime of the ghetto behind me. The despare of poverty breeds its own darkness, a hovel of humanity shoved in so tightly together they smell the foulness of each others farts and breath.

A match should be set to the whole place. Drench them in gasoline, set all apes on fire, I guarantee you nothing of value would be burnt. Even this beauty was no different than the rest of the jungle bunnies and white trash living in this squaller. I moved out of the city into the forested countryside and turned into the secluded property left to me by my parents. The whole drive her noxious, sickly sweet perfume, invaded my sinuses, causing me some irritation.

It wasn't an entirely unpleasant odor, just such a cheap fragrance. Still, I'd have to make the whore wash it off her body.

It surprised me that she hadn't woken on the drive out to the cabin. I pulled into the attached garage and workshop.

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Opening the door, I got out and looked in the back seat. The bitch lay face down on the seat, just as I had placed her. Hands and feet bound with zip cuffs. Her ass wasn't nearly as large as I had thought, round, plump, but nice. The t-shirt had ridden up to the middle of her back exposing all that smooth, soft dark flesh.


Her legs were shapely, smooth and somewhat muscled. All in all, a tightly wound, compact little monkey to fuck. Opening the door, I leaned into the seat, getting ready to pick her up in my arms. That's when it hit me, her booted feet lurched up into my groin, pain shot through me, I stumbled back a few steps. The bitch twisted around on the seat. Fighting through the aching throbbing, I lurched forward, snatched the zips on her ankles, yanked her out of the car.

She landed with a hard thud on her back on the concrete floor. I moved swift, sure, and hard, kicking down with heal of my boot on the small, firm bump of a nigglet's left tit. She screamed in pain, and I laughed at her. Holding my package, I straightened as I laughed at her pain. Squealing like a wounded pig, she rolled around on the floor. "Go ahead, yell your fucking lungs out," I told her. "Who'll hear you're hollers out here? Even if they heard you, who would give a shit about worthless teen nigger?

You poor, poor, worthless waste of flesh, you actually thought you mattered." The pain eased as sucked in fresh air, I looked at her angry at myself for not being more careful. "They'll catch you and put your ass in jail!" She screamed at me. I could see there was fight left in this cat. I kicked her again, slamming my booted foot into her perky right boob this time. She curled up in a ball, crying and carrying on, "You ain't got the right." "Sure, I have the right.

You see cunt, I make my own rights. Cops don't care about lawn jockeys or their monkey daughters." "You gonna die here.

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I promised you that," the girl hissed at me. Her anger flashed across her nice-looking face, she thrashed about in violent effort to free herself. I spat a thick stream of slobber on her face. She tried, in vain, to get the foul spittle from her cheek. My own pain subsided. I'm a tall, muscled man, built to hand out pain. She's a small woman.

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No, she's just a girl, couldn't weigh an ounce over 90 pounds. The whore had no chance, not against me. Not with any man, not ever, bitches are bitches and nothing more.

Clasping her hair, I yanked her behind me dragging her up the stairs into the cabin, back to a back room. I tossed her into the bathroom and attached the collar to her lovely throat, I padlocked it. Cutting her hands and feet free I stepped back a few feet and took the remote in my hand. "Strip and take a shower," I told her. She stood turning to me, she balled up her fist. I waited till her body tensed and I knew she was about to charge me, pressing the button on the remote, I watched the fun.

Her body locked up tight, she shook in brutal dance. Her eyes widened, she shuddered, jerking here and there, landing on the floor the bitch flopped about, the sting of shock took the fight out of the slut. "Please, mister, don't do that no more," she begged me. "Strip and shower, don't close the curtain, I'm going to watch," I said.

"Don't make me hit you with juice in that shower. You really don't want that, bitch." She took off the sleeveless t and then stripped out of the tight cutoffs.

She wore no bra, no panties, she started to cover herself, but a stern look from me and she knew better. Her dark skin glistened from the perspiration of her recent exertions. Her pert tiny tits were perfect mounds capped with fat, pointy nipples.

The areolas were the darkest flesh, her twat was clean of pubic hair. It to had thin film of perspiration covering it. I imagined that her beautiful, little snatch had already slickened, that she longed for my fat cock to ravage her ripping pussy. She turned away from me, leaned into the shower, turned on the two valves, testing the water.

After a minute she stepped into the shower. Taking the bottle of body wash, she lathered up moving her hands over her hot tight body. Her face hadn't softened, she had an expression that would frighten a boxer. I thought about hitting her with the juice again, that'd teach the bitch a lesson, but it could kill her, and I wasn't ready for that. It was, so very, erotic to watch this tiny beauty wash her nubile body. The white frothy foam on her dark flesh, her soft hands moving over her tight smooth skin.

My cock responded by twitching, stiffening.

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I was ready for the whore. "What your name?" I asked. "Shanice," she answered. "Typical," I said. "Just a normal ghetto spade name." I could see the anger in her eyes, even more than that scowl, a look of hatred burned into me. She turned off the shower and stepped on the cold tiled floor.

Taking a towel from the rack, Shanice dried herself. She wanted to say something, but the dark pixy held her tongue. Her form, the perfection of her taut body, watching her bathe herself, and the expectation of what was to come had me on edge. I unbuttoned my pants and fished my fat stiff cock from its prison.

It stood out straight, daunting, ready to split pussy wide. The black cat's eyes widened, and the arrogance, defiance, and anger melted into a look of dread.

"I a virgin," she said, "Please, please, don't hurt me not wit that thing." "On your knees, cunt," I ordered her. "Suck it." There was this expression of revulsion, she hesitated, took a step back, that's when I hit her with juice.

Not hard, but enough to make her stiffen and jerk a bit. When I let off the button, she sank to knees. I moved to her, and she spread her lips apart. I jab my crabapple sized cock head in, driving it to the back of her mouth.

Her teeth scraped over my big shaft and pulled out and smacked her face with an open hand. "Wider bitch," I said as I plunged back into her mouth. Clutching her nappy hair, I fucked her face with force. Stabbing into her tight little throat, tears welled up in her pretty amber eyes, spilling down her cheeks. Blue traces of mascara ran down the swarthy skin as I buried my cock deep in her throat. Eventually, I worked all ten fat inches inside her mouth and throat till my balls hit her soft neck as humped her head.

I pumped her head hard, the tension of days of denial had be worked out of me. I held that hair tight and used to make her work at it. Bitches have to be made to do a good job, a nigger is no different than an Asian or even a white bitch in that. All cunts are lazy! I made her do her job right. I'm sure she thought I'd rip the hair out by the roots, that fear keeps them going.

When the juice began to build in my balls, I yanked out and jacked a thick load over her face, lips, eyes, panting her with my love. Without hesitation, I clasped her curly hair and drug the bitch to the bedroom. She scampered on her knees behind me, trying to get to her feet, holding my wrist with her hands, the bitch tried to keep the pressure off her scalp.

I made sure she couldn't avoid the pain. I tossed her on the bed, like so much trash you throw away, only I wasn't throwing her away, not yet at least. "Lay there and don't move you nigger fuck bag," I told her.

She clutched the sheets with her hands, pulling the fabric into her tight fist. I knew this devastated the little bitch, destroying that arrogance I had seen in the Fast Stop. My plan, crush her spirit, (done by the way), ruin her body, (soon to be accomplished), then take her life. Stripping out my clothes I looked at her smooth flesh, stretched over her tight muscles, spread out for my pleasure on my parent's king-sized bed. I rubbed my cock hard again and readied it to destroy her shitter.

I'd save that monkey twat for the last fucking. Might even take a nap before I got going on that. For now, that tight, little brown eye was what I wanted. I crawled on top of her. She tensed up, that wouldn't be good for the bitch. "No," She sniveled. I pushed the big helmet of dick against the small opening of her butt.

"Please, don't do this," she begged. I just let it sit there, listening to her pleas. I pulled away, just a tad, she relaxed, breathing a sigh of relief. Flexing forward, I rammed into her shithole, a good five inches. She screamed like a cat getting stepped on by a horse. Just sitting there a second or two, I got my body ready. Cramming in the last four inches, no reprieve I go to it. I fucked that ass for with all my strength. Pounding deep and hard, pulling out almost all the way only to bury myself balls deep again.

She didn't like it. She bucked and jerked, trying to free herself. Her 90 pounds against my 240, she didn't stand a chance. I did appreciate the effort though, a fighting bitch is more fun to fuck up than a passive one.

Her ass was so fucking tight to, that shitter was virgin for sure. Her shrieks fed the fury and fucked her harder bringing myself near the edge with each hammer blow to her nice petite ass. Oh, God, it felt so good. Her cries grew louder, the louder she screamed, the rougher I fucked her ass. She kicked her legs and pounded her fist.

Screeching as took out all my pent-up passion on her poop-shoot. After 20 minutes, I shot a thick stream of cum inside that tight butt. Pulling out I, my cock covered with shit, blood and cum, the same dribbled from her sphincter. I cleaned my cock with a towel and dropped it to the floor. She lay there on the bed crying. I grabbed her by the wrist and dragged off the mattress, across the floor, depositing her inside a large circle in the middle of the room.

Stepping out of the ring, I smiled and flicked a small button on the remote. "Come here," I told her, stepping back more. She took a few steps cross the line on the floor and juice hit her hard. She fell backward into the circle, and the shock ended.

I laughed and explained that if she crossed the line, she'd be shocked until she went back inside it. I set it to the maximum setting. "Curl up on the floor and try to sleep," I told her as went to bed. "You're going to need your strength if you really are a virgin." Making myself comfortable, I watched the slut and taunted her with what I'd do to her sweet virgin cunt when I woke. I slowly slipped into a deep sleep. I had pleasant dreams of my little nigger monkey and fucking her up, her hot body moving under as she grew to love the fucking she got.

That's how I knew it was a dream, they never like the fucking I give them. Not in my nature, one must be true to oneself. The dream ended abruptly and felt a constriction in my chest. My esophagus felt tight like I a cold threatened me. My mind began to realize where I was, my mouth was dry, that mourning taste filled it. I felt a weight on my chest, my eyes flickered open to the sunlight glaring across the bed from the opened blinds. The little nigger sat on my chest, an odd look of satisfaction covered her face.

I grabbed the remote as she jumped to her feet. I hit the button, hard jarring of electricity flooded my body. A trembling, jolting stream of pain surged through every fiber of my body. Jerking here and there, falling to the floor, I couldn't release the button.

I saw her, she stood there a bat in her hand, my bat, she had my bat. The sneer on her lips frightened me as I fell into a deep state of nothingness. When I woke…this time, my hands and feet were restrained. She'd put zip cuffs on me. I saw her standing there, that scornful, mocking smile on her face. Her hateful amber eyes glared at me, her small tongue darted around her full lips, and pearly white teeth.

She flipped the bat over in her hand, then again. Then she thumped it on her open palm. She walked around me, hitting me in an almost playful way. "Turned that motherfucker around, nearly choked myself doing that. I got them bastard pen points pointed away from me," she said. "Left that fucking circle then, juice sparking off them little points. I found that key unlocked the motherfucker, let that fucker run till it died. I gots that remote and turned off the button that's marked perimeter, found new batteries and loaded them.

Put the collar on you, tight, so as you can't get her turned. You gonna die today…you cracker pervy motherfucker." The bat hit my leg, and she pounded it till I heard the snapping of a bone. I had never felt that kind of pain before, it tore through me. The horrible thing was, she didn't stop. She just kept beating me. She pounded on me for an hour or more. It could have been a lot longer, I don't know. It just went on and on.

I have many broken bones. I can barely move. Eventually, Shanice gave me my journal and let me bring it up to date. I know I have three broken ribs, my hip is shattered, and several bones in both legs have been smashed or broken. The pain is unbearable, but soon it will be all over, that can't happen quickly enough, nor will it be without more pain. Who would have thought an 18-year-old woman could be my undoing? I see she grows impatient with me. She's a few feet away, smacking the bat into her palm.

She moved toward me. That self-confident, arrogant look has returned to the woman. She is more beautiful than before, towering over me with her tight muscled tiny body. I feel small and insignificant. Who could have believed that a tiny nigger bitch could be my undoing?

"Dying time," she says, "you worthless bird-shit pervert." She raises the bat over her head, there is a plaintive, sad look on her face…No, not sad, it's more a look of pity…as if this brings her no joy. "You white peckerwood boys is all the same…worthless," she tells me as the bat comes down on my head. **** The pen fell from his hand when I hit him in the head.

He twisted his body, pulling himself away using his fingertips. Digging his nails into the wooden floor, dragging himself away from me. I smashed the club down on his back, snapping yet another rib. Yeah, that blow did damage, it punctured his lung. I could hear his breathing, wet, rasping as the blood filled his lung.

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I hit him again, back of the head, and again, lower back or ass maybe. I beat his arms with this blow, his back with that one. I bashed his head again, and he stopped trying to crawl away, he lay there. A thick belch of blood spewed from his mouth, it was so beautiful to see his pain. "Peckerwood," I said and smacked him again. It felt good beating his worthless white ass. I smacked him again, his head one more time, then I watched. Ten more minutes I observed his pain, only hitting him occasionally.

Every few breathes he ejected blood, it sprayed across the hardwood floor. His breathing turned slower, shallower. It stopped, started again, and for twenty minutes more I revealed in his pain. His eyes twisted about, but I don't the motherfucker saw shit anymore. One more spew of blood and everything stopped. I bashed his head till there wasn't much left to hit. Felt good giving the redneck motherfucker his due. I wished my girlfriend was there, I needed some good tongue.

Something about beating a good ole boy that makes me wet. I wondered how long I could use his shit? His car, his house, his toys. Of course, all these marvelous toys could go with me. I needed to find me some dumb white boy to seduce and bring out here. Have him bury the bastard and make sure the hole was big enough for two. Yeah, that's the short-term plan! I'm still pissed about that fucking blow job, and my ass, god he tore me up there. Still, mother fucker didn't put his nasty ole dick inside my virgin pussy.

I hate dick's and the junk attached to them.

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