Exploitedteensasia Exclusive Scene Mem amp_ Pam kamere Teens Do Thresome

Exploitedteensasia Exclusive Scene Mem amp_ Pam kamere Teens Do Thresome
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A BAD DAY CONTINUES (Part 2) Lauren wiped her lips and stood up. "Wasn't that nice?" she asked.

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Peter grunted but she saw he was looking past her, his eyes locked on Ruiz. Lauren realized with a quick shudder that the blowjob probably hadn't fully satisfied him. He was still on fire. Ruiz hung moaning and dripping sweat, the marks up and down her body starting to swell, the pink stripes darkening to bright red.

She no longer tried to shift her weight back and forth between the ass hook and her shoulders, she just hung in the air in an awkward pose, head slightly forward, ass slightly higher than her hips. "Peter? Can we at least let her down?" Lauren asked.

Peter nodded dumbly, still unable to focus. His mind was still completely fogged by testosterone and frustration. The whipping he'd given Ruiz and the blowjob from Lauren hadn't done much more than push his arousal up a notch or two. Lauren pressed the buttons and the first winch slowly lowered Ruiz's ass, the hook sliding out of her and hanging between her legs. Lauren held it and pushed the UP button, watched it travel back toward the ceiling of the garage.

Then, she lowered the Beam until Ruiz's feet touched the floor. Lauren undid the five-foot spreader bar that held Ruiz's legs open. The relief was intense and she heard Ruiz moaning, "thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you." Then, she pressed the button one last time and lowered the other woman all the way to the floor. She untied her wrists, elbows, and shoulders from the Beam and winched it back to the ceiling. Ruiz didn't move, she just lay where she'd fallen as her bonds were removed.

Peter had been watching the whole time, his mouth slightly open, breathing heavy. His six-foot-two body was still shiny with sweat, his tanned, solidly muscled frame dominated the entire space of the three-car garage.

Lauren had pulled the black satin boxers back up around his waist, but the bulge underneath was clearly visible. "Ruiz, get over here," Peter growled. Ruiz weakly lifted her head. Every muscle in her body ached, every inch of her flesh was on fire, her insides sore from the ass hook. Peter was giving her everything she wanted but she needed more. If her body could keep up with what her mind was craving, she'd be cumming again soon.

He was amazing, he was an animal, he was insatiable.


She'd found what she wanted. "Now," Peter barked. Ruiz tried to stand but her legs wouldn't support her. She reached an arm forward and started crawling the ten feet that would get her to Peter. He watched her crawl a few feet then a smile came across his face. She wasn't crawling because she wanted to. She was crawling because she had to. "Stand up, Ruiz." "Yes, Sir," she whispered. She leaned back on her heels, planted her palms on the floor and tried to push herself up but it was no use.

She fell sideways and rolled on her back. She turned over and tried again, got to a crouching position but fell back to her knees. Her belly and thigh muscles were shaking from the effort, she had to open her legs wider to quiet the pain in her ass and insides.

Lauren took a step forward but Peter gave her such a withering look she shrank back and froze. "Peter, maybe." "Get up!" he barked. Ruiz rocked forward and, with a superhuman effort and a loud grunt, forced herself to her feet.

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She stood in place, swaying for several seconds, then put her right foot forward, tentatively taking a first step. She raised her arms, struggling to keep her balance, while Peter stood immobile, watching her try to satisfy his command.

"You need help," he said. Turning to Lauren, he repeated it.

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"I think she needs help." He pointed to the ceiling again, his eyes fixed on Ruiz's. "Should I get the ass hook?" She shook her head. "No, Sir." He reached for the control box. "Maybe the other hooks. For your nipple rings? Remember?" She shook her head vigorously now and muttered, "No, Sir! No, Sir" and lurched forward toward him, staggering like a drunk. Lauren watched the scene. She never understood Ruiz, how she could keep pushing Peter to take her further and further into the world of pain.

Even now, when Ruiz could barely walk, Lauren saw the gleam in her eye, could almost hear her asking Peter, "what's next?" She felt her own cunt getting wet and tried to think about things to take her mind of the scene in front of her.

While she didn't want to *be* Ruiz, she enjoyed watching as much as Peter enjoyed doing. But she had to keep her head on straight, she was the one who would step in if Peter went too far.

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Peter walked around Ruiz once, twice, looking at her body and muttering something. Ruiz stood with her arms at her sides, feet shoulder width apart, doing her best not to sway or fall over.

Just his looking at her turned her on, she felt her cunt getting wet again and wished he would get on with it. She knew he was just barely controlling himself, she'd lived with the two of them long enough to know his signals. This was by far the closest she'd seen him come to falling completely into a pure animal state and going crazy on her.

The excitement was incredible and she wanted to find a way to push him over the edge. But she knew it was risky. If she said the wrong thing, the session might be over, he never accepted ideas from her during a session, but between sessions, he devoured them, filing them in his memory and bringing them back to use on her later. The ass hook had been completely her idea but the Beam had been his.

The combination was hers. They kept pushing each other in a spiraling dance of pain. She pictured herself there, just a few minutes ago and felt another rush of heat between her legs. Then, she though back to their session in the other room.

Her on the bench, him with the cane in his hand, swatting slowly then quickly, hitting the same spot over and over until she flinched and then he punished her for that. The backs of her legs and her ass were already wracked with pain before he'd put her on the Beam. The fact she was standing right now defied all the laws of logic. "Arms over your head." Ruiz felt her stomach twist, her cunt twitch, her eyes rolled back with arousal. Yes, yes. Slowly painfully, she raised her arms until they were straight above her head.

"Fingertips extended." She complied. "On your toes." She tried, swayed, fell.

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Peter nodded to Lauren who helped her back into position. this time, Ruiz was above to rise on the balls of her feet and kept her balance. "Don't move. I'm going to punch you.


Do you think you can stay still when I punch you?" Ruiz nearly came from just hearing the threat. Nobody had ever crossed that line before but she'd craved it. A completely new sensation, nothing like she'd ever felt before.

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Her legs trembled and she moaned. "Does that turn you on? Your fucking sick bitch." Peter pushed his fingers between her legs, felt her soaking wet cunt and slid three fingers inside her.

She bucked hard against him and came quickly.

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He kept going and she doubled over, arms around him, licking his sweaty chest, tongue circling his nipple. She came over and over while he pushed another finger then half of his thumb up inside her. When he got tired of it, he pushed her to the floor.

"Sick fucking pig," he said, wiping her saliva off with the back of his hand. He nudged her with his toe. "Stay out here." He turned to Lauren. "Let's go get some dinner. I'm bored with this."