Some legal age teenager gals can not imagine their lives tube porn

Some legal age teenager gals can not imagine their lives tube porn
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Sophie & Gramps Anon y mouse Despite the age difference I was very close with Sophie my granddaughter, I had no idea she was sexual until I was troweling a sex dating site.

The age given was 18 and she said she enjoyed older men, I messaged several similar females and got varied responses. I did communicate with several, but none would send a photo or come on a webcam, when I suggested meeting there was always an excuse. I was getting highly frustrated and gave up with the whole thing. Out of the blue came a message saying there was a message on my profile, I logged in not expecting much and found her picture.

She looked quite cute, just my type, I messaged back and next day I had a reply. In it she gave reference to her Yahoo account, which was technically forbidden. When I messaged back the site owner had removed her profile.

Just as I was getting somewhere, but I took a chance and sent a message to her Yahoo, giving my site name and asking her to add me to her group. It was 3 days I watched the messages daily and nothing came, again it seemed a total waste.

I was randomly looking at porn when the message arrived. 'Sorry for the delay but had family issues, please contact as soon as you can, love Mary xxx'. 'Dear Mary thank you for your reply I was beginning to give up hope you have made me very happy'. Almost straight away I hear the ping 'Hello Martin' 'Hello Mary how are you?' Ping 'I am fine what are you doing?' 'Just messaging you, I am semi retired have a lot of time on my hands how about you?' Ping 'I am at home in my room, are you alone?'.

'Yes why' 'Can I ask you something please and don't get mad'. 'That depends what you want to ask?'. 'Well this is delicate I like your picture and have dreamt of fucking you for ages, don't get mad but my name is not Mary it is Sophie, yes that Sophie your granddaughter. Can I come to your room now and explain?'.

'Yes I rather think you better, you parents would be annoyed at you and personally so am I. If I don't see you in the next 5 minutes I will be forced to tell your parents'. Mary logged out, I logged out too, I had to get her statement sorted she had dreamt of fucking me for ages, I had no intent on her she was my granddaughter.

This crush had to be nipped in the bud, but more than that who else had she messaged, and why? I did not have long to find out. Having Sophie in my room even with Raymond and his wife my daughter Sally around was not new.

I had babysat Sophie, often. We had so much fun together we were nicknamed the gigglers. If my wife had not died of Cancer, I would not be living here now. I went on a downward spiral and it was insisted by both my son and his wife I come live here until I felt like meeting the world again. Stubbornly I accepted on condition it would not be long, here I was 4 years later. Now I had decided I needed company, these sites were not for love, it was pure sex.

I had tried women more my age, and even had a date with one, she had buried 3 husbands already, I did not intend to be the fourth. Most of the others ignored me too, so I just looked at other sites, I came across the young/old site by chance.


Deciding to make a profile I sent off for my free trial, if this failed then I would accept I was no longer datable and get back to reality. Mary had I hoped been my salvation, something to look forward too and now that hope was gone, Sophie had a lot of explaining to do.

The knock came on my door. I yelled "Come in" A very sheepish Sophie entered and I had her sat on my bed as I swivelled my computer chair.

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"Now then young lady explain yourself and you better make it good?" she bowed her head hardly able to look me in the eye. "Sorry Gramps" she started "I never have any luck with the boys, I am not pretty enough, older men find me pretty and we talk, then they like my photo, and that I am only 15 and we meet and I suck their cocks, but then they don't want me again.

Ever since you came here I have wanted to love you more, and hoped you would give me sex, but you treat me as a child" her eyes started welling up.

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I gave her a handkerchief. "Sophie darling, I do love you a lot and you are pretty, but you have to realise that you are asking the impossible, we can never have sex ever, that is illegal and immoral, if we did such a thing I would end up in Jail and it would split this family, and that is something I am not willing to risk, but what you are doing now has its risk, and I want you to stop right now before you get hurt". "But we could if we kept it a secret, who is going to tell, I won't and I know you won't, you all think I am a child well I am not.

I want to feel love like you and Gran had, and mom and dad have". "Sweetheart one day you will find someone to share your life with, don't be in such a hurry, you are a very attractive girl, you are smart and have good manners, I am sure you will find your love one day, marry have children and be very happy".

"All the boys I know are stupid" she replied "I did go with one and he was nice and he treated me good, until I wouldn't suck his cock, then he put it about I was a cock tease". "Oh Honey that's par for the course boys your age, give it a year or two and you will see the difference". "Yeah well I found an older boy and he wanted same, and I thought OK, so I did it for him, but as soon as he had his sticky in my mouth that's all he ever wanted, when I told him I wanted love he called me a whore, and others call me too now, if I had someone to love me proper I wouldn't care what they said".

"Sweetheart listen, if you are being harassed at school, I will go and talk to the headmaster, leave it with me". "No Gramps no that will make it worse, please don't do that please?". "Just want your happiness sweetheart". "Then be my lover, that will make me happy more than you ever know, and I can see you getting a lump in your trousers, please let me help?".

"I should say no you know that, but I must admit your talk of sex has fired my loins, OMG if we ever get found out I am dead". "Shhhhh Gramps please just let me do it, or I will explode". It was not my intention to allow her but, I had a need so did she, if I allowed this I would have to deal with any consequences later.

Before I knew it she was knelt before me tugging at my trousers.


She removed my socks and shoes and my trousers were now on the floor, she sighed as my cock sprang out as she pulled down my undies. "Mmmmm such a lovely cock, and so big, wow Gramps I love it" Her hands on my cock felt so wonderful, and when she put her warm moist mouth over it, I damn near exploded.

I did not want to cum too soon I was enjoying the way she manipulated my cock, she was no expert but at her tender age, I let her do as she liked. She had me groaning as she sucked and I knew I could not last any longer, it had been short but sweet. "Sweetie get ready" I told her "I am about to cum in your mouth". I expected her to stop sucking and just use her hands, but she didn't, as my cum exploded into her throat she was taken aback and to the quantity. She did her best to swallow it all but some dribbled onto her chin, as she took her final swallow I looked at the mess we had caused.

"Holy shit Gramps I fucking loved it when can we do it again?". "Not for a while sweetie but I can do something for you, have you ever masturbated?". "No what's that?". "Played with your own pussy?". "No never". "Oh well you gonna love it I assure you, and you can do it when you alone in your room". "I don't want to go my room, I want to wait until I can suck you again". Once her panties were off I had a view of her slit, I had seen it when she was younger as I bathed her, but now it had a very light showing of hair.

I showed her how to find her clitoris and rub it, how to massage her slit and how to finger herself as as far as she could. She meowed and bucked as her fingers worked.


It was working for me as I felt the blood rise, my cock sprang to attention. She wanted to stop but I urged her to carry on and then she shrieked. Her legs buckled as the orgasm hit her. "Oh Fuck Gramps what was that it felt so good, but you need another suck" with that she had her hands on it in no time. "That was an orgasm sweetie" I told her, she continued on my cock but this time I showed her how to lick and suck my balls, how to play with my shaft with her fingers wrapped around it, she also made a better job of sucking and holding me back as I instructed.

I already knew because I had already cum this was going to take longer. When her mouth got tired she would use fingers and vice versa. But after a 15 minute session I could not hold back any longer. "Mmmmm Gramps yes please fill my mouth" she gurgled between breaths.

"You got it sweetie" I told her "Get ready aghhhhhh oh Christ". This time she did manage most of it, and we both fell back exhausted. "Gramps that was fantastic" she said "I hope we can do it a lot". As much as I had protested before I had never felt so alive as I did at this point, it just felt right no matter what society made of it.

But we both agreed this was to be our secret, no one would understand if we tried to explain. I suggested she pop along to her room now, get cleaned up take a shower, and text me when she was done. While she did I had a long talk with myself, God I had given in too easy, I was sure if I talked to her we could put this behind us.

After her Text I went and had a shower, I changed my clothes and went and knocked on her door. She called me in she was on the internet, I gave her a look but she showed me she was closing her account. We had both taken the free One month trial. That was a relief at least, as I proposed to do the same and delete all trace of any porn sites I had been on, she urged me to sit on her bed, as we sat close we both got the urge to kiss, but this was not our usual kiss, this was a lovers kiss.

I should have pulled away, felt ashamed, but I did not all I felt was a deep love for Sophie. What I had been looking for was right under my nose all the time, she knew what she had wanted all along, I had followed a false trail, but was sure now this was right. It was not legal, we would have to be careful but I was sure it was possible. We broke the kiss and she showed me her diary, I was astonished at what I read, it did indeed go right back to when I first moved in.

the first few months read as mere concern for me as any granddaughter would.

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Then it got steamier with passages of how she dreamt we we were lovers and fucked like rabbits. Her descriptive text made my cock rise again, she took care of it while I read on, the passages covered the attempts she had made to find love, and the references to the bad events she had suffered, as well as her experiences her thoughts were all written she had laid herself bare in the narrative. She had swallowed mu jism and I was only part way through the diary.

I did not need to read any more I understood her clearly. Sally arrived home from work and called out we answered we was in Sophie's room, we were advised dinner was being started, it was my usual thing to go help and I did not want to give any suspicion to what Sophie and I had done.

I met Sally in the kitchen and helped her prepare the veg as always, Sophie came down a few moments after and switched on TV. Sally discussed her day as usual, and I told her nothing had changed, except I had given up on the dating sites, Sally never told me 'I told you so' but did give me the look. Sophie came in and got a glass of water, she gave me a big smile, Sally sensed there was a difference in her daughter. She asked me if I knew what the change in Sophie was all about, all I said was I had an idea but was not my place to say.

Sally was happy with that, she worked hard, recently Sophie had some real bad moments and she knew I was close enough to her to find out, if Sophie was in a better mood it would help the family harmony. Over dinner Raymond noticed Sophie was different, he mentioned it to me afterwards I shrugged I had no idea, he knew she told me things she could never tell them, I assured him it was just a talk we had and left it at that.

I helped Sally clear the table and load the dishwasher, but the cutlery was always done by hand she washed I dried and put away. Raymond watched the news as usual, no one spoke until it was over. There was always talk of the news items, but today I was not much company in that regard.

Sophie had gone to her room and sent me a text, she wanted my cock, I excused myself to go help her with her homework. Sally always made the same comment, to just help not do it for her. I had to admit to myself I did tend to do that and she wrote it in her hand. But this time was to be no homework. Sophie wanted my cock straight away but I decided to teach her something else.

With her shoes and socks off and laid on the bed I removed her panties, she shuddered as my hot breath met her pussy.

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"Oooooooh wow what you doing this is nice?" she said as I sucked on her clitoris making it come out of its hood. I continued to lick and suck as she moaned. "I am helping you like you helped me" I told her. As I continued her breaths got laboured and her little body trembled I fingered her pussy too as far as I could get inside her because of her hymen.

As her Orgasm overtook her she screamed which bought Sally to the door, she entered without knocking. "What the hell" she said "Get up the pair of you, and come downstairs now!". Oh fuck I thought the game is up, I was expecting to face the music sooner or later I had not figured it was sooner. Both dressed we reached the front room, Raymond was not there. Sally waited until we were sat then spoke.

"Daddy of all the people I never thought you would ever do that with Sophie". "Sorry" I said "Phone the police do what you have to. I will will move out". "Daddy you don't understand, I have know for years she wanted you, I just never expected you to take her up on it. No Sophie you never said, but I saw it in you and how it ate you up, then I noticed the change in you, and I am pleased". "So what does this mean?" I asked. "What this means is her father is not to know, in future try and keep it quieter, by the way have you fucked her yet?".

"No I had never considered that until she was older". "Well I guess you will at some stage can I ask you one thing?". "Name it". "Don't take her cherry until I have her on the pill, confine your activities to when her father is not around or do it quietly, luckily he had his head stuck in his programme, now he's gone for a drink with his mates as usual". "Mommy so we can do it then you sure you OK?". "Sweetie I am more than OK, I rather it be with your Gramps than them others that made you unhappy, and yes don't get mad I read your diary, I found it when I was cleaning your room.

And sad to say I masturbated in your room reading it, so we all got our secrets". "So what you are saying is you are turned on by your daughters sex life what about yours?". "Oh we gave up on that years ago, Raymond is too busy at work and tired when he gets home, I masturbate dreaming of what once was. I get by". "Sorry to hear that" I said "Maybe you get it back, I can talk to him".

"Don't you dare he would be furious at that, no you two enjoy what you have for as long as it lasts". Sophie kissed her mother and looked at me, I shrugged there was nothing I could do to help Sally it was a fact of life, Rachael and I did not have what you would call a full sex life for the ten years leading up to her illness, but we were faithful and that is what counted.

I was not looking for love just sex, having discovered the Internet I had come across porn by accident, and it had fired my loins again. Sophie was different I would have got round to fucking her eventually, but I wanted her to learn and grow into it, not feel forced. Sophie and I kept Sally company till bedtime, it was usual routine anyway, anything else we did was now in the open, there was no rush to consummate our love.

Sophie had already gone to bed before Raymond got back, Sally and I were in the middle of a film. Raymond acknowledged us both and went off to bed, I was going to go up too but Sally held me back.

A tear came to her eye, and I hugged her close. "Oh Daddy you don't know how jealous I am of Sophie, I wanted to seduce you since I was Sophie's age, but never had the courage, when I read Sophie's diary, it made me want you more, but I knew you would never betray mom".

"I never knew, but even if I had I would never have acted on it" I said. "That's fine daddy honest, I can put my feelings aside for Sophie's happiness. I have lost you to my daughter but I am happy, Raymond and I are getting a Divorce, we only stayed together for Sophie's sake".

"What has changed now may I ask?". "Yes well I realised I could be happy with just you in my life, catering for you, clearing up after you, and Sophie needs you, that is my concern, I know the overtime Raymond does is with his secretary I smell her perfume on him. Now he will be free to do as he pleases he has agreed to pay the mortgage, but I will need a job to pay the bills, I am grateful for you paying your way daddy I will not ask for more".

"Oh Honey you don't have to go to work, my pension is enough and I still hold shares in my old firm, we will be fine". With that I kissed her goodnight. Raymond moved out a week after she had told me, it took 6 weeks for Sally's divorce to come through.

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Once Raymond was out the way it gave Sophie and me more freedom of expression and I moved into her bedroom permanent, we still never had full sex, but Sophie did have an appointment and Sally went with her.

They came back smiling it had been a success, I just had to wait a few days as Sophie was on her period, then she could take the pill for a few days and we would be safe. I did not want to give her a child at her age. One night in bed it was Sophie who remarked mummy was sad, to me Sally appeared her usual self. I asked her to explain. "Well" she said "I think mummy is jealous of what we have and I don't want her sad no more".

"Yes I know that bit" I replied "But you mother told me she can cope with it". "Well she can't" Sophie replied "But I know how to sort it". "OK expert sort it" I said.

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"No silly I mean we sort it she wants your cock too so let her have it, then we all happy". That statement had me by surprise, I was a one lover a time guy, Sophie was now inferring that she and her mother, share me.

I guess for most men that would be a dream come true, but I wasn't most men. The thought of Sally being upset however did weigh on my mind, but how to broach the subject racked my brain, but that night the thoughts were running through my brain as Sophie licked my ass and balls.

There had been a lot Sophie had learned, some of it was by watching the Internet porn together, I found I could finger her ass and she loved it, she also liked it when I licked her ass and that was when she learned to lick mine.

Her hands became more skilled on my cock, between that and her mouth she learned how to delay my cock explosions, which was good for both of us.

I always like her to have at least 2 orgasm's before I came. Sally never bothered us, however much noise we made, I always sent Sophie off with an orgasm to go to school on, one before dinner and a couple after before bedtime. As far as I was aware life was good.

I did speak to Sally, but that is another story.