Meine Tante mit ihrem Mann auf dem Friedhof verdammt

Meine Tante mit ihrem Mann auf dem Friedhof verdammt
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It was a couple of years into my first marriage and I was stuck in Portsmouth unable to get home. It was July in a hot summer. I was so frustrated that I couldn't get home I rang my wife Carol and she agreed instantly to come down.

The only room I could find at short notice that offered rooms was a grand hotel. It was expensive but who cared I was going to be with my lovely new wife.

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She arrived in the early evening and the fun began. Had a long slow diner a few drinks and retired to our room. We made love most of the night and eventually sated fell asleep. I was rudely awakened by a hand slapping down on my bare arse. I yelped the, light was pouring into the room in violent bright rays that stabbed at my eyes. Carol was wide awake and planted a kiss on my red stinging bum. Excitedly she told me to get up as she wanted an early walk along Southsea sea front.

We showered and managed to drag ourselves form each other and headed for breakfast. Showered and refreshed after only a few hours sleep by hot coffee and full English breakfast we setoff. Wearing just T shirts and shorts we strolled along the seafront holding hands. After about 20 minuets Carol remarked that she really needed to go to the toilet.


I told her not to worry as there were some a little way along ahead. Soon she was trying to walk crossed legged so I hurried her to find them.

At the toilets she dashed away in the direction of the ladies. as I caught up with her I heard a little whimper and followed it to find Carol holding her crotch in front of a locked door with "Out of order" written on a notice pined to it. She looked so sexy standing there in her little pink shorts with a damp patch visibly appearing.

I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her around the small building and dragged her into the male toilets. She rushed directly into a cubical desperately and never shut he door fully. I heard a little moan of relief with a full on rush of water on porcelain. I stood at the urinals and listened to her relief with visions of her sexiness holding her damp crotch and her pissing in the guys toilets.

My cock began to stiffen just thinking about it all. as I stood with cock hardening in hand I noticed it had become very quiet. Suddenly the silence was broken by Carol giggling.

I asked her if she was ok and she replied that there were loads of sexy stories written over all the walls. She started to read some and suddenly stopped. I asker what was the matter? She said there was a big hole in the wall into the next cubical and asked why. I smiled and explained that some guys got a kick by sucking and wanking hard cock off through the wall. She giggled and started to read a story off the wall about a guy who wanted to meet and suck some hard cock.

As I stood listening and slowly wanking my hard cock a shadow at the corner of my eye caught my attention. It was a guy who walked in.

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He was about my age and took a look at me. His eyes widened as he saw my ridged cock. He started to move toward the urinals just as Carol started to read another story. He looked surprised and quickly changed directions towards the cubicles and entered the one next to Carol. As the door shut and locked Carol stopped talking. I waited a few moments expecting her to come out, a short time went by and there was no sign of her. I went to the door of her cubical and pushed it open. Carol was sat on the toilet her shorts around her ankles leaning slightly forward staring intently at the hole one hand on the wall and one between her legs.

She looked at me as I pushed the door open. Her face was flushed and she looked at me then the hole and nodded towards it. I moved in quietly and dipped my head and saw why she was so flushed.

On the other side the guy was sitting on the toilet trousers down stroking one of the largest cock I have ever seen. I was nine and half to ten inches long with huge purplish circumcised head. I looked at Carol and she looked at me biting her lip with a very pleading look on her face. I shrugged and nodded. She looked a bit perplexed so I motioned her to put her finger to the hole and make a "come here" sign with it.

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She did and slowly the head of the huge cock was fed through the hole. Carol leaned back eyes wide and I could see her frigging her clit hard as she watched its length come through. By now my hard cock was in my hand and was stroking it slowly. I motioned her to take it. She sat forward and tentively wrapped her fingers around it.

Her eyes widened as she looked at me as her fingers only just reached around finger to thumb. Holding it in one hand with a ecstatic look on her face she continued to wank on her clit.

I was now wanking my own cock hard as I watched Carol get down on her knees on the dirty floor and still moving her hand up and down the huge cock and slowly open her mouth wide Lick the end with her tongue and feed it into her mouth. The huge head was deep in her mouth and she held it in both hands and fed more in. As it moved in he face redden and then she gagged as it hit the back of her throat.

Now she took one hand off and started to suck on the purple head as her free hand ravished her pussy.

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My cock was so ridged and hard as wanked myself at this fantastic sexy spectacle. She sucked with obvious enjoyment but then the cock was pulled back as he was sucking and back though the hole.

Carol looked surprised and disappointed. As she watched the hole a finger came through and beckoned she pointed to herself and the finger waved no it the pointed upward to me. Excitedly Carol grabbed my cock and tugged and pulled it to the hole. As we both watched a tongue cam through and licked the damp precum end of my cock.

Carol pushed me closer to the hole and holding my cock moaned as a tongue and lips slathered and sucked the head of my cock. She was pushing me forward fiery eyes wide as I was sucked and her fingers fringing her cunt hard at my cock being taken in the mouth of the stranger. In moments she bucked as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body eyes glued to the lips around my cock.

My cock was now that hard I pushed it deep in to the hole and a wet warm sensation came over it as it was sucked deep into a wet mouth. Carol now still slowly touching her pussy with one hand The other over my arse and cupped my balls kissing me as I continued to be sucked.

Kissing me full on he lips as my cock was ravished she looked at me and smiled and whispered in my ear." you must do it for me" I was close to cumming and didn't understand.

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Grabbing me she pulled me away from the hole and the sucking mouth. She squatted and put her finger to the hole, the huge cock was slowly pushed through, I watched her grab it and then took my arm and pulled me down with her. She held the massive shaft and pulled me to it. Now I understood what she had said.

She had wanted me to suck that giant cock and watch me. Taking my hand she placed it on it. It felt so warm and hard then she pushed me gently to it and my lips touched it I opened them and the cock slid in, Carol moaned as she watched it slid in. I licked it with my tongue and slowly took it deep into my mouth. It felt soft but hard and so warm. It smelt musky and exciting I curled my tongue over and around it soon it was pushed past that and slowly farther in no it was near the back of my throat.

I could hear liquid slapping and moaning as Carol was flashing her hands in and out of her hot cunt and pulling and slapping her clit. I felt the cock push again and gagged as it hit the back of my throat. Carol was saying my ear "take it darling swallow it so delicious down you throat" moaning as she watched. I took it all as much as I could any way and then it was pulled away. Carol was beside me and grabbed the shaft as she pulled it from my mouth. There was a moan from over the wall and Carol took it in her hand pulled me back to it and then took the other side of it herself.

We heard the guy moan as I was sucking it and knew he was close so she pulled me off it and now it was between both our lips and mouth. She sucked it I sucked then it slid between our lips.

We passed it back and fourth between us. The sounds from over the wall grew evermore urgent as that huge purple head was swallowed and sucked by both of us. With huge cry the massive cock head exploded. We were both ready but Carol had it in her mouth and gave a little choke as it hit her deep in the throat. I slid it from her lips to mine musky salty cum blasted in to me and then Carol had it back cum was dripping from both of us but still it unloaded about 7 or 8 huge spurts.

Soon the wonderful flesh started to soften. It slid from our lips and back through the hole. Carols face was covered in cum as I suspect mine was too she has tears in her eyes and we just fell together and kissed.

A long deep kiss over cum covered faces and tongues. Carol broke away she pushed her self up on to the toilet seat pulled up her T shirt and grabbed and pulled her nipples and lashed at her still hard clit.


I stood back and watched and wanked my cock as we both played and watched each other. Carol moaned out an orgasm and my cock erupted spunk in long threads flying through the air and making Carol more wet and sticky. She hunched over add her last orgasm hit her and made her fall forward I caught her and lifted her.


I kissed her cum drying lips locked and we held each other up. The energy drain left us weak and as we leant on each other and be can to laugh. Carols Legs began to buckle so I pulled her up. She pulled up her shorts wet and with two loads of spunk and her own cum as was her T shirt.

I wasn't in a much better state but we were still laughing. We headed for the door and holing hands we ran back to the hotel where there was a bed and a bath. We were a bit sheepish after all the passion had worn of the following day. We sat and discussed it and decided it wouldn't be the last adventure if the occasion arose again.(it wasn't) Tell you later. The late 1960s 70s were a wonderful time