After fully oiled babe gets banged hardcore european

After fully oiled babe gets banged hardcore european
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Jordy's Great Adventure Ch.1 Taking Jessica Now you may be wondering who exactly is Jordy.

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Jordy is my best friend, and this is the amazing tale of how he got some, and its true. Jordy is your average 8th grader, around 5'4 in height with a dark complexion. He is most notable for his excessive cuteness or "Fluffiness" as the girls call it.

Now it is true he is a tad on the large side, but that certainly doesn't repel the girls, infact they respond saying "More of him to love" Jordy has light brown hair and a very soft but attractive face, he has also been blessed with an above average penis, Not a lot above average, but certainly enough to impress any girl.

This story all begins in Miami, Jordy's hometown. To portray the story in a more one on one way, I shall now recite this true event, in first person. I heard the schools bell ring, me and my friend promptly packed our backpack and got ready to leave class. Our teacher dismissed Alex and I and we promptly began our walk to the bleachers.

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We sat down at the table and had just begun a discussion of "Favorite FPS" then boom, a bomb hit, and when I say a bomb, I mean the most beautiful girl I had ever seen approached me. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, but there she was walking closer and closer to our bench.

She stopped just infront of our bench and seductively whispered "Hi Boys".

My eyes roamed her body from her head to her luscious chest, then my jaw dropped as they curved around her perfect ass and slide down her tender thighs.

She is a beauty beyond compare, Brown hair with a luscious golden glow that causes her to shine. A mild tan enveloped her arms and legs, and her green eyes seemed to dance around my body as I absorbed her features.

Her bust for our age is extremely developed, only fourteen yet she her breasts entitle her to the title of a 34C, true perfection.

Her hips complimented her hourglass figure, and gave promise of what would surely be the greatest ass. My attempt to remain confident and calm only partially succeeded, as I asked her "What's up Jessica" to my horror, my voice cracked.

She came closer to me and pressed her hips against my chest, she also strummed my ear with one finger while slowly stroking my hair. Alex showed ultimate signs of jealousy, yet he surprisingly remained calm as this goddess cooed over the softness of my hair.

Alex did the most sensible thing and stated "I have to go, cya guys later" and promptly walked away. Jessica bent over and breathed in my ear, "Do you want me?" her warm breath sending tingles across my cheek. Any fear of repercussions vanished at that instant, here I was alone in the schools park, sitting on a bench with a goddess trying to seduce me. At the realization of this fact, my penis instantly became steel hard.

I shifted uncomfortably inorder to soothe my aching penis, however it seems that my movements could only further bruise my member. She tantalizingly lowered herself onto my lap, her weight from her back and butt focused directly on my cock.

The reaction was instantaneous; a shiver of delight crept up my spine and escaped my body as a very audible moan. Feeling brave, I placed my hands upon Jessica's breasts; "Wow" is all I could muster I felt her beautiful mounds beneath my fingers. She remained adamant in her grinding her weight upon my cock and then slyly responded in a lust filled voice "Do you like?" I thought about possible answers and there likely effects, I decided to play hard to get.

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"Well there not bad, but I couldnt judge a breast without seeing it naked." A cheeky grin crossed my face and I squeezed her right breast for added effect. She softly moaned as my palm rubbed across her nipple. "Fine, Have it your way", she responded in a voice suggesting she wished to maintain the sexual dominance.

She then proceeded to unbutton her blouse, and bra covered breasts presented themselves to the world.along with my hungry gaze.

I boldly reached over her back and undid her bra, allowing her breasts to spring forth and rub across my neck.


Jessica was obviously impressed with my grace and swiftness at bra removal, she responded saying "Well aren't we smooth" with a mocking but gentle voice. I then caught her off guard, I took her breast into my mouth and begin licking and sucking around the nipple.

She writhed around on my lap, churning her body, and for the first time I felt heat emanate from her crotch. While I sucked her breast, she leaned her head back whipping her hair in a frenzy.

Considering the situation, her eyes being closed and her distracted, I swiftly shoved her bra in my backpack as a trophy of things to come. An amused smile crept her face as she leaned back towards me and realized I had hidden her bra, "Well, if you get my bra, what do I get?" she responded teasingly.

"My Virginity", I stated calmly, a mildly surprised look crossed her face. She put her face close to mine and kissed me deeply. The kiss seemed to last forever; it was such a wonderful and wet experience. She began to French me and I responded by tickling her tongue with mine, which she seemed to greatly appreciate. The whole time we kissed which was at least three or four minutes of constant passion, she kept her eyes closed.

However I, enraptured by her beauty, watched her as she serenely enveloped my mouth in one of the most heavenly of pleasures. As I began skillfully tracing my tongue over hers, she opened her eyes and gazed dreamily into mine, an obvious expression of pure pleasure spread across her face. "Jordy" she said exasperated, I responded with a somewhat dull "Hmm?" Looking back on my "hmm" I cant believe how stupid it was to say that.

Either way, she looked me in the eyes and then said. "I want to have sex, I need to have sex" "Please" she added, with a pleading look of pure sexual arousal In her eyes. She then unzipped my jeans; my steel hard cock soared with pleasure at this newly found freedom, and sprung forward finding comfort by nestling against Jessica's thong, directly underneath her skirt.

My penis twitched when it felt the warmth and wetness radiating from her pussy, it was almost as if it had a mind of its own, twitching and pushing itself against her most feminine chamber. She wiggled herself off of me momentarily, and a brief look of disappointment crossed my face.

That is to say, until I realized what she was doing. She stood up over me and slowly pulled down her thong, a black laced and almost frivolous looking thread of fabric, how it contained her full and luscious pussy I shall never know.

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I seized the opportunity and dropped my jeans onto the ground, I Also pulled down my boxers. My cock stood upright, holding its stance like a javelin, ready to spear an incoming pussy.

She then slowly pulled down her mini skirt and looked around, it was well after 5 in the afternoon, all of the faculty and most of the students had left. For the first time the thought to check for others crossed both of their minds. They simultaneously look around for any signs of human activity; luckily they were in a very secluded and small park area in the back of the school.

When Jessica pulled her miniskirt down past her knees, I saw her beautiful pussy, along with soft downy hairs around it. I sat there with my mouth gaping, mesmerized by her soft fleshy folds. I then recollected my composure and giggled as she casually kicked her skirt off her legs. "It isn't polite to stare" she stated, bemused by my previous and obvious attention towards her pussy.

I decided to be even more impulsive; I gently placed my hands on each side of her naked butt. Then I pulled her body towards me, especially pushing forward her crotch, leaving her pussy just inches from my mouth. My tongue instantly lashed forward, a long lick from her clitoris to her actual cunt hole. Jessica responded by grinding her pussy into my eager-to-please tongue. As I licked her clitoris, things became increasingly wet, her fluids starting leaking out, filling my tongue with a deliciously potent flavor.


In fact, it was almost sweet, I couldn't get enough of it, but that's probably the pheromones talking. After I decided her clitoris had a good stern licking, I then slowly slid a finger into her cunt. The feeling of pleasure was incredible, I had justjust my finger inside her body and I nearly creamed myself. It was like a hot and tight and amazingly wet hand was squeezing my finger. I began to slowly slide my finger in and out of her beautiful hole.

A minute or two later I added another finger and she swiftly had an orgasm as I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb, and used my indeex and middle finger to stimulate her insides. As he orgasm filled her body, she shook with pure pleasure, her fluids leaking all over my hand and wrist. I stood up quickly, and to my pleasant surprise, my dick slapped against her stomach creating a delightful sound. I fondled each breast, one per hand. And then I proceeded to kiss her again. As I made out with her, she began to notice her delicious vaginal flavor in my mouth.

This only excited and prompted her to be even more sexually aggressive, what was a passionate kiss now became sexually heavy, she was eating my tongue. When she couldn't get any more of her succulent pussy juice from my mouth, she quickly looked me in the eyes and flashed a mischievous smile.

She got down onto her knees on the ground and brushed her hair behind her head, oh how I love her long brown hair, the way it shines in the sun. She then took my steel hard member, which till now had somewhat little attention and began kissing it. What she started with gentle wet kisses, she now finished with heavy and sexually charged pecks, almost as if trying to tenderize my meat.

Precum began gushing from my penis and this encouraged her to go the second level, she then took me completely into her mouth. Having your penis slide into a girls wet mouth is an almost indescribable sensation. The overpowering pleasure that enraptured me caused my took me deeper and deeper into her mouth, till all of my somewhat long cock nestled in her mouth.

"Wow I thought, she sure knows how to give blow job." Deciding not to ruin the moment, I continue moaning with pure relief; my eyes begin to roll into their sockets and my head starts to tilt back, swaying from side to side. As my cock rested on her tongue, completely bottomed out in her mouth, she then did something amazing, she moved her head down forcing my cock into her throat. I howled with both pleasure and pain, due to the intense tightness of being lodged in her throat, by this point I was about to explode rocket fuel.

Teasingly, she wiggles my cock out of her mouth, and I'm so close to Cumming that my penis throbs, yet she gets me out in time and my pre climax stops. Jessica then stood up, her pussy dripping juices onto the grass.

She climbs above the bench and squats down, her pussy aimed for my cock and each of her legs on either side of my entire body.

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All of a sudden she slides down, her soaking wet pussy gliding easily across my chest and stomach, then finally onto my cock. In one brief motion she completely forced my cock into the pink depths of her vagina, I bottomed out and we both moaned simultaneously, worn out from the constant pleasure. She then shifts her legs and wraps them around my back, she also begins moving her hips in a circular motion as she goes up and down, bobbing the most amazing thing I have ever felt upon my penis.

The pure wetness and sloppiness of our sexual union just added to the excitement and pleasure, my cock was so wet from her pussy I nearly slipped out, yet her pussy was far too tight for that to happen.

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I deicide to assist her by thrusting upwards to meet her thrusts downwards, this nearly doubles the pleasure we both feel and at one point I poked her cervix. The wet and sloppy sounds out bodies were making were absolutely indescribable, our bodies were made to join together. After a few minutes of our fucking I place my hands on her breasts and fondle them as I kiss her neck.

The pleasure is so overwhelming that I am constantly moaning into her neck, and she is moaning into my neck while her hands are wrapped around my back. Just when I thought things couldn't be better, the pleasure increases tri fold, she flexes her vaginal muscles, constricting her tunnel to less then half of its original size.

This action causes me to explode inside her, burst after burst of overpoweringly large wads of cum explode into her, altogether peaking at nine torrents of my sperm. As my waves of cum splash against her cervix and vaginal walls, she grinds onto my still hard cock, climaxing with me and drenching my cock in a fresh tidal wave of her juice. She slides back down onto my cock and slumps into my shoulder. I hold her in my arms, gasping for breath as I realize the possible outcomes of what we just did.

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I look at the time and it just over 6:30, we had been making out for over an hour and a half! I attempted to gather my breath and managed to muster out the time. She then slowly climbed off me and stood on the ground. I stood there nearly out of it, in mesmerized state of pleasure, as useful to the world as a corpse. She picked up her clothes and then sat in the grass for a few minutes, allowing all of our combines cum to leak from her onto the grass. She looked at me with an impish smile as she rubed her cunt on the grass "Thank goodness I'm on the pill, because your cum was enough to impregnate a cheerleading team".

Considering my current state I was in no shape to reciprocate so I allowed her this victory. She then put on her skirt and slowly slid her shirt on, if only to taunt me. After she finished with her clothes, she passed me her thong and told me to keep it as an additional souvenir. She picked up all my clothes and helped me get dressed, considering the amount I has blown from my penis, the mere fact I was conscious was impressive. We got all our things together and then I walked her to her house, or she walked me to her house, considering I could barely stand.

After we arrived at her house I walked over to Alex's house and presented him the thong and the bra. To this day I am unsure if that look he gave me was of jealousy, anger or if he was simply proud. What I do know is that I just had my brains fucked out by the school beauty, and I doubt it shall be the last time. Jordys Great Adventure The End