Fashionable art sex in the garden

Fashionable art sex in the garden
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I sat mesmerized as the limo motored along the highway toward my destination, a small out of the way Motel. The Resting Goose Motel and resort is called. This motel is about seventy five clicks from the city limits. The reason for my state of mind is because of what I am supposed to do. I know I have no choice but it bugs me.

" DAMN ! " Looking out the window I see farms as we go by them. Nicely manicured most of them. At one farm I see a horse tethered to a fence post. Smiling to myself I think, ' not much different than me.' No matter how powerful or influencial one might be one always has a boss. I close my eyes and ponder my approach to this problem. Looming ahead is a big Rig .little does the driver know what a favour he or she could do for me. The semi passes .

down the hi-way I go. Alas ! . We arrive at said destination. I sit in the car for a few minutes. I see two of Gino's men sitting in chairs on either side of the door to a unit at this Motel. Number Sixty Six.

Missing one number I think to myself. Likely Gino requested this room. He has quiet a sense of humour. I notice that other than our vehicle and those of Gino's people there are no vehicles around. The Motel is ours exclusively. Gino has alot of influence.

I wonder if Gino ownes this motel. Leaving the car I approach the boys. " Hello Jules, how are things?" . I do not know the other man. " Fine Bob, enjoy your ride out here.? . " Yes, although the circumstances could be better." .I replied. With that Jules hands me the cell. " Call Gino on this phone Bob. Gino will fill you in." I call Gino. We exchange pleasentries and Gino gives me background on our situation. Gino then proceeds to tell me what is needed and the price that is to be paid.

I knew some of the details before I left the city, but the real hard stuff just came my way. Jules lookes at me. My face must be showing my inner feelings. " Is she in there.?" . I ask Jules. He nods in the affirmative. I stand for a few minutes and watch as Jules buddly drops the cell phone into a container filled with acid. He seals the lid and we can hear the popping sound of the cell desolving in acid.

" We're not using that stuff on her are we.?" . " No Bob, you are in complete controll of our guest." " It is near Seven Bob, Gino told us he would be calling at nine to see how it went between you and her. That gives you just over two hours." . " Good luck man." . says the unknown fellow.


. " By the way,my name is Karl.". " Hello Karl, I'm Bob Smithe, and thanks." . " You must be one of Willie's men then Karl.?" . I ask " Yes sir." Karl replies politely. Both Gino and Willie are involved. Someone has really fucked up. To send me to do this puts it right at the top of any problems we have had to deal with in our years together. Taking a breath, I head toward the door and open it. I hear a frightened gasp.

Closing the door behind me, I turn on the lights.

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My heart drops. I see her bound and gagged. Sobbiing. I walk to the side of the bed nearest her head, ." Hello" . I say to her.

She gives out a load whimper. I can tell she is terrified. Her head directed toward me even though she cannnot see me. She is lying on her side. Her face red from crying.

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Even the blind fold is wet.The pillow under her head is wet from tears. Her dark hair is matted. She is a very attractive middle aged women. She is thirty seven. Her dress is askew, falling off one shoulder.

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Her hem is more or less in the right place. She wears very expensive shoes. Her dress looks expensive. A women of means. Her ankles are bound, her hands cuffed behind her back.

She has a collar around her neck. A gag of course and a blind fold. They have linked her ankles and wrists together so she has no mobility. ' My God, they really tied her up.' . I said to myself. " Can we make a deal, nod if your answer is yes.?" . My guest nods. " Here is what I will do. If you will not make trouble for me I will have your gag removed." She nods.

Even so, she still has tears rolling down her face. I head to the door, open it and ask to have her gag removed.

Both men give me a strange look but comply. I watch as Karl and Jules remove her gag. " Stay for a minute please."? . " Would you like a drink of water lady." .I ask her. She tries to speak but finally nods yes. I look at Jules and he gets some bottled water. It takes the three of us to sit her up and hold her and give her some water.

I look at the lads. . "Lets take off these, and these also." .I say while holding or pointing to some of her restrictors. When Karl and Jules leave she has her wrists bound and her eyes blind folded, the collar around her neck is gone. We took her shoes off. Her hands and wrists are bound in front of her now, not behind as before. She has gloves on so she cannot scratch. " Do you need to use the washroom.?" .I ask her. " Yes." . she answers . this is the first time I have heard her voice.

" Do I need to have one of the guards accompany you." . " No." . " I understand my situation." . '' May I ask your first name.?" .

" Sara." . " Well Sara, I am happy I took you gag off, you have a nice voice. . I'll sit and wait for your return .then we will talk. . OK! " . " Ok." . " Will you be able to find the bathroom bliind folded like that Sara.?" .

" No, would you lead me please." . " I will remove your gloves if you promiss not to scratch." . " Ok . I won't do anything that might worsen my situation." . I lead her to the toilet and then wait for Sara. . Hearing her pee. This brings back memories . I smile to myself.

Soon I hear the toilet flush and Sara comes out of the bathroon . I lead her to the bed. Sara sits on the bed.

" Heres the bottled water, you sip on it and I will talk." . I hand her the water and begin my talking. . Sara listens to me as I explain how her husband caused this problem and what the penalty is to be. I also ask her to tell me how he runs his affairs and why she was left holding the bag.

Sara was very forthcoming and our talk went on for nearly and hour.

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Sara drank all the water and needed to go to the bathroom again. I guided her to the toilet and this time I stood just outside the door. She was quite adept at looking after herself cuffed. I led Sara back to the bed but stopped her from sitting.

I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her. She went rigid and I let her go. " Sorry . I have trouble trusting people intimately." . she said. " That must cause some trouble for you.?" . " My husband leaves me alone mostly . we have a day each month that I give myself to him.

It is very dificult for me but Jeff likes my prudishness, as he likes to call it." . " How are you going to handle this then Sara.?" . " Badly I'm affraid." . " But I would rather have sex with you than have my children hurt or myself or Jeff killed." " Crime and Punishment, eh Sara." .

She nods, and fidgets alittle. " Ya know Sara, it is funny in an odd sort of way. I think I am here becasue of my actions awhile back. A women was brutalized and I got mad and went after people I shouldn't have." .

Sara does not respond. She seems to be waiting for me to take her. Taking Sara's hands I lift, "stand please". Sara rises from the bed. I can tell she is nervous. I place a hand on her waist .slowly moving it up and down her side .touchiing her hip and then her ribs. Placing the other hand on her waist I continue the same movement of feeling up her sides and waist. Her waist is nicely curved. I enjoy touching Sara's waist. " You have a lovely shape to you Sara." I pull her close so her cuffed hands are at my crotch.

Holding her close . letting her feel my erection. . Sara' fingers twitch. Touching her waist, rubbing her sides slowly, feeling the softness of her body through her dress. I hold her tight to me.

She feels my hard. Sara' fingers twitch . she tries to pull her hands away from my cock but I hold her tight .Sara has no choice but to feel my weapon.


Stuping, I nuzzle her neck. Inhaling her fragance gives me a tingle. Her perfume is mixed with her sweat. It is oddly erotic. My hard rubs on her cuffed hands, she pulls back. The cuffs hold her hands in place. Sara blushes and turns her head away from me. She moves her hands such that they are moving away from my hard.

I keep pushing against the cuffs and her hands. Sara is embarrassed. I feel her fingers touch me, then move away, then touch me again. She is interested and yet trying not to be.

I hear a slight increase in Sara' breathing. Moving my hands down to her hips, I pull Sara close to me. I start a fucking motion. Dry fucking her hands. Sara' hands are twitching nervously. Avoiding my hard as best she can one moment and coping a feel the next moment.

Pulling her close to me I slip one hand to her bum. Slipping a finger into her bum crack . massaging her crack with my finger. Now I move the other hand to her bum and hold her firmly.

Squeezing her buns. . " nice ass honey." Sara say's nothing, but her head settles onto my shoulder. I detect an air of trust in her. Sara's breathing has a noticable rhythym to it. Feeling her ass, moving my hands over her cheeks, slidiing her dress about as I feel her up. Sara' bum is firm, yet soft to the touch. She has a gentle rise going from her back to her bum. I take her bound hands and move them over my head an around my neck.

Taking both breasts into my hands at the same time. Squeezing with little movement. Sara gasps and yet she seems unafraid. I squeeze Sara's bobs . enjoying the feeling of a new women. Enjoying her even more so because she is captive. Sara blushes and turns her head again. I look at her face with the blind fold on it .seeing her discomfort turns me on.

Rubbing her more and more just to see her react. What a perverse feeling. With Sara's wrists tied and around my neck. . I move back a little so I can get a better view of Sara. Without any notice gently place my hand on her crotch . Sara jumps . she gasps out load .

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She moves to get away but of coarse she cannot. As Sara moves her feet this way and that . I keep feeling her up . I keep pace with her every move . touching her pussy . feelling her lips through her clothing .

feeling the edge to her panties . feeling the heat from her vagina. Rubbing Sara. Listening to her, touching her . with every breath, wiith every step that we take. Taking perverse pleasure in molesting this captive women. I surmise that this is no different than grabing a women on a dark street and holding her and feeling her body.

Wow. . I have crossed a line this night. I suddenly understand the thrill of such a deed. I move toward the bed and bend . forcing Sara to her back on the bed . as we go horizontal . my hand finds its way to her crotch . under her dress . touching her pussy through her panties . so little to protect Sara from my exploring hands and fingers. Rubbing her, stroking her clit .pressing inward at the opening to her vagina . causing Sara great discomfort and giving myself tremendous perverse pleasure in her reactions.

Sara does not resist me .she does not fight me .she moves in an elusive fashion .try-ing so hard to rid her pussy of my hand . and yet . I sense a slight hip movment .

I hear a sigh or a gasp not intended . I feel her nub grow .her heat increase . Perhaps a greater violation than the rape of Sara would be to give her good give Sara oragams with a starnger .

not her husband .to whore Sara . so she never sees men and sex the same way again. I hear a sudden sharp intake of air . a gasp .a stiffening of her body for a moment. I know I have given Sara a small orgasm. My thoughts run amok . as do my hands and and fingers . during our tussle Sara has opened her legs. I have invaded her back door . pressing toward her anus .

she struggles again . I'm on the oustide of her panties . pushing inward to her anus . " NO .not there . Please. ! . As Sara moves to escape my probing finger her legs open again . this gives me an opportunity to move my body between her legs thus keeping her open .

I slip my hand under her panties and push my finger to her anus .rubbing her little bum hole . " No . NO . NOOOOOO! .God please no . " I move backward removing Sara's arms from around my neck .

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standing . panting . I look at my guest. I retrieve a strap .looping it through and about the wrist cuffs . I walk to the head of the bed and fasten the strap to the head board . Sara is not aware of this as she seems to be in a trance. " OHHHH ! " Sara is aware as her arms jerk over her head . pulling her arms tight over her head . Sara shimmies her body along the bed to lessen the stress on her arms .

she lies on the bed .she listens . she waits. I tie the ankle straps to the bed legs. I pause. Letting my lust subside. Gaining control. Sara lies length wise on the bed, hands bound. She is stretched out so her arms are over her head. Her head lies to one side, resting on one arm.

Eye's closed. Sara' dress covers her. I look at her and wonder at her beauty. " Sara, you are a very beautiful women." . I hear a very low thank you. ' Not ideal conditions for a compliment I think to myself.' Gently, I move Sara' left leg toward the side of the bed .and fasten the restraint to her ankle.

Sara gives a little sigh. Taking her right leg and restraining her. Sara lies on her back. legs open, panties on, dress covering her. I crawl between her legs. Sara instinctively moves to close her legs. I find her crotch and bury my face there. Pushing her dress into her crotch. sniffing her, rubbing her with my nose, chin, mouth.

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I mouth her clit through her clothing . Sara moans . massaging her clit with my lips .squeezing her clit, pressuring her with my mouth . taking her lips into my mouth .massaging her using my teetth . not bitting . gnawing at her. I pull on Sara' lips with my teeth through her dress and panties. Another small gasp as I work her this way.

I eat Sara out this way for many minutes. Keeping her clothing covering her and yet violating her with my mouth and pressuring her with my nose and chin . gnawing at Sara. I slide my hands under he dress along the outside of her legs . lifting Sara' dress as I move my hands up toward her panties. I do this slowly, feeling Sara' legs as I move along. Sara tries to move her legs but she is bound. Reaching Sara's panty line I stop .

in one motion I flick up her dress exposing her pink panties. There. . in front of me is her pussy. covered with pink fabric. In one swift move I take Sara' lips into my mouth . mouthing her lips and clitoris.

Sara jumps . Sara lets out a sharpe wimper, followed by several short gasps. I press my tongue against her clit .massaging the little nub . moving it this way and that way. Flicking at her through her panties. I hold Sara close.

My hands and arms under her thighs . holding her hips. Pressing my mouth against her pussy .eating her through her underwear. Sara's legs tied spread . she cannot close her legs .and I love it . I devour this beautiful lady . eating her pussy . her head thrashs from side to side .her embarrassment accompanied by a lust . Sara' breath is erratic .her gasps short .

akin to sobbing . and yet .Sara is near orgasm . I feel Sara' legs stiffen . her pelvis pushes up . " . ugh . ughhhh . ugh .arrrh . . uh . uh . uh . uhh . uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . Sitting next to Sara on the bed, I put a hand on her hip .near the small of her back. Gently carressing her lower back and hips. Sara has a small amount of softness to her. Leaning forward I kiss her back through her clothing. My mouth follows the curvature of her back as it rises to the swelling of her butt.

Kissing her through her clothing . smelling Sara. A little nibble here and there. Gently bitting her bum through her clothes. Sara flinches. Sara seems at ease with her rape.

Forcing my nose into the crack ofher bum . sniffing her .Sara is clean .her fragrance arouses me. Forcing my jaw and mouth toward her anus I gnaw at Sara.

. I slip a hand down her thigh .finding Sara's hem .lifting it slowly up her legs. My hand disappears under her slip . moving ever so slowly toward my goal. Finding the separation between her legs my hand continues its journey up Sara's legs .I feel her heat as I approach her crotch. Ohhhhhhhhh! . she feels so good.

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Coupled with the circumstance of my feeling Sara, I am drained momentarily. Sara' crotch feels warm, soft, and sensitive. I feel her jump at my hands arrival. Squeezing her crotch.

Sara stiffens momentarily. She relaxes after a few seconds. I continue to feel her pussy. Enjoying it more and more as each minute goes by. Sara is not reacting to my molesting her. She lies on her tummy. Eye's closed. Bum elevated by the pillows I put under her hips. Lifting her dress higher . her pink panties come into view. Sara' crotch is wide. Her thighs white.

Sara has on thigh high stockings .exposing the skin on her upper thighs to my touch. . I touch. . She startles a little. Moving my mouth to her thighs. Long, slow, tasting kiss' to each thigh. My eyes focus on her pink panties as I kiss her thighs. I can't stop staring at her pink panties. " .

ithe, Mr. Smithe .". .". huh .Oh, Randy. " " Your home Mr. Smithe.": " I must have dosed off." " Thanks Randy." . . I get out of the Limo . Randy drives away . I stand for a minute looking at my house. ' What the fuck do I need such a big house for '' . I say to myself. I live alone with no guests ever . well nearly never. Walknig up the side walk to my home I ponder my evening . ' I am going to get drunk tonight " .

I shut to door. God, I am fixated on Sara's pink panties .